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Shake It Out

Toby Aldebaran Nick Aldebaran Avery Aldebaran Celia Finch

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#21 Nick Aldebaran

Nick Aldebaran

Posted 02 November 2013 - 07:18 AM

Jesus, Medieval Times sounded geeky as fuck and Nick was starting to realize it. As Kate repeated the name he just scratched the back of his head, one eye closed as he thought over it; it definitely wasn't her sort of thing, was it? Then again, he knew quite well that she wasn't about to run off, either-- and even if she did, he'd be running after her anyway, so it was whatever. Her smile reassured him, and pretty soon they were all headed out the door and he was perfectly content with everything. Family time, right? Minus Nat, but... well, he'd try to be positive. Just for one night.


At Avery's expression he rolled his eyes, though. "No one's protesting, Avery, don't be ridiculous," he said, clearly seeing straight through that routine. He had quite an adorable face, sure, but unfortunately for him it'd stopped working on most of the Aldebarans years ago, himself included. Being his twin brother provided him an immunity to those sorts of looks, and in the end made him want to disagree more than anything. But today he had a good sense of humor so he just shook his head, laughing under his breath.


"Yeah, yeah, let's book it," he said with a nod, ready to get the hell over there. There was something about the suite that felt almost stifling; while on one hand he wanted to stick around, on the other he just felt like getting out for once. Removing his mind from the chaos that was this weekend and would inevitably be the following day, too. Shit. Wedding. What the actual fuck. Pretty soon they were out the front door, though, and heading quickly down the strip towards this weird place.

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#22 Guest_Natalia Aldebaran_*

Guest_Natalia Aldebaran_*

  • Guest

Posted 02 November 2013 - 07:32 AM

There hadn't been much to her plan. She didn't really have any ideas at all in fact, all Nat wanted was to get the fuck out of the suite, to breathe and not have to deal with everyone that was making her so angry. Half her problem most of the time was that she didn't know how else to react to things, it was her default emotion, just sheer fucking rage at everything that was bothering her and sometimes it became so god damn overwhelming that she just couldn't take it. Getting out and away from everyone else sounded ideal at that moment and there was no one else she would have rather done it with than Celia.


Shit. It was still difficult despite the fact that she wanted to spend time with her, as the only thing she could think of was those photos and fucking kissing her and jesus fucking christ it had been so god damn difficult to not look at her lips throughout the dinner. Often she wondered if Celia remembered though that thought was squashed almost instantly every time by the reminder that no one had any idea what had gone down the night before. Little did she know about the fucking pictures, that Celia had her very own set.


It was nearly killing her and she was honestly a bit distracted. She exited the restaurant and fought the urge to take the girl's hand, instead she followed closely, glancing to the side every now and then, she hardly paid any attention to where she was going, and she hadn't seen the crowd of exiting people or even questioned it, until she saw a familiar face. "Shit." She stopped in her tracks and swallowed, scratching her forehead with one of her index fingers. Part of her was too fucking tempted to bolt but they were already nearly bumping into each other. Maybe-- shit, maybe they wouldn't say anything to her.

#23 Avery Aldebaran

Avery Aldebaran

Posted 02 November 2013 - 10:54 PM

Avery was glad to see that people didn't protest to his idea; he expected, of course, to see his older brother bristle up at the idea and suggest something a little more "his style," but somehow he seemed to have good humor about the whole thing. Idly he wondered if it was because he was exhausted or if the redhead had something to do with it, but the thought was fleeting in favor of oh god, Medieval Times


The show and food was every bit as good as he'd hoped for. Cheesy, sure, but cheesy had always been Avery's middle name and he wouldn't have expected anything different of it. The entire time he sat there like one of the kids in the row in front of them, eyes wide with wonder and cheering every time something totally fucking coordinated happened. It was cool, okay? And Kat was here and so were his brothers and even Toby seemed to be getting into it. The only thing that could make this better was Nat.


Who, of course, he started to dwell on the moment the thought entered his mind. Typically he was good for not dwelling, but there was something about her absence at something he thought was so fun that really got to him. It wasn't the first time she'd missed something-- being the youngest by a couple of years guaranteed that she didn't get to do all of the Colorado things-- but now that she could be here he couldn't deny that he wanted that. It was heartbreaking to be without her.


But Avery was optimistic, too. He didn't let it bring him down too much or taint his experience, so much as it was something not so great on the back of his mind. Shortly after leaving, however, he caught sight of a familiar face, and before he could even think through why he should have kept his mouth shut, he was calling out her name. This was the opportunity to turn things around, right? "Nattie!"


Suddenly he was already over to her, too, grinning widely at her and looking windblown, as if he'd been running. "Nat! I haven't seen you all weekend! What did you guys do for dinner? What are you guys doing now? Will you hang out with us? We keep saying we miss you and I really miss you and I just wish you'd come with us. Please?" Toby stood silently in the background, looking at his feet, arms crossed over his chest in shame.


#24 Guest_Natalia Aldebaran_*

Guest_Natalia Aldebaran_*

  • Guest

Posted 03 November 2013 - 01:14 AM

Shit. Had it been anyone else, Nick or Toby, she could have easily walked away. There would have been no problem in Nat grabbing Celia's hand and doubling back and just ignoring that they'd accidentally run into each other in the first place, while she wasn't angry with Nicky at all he wasn't difficult to walk away from and she was still pretty upset with her oldest brother as much as it killed her deep down so that wouldn't have been a struggle either. But of course it was fucking Avery that approached her, fucking Avery and that stupid ass nickname and that stupid enthusiastic demeanor and she couldn't walk away from that at all, really could you blame her? He was like a fucking little kid and she'd never really been able to tell him no.


"Hey kiddo," she forced a smile, her eyes flickering to her other brothers and their girlfriends and jesus fucking christ when had all of this even happened? For some reason it made her feel even more left out that she wasn't aware of this shit, and she frowned taking them all in, shit did fucking Toby have a girlfriend, too? What the fuck was going on in his family. Everyone was pairing up and it was honestly absolutely ridiculous, had it not been for Celia she might have been left all on her own during this impromptu trick and for a moment she looked over at the girl and smiled though it was a bit awkward.


There wasn't long to dwell on that as her brother was talking a mile a minute and had she not already been accustomed to this sort of thing she might have struggled to keep up. "We just went to some Italian place, nothing special, and we're just walking around. What did you guys do?" Her heart sank as he asked her to join them and she glanced at her oldest brother one more time. Shit, it would have been a lie to say she didn't fucking miss hanging out with him but she was still upset and she was too god damn prideful for that shit. Still, there really wasn't saying no to Avery.


"Yeah, fuck, yeah, we'll come with you guys," she glanced over at the other brunette, an eyebrow raised, "you don't mind do you?" 

#25 Celia Edison

Celia Edison

Posted 03 November 2013 - 06:04 AM

This was surprisingly nice. Celia could only hope it removed Nat's mind from the original problem; she chose not to ask if only because she knew it was best for the girl not to dwell in the first place. Regardless, she did her best to maintain conversation for most of dinner despite being preoccupied with those stupid pictures in her pocket, always finding something else to talk about once a subject had been spent. It was difficult, though, not to let certain things spill from her mouth when she was being so overly talkative. 


Truthfully, however, she'd be lying if she said the last people she expected to see were members of Nat's family, as they were everywhere and it'd be ridiculous for them not to bump into them. But bumping right into the remaining Aldebarans-- together and looking cute and excitable until they spotted her face-- was horrible luck and she knew it. Biting her lip, she looked from them to Nat and back, considering finding her own excuse to get the girl away. But Avery was already stepping forward, and before the guy even finished speaking, Celia knew what was about to happen. No way in hell were they walking away from this.


"Of course I don't mind," she answered with a smile and a private nod to Nat, as if asking if it was alright. Avery seemed to be perfectly excited with this, though, already pulling his sister into a quick hug and skipping along like it was the best day in the world. Toby, however, was quietly in the back, head still down in shame, and Celia couldn't help but feel... annoyed. Not with either Toby or Nat, no, but with the fact that it hadn't been solved yet. This was ridiculous-- all he had to do was sit down and apologize.


"So um-- what were you guys planning to do?" She asked no one in particular, trying her best to skip past the awkwardness.


#26 Guest_Callie Sutters_*

Guest_Callie Sutters_*

  • Guest

Posted 03 November 2013 - 07:23 AM

Okay, she wasn't judging. Not really. But it was a little fucking weird. Or at least it sounded weird when they first explained it and shit. Callie herself was a huge fucking dork, she liked weird and strange things that wouldn't have been up normal's people's alley, but this sounded kind of strange and really fucking geeky and well...she was judging just a little bit. Her opinion changed completely when they got there of course, as it was actually kind of fucking fun and the food was good and it was a nice environment to be in considering the night before, she hadn't minded it at all.


And yeah, she was in a pretty good mood when they left the place, even though she wasn't sure what they were doing afterwards, but she didn't care too much. It was all well until she spotted them and she sort of stopped in place as she looked at Toby's expression. Shit. Suddenly they were all getting together and having remembered the way he'd stopped himself when talking about his family coming out that night. Suddenly Natalia was joining them, wrapping her arms around Avery and smiling at the other Aldebaran without barely a glance at Toby.


The other brunette's question distracted her momentarily though she shrugged and shook her head. "Someone mentioned a casino earlier but I don't think that's the best idea, I figure we'd just walk. I think we all just wanna stay sober." She looked at Toby in question though and stepped closer to him so no one could hear. "You alright?"

#27 Toby Aldebaran

Toby Aldebaran

Posted 03 November 2013 - 07:43 AM

For some reason, Toby had far surpassed the point of judgment. Okay, that wasn't entirely true; upon arriving he couldn't help but laugh at the little geeks as they enthused about the whole event, sure, but he hadn't declined it when he heard of it just because... well, he was looking for a decent, innocent time with his siblings. This was their sort of thing and he didn't mind tagging along at all. Had this been Jack with him or another guy from his fraternity he might have denied it, but for some reason he felt like Callie wouldn't give a shit (he lumped all nerds together so he figured this would be right up her alley). As such he had a good old time, laughing as Avery cheered and making snide comments about the geeky ass actors, yeah, but otherwise it was nice. Otherwise he was into it, too, as strange as it was.


So he was feeling surprisingly good when they left the place, his mind off of his sister for once, though it didn't even take them two minutes before they ran right into her. And of course he figured this would go how it'd gone every other time up to this point; she'd avoid him, maybe shoot a glare at him, and things would go about their usual routine. It was ridiculous how bothered he was by upsetting his younger sister, and on a weekend like this they really needed each other, but... well, it just wasn't that easy.


He didn't expect her to agree, and once she did he couldn't figure out if it was good or bad. Good, yes, because she was part of the unit like she was supposed to be, but bad because things were still clearly rocky between the two of them. This wasn't her idea of forgiveness, this was just giving into Avery's whims and he understood that. Swallowing harshly, he tried to deal with the fact that this night was suddenly about to take an uncomfortable turn.


Callie falling in step with him made him feel strangely better. "I'll be fine," he answered dismissively, shaking his head and thrusting his hands in his pockets. Typically he would've brushed it off, just like that, but it was still on his mind. "She's just pissed at me over the whole... situation. And I dunno what to do about it. She and I, we're-- you know." It felt totally stupid to say that his little sister was his best friend, so he just let the subject drop there.


#28 Guest_Callie Sutters_*

Guest_Callie Sutters_*

  • Guest

Posted 03 November 2013 - 07:55 AM

This was definitely a situation that she'd never been in before. Sure, she could be ridiculously overprotective over her brother, but the two of them fought all of the god damn time, they definitely didn't see eye to eye on shit and she was pretty sure that he wouldn't be caught dead talking to her when he was trying to impress all his shitty little friends, so it was weird to her. Not Toby and Nat's relationship, no but the fact that not talking like this was affecting the both of them that much. Callie didn't know Nat one bit but she'd seen the look on her face when she'd approached them.


And she remembered her reaction at the party, too, she'd looked right at her brother and was clearly disappointed that she'd been kept in the dark. While she didn't really get what it was like to have a sibling as a best friend, neither did she think it was lame either. She nodded, pressing her lips together and glancing over at the rest of the crowd before looking back at him. There was something that bothered her about seeing him like this, too, it was just strange and out of place for him as he was usually so god damn insufferable that she wanted to smack the smirk off his face.


It was fucking ridiculous to think she missed that side of him, too, though mostly she brushed it off as the fact that he was her friend and she didn't like seeing her friends upset. Still, she wasn't so great with the advice to begin with. "I'm sorry, Toby." Honestly, she felt a little bad herself considering she'd told him not to tell her. Though, she expected Melli to tell her, too. "It's-- s'not your fault though I mean shit, siblings fight you know? And she's pissed but she's your little sister. Maybe you uh--" she scratched the back of her head and wrinkled her nose, yeah, she was pretty fucking bad at this.


"Maybe you should talk to her y'know? I mean I know it seems like it's the obvious choice but...she can't walk away now right? won't hurt trying will it? She might be waiting on you to make the first move."

#29 Toby Aldebaran

Toby Aldebaran

Posted 03 November 2013 - 08:25 AM

Toby didn't necessarily need comfort; he'd always been pretty okay on his own, but he appreciated the gesture from Callie nonetheless, even if he understood that she wasn't good at it. It was better than any of his Kappa bros would have offered, anyway, as they would've scoffed and laughed at the very idea that his sister was his friend in the first place. To them little sisters were to be ashamed of, denied, but Nat was just never that way. They were one and the same, those two; best friends, always.


Except for now, clearly. At Callie's words he just swallowed harshly and nodded, his stomach dropping as he thought about it. Yeah, he probably had to talk to her. One thing he hadn't thought of, though, was placing the blame on Callie for the whole thing. Yeah, she'd told him not to tell, but so had Melli and honestly he wasn't even sure if he'd done the right or wrong thing. By some perspectives it was right-- it wasn't really any of Nat's business and she would've only stirred up things in the end-- but from his perspective it just felt wrong. It felt wrong not sharing every little thing with Nat and here she was with a girl she was all too close to and he didn't even know what was going on there.


It was driving him nuts, really, so he nodded with some sort of resolve. "Yeah, alright. I'll do it now. Thanks," he said, shooting her a quick but grateful smile before grabbing Nat by the elbow a little too abruptly and pulling her back.


"Hey. I know you don't wanna fucking talk to me but give me like-- just one minute, yeah? Swear to god I'll leave you alone if you just talk to me for a second," he told her, rubbing the back of his head with his free hand. "I'm really fucking sorry. Like I can't say that enough."


#30 Guest_Natalia Aldebaran_*

Guest_Natalia Aldebaran_*

  • Guest

Posted 03 November 2013 - 08:42 AM

Fuck, yeah, she really hadn't seen her brothers all fucking weekend. She'd been pretty much avoiding everyone besides Celia since she'd gotten there, with the exception of those moments where she thought Melli was fucking missing, she'd pretty much only talked to the brunette. There was an odd feeling of isolation otherwise as again, everyone pairing up like it was Noah's fucking Ark and it was painfully fucking obvious. Seriously, she still couldn't over this shit and was still wondering where the fuck all of these people had come from. Had she been this out of the fucking loop?


Seeing them all together made her miss them. Like fucking crazy. Even Toby, though she didn't even think about dwelling on those thoughts. Instead she let Avery pull her into a hug, her arms wrapping around him tightly and a small smile gracing her face. He was skipping along pretty fucking quickly though and she took the time to walk just slightly behind them, curious as to what the fuck Toby and the redhead were talking about not enough to eavesdrop. Instead she studied Avery and Nick and his girlfriends curiously, noticing how stupidly happy they looked.


Before she knew it someone was tugging at her elbow and she fucking froze at seeing her brother, part of her wanted to shake her head and walk off, she was still angry, still very fucking bitter and she'd always been a grudge holder in the first place but she nodded instead pressing her lips together as he apologized and shit--she couldn't say no to any of her brothers could she. "It's...fuck, Toby, this is really putting me on the spot you know that?" She rubbed her face with her palm and shook her head before looking back up at him.


"I accept your apology. I just-- don't do that shit to me again. Christ. I thought we were-- I have no idea what the fuck is going on in this family and you were the one that always kept me up to date, and it was really fucking hurtful knowing everyone knew that you'd known and I just..." she shook her head again, pressing her lips together and letting out a heavy sigh, there really was no point in bringing it up again, was there? "It's alright. I get it, you're sorry."

#31 Toby Aldebaran

Toby Aldebaran

Posted 03 November 2013 - 09:03 AM

Toby half expected her to jerk away, as he knew how much of a grudge-holder she could be and this wasn't the first time they'd fought. They were siblings, after all; it only made sense that they'd disagree on something or another or hurt each others' feelings. This wasn't the first time something of this caliber had happened, either, but somehow he couldn't recall how they made up in the end. How the apologies happened or what the fights were about or if there was even a real make up so much as they just moved on.


So this was difficult, to say the least, and his heart dropped to his feet at the thought that she'd just keep on walking. He couldn't make it through the weekend with her still pissed at him, he knew, but neither could he bring himself to beg. All he wanted was a damn minute. He was too defensive, though, as he couldn't help but bite back slightly as she spoke. "Well, when the hell else are we gonna talk about it? We haven't talked about it and weeks and you're not answering my texts-- I mean shit, Nat. Do you just not wanna talk to me anymore? Ever?"


He wasn't sure why he went there. That fucking hurt to even say, and it felt overdramatic and stupid and he shook his head dismissively, as if she didn't have to answer it. The last thing he expected was for her to accept his apology, but neither was he done with the situation, as they hadn't talked about it. Not really. He hadn't had the chance to explain himself and properly apologize-- he wanted to hash that shit out. "I know. I know I am. It was just... you know I was so fucking mad when I caught them too, and she just begged me. You know the look. I thought she was gonna fucking cry and the more I thought about it the more I felt like I was being... I dunno, ridiculous. And then someone--" He wouldn't clarify who, as he didn't want to throw Callie under the bus-- "told me it might be a better idea to just let Melli tell you. Because if I told you then... I mean we do have this tendency to..."


Gang up on everyone. Shit, he might not have needed to go there. He was terrible at this apology bullshit. Shutting his eyes tightly, he shook his head. "So I honestly thought she told you. Shit, I should have checked back and I know my mistake now because I fucking tell you everything so it doesn't make a goddamn bit of sense why I didn't that time-- hell, I don't know. I'm just sorry. This whole weekend feels wrong without having someone to be pissed about it with."


#32 Guest_Natalia Aldebaran_*

Guest_Natalia Aldebaran_*

  • Guest

Posted 03 November 2013 - 09:33 AM

Shit. His words stung her, too. God. She was pissed, yeah, ridiculously so and Nat was definitely one of the worst grudge holders ever but even thought of it made her sad. Not talking to him ever? He was her best fucking friend. Her confidant. The one person who'd been there for her through thick and fucking thin, the one that knew her fucking secrets and was there for her when she needed him to be. What kind of person would that make her? Not talking to him over this shit. It was bad enough that she had no fucking idea what the hell was going on, it was bad enough that she couldn't go to him like she normally would. She really fucking missed him.


"Fuck, no, Toby that's not-- that's not it I just don't know how to fucking handle this shit, okay? Everyone fucking knew. Avery said-- Avery said he thought everyone knew and Kaida lied to me and I just thought. I just thought you all of fucking people," she scratched her forehead with her index finger and shook her head, letting out a low breath. She was being immature about it, yeah, she realized it but she was fucking eighteen years old and there really was no other way to react. This was her default emotion after all.


But he was right, even if he hadn't completed his sentence Nat knew he was right. They did gang up on people. They were ridiculous in the way their protective instinct kicked in and she supposed she could understand why that put some people off. It wasn't as if she could help it though, this was the way they'd always been. She shook her head though, not choosing to dwell on the fact that Melli hadn't told her either. Her expression was faltering by the minute, too, as she clearly missed her fucking brother a ridiculous amount.


"It's-- shit it's fine. It's fine, I forgive you. Shit." There was an honest moment where she wanted to fucking hug him, because yeah, she missed him, but neither did she ever initiate that sort of shit regularly, not with Toby anyway, much less now. "Y'know I caught them in the fucking hallway talking about how they should just run off and do it." She laughed, humorless and low as she shook her head. "I told them they better not even think about that shit. Just because people are pissed doesn't mean they should pull that shit."

#33 Toby Aldebaran

Toby Aldebaran

Posted 03 November 2013 - 10:12 PM

Nat didn't have to explain why she thought it was shitty-- after seeing her face at the birthday party, he fully understood it. Had she done the same thing to him he would've been strangely hurt. Perhaps not as angry, as that wasn't his default emotion like it was Nat's, but he still would've understood the feeling of betrayal. They looked after their family after all, and keeping that bit of information to himself implied that she couldn't handle it. Which in a way her reaction proved his point, but... well, at least they were making up now.


"I know. I mean not everyone knew, a lot of people figured it out at the party. You know, they were sitting there together-- cuddling--" He paused a second to make a face, as while he sorta, kinda shipped it now he was still five fucking years old-- "at the bed and breakfast and I just walked in and I don't know. I was so mad but she looked really upset. And at the birthday party he just stood there and smiled at her and let her put this stupid birthday hat on his head. It sounds stupid but he's whipped as fuck and I thought... maybe it's harmless. It's not like dude and I were friends before that, you just happened to walk in at absolutely the wrong time. I mean I'm not happy about them getting married, you know. She's fucking twenty-one."


He wasn't sure why he was talking so much. Actually, no, he was completely aware-- he hadn't spoken to Nat in what felt like ages and he was so used to meeting her just to bitch over dinner. Just to gossip about their family and discuss what they wanted to do about it. This-- not talking to her-- was absolutely torturous to him because he had no one to share his thoughts with. And now that she was forgiving him, he wanted to spill everything out to her and get on the same page. There was this strange urge to hug her, too, but that was never how they functioned; it just seemed strange.


"Are you fucking serious? I'd string that asshole up by his balls." He sounded pissed, sure, but more exhausted with the entire situation than anything. "I'm glad to know we weren't the only ones fucking pissed about it. I mean the relationship is one thing but getting married like this is just-- what the fuck, right?" It was clear that he still had some progress to go as far as accepting this... marriage. And maybe he was still a little hurt that he wasn't invited to begin with.


#34 Guest_Natalia Aldebaran_*

Guest_Natalia Aldebaran_*

  • Guest

Posted 04 November 2013 - 03:26 AM

There were a lot of things she'd wanted to talk to Toby about. Shit, he'd always been the one person she could go to and just unload on, talk about anything she needed to. School, life in general, and now this. Nat hadn't even thought about it considering there hadn't been much time to really dwell on the pictures but not having anyone to talk about this Celia shit was going to fucking kill her, she knew that much and her brother was the only one that knew that she was gay. She really had missed him and it was fucking understandable that he was talking so much because she wanted to do the same.


That would be something that could wait of course as there was a hell of a lot to be discussed here and she was interested in knowing what the fuck had been going on. "They were at the house? What the fuck were they doing there?" She pressed her lips together at his next words though as she couldn't fucking deny it. He was in love with her. "Shit, yeah, I saw them after we fucking found her, fucking ridiculous. I can't-- I can't sit here and try and say that he's just trying to get into her fucking pants anymore it's obvious they love each other but--"


Just because they loved each other didn't excuse things in Nat's mind. "He's fucking forty and I mean shit how long have they even been fucking together? How-- how long have you known?" She wasn't sure if she actually wanted to know this but the fact remained that she had no idea how long they'd been together. "It's just fucking stupid. She's still in fucking college I mean what the fuck? since when is Melli the type to fucking elope?"


Honestly venting about this felt great, this was the sort of shit she did with Toby and jesus it had been too fucking long. "It's fucking stupid, we're all fucking here and they're gonna try and pull that shit." Not that she wanted them to get married in the first place but shit after all the trouble. "Pippa was pretty fucking shocked in the car. It's just--what the fuck, married?"

#35 Toby Aldebaran

Toby Aldebaran

Posted 04 November 2013 - 04:45 AM

This was ridiculously refreshing. It felt like getting a weight off of his chest-- not only in the fact that he had Nat back, but in that he finally had someone to talk to. No one else in his family thought the same way they did, not even close, and as such he'd been lonely as fuck without her around. They were one and the same, okay? Comrades. And typically they were inseparable until Toby did something stupid and insensitive, but it didn't matter anymore, did it? They were good now.


"Hell if I know. I didn't stick around to find out. But Pippa and that one kid-- Raj?-- were there so they must've been in on it for a while too. I felt like punching the guy but I wanted to consult you first before I did anything dumb." He laughed to himself at how stupid that all ended up being. He hadn't consulted her about anything at all and it ended up being worse. But what if he'd punched the guy? What would it achieve?


He wasn't sure if it would've done anything, really. They'd probably still be right here in Vegas, he'd just have a bad rep with his new cousin-in-law. Cousin-in-law. Jesus motherfucking christ. Regardless, he was actually somewhat glad he hadn't interfered. What Nat said was right; they very clearly loved one another and he figured that was what mattered. Even if they wanted to get married way too damn soon, well... at least Melli was happy, even if he didn't agree.


"Like second week of August or so. Right before the fall semester started. See, that's why I figured she'd tell you at a decent time, because they were apparently keeping it a secret so he wouldn't get his ass fired." He scoffed under his breath, as if that would point out exactly what was inherently wrong with the relationship in the first place. "I guess they decided not to, huh? Or I guess we'll find out in the morning."


#36 Guest_Natalia Aldebaran_*

Guest_Natalia Aldebaran_*

  • Guest

Posted 04 November 2013 - 05:08 AM

Nat sucked her teeth in and shook her head. "So Pippa already fucking knew before you did?" She barked out a low, humorless laugh and rubbed her face with her palm. "That Raj kid-- he's the one that fucking told us that they were eloping. Like what the fuck how did even know that shit?" It did actually feel good to get all of this shit out, it felt good to have her older brother back as all of this shit that had been building up inside of her was finally coming out. This wasn't something she was used to doing, bottling up all this bullshit and being kept in the dark.


"Yeah, well, punching a fucking teacher would have been dumb as fuck, Toby." There was no point in getting frustrated over the fact that he'd known for so long. It upset her, admittedly, and she had to press her lips together and let out a deep breath to actually let that shit slip from her mind. It was over. Done. He'd apologized and talking to him again felt like such a fucking relief, like all she'd fucking wanted over the last few weeks that there was no fucking point at all in being upset all over again. "Yeah, well, she didn't tell me." Was all she said and she let the subject drop there as she really didn't want to get angry all over again.


"So what now that he's not her fucking boss they go get married? Fucking married I mean what the fuck is she even thinking?" She still couldn't get over that, as much as she reluctantly shipped it a fucking marriage was just taking it too fucking far. "Fuck. If I have to fucking drag them into the fucking chapel myself I will, this is total bullshit but we're all here, right? It'd be ten times worse if they just snuck off and did it."

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Toby Aldebaran

Posted 04 November 2013 - 05:17 AM

"Yeah," Toby answered her with a shrug, eyebrows raised. "She didn't seem surprised or weird with it either, so I get the feeling she'd known for a while. Which made me think, y'know, that they'd been together for a while. I mean, c'mon-- with that information, I think it's pretty clear that they were together during that camping trip." He wondered if things would've gone differently back then. If, say, he and Nat were a little more aggressive and confrontational rather than watchful like a territorial dog. But neither did he regret it, as... well, what if they'd run him off like they wanted to? Melli might be miserable now. It was a weird thought to have, but he was finally coming around to that portion of it.


"That kid is weird. It's like he knows shit. I don't know. But I know it was stupid, s'why I didn't do it." He fell silent at her next words, though, fighting the urge to twiddle his thumbs or something equally as stupid and childish and awkward. Just let it go, he told himself; he was the sort of guy who wanted to hash every little thing out, but he knew arguing over that bit wasn't necessary. Explaining herself was Melli's job by this point, not his.


He shrugged, though, still somewhat dumbfounded himself that his cousin was running off to get married without even thinking twice. "Hell if I know." Momentarily he thought on the right track-- that this was very unlike his cousin and in a sense it was sweet for that reason-- but the thought was fleeting. For the most part he was in step with Nat, feeling as if this was all stupid in the end. "Surely they know better. But hey-- let's forget about it and try to enjoy ourselves, yeah?" He nodded to their siblings in front of them, attempting a smile. "Aldebarans are back together. Might as well enjoy it."


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Posted 04 November 2013 - 05:31 AM

Honestly she was a bit conflicted in that aspect. There was a part of her that wanted to know how long they'd been together, how long they'd been fucking hiding it from people, from their whole fucking family and whether or not her brother was right, were they together during the camping trip or not. But then there was that part of her that didn't want to know at all, that knew she'd get fucking angry at the knowledge that the two of them had been sneaking around like that, and she knew that was inevitably what would happen as that was always what happened, so she let it go. 


It was better that way wasn't it? Letting it all go? The fact that Pippa knew, that Kaida knew, that everyone fucking knew but her. There wasn't much that could be done about that, there was nothing that Nat could do but fucking bitch about it and she was fucking tired of doing that, she was tired of feeling upset and like the asshole of the family so she dropped it, shaking her head and choosing to ignore his words completely. Instead she tilted her head and sighed. "Yeah it's pretty fucking creepy. He knew right away, said it so fucking nonchalantly like it was nothing, the fuck."


Nat herself wasn't so much thinking it was sweet, even if there was that part of her that reluctantly shipped it in the back of her mind. Still, she nodded at her brother's words as he was right. "Yeah, yeah, let's just fucking forget about it." And there was a smile on her face at that, because fuck yeah she missed her fucking brothers alright? "What were you up to?"

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