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Shake It Out

Toby Aldebaran Nick Aldebaran Avery Aldebaran Celia Finch

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#1 Toby Aldebaran

Toby Aldebaran

Posted 28 October 2013 - 08:08 AM

This weekend had been nothing short of hectic for Toby. One moment he was actually okay with this weird relationship between a guy he'd honestly looked up to at some point and his younger cousin, and the next minute he was being blind-sided with their elopement. Elopement. These two assholes actually planned to go off on their own and get married without telling a goddamn soul about it, and that was enough to send him back into that bout of anger he'd experienced before. Not as extreme, no-- prior to that chaotic birthday party, he hadn't trusted the guy, but after seeing the two of them together, it was easy to see that their feelings were genuine. However, he hadn't been aware of the extent to which this guy felt for his cousin, either, as that revelation alone would have sent his head spinning. An engagement would have sent him into another shock, but walking into a hotel lobby to find them planning a fucking marriage without telling any of them? Well that was--


That was downright hurtful. He didn't like to think of himself as an emotional sort of person, but at the end of the day he could be overly sensitive. After all, his protective instinct of his family wasn't for no reason at all; he adored every single one of them, even if he didn't show it in the best way. As such, despite being kind of a dick to Melli most of the time, he still cared a great deal about her. The fact that she'd run off to get married right underneath his nose? It just sucked. Not that he was a big fan of weddings, per se, but he'd always hoped he'd be there for a day as important as that. Much less the first wedding any of them experienced.


And then there was that whole bit where Melli was twenty-one and this guy-- Jackson-- was fucking thirty-seven. Unlike Nat, however, he wasn't worrying so much about the guy's age so much as hers. She was fucking young, alright? Too young for a damn marriage, yet here she was in Vegas of all places to elope. Two things that were very not Melli, so it was completely understandable that he'd be concerned. Concerned in his own Toby sort of way, of course, which entailed being irritable all weekend and glaring at Jackson whenever he got the chance. Did that guy have no decency? Running off with a twenty-one year old?


It would've helped if he'd been able to talk to Nat about the whole thing, but she still very much didn't want to have anything to do with him. Not that he blamed her, really; he hadn't told her and that was shitty, simply put. They'd always shared every single detail about their family with each other, yet he'd kept quiet because Melli requested it. Now he knew he shouldn't have; hell, maybe her action back then would've made the girl think twice before she ran off to Vegas. Fucking Vegas.


But as the hours progressed, he felt better. The moment he got a couple of drinks of alcohol in his system, the problem was temporarily solved, as he just couldn't find it in himself to be angry anymore. Of course he didn't remember that bit the next morning, but there were larger matters at hand than his cousin getting married then. After a hectic search for said cousin and finding her (sitting in the goddamn suite with no clue as to what happened, no less), he laid down for a long ass nap and didn't awake up until the sun was setting.


In which case he rolled over, brows furrowed, letting out a long sigh as he tried to figure out what the fuck he was supposed to do with the rest of the night. He wasn't tired anymore-- that nap was almost too satisfying-- and he sure as hell wasn't about to sit around here feeling pissy all evening. With an exasperated huff he rose, threw on some pants, and went to collect his brothers. Of course he texted Nat for good measure, too (he wanted to cover all of his bases), though he knew she wouldn't be joining them.


His brothers didn't even have to ask-- Toby knew by default that they'd want their girlfriends along, so he stopped by the girls' suite and waited for them. And maybe he was kinda, sorta looking out for Callie as he settled into the couch. Just a little, though, not a lot. Plus his bro Jack had somehow disappeared over the course of the past couple of hours, so he wanted someone around that wouldn't make him feel like a fifth wheel.


#2 Guest_Callie Sutters_*

Guest_Callie Sutters_*

  • Guest

Posted 28 October 2013 - 12:07 PM

Admittedly, Callie was worried about this whole elopement thing, too. While her reaction might have not been as strong as some of the others the day they'd found out, she couldn't help but be concerned and wonder just what the fuck Melli was doing. As one of her few friends in the school it was natural of her to question things though most of them didn't have to do with age--hers or his--but the fact that it was so fucking soon. It was mind boggling to her, really, that they were running off to get married after only knowing each other for such a short period of time as she could still remember them back at the bed and breakfast after painting and the whole rumor in the gossip column.


Not that it was any of her business really, but she had no qualms with the relationship at all, originally she'd raised an eyebrow at it, mostly when it was due to Toby voicing his own worries. She understood that overprotective side of his of course, she related all too well to wanting to make sure a family member wasn't getting hurt and she'd had her own reservations before seeing them together. Any stranger could take a step back and see that the two loved each other fiercely after all, so all of her doubts were gone by then, though she'd never really voiced any of them aloud.


Mostly when it came to discussing this thing it was her trying to soothe Toby down oddly enough. While Melli was a close friend of hers, one she cared for fiercely, it wasn't as if she was a family member, it wasn't in her right to get angry or upset about this and she still firmly believed that the girl was a fully grown adult capable of making her own decisions. Even if that decision was eloping in Vegas behind her family's back. Which, okay, that was the worrisome part. It was so fucking soon and Melli had always been so fucking meticulous about planning everything, she couldn't help but raise an eyebrow at the whole thing.


Neither did she speak up about it though. Instead she focused on trying to make sure Toby didn't blow his gasket as taking one look at him told him he might. It was weird, honestly, how she'd suddenly seemed to put herself in charge of...well sort of looking out for him. For someone who thought she was irritated with his presence most of the time she sure as hell cared a hell of a lot about how he was feeling. Nothing she dwelled on, of course, but he was her friend and Melli was her friend and after the beating she was taking from the rest of the family she couldn't help but want to make sure he wasn't doing it as well.


Right? That's what it was. Nothing to do with the fact that she wanted to make sure he was okay, too. Nothing at all. Even as she'd placed her hand on his forearm that early evening in the hotel lobby she didn't try and harp on the gesture, on the way her skin felt against his, and only tried to concentrate on the matter at hand. Him getting angry at her would do no good, and shit, she'd looked like she'd been near tears. Fuck. And, well, admittedly that close romantic side of Callie found this all very sweet. Deep down of course, still, she didn't need anyone raining on her parade, even if it was a poorly thought out parade.


Watching out over him after that had seemed pretty fucking difficult, though that had to do mostly with the fact that she had no idea what they'd done that night. It wasn't like her to drink, either, so she didn't even want to think about what had gone on that night, what sort of bullshit she'd gotten herself into. Videos and pictures and anything else needed to stay far, far away as possible thank you very much. Almost as soon as Melli had been found that morning Callie had gone right to sleep, too, not even wanting to think about what the fuck shenanigans had gone on.


Honestly, she would have been perfectly content with not doing anything at all that night. Everyone was separating and she was still lounging around in her pajamas. She had no idea what some of the other people were up to even. Though there was a moment where she'd considered seeing what he was up to, but she figured, well, she figured he'd want to get up to another night of drinking or something that wasn't necessarily up her ally, so she stuck around the suite instead. Though she was surprised to see him sitting on the couch and for a second her cheeks reddened as she realized her state of dress, though she shrugged it off almost instantly--this was just fucking Toby after all-- and sat down next to him. "Hey, what are you up to tonight?"

#3 Toby Aldebaran

Toby Aldebaran

Posted 29 October 2013 - 05:34 AM

It was odd, but here recently Toby had started to think of Callie as something like a friend. Not just any friend, either-- it wasn't as if he didn't have a lot of friends at the school-- but someone he actually gave a shit about seeing on a semi-regular basis. Typically his friendships were shallow in nature, hardly anyone he'd contact after college was over, and while he wasn't close to the girl, she was still around for some of the most stressful moments of his year thus far. She was someone he easily and repeatedly sought out over the course of the weekend, and while it bothered him at first, it'd become habit as of late. So it was hardly a surprise when he was looking for her this time.


There was something about her presence that didn't exactly soothe him so much as distracted him. The constant banter and challenge of their friendship was interesting and it was a hell of a lot better than thinking about what the hell Nat was up to. Whether or not she was still super pissed at him, if they'd make up anytime soon. They had to make up though, right? There was no way that could stay at a standstill; again, it was something he didn't want to dwell on, so already he was getting ready to restlessly search the rooms for the girl.


As she joined him, he noticed her state of dress and smirked, letting out a few short laughs. "I didn't have any real plans, Optimus Prime," he told her, eyebrow raised. Though he wouldn't admit it for the life of him, she was adorable as fuck in those pajamas. Shit, she was just adorable as fuck all around, wasn't she? And kinda hot with that tan going on, though he dismissed that thought quickly. He didn't think that way about his friends, after all; it seemed sort of douchey to do.


"I think the Aldebarans are going out to explore the strip. Minus--" He started, but he just swallowed and shrugged, the answer obvious. It was clear that he really, really didn't like the situation he was in at all, but he could at least move on. Callie was the distraction, after all, and maybe he wanted another wholesome family fun time like before, as lame as it was. Here he was in Vegas, wanting to spend time with his fucking family. "You know. Anyway, we're here to gather the girlfriends. You wanna tag along?"


He didn't mean to lump her in that category, but his wording might have implied otherwise. Not that he realized that, as he was just watching her, eyebrows raised. Nick and Avery were already plopping down on the couch across from them, too, waiting for their girls to come out and join them. "I was thinking we could-- shit, I don't know. Something tame." He looked over at Avery and smirked, nodding to him. "You realize that kid won a thousand fucking dollars last night? It's tempting to hit the casinos again but... y'know. Last night was pretty rough as it is."


#4 Guest_Callie Sutters_*

Guest_Callie Sutters_*

  • Guest

Posted 29 October 2013 - 07:00 AM

Usually Callie wouldn't have been embarrassed by her state of dress. It was no big deal after all, they were just pajamas and he was just a fucking person and she wasn't ashamed. Usually. For some reason she couldn't help the way her cheeks tinged slightly pink at the way he laughed, and she tucked her knees into her and cleared her throat, shaking her head and trying to not think about this shit. It was no big deal is what she had to tell herself, though the moment he called her out on it she couldn't help but fucking focus on it. Ridiculous, really.


Still, she laughed dryly and raised her eyebrows as even though she was just a little bit embarrassed. Just a bit. Ish. She still can't let his comment slide without her responding, Callie is never without some sort of response after all, especially when Toby's involved. "Fuck off dude, Transformers are the shit." But her cheeks are still a little red and she's averting her eyes and it's so god damn stupid that she pushed it away as quickly as possible. Seriously, what the fuck was that even? She didn't blush because of some fucking guy and she wasn't about to start now.


It shouldn't have been surprising that he was willing to include her, as, well, they were friends now, right? But for some reason she was a bit taken aback. Honestly, sometimes Callie was still trying to process the fact that after everything that happened at the campsite Toby hadn't gone back to just ignoring the shit out of her. For some reason she remembered their first conversation far too vividly, that she was a fucking dork and he was-- well he was Toby Aldebaran wasn't he? Shit. She was never this fucking insecure around people but there was a part of her that wanted to be friends with him.


She couldn't deny that anymore, either. As before she could have easily brushed it off. Now though, now that she'd hung out with him far too many times, far more times than she could fucking count on, well she wasn't brushing him off any longer really. As such she was more than happy to come along. At the very least she didn't catch on to the fact that he was accidentally grouping her into that category, otherwise she might have spent way too long dwelling on that shit, it was bad enough that she was already feeling out of character with this shit.


Instead she nodded, playing with a loose thread of her pajama pants. "Yeah, yeah," she gave him a sympathetic smile as she realized he was thinking about his sister but didn't dwell on it either. "I didn't have any plans." Admittedly she didn't know the rest of his siblings too well, nor their girlfriends but that didn't matter all that much did it. "Shit, did he really?" She looked over at Avery and raised her eyebrows, clearly impressed. "We don't gotta drink, I mean-- that's what fucked us up, right? So we can go and just hit the floor." 

One thing she knew for sure was that she wasn't drinking that night. No fucking way. "S'up to you, I don't really mind. I'll uh-- I'll go and you know...get dressed."

#5 Avery Aldebaran

Avery Aldebaran

Posted 29 October 2013 - 07:40 AM

Perhaps Avery was the only one here who retained any level of optimism about the weekend. From the beginning he'd been eager to go to Vegas, as he'd never been and it sounded exciting and adventurous and interesting. While he was hardly the type to skip class, he knew going to such a place with his family was the best exception, so he tagged along with no complaints whatsoever. Climbing into a car with his family, he was perfectly content with playing silly games and singing along (out of tune, mind you) to whatever nostalgic music was on the radio. In a way, it was as if Miranda and Melli's typical familial enthusiasm was channeled into the Aldebarans for once, as they were all having the first nice time with just themselves in a while.


Of course, Nat wasn't there. That was the only negative. But again, he was too optimistic to let it bother him, and he wasn't even aware of the fight that had gone on between her and his eldest brother. Sure, he'd seen her fit at the birthday party and it didn't take a genius to figure out what it was about, but it was easily dismissed from his mind the moment it was over. That had been a couple of weeks before this latest incident, anyway, so he assumed she was over it.


As such, he figured her reasoning for taking a different car was completely valid and didn't let it bother him too much. He enjoyed his time with his brothers and their respective girlfriends (as he was convinced by now that Callie was Toby's), and wasn't even fazed when they reached the hotel lobby. An impromptu wedding? That was adorable! And fun. And adventurous and once-in-a-lifetime and very, very Vegas. It was perfect and he was shipping it every bit as hard as Miranda, smiling at the happy couple, even if they didn't look so happy at that particular moment.


That night was a little rough for him, certainly, as he'd never really had much to drink. Minus, of course, that time at the campsite when he'd been convinced into drinking something that he assumed was tame. That night was a pretty big disaster for him as well, though at least he couldn't recall the night before. The only time he did anything even close to worry was when they couldn't find Melli the next morning, though even then he retained the hope that she'd just be around the next corner. No big deal, right? She was fine-- they were all fine. Why wouldn't they be?


So when they found her, he wasn't surprised. In fact, he couldn't figure out why in the world some people were overreacting to it, whether they were hugging her tightly or angry about it. He had a desperate need for a nap, though, and as such collapsed just as soon as he got back to the suite and slept on through until Toby knocked on his door. At first he was vicious, angry as usual when he was awoken suddenly, but it was easy to get over when he remembered where he was.


Upon entering the girls' suite, he immediately found Katarina and grinned the biggest grin to ever grin. "Hey," he chirped. "I think we're all going out tonight if you want to come. No drinking tonight, though. No partying. I'm not sure what we're doing but it'll be fun!"


#6 Guest_Katarina Mischenko_*

Guest_Katarina Mischenko_*

  • Guest

Posted 29 October 2013 - 08:15 AM

Unlike everyone else, Katarina hadn't gone back to sleep once Melli was safe and sound. No, that wasn't a possibility for her as she had to figure how the fuck she was going to get Toby's wallet back in his pocket without him realizing that it was ever fucking gone. Shit, she was good, she knew she was good but even she had doubts about this one. No matter, she knew that no one could know. For some reason she had faith that Kaida wouldn't spill her secret, but other than that there was just no way she could risk that getting back to Avery.


The thought made her nervous as hell to tell the truth as she was sure that he thought she'd stopped this whole thing. She hadn't really explained to him the details and the hows and the whys. The fact that she needed the money, the fact that no one would fucking hire her and well-- this was all she knew. These were things that Avery himself wasn't aware of and that she wasn't even sure where to even begin explaining. After everything that happened between them, after the gossip column and the fact that he'd been so fucking forgiving, she didn't want to test her luck.


Because the thing was, surprising as it might have been, Katarina was a little bit crazy about this kid. Perhaps it had to do with the fact that she didn't get herself involved with people too often, that she kept them at arm's length, that unless she could take something from them they were disposable. And somehow he'd wiggled his way into her heart and stayed there and she just didn't want him to go away. It still shocked her when she thought about it in all honesty. Had you told her back then, the night of the masquerade that this was the way things were going to end up she would have certainly laughed in your face.


Suffice to say that she needed to keep this whole thing a secret. At least until she could sit down and explain things to him properly. Somehow--don't ask her how--she managed to get Toby's wallet back into his pocket without anyone noticing and she laid down to rest as she was actually fucking exhausted. Though it nearly felt like everyone was waking up just as she shut her eyes in which case they stung like a bitch and all she wanted to do was go back to fucking sleep. 


There was entirely too much noise though, everyone was getting ready and eventually Katarina tumbled out of her room, bleary eyed and hair messy and she collapsed onto one of the couches and just sat there as she watched everyone else mill around. Hardly was she paying any attention and she didn't notice that he'd sat down next to her, in which chase her stupid heart fluttered in her chest. Jesus fucking christ he was so adorable that it was almost unfair and she wanted to reach out and wrap her arms around him and never let go.


It was odd the way their relationship worked, Avery was so wholly innocent that affections were very seldom. They held hands a whole lot though and honestly Katarina felt like a sixth grader at the whole thing. Though she didn't necessarily mind, either. "Hey kid," she glanced up at him, a small smile on her face, one that only he could pull out of her and she reached up and ran a hand through his hair. "Yeah? I guess I could go out. Who's we?"

#7 Avery Aldebaran

Avery Aldebaran

Posted 30 October 2013 - 06:09 AM

There was something instantly soothing about Katarina's hand in his hair. Typically he was all about going out and doing things and having a great time-- particularly considering the fact that they were in Vegas, after all-- but the moment her hand weaved in his hair it was all over from there. He was practically purring, suddenly forgetting his desire to go out and instead wanting to just stay right there on the couch with Kat all night. It wasn't until she spoke that he piped up, eyelids heavy as he looked over at her. "Mmm. You know, my brothers and their girlfriends. Aldebaran family time, if you wanna go."


Truthfully Avery was every bit as whipped by Katarina as she was with him. She could tell him right that moment that she was still into thieving and he'd just nod his head and hope that they could change that someday. Yes, he did think she'd stopped that sort of thing since their last conversation, but there was no question that he wouldn't even have to think through it before forgiving her again. He was an understanding sort of person to begin with, and honestly all he wanted was her to stay around as long as possible, so they could be fucking eighty years old and he'd still have faith that she'd quit eventually. Even if only on her deathbed.


Despite this unending faith in her, however, he was still quite shy on the affectionate side of things. Kissing her that day at the diner had been an exception; not that he had a rule necessarily so much as shied away from that sort of thing to begin with. Typically he was so damn confident, but there was something about kissing Katarina that sent his head spinning in such a way that he wasn't sure he could recover. It wasn't just fear so much as the flustered way she made him feel, and as such it was always hard to calm down when she got too close to him.


It'd be a while before he was fully comfortable with it. In that sense his relationship with her was very much like a sixth grader, though don't mistake the scope of his feelings; the more he was around her the harder he fell, considering she was the most genuine attention he'd ever had in his life. Everyone else grew so easily exhausted with him, yet she was constantly petting him and smiling at him and it was just... how was he supposed to keep himself from falling for her? That, however, wasn't something that scared him. He was too optimistic to see how this could go negatively in any sense of the word.


"Toby mentioned something about the casino," he said, eyes still closed, his voice sounding as if he was half-asleep. "But I saw an ad talking about this really cool medieval times thing where they serve dinner and there's a show with knights and armor and horses and that sounds kind of cool too, don't you think?"


#8 Guest_Katarina Mischenko_*

Guest_Katarina Mischenko_*

  • Guest

Posted 30 October 2013 - 06:32 AM

Fuck but he was adorable. It was absolutely, completely fucking ridiculous. Honestly, Katarina's thoughts were sort of the same, how could she not fall for him when he was so god damn sweet. It damn near melted her heart seeing him react that way. Seeing him react that way to something she did of all things and she was far too inclined to just pull him right next to her and no go anywhere at all as she liked this side of him far too much for her own well being. She didn't move her hand, either, the reaction she elicited was far too enjoyable for her to do so, instead she stroked her fingers through his hair softly and didn't plan on stopping.


The smile on her face made it clear that she was a fucking goner. There really was no going back from this at all and she knew that. Not that she'd wanted to of course, Kat had long since passed the point where she wanted to avoid the shit out of him. Now it was just nothing but wanting to be around him. Nothing but wanting to make him happy, to see him smile. Shit, he'd turned her into a fucking sap and she didn't care at all. "Yeah, kid, of course I want to go." There was something about the word girlfriend that flipped her stomach over as she still didn't quite believe that part sometimes.


While she'd spent a hell of a lot of time shying away from people in general, keeping to herself and not really making any connections, Kat wasn't shy herself. She'd never saw a problem with...affections though hardly had they been on the more emotional side of things in the first place. Still, she was perfectly content with this sort of thing with Avery. She could be patient, she still remembered the whole thing at the campsite, too, the way he'd reacted to seeing her in a bathing suit and even then she hadn't minded.


So it was easy for her to do little things like this. Eventually her hand moved down to his arm and she trailed it softly up and down a smile on his face as he spoke. "Do you mean Medieval Times?" She scrunched her nose and laughed at the idea and at how fucking cute he was for being so excited about it. "Like in that Jim Carey movie?" Already she was getting up though as while this normally wouldn't have be her cup of tea whatsoever she was already nodding. "That sounds like fun. We already went to the casino last night, right? I'll go get dressed and we can suggest it to everyone else."

#9 Nick Aldebaran

Nick Aldebaran

Posted 30 October 2013 - 07:16 AM

This, to say the least, was not Nick's perfect idea of a weekend. Having always been the type of person who was easily stressed, it went without saying that this was a little too much for his liking. He preferred nights in on the apartment sofa, watching whatever the hell Kate wanted to watch, even if he wasn't a television person in the first place. Shit, now that she was around he was basically a Kate person; being overly whipped, he just did whatever she wanted to do and studied in the meantime. All he wanted was to be around that pretty blonde all the fucking time and it was hard for him when he wasn't able to.


He knew, though, that this sort of scene would be new and maybe a little fun to her. And once they arrived he was more than surprised his cousin was getting married, but maybe he understood her viewpoint just a tiny bit. Having always been sort of anxious and over-planning by nature himself, he saw that Jackson soothed that part of her just as Kate did the same for him. Spontaneity wasn't so scary when there was someone by your side who was the best version of stability you could have.


Admittedly he did worry that Kate would find someone else at times. It was hard to feel that way when she was around, though, and as such that soothing part of her wasn't at all hindered. Knowing she was right there no matter what, things just weren't as worrisome anymore. Going to parties with her was still more than stressful-- most of the time he didn't do it, to tell the truth-- but it wasn't nearly as nerve-racking as it used to be. The Vegas trip was similar; he tagged along mostly silently, forming no real opinion on the elopement itself, and the only time he truly worried was when he cousin was missing the next morning.


As he was pessimistic, even if Kate brought out a more optimistic side of him. His first thought was that she'd been abducted or she'd been led into the wrong room; if they were drunk enough to forget about the entire night, they were drunk enough to lose the bride the night of her bachelorette party. In fact, he was surprised that only one of them was gone out of all of them, and as such he swore never to drink that much again. Ever. Regardless, the likelihood of her missing turning out to be tame was rather low, and he kept that in mind throughout the entire search.


The longer time went by, the more his heart sunk down to his stomach. But voila, there she was on the fucking couch with Teddy, though he didn't feel annoyed by that so much as relieved. And perhaps a little dumb for having overreacted in the first place, but it was easy to jump in the bed for a nap nonetheless. Again, he would've been perfectly content sitting around the suite for the rest of the night, but at Toby's prodding he easily got up. Aldebaran time sounded actually sort of nice-- too bad Nat was still pissed at Toby. Even he knew about that.


It didn't take him long to find Kate once they were at the suite. "So you coming along?" He asked her, eyebrows raised, a strange smirk planted on his features. "Hey, by the way," he added belatedly. "Hope you had a good nap. No more drinking tonight but I have a feeling we'll still have a full schedule. Avery's too eager for us to sit around."

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#10 Guest_Kate Newton_*

Guest_Kate Newton_*

  • Guest

Posted 30 October 2013 - 07:49 AM

Kate had definitely been all about Vegas. At least, when she'd first heard about it she had been. When she'd first found out where they were going and what they were doing she was all over that shit with entirely too much enthusiasm for her own good. This wasn't an everyday opportunity after all and it was definitely one of the things that she'd been dying to do knowing it was so fucking close. Somehow she hadn't made it up there yet as honestly she would have easily thought that this type of trip would have been made with Aubrey and Bailey instead of Nick and his family.


Not that she'd protested at all anyway. Sure she didn't know them all too well and sometimes she had to wonder what the fuck some of them were thinking--this whole impromptu wedding thing was absolutely fucking bonkers for one--but neither did she mind at all. It wasn't like she was there for anyone else in the first place. As rude and selective as that sounded it was the honest truth, she was there to spend time with Nick and if she got to know the rest of his family in the process then she that would be alright, too.


The entirety of their Friday night had been insane though and while Kate wasn't a stranger to these sorts of things waking up with a hangover so fierce that she couldn't see straight had definitely been a little disconcerting and there was that whole missing person thing that had literally sent everyone into a panic. Still, the only thing she could think about once the girl was found was getting into her fucking bed and sleeping thirty seven hours and this hangover off. There was no exploration of Vegas or casinos or everything else on her mind.


Shit, Kate was pretty sure that they'd done it all the night before even if oddly enough no one seemed to remember it. She woke up well rested, too, and though she was typically the sort of person to want to go out, she was definitely a social butterfly after all, she would have been perfectly content just staying in with Nick. Which was why she was surprised when he asked if she was coming along. "Hm?" She asked up, eyebrows raised though there was a smile on her face at being close to him. Something about the expression she wore that she liked all too much.


"Hey yourself," she said her lips turning up even more at the corners. She wrapped her hand around the collar of his shirt and tugged him forward, pressing her lips right at the corner of his mouth before pulling back and wrinkling her nose at him. "Where are we going?" 

#11 Nick Aldebaran

Nick Aldebaran

Posted 31 October 2013 - 02:15 AM

Sometimes it was still a complete shock that this was happening. That somehow this gorgeous blonde was totally into him and this relationship was working and that she hadn't left yet. As self-conscious as he'd been before, it was clear to him from the way she reacted that her feelings were very genuine and strong. There was still an inherent fear that he liked her a hell of a lot more than she did him, but that made sense in his mind. She was the interesting, vibrant, beautiful one; he didn't expect her to feel exactly the same way he did. Just the fact that she felt anything at all for him was amazing, he knew, and he could only hope that her feelings would last.


His smirk widened slightly as she pulled him forward by the collar, and for a moment it was all too tempting to stay in for the night. Right, right-- they were supposed to be going out with his brothers or something stupid like that. He tried to regain that semblance of enthusiasm he'd had before for it, just nodding lightly and cocking his head. "Someone mentioned something about a casino and then Avery mentioned some sort of... Medieval Times thing? Seems like his style and I think Toby just wants to get out."


He watched her for a second, realizing how insane this entire weekend had been. He could only hope that she didn't find his entire family crazy. Admittedly he even thought they were all nuts at times but he did love them, stupid decisions and fit-throwing and all. He could often appear as though he didn't care but that was never the case; he loved his family a great deal, he was just a hell of a lot more removed about it than his siblings. It was hard to stand out between Nat and Toby's protective instinct and Avery's over-enthusiasm.


Regardless, it made a difference what she thought of them, so he bit the inside of his cheek for a second in thought. "We don't have to go out, either. I hope you don't think we're all nuts." His somewhat worried expression shifted to a smirk of mild amusement, though, as he could honestly understand where she was coming from if she thought so. Truthfully this weekend would've been enough for him to run away had it involved her family instead. 

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#12 Guest_Kate Newton_*

Guest_Kate Newton_*

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Posted 31 October 2013 - 02:28 AM

Truth be told, their entire relationship was a little bit strange and Nick certainly wasn't the sort of person that Kate would have been attracted to in the past. He was the very opposite of what she usually went for, everything about him was, though this was not a bad thing whatsoever. She'd always ended up with the ones that treated her like shit. It was like she was a magnet for assholes and not a time went by where she got herself involved with someone--actually involved and not just something casual--and she ended up feeling like she'd deserved that sort of treatment.


And sure, he'd been kind of an asshole in the beginning, his personality was abrasive and they hadn't gotten along. Had anyone told her back then that this would be the person that she'd...well she wouldn't have believed it for one minute. Even after their truce, even after their decision to try and get along Kate would have scoffed at the thought. It was still hard to believe for her, too, as somewhere along the line she'd ended up falling for him, the fact that he'd become her best friend first and foremost had a hell of a lot to do with it and now she was so fucking stupidly happy that it was absolutely ridiculous.


Admittedly, she did think his family was fucking nuts. Shit, she thought her own family was fucking nuts in the first place, her siblings were ridiculous sometimes and their parents could be a little strange too but they took the cake. Not that it mattered to her at all really, she sort of liked spending time with them. "Medieval Times huh?" She grinned up at him, eyebrows raised before shrugging. "We can go that sounds nice and I'm kind of hungry." Her eyes scanned his face and her heart flipped a little bit and really she was thinking that staying in didn't sound half bad.


She laughed though and shook her head. "I do think they're all nuts but it's okay. I don't mind." She stood up, wrapping her arms around him and pressing her lips against him before resting her forehead on his. "C'mon, we're in Vegas, huh, even if we don't drink we should enjoy the night."

#13 Toby Aldebaran

Toby Aldebaran

Posted 31 October 2013 - 03:31 AM

Toby still wasn't so sure that a casino sounded like his idea of a good time that night. Originally he'd had nothing but those on his mind when he thought of Vegas; hitting the floor and seeing if Lady Luck was on his side seemed like a lot of fun, but now that he'd gone through so much shit, he was feeling strangely responsible for once. There might have been this worry underneath that, y'know, if he left here with no money and no good memories, this entire experience would've been wasted on him. Going out with his family, even if it was to do something super geeky and not his style, seemed like a better and safer alternative than crossing his fingers and hoping to win ten thousand dollars.


So he just nodded as Callie stood, making a conscious effort to stare forward rather than at her butt as she walked away. Friends. Inappropriate. And maybe he was kinda trying to be a decent, respectful dude, even if it was an entirely new ballgame for him. In the meantime, though, he started to look towards his brothers and their respective girlfriends, fighting the urge to growl under his breath as both of them were being ridiculously affectionate. Fucking assholes. Suddenly all he wanted was for Callie to hurry the fuck up rather than leave him as the fifth wheel.


Once she came back out he didn't waste any time; already he was smacking both of his brothers across the back of their heads. "C'mon, lovebirds. It's family time. Making out and shit is just weird and uncomfortable for everyone involved, so leave room for Jesus, yeah?" He rolled his eyes, smirking lightly as he stepped out the front door. Avery was already going on about Medieval Times and Nick seemed to like that idea, too, so Toby just shrugged. What the hell ever.


"Yeah, yeah. Let's go to geeks of the round table. Where is it? Do we need a taxi or can we walk?" He asked no one in particular, heading towards the elevators. He was impatient to get the fuck out of there, alright, and as such wasn't going to hang around the suite in case Nat showed up to glare at them.


#14 Guest_Natalia Aldebaran_*

Guest_Natalia Aldebaran_*

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Posted 31 October 2013 - 05:39 AM

Natalia was having a hard time remembering why she was mad anymore. Which, in turn kind of pissed her off in general. The fact that she was no longer feeling so fucking angry about this whole relationship bothered the hell out of her as stupid as that was. But it was very much the truth. Not that she'd completely approved or anything, she still side eyed the entire thing, she still thought he was too old that she was too fucking young and that this whole entire idea was a god damn train wreck waiting to happen. She wasn't pleased with Melli's decision whatsoever thank you very much.


But her irritation had lessened quite a bit. The whole scene after finding Melli was absolutely fucking ridiculous and she wasn't sure if she was glad she'd witnessed it or not. Regardless, Nat understood why Toby had shaken the guy's hand and given his approval--of the relationship not the wedding--in the first place. And although she didn't want to, she didn't fucking want to at all she was definitely fucking shipping it. Just a little bit. A little fucking bit. And that, too, irritated the shit out of her because again he was entirely too old for her.


She was far too stubborn to admit that though, even if she had seen them together and recognized that he loved her. That was something she'd give him, he loved her and it was clear as day and deep down she was somewhat accepting of it but she didn't want to be. Not only that but she still felt betrayed that everyone knew but her. She still felt angry about the whole thing, childish? Sure but neither did she really care. She'd always been a grudge holder, too, always taking things far too personally in the first place and this, the whole being lied to thing got to her more than she would have liked to admit.


Still, even after witnessing the way the were around each other that morning Nat wasn't too happy with this whole thing, there was no doubt about it, but for some reasons he felt even more agitated at their overheard conversation. There was absolutely no fucking way she was going to let them elope after they'd all shown up there. After all of that trouble. She was more than irritated when she stepped foot in the door, too, though she could only hope that they'd heed her warning.


At the very least she caught sight of Celia pretty quickly and although she hadn't had any plans as far as the night went before then she instinctively knew that she wanted to spend it with her. Smiling, Nat sat down next to her and fought the urge to look right at her lips. Fucking Christ she'd kissed her. Still, she swallowed and looked at her eyes instead. "Hey, what are you doing tonight? You wanna go out? Just you and me?"

#15 Celia Edison

Celia Edison

Posted 31 October 2013 - 05:56 AM

She'd kissed her. That was it. It'd happened.


The strip of photos in her pocket had been folded and unfolded so many times that the creases were obvious and noticeable and already fraying, even if it was the first day. Every single time she found herself alone she'd take it out and stare at it, numb and unsure of what to think. That morning she'd been too busy to think too heavily on it, though it'd certainly been on the back of her mind the entire time. It wasn't until she laid down for a nap that she finally, finally allowed her mind to rest on that moment in particular, and there were so many conflicting emotions to it that she didn't know how to process any of them.


She didn't even know where to begin, really. First of all there was the very fact that Nat was kissing her, which confirmed that the brunette was into her. At least while she was drunk; she'd heard multiple times that girls tended to do stupid things like that when they drank together, which was one of the many reasons her church preached against it. Alcohol promotes other sins, they said-- one of which was homosexuality, and voila, she had the proof here in her hands.


That, naturally, was the biggest problem at hand. They'd kissed. This wasn't some harmless crush that she was burying deep-- which she had no option to bury it deep anymore, considering this made those budding feelings glaringly obvious-- this was the actual thing. The sin had been committed and it wasn't all hypothetical and in her mind. This was a kiss, a real kiss, and she could see from the series of photos that it was hardly innocent in any sense of the word.


It terrified her every bit as much as elated her. If she was, say, a normal sort of girl with a normal sort of taste in the opposite sex, she might've been overjoyed to find a strip of photos with her making out with her crush. Even if the alcohol portion was something she frowned upon, it was still nice to have any measure of feelings reciprocated. But considering this was a girl and she knew it was wrong and these feelings were coming to light rather than being pushed down, she didn't know what to think. She didn't know how to react. For a while the only thing she felt was frustration-- frustration for not being able to figure out what the hell was on her mind and a level of frustration with herself for not being normal, too. This was so horrible.


She wasn't gay, though. This was just a one time thing; whatever strange crush she had on Nat was just a... thing, that was all. And after this weekend, after she spent time trying to cheer her up, she could let it all fade away and get back onto the right spiritual track. She wasn't-- wasn't, absolutely not-- gay. There was no way, right? The more she thought about it, the larger the lump in her throat became, as she had no clue. She'd never truly fantasized about a romance with a man before so much as the general image of family. That was something she held to high regard, but the man himself? She couldn't care less. Yet here she was, unable to get that stupidly pretty brunette out of her mind.


As such, she never slept a wink. Every time she'd drift off she'd imagine the way her lips felt against hers-- she only had her imagination to guide her, after all, since she didn't remember a thing-- in which case her heart would threaten to beat right out of her chest. Eventually she gave up, taking a book into the living room and forcing herself to focus on the words until she finally did get sucked in, in which case she lost track of time until Nat spoke to her. Blinking and flinching slightly, her heart raced at the thought of just them. It was in her interest to decline. She had to.


"Yeah," she said too eagerly, beating herself up internally that very instant. "I mean-- I mean I'm not doing anything. I was just going to read." She held up the book and gave her a small smile, placing a bookmark cleanly between the pages and shutting it. "What were you planning on doing?"


#16 Guest_Natalia Aldebaran_*

Guest_Natalia Aldebaran_*

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Posted 31 October 2013 - 06:38 AM

The fact that she couldn't fucking remember still killed her in all honesty. While she hadn't really had too much time to sit back and look at the picture as often as Celia had she'd still thought about it a whole lot. Like entirely too much for her own fucking good and she was kicking herself for the fact that she knew nothing of that night, that she had no idea of the circumstances of that kiss besides the obvious. They were drunk and in a photo booth and fucking making out and jesus christ did she want to do it again, just looking at the girl made her want to lean forward and press her lips against hers again.


There was no doubt about the fact that she was attracted to her. She would have had to been blind not to be after all as Celia was gorgeous but she'd never really had any relationships, she'd never really found herself in anything short of a one night stand with girls as while she was flirty as hell she couldn't imagine what she would be like getting involved with someone. The fear of coming out to the rest of her family like that was enough to keep her at an arm's length from that sort of thing completely. As such she didn't often think about the emotional side of things.


She was a flirt without a doubt and this wasn't her first time kissing another girl, this wasn't her second guessing her actions or her attraction to Celia at all as much as it was her wondering if there was something to pursue in the first place. And that left her wondering if the girl was attracted to her at all, if she was even gay in the first place or it had just been one drunken mistake. She'd been so fucking nice to her though, that she couldn't not be into her, she couldn't help herself in that aspect. Considering the fact that not only had she looked after her at the birthday party but had driven all the way to Las fucking Vegas just to comfort her. 


Her doubts held back any sort of action though. She wasn't sure what Celia felt, she wasn't sure if she was just a really caring friend and neither did she want to assault the girl with her lips when she had no idea if she was attracted to her either. "I'm not really sure to be honest with you. No drinking though, I'm fucking still exhausted. Maybe we can get some dinner. Walk around, check out a casino or something?"

#17 Celia Edison

Celia Edison

Posted 31 October 2013 - 07:16 AM

There was, at least, one thing Celia was sure of, and that was the fact that the events of last night only happened while she was drunk. The fatal flaw had been her impairment in judgement, absolutely, but that only occurred because there was alcohol in the picture. Without it she knew she was fine; she knew hanging out "just them" would really be just that-- hanging out. There was no way she'd pursue anything more if only because she had those reminders around constantly. That this-- liking a girl-- was a horrible idea.


Even so, she found her eyes fluttering to her lips every now and then during their conversation. That wasn't out of temptation to kiss her, however, so much as absolute curiosity as to how they'd felt. They looked soft, appealing; she'd always been more attracted to girls because of things like that, and Nat was no exception. Even if she felt terribly guilty about the entire matter, there was one regret that stood out among the others-- and that was that she had no recollection of the event.


She assumed, too, that Nat had no recollection either. As such, their interaction wasn't awkward so much as a little stiff, as Celia figured there was no reason to worry. Usually photo booths only printed out one picture, right? And had she remembered anything from the night before, she might've volunteered it that morning when they were searching for her cousin. As such, she knew that this event was her secret to keep, which was the only reason she hadn't run into a room to lock herself inside quite yet. Might as well move past it, right? She was here to comfort Nat, and having always been a giving person by nature, she wasn't about to let that momentary slip-up screw everything up.


"No, no drinking," she said far too quickly, clearing her throat. That was dancing with the devil (literally). "Dinner sounds nice. Maybe not the casino-- sounds a little crowded." She almost asked what everyone else was doing, but considering Nat's general exhaustion with her family, she knew it was a better idea to avoid them entirely. "Whatever you want to do sounds fine to me," she said with a content smile, leaning forward and stretching. Pretty soon she was standing, setting her book on the messy table in front of her and clearly ready to go.


#18 Guest_Callie Sutters_*

Guest_Callie Sutters_*

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Posted 01 November 2013 - 06:41 AM

It didn't take her too long to get changed out of her--totally fucking awesome--pajamas and she was ready to go in no time. Callie still had no idea what they were up to or what the night would bring though it didn't matter much. While she'd been alright with staying in for the night in the first place suddenly going out had quite a bit of an appeal to it and she was relieved with the fact that no one else had the desire to drink, too. Shit, she didn't blame them after they'd all gotten so damn wasted the night before that they couldn't remember a thing.


For some reason she'd thought that there would be people that wanted to drink even after the night's fiasco--namely Toby-- and she was a bit taken aback by the fact that they were keeping it alcohol free that night. Again, she didn't know Toby's siblings all too well, she didn't know anyone but Melli and Miranda and him and it was a little weird to be going out with them in the first place. Even then it wasn't too bad as they'd had a nice ride up and they'd been nice, Callie usually got along with people pretty easily after all and she hadn't been worried.


Except for the part where they were all being ridiculously affectionate and it was kind of weird and uncomfortable and she came out of the room and literally stopped, eyebrows raised and trying not to be a child about the whole thing. She was a closet romantic sure but jesus did no one need to see that. Clearing her throat she walked over and stood next Toby though her eyes couldn't help but flicker back to the other couples. "Wait--what?" Her head whipped around, eyebrows raised curiously at his words. "Where are we going?"

#19 Avery Aldebaran

Avery Aldebaran

Posted 02 November 2013 - 05:51 AM

Avery could be oblivious, sure, but he wasn't an idiot. He noticed how easily Kat agreed to an idea that typically wasn't "cool" to others; even Toby cringed slightly when he mentioned it originally, and he'd expected to have to sell it to Katarina to get to go. It was something he'd always wanted to do, okay, and as such he was willing to pull out his best persuasive techniques to do so. With her, however, she agreed so easily that he was left there smiling, waiting for her to get dressed and completely content with the way that'd gone. Awesome.


In the meantime he wandered over towards his other brothers, standing off to the side quietly for once. Once she rejoined them he fell into step behind his older brother and Callie, taking Kat's hand with little restraint, though when the redhead turned around with her question he grinned widely, practically bouncing in place. "Medieval Times! You know, there's like jousting and knights and horses and we eat food with our hands." He nodded in satisfaction, tugging Kat into his arm. "If that's okay with everyone. That's okay, right?"


It was clear there was no room to argue, though, based on the innocent pleading quality his expression took on in that moment. No way anyone could deny that.


#20 Guest_Katarina Mischenko_*

Guest_Katarina Mischenko_*

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Posted 02 November 2013 - 06:22 AM

It didn't take anyone knowing her to see that she was fucking whipped. It was clear in the expression she wore around him, in the way she easily leaned in just to have some sort of contact with him. In the way she constantly found herself smiling when he was near her. Katarina had never been the sort to wear that expression even when she was trying to fool people into believing her con, but around him it was almost instinctive that she did so as she was just absolutely completely smitten with him in the worst of ways. It was ridiculous, really.


Not that it bothered her of course, she was genuinely happy. For the first time in years, it was definitely a feeling she wasn't too accustomed to and as such she wasn't about to protest something as ridiculous as where they were going just because it wasn't her style. Even if they did eat with their hands. She wrapped her arm around him, again, out of instinct and leaned in towards him. "I think it sounds fun. I don't think any of us needs to go out and drink, don't think a casino is really the best idea, I mean-- what else is there to do?"


Her lips pursed at his expression though and she had to look away from him to keep herself from laughing as he was way too fucking cute for anyone to resist. "C'mon, let's go," she said, and she was already looking up on her phone for everything they needed. "Looks like we can walk but the show starts in forty five minutes so we should head over there."

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