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Mr. Brightside

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#41 Guest_Jackson Dahl_*

Guest_Jackson Dahl_*

  • Guest

Posted 22 September 2013 - 09:55 AM

Melli being away from that fucking douchebag at least made things a lot easier on him. No longer was he fucking worried or concerned over what was happening in the dining room. No longer was he literally grinding his teeth and tightening his fist around the beer bottle in order to stop himself from going off on one of his students. Jesus, it was fucking ridiculous. He wasn't jealous. Really, he fucking wasn't. He was just god damn agitated over this whole situation in general. Jackson could hardly remember a student setting him on edge like Harvey did and it was honestly pretty damn petty of him to be so mad in the first place, there was nothing that could happen after all, but shit he couldn't help it.


There was just something about the guy he didn't like at all and while Jackson didn't necessarily know that the dude was being phony as fuck, he still got that strange vibe regarding him that he shouldn't be trusted. It wasn't in the way he was all over someone who was clearly not interested in him in the slights, as he knew that Melanie had not once given him any idea that she wanted anything to do with him, even the tutoring he knew was just because she was too fucking nice in the first place. But then there was the fact that the very moment he spotted Pippa he started paying attention to her, too. It was fucking pathetic, really and even if he didn't know the other girl all too well it still pissed him the hell off.


And even though he didn't know Raj all that well he was angry for the kid, too. Whatever it was that was going on between them. Whether or not he liked the girl he couldn't be sure, that was something he was in the dark about completely, but he could tell he was just as unhappy about this situation as he was and he sympathized with the kid no less. He was noble as fuck, too, the fact that he didn't blame the girl spoke volumes to him about how much he cared about her, even if it was just friendship, even there was nothing else there, well. he was still a pretty cool guy to say the least. He felt bad for the poor guy, angry that this asshole had come in and caused him to be pushed to the side.


But while there was still a bit of irritation in the back of his mind as soon as Melanie was by his side he'd let that go. She curled up into him and he wrapped his arm around her shoulders and as simple as that he didn't have so much to be fucking concerned about anymore. Or so he thought. He was too wrapped up into this stupid show and the stupid guy with the stupid blonde hair to notice anyone walked in, he didn't hear the door open or the footsteps, hell, it wasn't a surprise that he wasn't too keen on his surroundings when she was next to him like that.


It took him by surprise completely. One second she was next to him and the next there was a booming fucking voice and he looked over to see fucking Toby there. "Ah--shit." What the fuck. He didn't know what to say. Not that he was afraid of this kid or anything, at least not physically or anything, but there was a lot of other shit to worry about. He wanted her family's approval, first of all, as he saw just how important family was to her in the first place. But he was a Kappa, too, so he already knew Toby in some shape or form. He could get him and Melanie in a hell of a lot of trouble.


Hardly did he have time to defend himself before Raj was speaking, making manners entirely fucking worse and Jackson groaned, running a hand over his head. In an instant, he was up on his feet, hands raised in front of him in a defensive pose. "Hey man, don't yell at her, okay? I don't care if you're pissed at me but don't yell at her, that's your family." He didn't take a step closer as he didn't want to get punched in the face--just because he wasn't scared didn't mean he wanted to get hit after all--so he stood where he was, hands still raised and looking between Melanie on the couch and Toby a few feet away.


"Toby look, I'm not just--I'm not just fucking around with her, alright? This isn't what you think at all." He looked down at her and sighed heavily. "She's really important to me. She's not just some student. I know you're pissed, I get it, I do, I'd be pissed too, but listen man, I'm not going anywhere." He bit his lip and sighed. Shit, he was going to get punched in the face by angry twenty one year old, definitely not how he saw his afternoon going.


As if matters couldn't get any fucking worse, Pippa was suddenly there, expression shocked, eyes wide as if the only thought in her mind was !!??!?! and he was pretty fucking sure that Harvey was going to follow soon after.

#42 Toby Aldebaran

Toby Aldebaran

Posted 23 September 2013 - 03:40 AM

How in the world had he missed this? There might have been a part of him that suspected something at the campsite, but he'd also known that Melli had always been an awful liar. He figured, then, that her suspicious behavior had to do with having a huge crush on the guy rather than actually being with him, but clearly he'd given her entirely too much credit. Already he was brainstorming on how to get to Nat to formulate a plan as soon as possible, as it was their job to look after the family. As much as he wanted to punch the guy right in his stupid face, he wasn't about to do it without consulting his sister first.


Still, it was a no-win situation for Jackson. Anything he said at all could take a negative spin; if he fervently denied a relationship he would've felt lied to and, in a way, would've had his suspicions confirmed that his cousin meant nothing to him. But with the relationship confirmed it was still almost as bad, as he couldn't help but be angry with Melli for letting herself do that. And what kind of creep wanted to be in a relationship with a young student, anyway? What did he have to gain from it?


His double standards were absolutely ridiculous in that sense. On one hand he thought this guy was nowhere near deserving of his cousin, yet on the other hand he couldn't see what he had to gain from this relationship other than a young, impressionable girl who didn't know how to handle herself. Having grown up with her, he didn't see her positive qualities so easily; instead what he saw when he looked at her was a melodramatic, uptight perfectionist who didn't know how to have any fun. Aside from time with her family, of course, but again that just outlined how young and silly she was-- he couldn't imagine what in the world this guy would want with his cousin.


Had he known at all just how Jackson saw her, he might have calmed down quite a bit, but he wasn't willing to give this guy the benefit of the doubt for a motherfucking second. In fact, he was pretty fucking pissed that the guy told him to leave Melli alone at all, as who the fuck did he think he was? The nerve of this guy, making Toby out to be the bad guy-- needless to say, there was literally no wiggle room for the guy to impress him at all.


"It's none of your fucking business what I want to say to her, man," he snapped right back at him, clenching his fists at his sides all over again. Why couldn't he punch him? Oh, right. He was fucking faculty. The same reason this was creepy and weird and infuriating in the first place. By this point his cousin was standing, her hand on Jackson's forearm in a sort of possessive way that made him that much angrier. Just how fucking long had this been going on? How far gone was she? Now he'd be the fucking bad guy for trying to look out for her, for being the only one in the room who actually gave a damn about her feelings.


"Not just fucking around with her?" And what the fuck did he mean by not going anywhere? Was he trying to say that he needed to back down? Naturally he didn't take it to mean that he had pretty deep feelings for Melli-- he saw it as the guy making it known that Toby couldn't get in the way. "Jesus fucking christ--" He started, but somehow Callie's words from the campsite echoed in the back of his mind. This was her decision, not his, and he'd only make it worse if he tried to interfere.


Her voice alone was the only reason he was able to maintain his composure, the only reason he didn't step forward and break this guy's nose right in front of Melli. Out of the corner of his eye he caught Pippa, and his rage flared up all over again. "What the fuck? You knew about this? Who else fucking knows? Is it just a secret to Toby and Nat because they're the only ones that actually give a fuck? Jesus--"


And suddenly Melli was stepping forward, her eyes wide with panic and expression serious. "Please don't tell Nat. Let me tell her. Please." She was obviously trying to treat the situation delicately, but that request alone fueled his anger even more. There was something about the panic in her eyes that triggered some form of pity, though-- it wasn't really her fault that she was being manipulated into this, after all-- and for a second he just sighed. "I'll do whatever the fuck I want to, Melli," he said, and with that he stomped right back out of the front door, slamming the broken door behind him. The thing finally fell off of the hinges, crashing down the front steps loudly, and he couldn't help but feel some form of satisfaction from it.


#43 Guest_Jackson Dahl_*

Guest_Jackson Dahl_*

  • Guest

Posted 23 September 2013 - 12:24 PM

This was a total and complete fucking disaster and to be honest, he wasn't all that surprised. While Jackson hadn't expected to come face to face with this issue so soon--the semester wasn't even over after all--he'd known it was bound to happen. He was here for the long run after all, with no plans of going anywhere or leaving Melanie and that of course meant that eventually he would have to deal with her family finding out. The first two members had been easy. Too easy, as Miranda had been wholly accepting of this whole thing and Pippa didn't seem to have any problems with it either, but he'd known that not everything would go this smoothly.


Still, he certainly wasn't expecting to have to deal with it like this. The fact that he and his sister had kept a watchful eye over him at the campsite told him that Toby didn't approve, he'd known in his mind that when he found out he would be angry so it wasn't as if reaction was a surprise at all, it was just the fact that it was happening in the first place, happening like this, that took him aback about the whole damn situation. 


And shit, he was mad. He was pissed and Jackson realized that there wasn't much he could do about it at all. There was no way to know what was going on through the guy's mind but it took one look at him for him to realize that he shouldn't keep explaining anything as it really wasn't going to get him anywhere at all. Even if he didn't like the way he spoke to Melanie at all, even if he wanted to tell him watch his mouth and to chill the fuck out, he knew it was a bad idea in the first place. No need to anger him anymore than he already was after all.


Jackson definitely understood. Not only had he been expecting Toby's anger but he understood it. Melanie was young. Really young. That was something that never escaped him. She was sixteen years his junior. She was still in college and had the rest of her life ahead of her and he was fucking nearing forty for god's sake. Had anyone like that hung around his own sister he would have been just as furious. Tilly could be just as naive and innocent as Melanie was. She wasn't very trusting but she had incredible issues with attachment and clinginess much like he and his brother did. 


So it wasn't that he blamed him for acting this way. He just...well he just didn't want to deal with this god damn issue in the first place. Frustrated, he groaned and rubbed his face with his palm as he shook his head. "I mean that I'm serious here, this isn't just some dirty hookup for me." Despite his attempt to explain himself he knew there was no point at all. Honestly he felt a little stupid and ridiculous explaining himself to a fucking twenty one year old. It wasn't his business in the first place after all, but there was always that thought in the back of his mind that he wanted to get along with her family.


The thought that he might not was becoming very very real though and that was frustrating in and of itself. He couldn't help but wonder if it would have been that much easier for them to sit everyone down and tell them as he was starting to think it didn't matter at all. That he would have been furious in the first place. When Melanie stepped forward and mentioned Nat Jackson groaned again as he'd almost forgotten about her to begin with. Shit. Toby hadn't punched him but she definitely would and this was just another thing to look forward to.


It made him realize though that he needed to tell his own family. That he'd been tip-toeing around the subject and hiding out, sneaking away with Melanie and keeping it a secret for far too long. Now that the semester was near over, now that they had no reason to hide, Jackson knew he needed to tell Henry and Tilly. Though how he was going to do that he had absolutely no clue. While Toby's anger had been difficult to deal with, he knew Henry's panic would be even worse and he didn't want to even imagine how that would go. Maybe he would text him.


Once Toby walked away it was all he could do not to sigh in relief. He took one look at Melanie and shook his head frowning slightly. "I'm sorry sweetheart. Shit, he's pissed at me." He wrapped one arm around her and kissed the top of her head. He'd almost forgotten that Raj and Pippa were in the room too and that his fucking student was just a few feet away. Though one look from the brunette was all he needed. "I'll take care of it," was all she said and while he wasn't sure if that would actually work he could only hope that she was good enough to keep the guy's mind off of it. That was the last thing he needed.


He looked down at Raj and shook his head. He wasn't angry at the kid, but he sure as hell wasn't sticking around anymore after that. As selfish as it was he really was in no mood to console anyone else anymore. "C'mon sweetheart, we should go. I think your cousin here will entertain Harvey." He looked back at his new friend and nodded once. "See ya around man."

#44 Raj Rangan

Raj Rangan

Posted 23 September 2013 - 10:45 PM

This wasn't a situation he was used to whatsoever. He'd seen people angry every now and then, of course, but he'd never quite been involved with the situation before. Typically the people he surrounded himself with were understanding people, a little more composed than most, as they had to be to put up with someone like him. He'd dealt with people who were annoyed with him plenty of times-- hell, people that were outright angry with his seeming lack of social cues-- but he'd never seen a situation blow up as badly as this one. This guy was violently angry.


And immediately Raj knew it was his fault. If he hadn't opened his mouth and spouted out what was on his mind, this could have gone over a little better. Usually he wasn't so self-deprecating, but it was hard not to be when his new friend was suddenly being torn down. He remained quiet, though, simply looking on and not quite looking anyone in the eye, as he felt guilty and humiliated for letting it happen in the first place.


There was no way they could have backed out of it, though; she was cuddling pretty hardcore when Toby stopped in the doorway, but he supposed approaching it so nonchalantly was very much the problem. Perhaps letting Melli speak first was the best idea, but Raj had trouble with realizing that sort of thing. Someone asked a question-- what was wrong with him answering it? Besides, if they'd backed out they'd have to tell him all over again in just a couple of weeks, so perhaps it was good that he figured out now.


His reaction wasn't good, though, and that was exactly why Raj felt guilty. The moment he saw Pippa come around the corner, he hung his head in shame, suddenly feeling like he understood why she'd rather have this Tide guy. He seemed suave, aware of social norms; perhaps he would have been able to diffuse the tension had this been him instead of Raj. He wondered if she was angry with him for handling the situation so badly. For causing a problem in his family rather than resolving one. Not only had he managed to piss Toby off even more, but he'd managed to trip up and let Harvey in on the secret, assuming he was smart enough to pick up on it.


He didn't meet Jackson's eyes as he said his goodbyes, but he did nod in something like understanding. "Yeah, see you." As they left he realized he should've apologized for handling this so wrongly, but he felt so overwhelmed that it was hard to process anything.


What he did process, though, was that Pippa had left the room, too. Had he really thought about it, he might have realized that she was saving face, but all he could see was that he was sitting here alone while she and Harvey were cooking in the kitchen together. While the guy was doing Raj's job, the one thing he'd come here to do. Or the second thing, really-- his first priority had been to see Pippa, but so much for that.


So he didn't wait much longer; instead of going into the kitchen and risking being a third wheel, he simply left. No goodbyes, no nothing-- he just wanted to go home and watch tv or sleep for a while or something. He couldn't recall the last time he felt this bad about something.


#45 Guest_Tide Hendrix_*

Guest_Tide Hendrix_*

  • Guest

Posted 24 September 2013 - 12:58 AM

Tide was so busy trying to impress Pippa that he hardly noticed someone else enter the house. He'd been already readying another charming comment when the yelling reached his ears, and for a second he just blinked in the direction of the living room, brow furrowed and confusion written all over his features. Slowly he turned back to Pippa, expression inquisitive as he pointed in that direction. But, of course, he didn't wait for formalities or reassurance; as much as he wanted to appear like the nicest guy on earth, there were just situations where he couldn't retain his manners. His curiosity was too much.


So he wandered over to the living room-- slowly, mind you, as he could tell from the voice that this guy was not happy and he didn't want to conveniently get in the way of a fist. His face was too pretty after all. Upon rounding the corner, he saw a guy he actually did recognize if only because he'd been to the Kappa house a few times here and there. And the guy's face happened to be on TV too sometimes, so that helped, even if he couldn't quite remember his name.


It took him a few seconds to even process what he was yelling about. Some other student to fuck around with-- for a second Tide's mind went in the wrong direction, as he assumed this guy was dating Melli or something. And then it occurred to him that that implied something going on with her and his professor here, and suddenly he had a plethora of epiphanies. Why she'd been so disinterested (he knew she had to be dating someone!), why he was being failed, what those looks meant in class. Why she always seemed to hover around the classroom afterwards, too, and didn't leave with the rest of the students.


The word family turned his mind in the right direction; clearly this guy was upset because Melanie was dating a professor. In which case he couldn't really blame him, though it wasn't his business to join a side and he knew it. Didn't stop him, though, as he'd never really been unselfish enough to be unbiased, even if he pretended to be. It was definitely pretty weird for a teacher to date his own TA, though judging from their body language and the guy's defense alone, it wasn't as cliche and simple as it seemed. Sounded like they were actually into each other.


And as much as Tide could be a selfish douchebag, he wasn't a gossipy or judgy type, not really. He loved himself first and foremost, so when it came to caring about others' issues... well, he just didn't. So the moment he discovered that they were dating was more of an answer to his question as to why Melanie wasn't interested in him more than any sort of real gossip, and besides-- maybe he could use this to his advantage. Pippa didn't seem surprised, so maybe she was in on this whole thing from the start.


He was still standing just around the corner so no one could see him-- no one except Pippa, of course-- and once the yelling guy left he disappeared back into the kitchen with her. "Wow," he said, only looking around the corner again to see pretty much everyone else leaving. Fuck yes, that had actually worked out in his favor. "I didn't see that one coming, I have to be honest. I suppose in retrospect I can see it, though... their interactions in the classroom have always been a little..." He trailed off here not because he wanted her to ask, but because he honestly didn't know the word for it. 

#46 Guest_Pippa Altair_*

Guest_Pippa Altair_*

  • Guest

Posted 24 September 2013 - 03:10 AM

Holy shit. That was literally the only thing that her mind could form at the moment as she was all too stunned by what was going on in front of her. Pippa had never expected Toby of all people to come by the house that day. It was why she'd told Melli it was alright to bring Jackson in the first place as she figured it would just be her and Raj and no one else. Hell, she'd even made sure that blonde bitch wasn't there as she didn't trust her either. And of course the one person that would blow up about this whole situation was the one that had come by. Anyone else, Nat excluded, wouldn't have reacted this way and she couldn't help but stand there, shocked and for once with no idea what to say.


All she could do was watch the whole thing unfold, that ?!?!?! expression on her face as Toby yelled and Jackson defended himself. She was no stranger to her cousin's anger, and she wasn't terribly surprised by his reaction in the slightest. Though she didn't really think he had a right to be angry either as this was none of anyone's business except for Melli and Jackson's but in a way she supposed she could understand why it was that he'd had that reaction in the first place.


Shit. He was furious and the tension in the house changed dramatically with his short visit alone. It wasn't even until he was gone that she realized that Tide was just around the corner that there was no way he hadn't overheard it all and that this was just a fucking train wreck now. A part of her wanted to defend herself to Toby, too, because she was hardly the type of person to let something like that go so quickly. She could tell that he was angry with her for knowing, too, but it wasn't as if she was going to go to him and tattle the moment that she found out.


Much like the only thing she could was stand there and watch this whole fiasco unfold, she couldn't say much either. For the most part she stood aside, eyes wide and mouth slightly open. It was all she could do to not go wrap her arms around her cousin and move her away from the situation completely. God, she was pretty sure that Toby was going to start throwing punches, too, and anytime he moved a fraction of an inch she flinched, not ready to see this poor guy who was obviously way too into her cousin get hit.


There was a sigh of relief when he left, though she jumped as she heard him practically destroy the door and she knew that was something else to deal with. Wes would most likely be pissed as hell as she was pretty sure he wasn't too crazy about Toby's antics to begin with. Even if the thing had been falling apart she was pretty sure that he wasn't going to be too happy about having to come home and having to replace a fucking door just like that.


It was then that she realized and remembered about her little guest and all it took was the look on Jackson's face to know that he was pretty upset about this whole thing. Promising to take care of it, she left the living area quickly, hoping to do some damage control. It wasn't that she'd forgotten about Raj as she hardly wanted him to go home, it was just that she was in a damn hurry to fix this situation as quickly as possible and she hadn't gotten a chance to ask him to stay. It wasn't as if Pippa had expecting him to leave after all, so she didn't worry too much.


Her eyes were still wide when Tide spoke and she frowned slightly, not bothering to ask what the fuck he was talking about. "Yeah, look. You can't tell anyone, do you understand? Absolutely no one, he could lose his job and Melli could get in trouble and it's already a giant clusterfuck and you weren't supposed to know about it. So please, keep this to yourself alright?" That flirty demeanor was gone completely and though she still liked the guy, without a doubt, she needed to make sure that he could be trusted with this. This was after all her family.

#47 Guest_Tide Hendrix_*

Guest_Tide Hendrix_*

  • Guest

Posted 24 September 2013 - 03:53 AM

Tide had no intentions of telling anyone anything. First of all, it wasn't as if he had many people to tell it to, and despite being selfish and kind of a douche, he wasn't the sort to sabotage things. It wouldn't do him any good to tell anyone, not really, and likely he'd forget about it within a few days if only because he really didn't give a damn if it didn't benefit him. Perhaps he could be considered trustworthy in that sense, if only because he just didn't understand the need to share secrets if it did him no direct good.


Of course, if there was a reason it could do him some good, he'd probably spout that one right off without a second of hesitation. But at the moment the very opposite was true; at the moment keeping that shit to himself was a quick way to get Pippa to trust him. Which he didn't think he was having particular trouble with before, no, but it was still nice to expedite it, so to speak. So he shook his head and held his hand up as if to gently silence her.


"I promise, Pippa," he said, noting the way her flirtatious demeanor dropped. She seemed serious, didn't she? In a way he didn't want to tell her secret if only because he didn't want to deal with the backlash. "You don't have to tell me twice. I know love when I see it. I wouldn't dare betray them."


He supposed it was sort of sweet when he thought about it. Sure, it would've been slightly creepy if they weren't serious and it was clearly a hookup, but the idea of a teacher falling for his TA? Yeah, that was the stuff of romantic comedies, and admittedly he could be a romantic at heart at times. Somewhat. He played it up when he was with girls, of course, if only because it made him seem ultra-sensitive and unconventional. "It's sweet, you know? The way they look at each other in the classroom-- I'm surprised it hasn't occurred to me before now. I'm a bit of a romantic, you know, so usually I'm able to pick up on that stuff." He paused for a second, acting as if that was just the sweetest thing he'd ever seen, small smile on his face, dreamy far-off look and all.


He returned his attention to her, eyebrows raised, nodding in reassurance. "But I promise, you can trust me. I wouldn't. I especially wouldn't betray your trust, Pippa. I feel like we have a connection." Perfect timing to segue into this bullshit, he figured. "So I wouldn't do that to you, much less them. No worrying, okay? I like to see you smile." He considered stepping forward and brushing a finger against her cheek, but he figured that was a bit too bold. Maybe next time he could work in the physical affections, as there would most certainly be a next time.

#48 Guest_Pippa Altair_*

Guest_Pippa Altair_*

  • Guest

Posted 24 September 2013 - 04:36 AM

It didn't take much for her to believe him. He seemed honest and genuine in the first place and the way he spoke it was far too easy for her to just nod and take his word for it. She wanted to believe him of course. That was the thing in the first place. Pippa had been enjoying the conversation between them, she liked him enough already that she wanted to see more of him in the first place. He was cute and sweet and positively charming so she would have been severely disappointed if he' worked that all up only to turn around and piss her the fuck off.


Because she was serious. There was no mistake about it. As much as she liked him already, as charming as she was, she wouldn't have hesitated for a single second to cut into him if he did something like telling others what he'd heard that afternoon. This was family after all and even if she herself wasn't too sure about this Jackson dude and this whole relationship in the first place, she trusted Melli to make her own decisions. Some stranger coming in and fucking things up would have set her off pretty quickly. Pretty hair or not.


So it was definitely a relief to see that she didn't have to worry about that and she nodded at his reassurances though her eyebrow raised curiously as he mentioned the word love and she almost wanted to scoff. They barely knew each other, no way they were in love. Still, she smiled slightly and loosened up the tension in her shoulders as she listened to him speak. Had she already not been so fucking charmed by this dude in the first place she might have side eyed the hell out of him as he spoke but well, she'd already had the wool pulled over her eyes.


"Yeah, I guess," she shrugged, still not really buying that whole love bullshit. Too fucking soon you know? "I didn't even know about it and she's my cousin, Raj was the one that pointed it out, he's really good at noticing that stuff I guess." She bit her lip and looked up at him, smiling at his promise. "Thank you, I appreciate it. They don't need to deal with anything else, much less it getting out like that all over the school. Bad enough Toby blew up like that. Jesus Christ." She shook her head and she was pretty sure she was fucking blushing at his words. Ridiculous.


"Good, because I like you, I'd hate for that to get ruined because you can't keep your mouth shut." She grinned, wrinkling her nose all the while. Finally she was actually able to get back to work and not worry so much about the whole damn thing. "I should finish all of this, I hope you stick around a little bit longer."

#49 Guest_Tide Hendrix_*

Guest_Tide Hendrix_*

  • Guest

Posted 24 September 2013 - 04:57 AM

She didn't seem too swayed by his romantic side. He made a mental note to dial that bit back, as he knew his charms worked, he just didn't need to act like he watched romantic comedies all day. Hopefully he wouldn't confuse it with the hundreds of other mental notes he made about girls all over campus, but considering Pippa was his main target at the time, he figured he wouldn't have a whole lot of trouble. There was a name that caught his attention, though-- Raj-- and he assumed it was that unnamed kid from before. No one introduced them, he couldn't help but notice, and if he wasn't mistaken he could swear the guy didn't like him.


"Raj?" He asked her innocently, prying for information. Just in case he was Pippa's boyfriend, of course. Again, that didn't really change things, considering he pursued whoever the hell he wanted to pursue if he thought he had a chance. Considering Melanie's complete cold shoulder towards him, he felt as though he could count her as very much taken, but Pippa here? She was giving into his charms. If Raj was her boyfriend, he wouldn't be for much longer if Tide had anything to say about it.

Which might have contradicted his romantic side just a little, but in his mind if a relationship was so easily sabotaged, it wasn't much to begin with. So for a second he wondered why in the world he'd even asked about the guy to begin with, but he supposed it wouldn't hurt to have an answer. "I'm assuming he's the one who just left, then?" He watched the car drive away as he leaned back and stared through the open doorway. "Seems like a nice guy."


He didn't know that portion at all so much as he was just trying to win some brownie points. For all he knew the guy was a total ass. He continued all the same, giving a sideways smile and winking at her. "I'm a great secret keeper, don't you worry." Without needing to be asked, he resumed chopping the vegetables she'd asked him to, and surprisingly he wasn't so bad at it.


"I'd like to stick around, if you don't mind. See a chef at work. Maybe I'll learn a few things." He smiled, eyebrows raised, hoping she'd be alright with that. His intentions were to stay the rest of the afternoon, if she'd have him, and help her finish this little project. Again, brownie points.

#50 Guest_Pippa Altair_*

Guest_Pippa Altair_*

  • Guest

Posted 24 September 2013 - 06:40 AM

It wasn't so much that she wasn't buying into that romantic side of him and more that Pippa was usually pretty simple in the first place. Not simple in the aspect that she was stupid, no, but she never really needed all that  romantic bullshit in order to be impressed. She was charmed by him, yes, that much was obvious but that was more his mannerisms and polite demeanor than anything else. She'd never been the terribly romantic sort to be honest, and she wasn't the sort of person that needed to be fucking wooed in order to be impressed.


Either way it wasn't that it bothered her, she just didn't have much of a response at all in no direction. Dialing it back or keeping it going wouldn't have affected her really as long as he kept being nice, sweet and kind she would continue to be charmed. That was all that really mattered after all since her main issue with the guys she met was that they were self-centered, insufferable dickbags that only cared about one thing in the first place. If only she knew that Tide didn't fall too far from the norm himself. For now though, his act was fooling her pretty fucking well.


"Hm, Raj, my friend. I invited him over to help me--" she didn't get to finish her sentence as he mentioned that he'd left though and for a moment she trailed off not sure what the hell to say. She frowned, too, obviously upset by the fact that he'd just walked away, left without saying goodbye and it was probably obvious that she was upset. "He left? Are you sure? He didn't even say goodbye." It was then that she realized that she'd sort of been a shit friend, she'd practically fucking ditched him and in a way she didn't blame him. She'd have to text him later on.


There was no point in worrying so damn much then and there though and that's what she told herself, going back to making her stew and smiling at Tide with a shrug. "I'm not a chef quite yet. Almost. Still got a lot to learn, but I don't mind you sticking around at all. It's nice to have some good company."

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