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Chasing Pavements

Ruth Antares Teddy Altair

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#1 Guest_Brady Moretti_*

Guest_Brady Moretti_*

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Posted 04 November 2013 - 06:51 AM

Brady still couldn't believe they were in fucking Las Vegas. Even though a few days had already passed, even though they'd gone out the night before and in true Vegas fashion had gotten so god damn drunk that they couldn't remember a thing, even though he'd woken up in an uncomfortable position,head against the toilet and with an insane hangover that he couldn't get rid of, even though everything that happened all screamed crazy weekend behavior, he still was a bit in shock about the whole damn thing.


The wedding was part of it, yeah, as shit, Melli was getting married to an old dude, they'd literally all piled up in a car together and taken off on an impromptu road trip and all of that in and of itself was absolutely fucking nuts. Everything else though, shit, he was still having a hard time taking it all in. Brady, of course, had told himself he was going to enjoy this shit as much as possible. He'd hoped that he'd get to spend some time with his bro, too, they were in fucking Vegas after all, when else were they going to get this opportunity?


But he'd gone looking for him and he was already with his girlfriend and honestly what else had he expected? It was difficult, still, but he was getting a hell of a lot better about it. He was understanding now, at least somewhat, that Max wanted to spend time with the blonde girl. That he really liked her and his butthurt and jealousy was misplaced completely. Not that this realization made it all go away of course, it wasn't that easy, but it was getting better by the minute.


So he readily accepted the fact that he'd have to find his own entertainment. He wasn't going to be a douchebag and just bust in on those two, as not only did he not want to be a third wheel but it didn't even look like they were going to do anything fun at all. Again, this was fucking Vegas and while he was in the same mindset as most people that he wanted nothing to do with alcohol for the rest of college life--which of course meant just for the remainder of that weekend--he did know that he wanted to at least get out of the hotel room and so something.


It was easier now that he and Ruth were friends again though. Shit, he'd missed her while they hadn't been. Now though, after their time playing video games together, he didn't hesitate at all to seek her out that night, hands in his pocket and a small smile on her face as he entered the girl's suite. He spotted her pretty quickly, too, and he wore a wide grin as he approached her. Shit, she was so fucking pretty it was almost unfair and his heart skipped a beat as he thought of it. Just friends. Just friends. Just friends.


"Uh-- hey, sup?" he finally said, swallowing the stupid lump in his throat and raising his eyebrows. "What are you up to tonight? Wanna go out?"

#2 Ruth Antares

Ruth Antares

Posted 05 November 2013 - 06:03 AM

Ruth was probably one of the most laidback members of the family and even she wasn't handling this weekend so well. Not because she cared about this wedding shenanigan-- no offense to Melli but what she wanted to do with her life didn't matter to her (and maybe she didn't see anything wrong with it)-- but because this was just too much. The last time she remembered her family going through this much grief was at the campsite, and this time it wasn't even inflicted by Teddy. This time it was all them.


She couldn't bring herself to blame Melli or Jackson for it, though. She knew fully well that the whole night wouldn't have turned out that way if they hadn't all been there. Neither did she blame Miranda or Dan, however, as they had nothing but good intentions with packing them all up. It was a bad decision, though, and she was aware of it; being one of the few that didn't necessarily mind missing the wedding, she wouldn't have had her feelings hurt if she'd been left out of the circle. Being here would've have been totally fine, though, if so much shit hadn't happened in the process.

Truthfully, she was already sick of dealing with it all. Again, being a laidback sort of person, it was hard for her to get worked up about anything, and as such she just didn't like it when she was. Not that she handled it badly-- for the most part she seemed unaffected-- but she still wanted it all to be over as soon as possible. Unlike the others, however, she had no intentions of staying inside for the night; in her mind all she needed was to get the hell out.


And to definitely get some food. That, likely, was the biggest priority on her mind at the moment, considering the fact that she hadn't had a whole lot to eat and was normally eating 24/7. Fortunately she had amazing metabolism, as that amount of food and lack of exercise were a formula for disaster for most people. Regardless, her stomach was growling like crazy as she awoke from her nap, and she dressed super quickly in hopes of finding someone as soon as possible to go eat with.


She was just about to speak up and ask someone to go eat when she caught Brady out of the corner of her eye, and immediately she made a beeline towards him. For some reason, she automatically wanted to hang out with him; Pippa was great and all, but she and Raj seemed attached at the hip lately and Brady... well, Brady was great, too. A lot of that didn't have anything to do with Pippa at all, truthfully. "Food. Food. We're getting food now, c'mon," she told him, looping her arm through his and already starting out the door. "I swear to god, I'm going to shrivel up if I don't get anything in my system right now. I don't know what there is to eat but-- we'll figure it out." Shit, she was willing to hit the hotel restaurant by this point.

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#3 Guest_Brady Moretti_*

Guest_Brady Moretti_*

  • Guest

Posted 05 November 2013 - 06:37 AM

Brady had always been lucky in the fact that he'd been able to put on an outward sort of confidence around people. While mentally he was usually panicking about shit, especially in the presence of a girl, on the outside he seemed cool enough that he didn't think he looked like a total fucking spaz. That was all different when he was around Ruth though. Anytime he saw her face there was a ridiculous lump in his throat and a knot in his stomach and he got so fucking nervous that it was almost ridiculous to think about. His attraction to her was insane in the first place but not knowing how to handle himself made it all the worse.


He tried to chock that up to the fact that she'd seen him in some really stupid and vulnerable moments. Ruth had been the one he'd talked to when he was feeling like shit over Max and his girlfriend, in fact, he'd literally sat down and poured his little heart out about how much the whole relationship was hurting him, he'd told her so many damn things, so yeah it was okay to blame it on that, right? And of course, there was the fact that she'd kissed him. And that he liked her a lot. A whole fucking lot. Yeah, yeah, he didn't really want to think about that part.


Regardless, his heart started beating furiously as she looped her around him and for a moment he just blinked at her, mouth wide open before he actually remembered how to speak. "Food? Y-yeah, food sounds, shit food sounds awesome." He hadn't even realized just how hungry he was until she mentioned it and as if on cue his stomach started growling, too. Jesus he hoped she couldn't hear that. He wasn't sure where to eat either though. "Uh, maybe we should google or something? I mean like we should go somewhere awesome, not somewhere we can just get back home, right?"

#4 Teddy Altair

Teddy Altair

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Posted 05 November 2013 - 07:00 AM

Teddy gave no fucks about this whole weekend, to be honest; thus far it was a typical fucking weekend for him. This wasn't his first rodeo in Vegas and neither would it be his last. It wasn't the first time he'd gotten so drunk that he didn't remember a goddamn thing, and neither was it the first time he'd ever gotten himself arrested for something sort of innocent and ridiculous. It wasn't the first time he'd even been to a spontaneous wedding. As such, he thought it was sort of cool that his family was coming to his level and doing something like this with him, and he was already calling some buddies up the moment they arrived and he was finally out of his hungover state. Party-time, thank you very much; it wasn't a proper wedding weekend without bachelor and bachelorette parties.


And the other reason he'd given no fucks was because he hadn't been included in the crazy search. He'd had a bit more to drink than the others (and whatever the hell else he could find during his night out), so they didn't even bother him that morning. When he finally awoke his cousin was sitting safely on the couch, and neither of them were aware of the search party that had left the suites just minutes ago. For a moment he considered going back into his room to pass out, as there was something about her that bothered him. It stirred up a weird part of himself that he hated-- his conscience-- and he couldn't help but wonder what she thought after that moment at the campsite.


There might have been a bit of regret that still lingered, no matter how much he wanted to deny it. They had this coming, didn't they? But he'd gotten texts from Melli plenty of times, and here he was trashing her time. Not that he thought her weekend was trashed, no; in his mind he'd just improved it exponentially. But there was still a moment of hesitation before he headed over to her-- which, of course, was resolved when she offered him a small smile. He knew that look. They were cool.


Not that he knew what to do with "cool." Being still hungover as fuck and under the realization that holy shit, she was getting married the next day, there was a part of his mask that dropped for that hour or so. He still maintained his smiley demeanor, not once letting on to how he really felt underneath, but there was something genuine in it for once. They reminisced and he didn't clam up; they watched an old movie and laughed and chatted and she even told him about Jackson. And he wasn't even bitter about it.


It wasn't until the others arrived that he realized there was something wrong to begin with. Unlike the others, however, he'd had plenty of sleep that morning, so he had no need for a nap. As such he lingered by the television, despising this time by himself while everyone else napped. He just didn't do well with being alone, and it was clear in the way he threw himself at anyone who spoke to him once they all were awake.


Already he was looking for something to do, though, and some of the others were just sticking around to watch a movie or going on some sort of private excursion. There was a bit of bitterness for not having been invited, sure, but it took the backseat to his main priority-- finding something to do and someone to do it with. As such, he stepped out of the suite to go ask someone at the girls' side and bumped right into Ruth. "Hey," he said quickly, looking both surprised and slightly out of breath. "I heard food. There's this thing--" He held up a flyer, raising his eyebrows-- "like a food and wine pairing thing." It sounded perfect to him because it didn't require a lot of conversation and there was alcohol involved. "If you wanna go, that is."

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#5 Guest_Merritt Holliday_*

Guest_Merritt Holliday_*

  • Guest

Posted 05 November 2013 - 07:43 AM

Truth be told, Merritt felt a little out of place at this whole thing. It was a bit strange honestly, being around this whole family when she only knew three people there in the first place but she tried the best she could not to let her expression show that when she was around them. At the very least she'd always been pretty personable and easy going so getting along with people had never been much of a problem and Teddy's family seemed nice enough, too, so it hadn't been too bad but there was still that weird air in general and she couldn't help but feel like she wasn't supposed to be there.


Of course the only reason she'd accepted the invite from Kaida was to look after Teddy. It was almost like old times in a weird way, not that she wanted to be taking care of him as that only meant that he needed someone's help in the first place but she was reminded of how they used to spend their afternoons when they'd been best friends. After running into him at that party and seeing the state he was in, there was nothing but that instinct there to take him back to her dorm and make sure that he was alright. Even if she had woken up to him gone already, at least she knew he was alive.


There was no saying no to Kaida's request after that. Not that she was sure that this was the sort of thing he got himself into constantly, she was completely oblivious to that, but she at least realized that the Theodore she knew back then was nothing like this person now. Even though they'd spent years apart he was still very much her best friend in her mind so she was there in a heartbeat, by his side without hesitation.


It had been a surprise that they were going to a wedding and that made her feel slightly awkward though she didn't dwell on it too much. Going out that night had been strange, too, considering she'd never been much of a drinker in the first place, that was her sister after all. Still, somehow she'd found herself drunk out of her mind the night of the bachelorette party and she had no idea what the hell had gone on. That in and of itself made her feel strange, not remembering her night before was nothing she'd ever had experience with at all.


The hangover and the next morning was a complete and total panic and by the time both Melli and Teddy were found she was exhausted and feeling not very much like herself. She napped the entire day, too, only to be woken up by other people. Even then she had absolutely no idea what the night held for her, just that she wanted to look after Teddy, seeing as the night before she hadn't done a very good job. It didn't take long for her to dress and eventually she roamed out into the hallway, relieved by her luck that he was there already talking with his cousin. "Hey, what's going on, you guys going out?"

#6 Ruth Antares

Ruth Antares

Posted 05 November 2013 - 08:48 AM

Ruth, in a strange way, was alright at reading people if only because she was so honest. So much so that she didn't let anything else cloud her judgment; she just saw straight to the point and that was that. But neither was she the most observant of people in the first place, as that laidback attitude of hers just made it so that she didn't care to observe. She cared about the people she loved, sure, but she also trusted them to make the right decisions and as such just didn't... stop to look. The same went with Brady. Sure, she noted the awkward way he behaved around her, but after that moment in his dorm, she thought most of that was over with.


She'd dwelled on it a bit too much-- specifically the moments where she wanted to lean over and close the gap between them, even when he had pizza sauce all over his face-- but for the most part she saw them as friends again. That was really her biggest worry in the end; the fact that they'd been honest with each other enough to move forward and agree that they were friends and friends alone strengthened her confidence in this exponentially. As such, she was mostly oblivious to the way he was acting if only because she didn't want to see it.


If she'd had a few more moments to process it, she might have come to the right conclusion eventually, but suddenly Teddy was there mentioning some sort of food/wine pairing thing. While she didn't give two shits about the wine portion (god she didn't want to touch that shit for a long time), the food sounded amazing. "Is it like a legit thing? Not just crappy Sam's food samples? Shit, I don't care, even that sounds good right now." She pressed a finger to the bridge of her nose as she thought about it; it felt like she was starting to get a headache from lack of food.


She ripped the flyer out of his hands, seeing the price-- which wasn't quite high but it wasn't cheap either-- and assuming from that alone that there was gonna be some good shit. There was a small sample menu and immediately she was sold. "Yeah, yeah. Food samples. Let's stuff ourselves with everything. I'm in." At around that time a different blonde came out, and she nodded at her as if they were old friends. "Yeah. We're going to like a food thing with wine pairings or something. You coming?"

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#7 Guest_Merritt Holliday_*

Guest_Merritt Holliday_*

  • Guest

Posted 05 November 2013 - 09:03 AM

At the very least, Teddy's cousin seemed nice enough and that was enough for her to be relieved. She could do this, she could get along with other people pretty damn well for the most part. Merritt had always been one of those girls that people either loved or hated, as she was too damn friendly and probably a little peppy for her own good. There was no in between for her in those terms and though she usually didn't care what other people thought--she had plenty of other friends--for some reason this mattered a hell of a lot. Probably because they were related to someone who was pretty important to her.


She gave a nod back and a small wave and of course there was a bright smile on her face as she did so. Even if her head was still hurting and even if she was still tired and unsure what had gone down the night before she was still in a good mood. The fact that she was about to hang out with people she didn't know all that well--Teddy was included in this category as sad as it was--didn't faze her all that much as she was pretty much able to blend in with people pretty easily, no matter how long they'd known each other.


The only thing she didn't like was the mention of wine, and her lips set in a straight line at that. Would it be too much to try and keep him away from the alcohol? Merritt hardly wanted to be that person but after the previous night and after the scare she'd gotten at the party she didn't really know what would happen if he did it again. "Yeah,yeah, that sounds great. I'll come along." She glanced over at Teddy subtly, trying to gauge the reaction on his face as she was curious if his leaving that morning was indicative of what he thought about her. "I'm starving, too."

#8 Teddy Altair

Teddy Altair

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Posted 06 November 2013 - 07:34 AM

Fuck. And then there she was.


Truthfully Teddy had nothing against Merritt whatsoever-- in fact it was quite the opposite, considering he held her to such high regard-- but it was still a disappointment to see her around if only because he didn't know what the hell to do. Not only was he humiliated as hell about what'd happened before, but he still didn't know how to be good old Teddy with her around. He had the feeling she was starting to get the drift, yes, but at the same time he wasn't even sure if he wanted her to. The way his emotions conflicted like that endlessly confused him.


But he still wore a bright smile anyway, as if her joining them was just the best thing that could happen. He was just about to answer and invite her along when Ruth beat him to the punch, and as such he just nodded in assent, as if asking her to go himself. However, he knew it'd be a hell of a lot more difficult to drink while she was around; as such he was hoping she might decline upon hearing the wine bit. Her acceptance, however, had him swallowing harshly though he smiled widely on the outside. "Great! I guess we should get going, then," he said with a motion down the hallway, ready to just get there and go. No more of this talking bullshit.


Typically he was a conversationalist if only because it was the mask he put on, but there was something terribly awkward about this situation. He was here with two people who knew him and one who didn't; Ruth knew him better than some of his cousins if only because she was so close to Pippa. As such, he knew he couldn't get away with much bullshit without her seeing straight through it. Merritt was much of the same, but Brady? Brady didn't know him at all. So he jumped on that opportunity. "I don't believe we've officially met, have we? I'm Teddy," he said, holding out his hand for him to shake.

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#9 Guest_Brady Moretti_*

Guest_Brady Moretti_*

  • Guest

Posted 06 November 2013 - 08:10 AM

People. Other fucking people. Poor Brady was standing there, as close to Ruth as possible and looking a bit dejected as Teddy came out. He didn't know the guy, sure, but he sure as hell remembered him from the camping trip. Needless to say he didn't think too highly of him despite the fact that he hardly knew him at all. The impression he'd left on him was enough to pass judgment, so he thought, and he could remember the way everyone had been upset because of the damn party that he'd drawn. In his eyes he didn't really want to be hanging out with this dude at all.


Though, to be fair, he didn't want to hang out with anyone. Just Ruth. Brady couldn't understand why there was always a third party involved in this shit. It might have been selfish of him considering that this was family time but he'd just wanted it to be him and Ruth, just he and his...friend. Just he and his friend. The fact that this guy was joining them made him a little frustrated though he tried his best to keep his expression the same. Smiling as the guy joined them and even nodding in agreement at the place he suggested.


At the very least there was some relief when the other girl joined them. She seemed to know Teddy, too, so he wouldn't have to worry about feeling like a third wheel with Ruth's family around, right? As such he was nodding and smiling and jesus christ he was still fucking butthurt because he wanted to hang out with this girl and no one else. He was mostly quiet as he headed into the elevator, trying his hardest not to fucking pout. He mostly leaned back against the wall of the elevator, and he was a bit surprised when the guy held his hand out. For a moment he raised his eyebrow though it was short lived as he didn't want to be rude.


"Nah we haven't." There was a moment where he was about to make a comment about him being at the campsite, it had been on the tip of his tongue but that wasn't his style, it was mostly the bitterness of a night with Ruth being taken away that put those words in his mouth. "I'm uh-- I'm Brady. S'nice to meet you man." He shook his hand though he dropped it pretty quickly, scratching the back of his head before he nodded at the other blonde who introduced herself as Merritt. Once the doors open he stepped out, frowning that he was on his own and that Ruth's arm wasn't around his anymore. "So where is this thing? When does it start. I'm starving."

#10 Ruth Antares

Ruth Antares

Posted 06 November 2013 - 08:56 AM

Ruth truthfully had no idea who Merritt was, despite being at the Altairs' house quite a bit over the summers. She'd known her vaguely then, not enough to recognize her now, so to her they were complete strangers. Not only that but she admittedly didn't have the best memory, so the girl's existence escaped her mind completely. Occasionally she'd remember that Teddy had a close friend once upon a time, but the thought was always fleeting; as perceptive as she could be sometimes, she just didn't dwell on the members of her family. She left that worrying to others.


She didn't think much of Brady's seeming disappointment, assuming she'd just misread him as they got onto the elevator. Teddy's friendliness was nothing she thought of as unusual, either; while she saw straight through that stupid, pointless mask of his, she at least knew it was normal behavior. Unlike the others, she didn't expect any better of him. She was honest, after all-- she was aware that he'd willingly wear this mask to his deathbed if it came down to it.


At Brady's question, however, she finally glanced down at the flyer in her hands. "Now," she answered him, brow furrowed as she glanced at her watch, too. "Like actually now. We should hurry and get there before they run out of the good stuff." Despite being lazy, she could be very quick when it came to food, and her growling stomach was practically propelling her as she stepped out of the elevator and briskly made her way through the lobby of the hotel. "C'mon, c'mon, there's food waiting," she said, already making her way out of the door and down the street. Fuck waiting-- if they weren't gonna speed up, she'd eat by herself.

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#11 Guest_Merritt Holliday_*

Guest_Merritt Holliday_*

  • Guest

Posted 06 November 2013 - 09:04 AM

Merritt wasn't stupid. There was something there and she could sense it though she wasn't exactly sure what it was. Either way something told her that her presence made things awkward and though she didn't turn around, though she was still smiling as per usual there was a part of her that wanted to go back to the room and do nothing at all. Already she'd been feeling a little strange around these people, everyone knew each other after all and the only one that she really knew all that well was Teddy himself as even Kaida and Pippa hadn't technically been her friends back then.


Of course, she realized that she didn't know Teddy all that well anymore either. The thought made her ridiculously sad, too, the realization that he wasn't really the person she'd known when she was younger. That he wasn't the boy she'd grown up with, the one she'd sing to and hide under the covers with. In fact, thinking about it almost made her sick to her stomach, the memory of him getting sick at that party reliving itself in her mind. It was a damn good thing she didn't remember anything from the night before as she hated to think what he might have been like then.


Regardless of how she felt, regardless of how stupid it was and that she might have not been wanted around, she stuck there for his sake. Merritt realized she wasn't doing this for her after all, that it didn't matter if she felt strange or weird or out place, and that it didn't matter if he'd changed. He'd always be important to her and while she might have seemed nagging or controlling in the sense that she wanted to look after him, she didn't let that deter her from doing so. She'd always done so when they were younger right.


It was at least easy to maintain her smile as they came out of the elevator and she fell into step slowly, letting the other two walk ahead of them a bit too eagerly before she sidled up next to him. "Hi," she smiled softly at him, feeling all too nervous about this. Ridiculous, really. "How are you? Did you nap? After we found you guys?"

#12 Teddy Altair

Teddy Altair

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Posted 07 November 2013 - 05:26 AM

Teddy could tell from Brady's general demeanor that he'd done something wrong; he seemed anxious judging by the way he scratched the back of his head, and he certainly wasn't all too enthused about meeting him. Sure, he shook his hand, but that was about it. Teddy was used to people seeming almost excited to meet him, so this was an adjustment-- and an unwelcome one, at that. As nice as Brady might have seemed before, Teddy was already lumping him into his family's category. They all fucking judged him and thought they knew him better than that, and now he was fucking pissed.


Was it really so horrible? It was just a fucking camping trip and he'd started up a party. Sure, he'd brought this level of anger on himself but he never really thought that way. He was fully aware that the move he pulled would undoubtedly make his family angry, but neither did he understand why; their idea having any sort of family sacred ground was absolutely ridiculous and that was part of what he wanted to trash in the first place. The fact that their opinion had worn off on some guy he'd never met before set him into an anger, though it wasn't something that displayed on his features at the moment.


In any other situation he might have jogged to keep up with Ruth and Brady, but considering he was somewhat distracted (and blindsided) with this guy's seeming dislike, he fell behind. As such he was a perfect target for Merritt, and already he was cringing internally at letting it happen. "I'm great," he answered her with a smile. "I didn't nap much-- no one woke me up this morning so I didn't have much of a need for it. Did you?"

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#13 Guest_Brady Moretti_*

Guest_Brady Moretti_*

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Posted 07 November 2013 - 06:25 AM

Brady wasn't trying to be rude. Really, he wasn't. He'd been raised better than that after all and this was Max's family, despite the fact that he hadn't known all of them that long he still wanted to be liked among them, he still wanted to make an impression and he knew that being a little shit wasn't going to work in his favor. But honestly he couldn't help himself. Not with this guy anyway. Sure, he didn't know Teddy at all, and he was definitely judging from that first impression he'd made at the campsite. It was enough to leave a lasting mark in his brain, too, and as such he didn't really want to talk to the guy at all.


As such he took the opportunity to catch up to Ruth, his long legs allowing him to reach her side pretty quickly. Her enthusiasm about the food was adorable, too, and he couldn't help but grin when looking at her, his stupid heart beating out of his chest once again just from being around her. This was going to have to stop. This would stop, right? There was no fucking way Brady could deal with his stupid crush on this girl like this. He could hardly be in her presence without wanting to fucking kiss her or hold her hand or just ugh--they were supposed to be friends.


"You walk fast for someone so short you know," he grinned at her, eyebrows raised and trying hard not to note how fucking cute she was, though that was difficult. Hands stuffed in his pockets he looked back at the other two of them for a moment almost feeling bad for being so dismissive of Teddy but he faced forward and cleared his throat as his opinion of him wasn't really going to change anytime soon. "So uh-" he asked, knowing that if anything she would at least tell him the truth, that was something he liked about her, as scary as she could be in her honesty she could be counted on for it. "What's the deal with your cousin?"

#14 Ruth Antares

Ruth Antares

Posted 07 November 2013 - 06:49 AM

Ruth, too, was far too aware of how adorable Brady was. Even in the fuss that was that morning, she couldn't help but note that; it was almost second nature for her. Every single time she looked at him she felt some sort of odd affection underneath, no matter how hard she tried to repress it. And honestly she was starting to think that it'd be impossible for her to ever truly get rid of those feelings. Perhaps they'd tame someday and be more of an "old flame" than anything, but she knew there would never be a time that she looked at him and didn't think he was fucking adorable.


It was getting easier, though, just as she suspected. Little did she realize she was in a strange calm before the storm; hanging out with him so often would undoubtedly make things worse eventually. Regardless, food was mostly on her mind at the moment, so there was no awkwardness about her demeanor or conversation. "There's food involved, Brady. If I was hungry enough I'd sprout wings and fly there. Samples. Usually tastings are really delicious and if they don't have delicious stuff I'll probably just scarf it down and go somewhere else anyway."


His question about Teddy had her glancing behind them, however, and as her cousin made direct eye contact with her she didn't really flinch. She didn't mind him knowing they were talking about him. Shrugging lightly, she looked over at Brady again with her eyebrows raised. "I dunno, he's just weird. When we were kids he was normal but now he's just... different. I think he's literally bitter about every little thing even if he seems super nice. It's kind of artificial, isn't it?" It was easy to dismiss, though, as they were approaching the place and she could smell the food. Holy shit.

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#15 Guest_Merritt Holliday_*

Guest_Merritt Holliday_*

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Posted 07 November 2013 - 07:03 AM

Being in a good mood came easily to her. Merritt was typically always genuinely happy, bubbly and overly optimistic about life in general. Even with the way things were going in Las Vegas, despite the fact that she felt kind of left out and that things were obviously weird in general and that this family was sort of explosive about this whole impromptu wedding, she still managed to keep a smile on her face, she managed to not let things get to her too badly as they didn't really affect her in the first place and as such she was mostly unfazed by everything.


Except Teddy. Merritt wasn't sure what it was, she didn't know what was going on and she couldn't really place her finger on the fact that his behavior wasn't genuine in the slightest but there was a strange feeling she couldn't shake regardless. Not that she let that show on her face, though, she still smiled even while she thought she wasn't sure what was happening with their friendship. There was a part of her that wanted to ask, too, was this just going to fizzle out? Was there no point to trying? Had they grown up and spent too much time apart to not get back what they had?


But the thought put a lump in her throat that she didn't want to deal with, it made her ridiculously sad. Running into Teddy at this school had been one of the best things that had happened to her in a damn long time and the thought that their friendship just wasn't the same anymore left a strange ache in chest that she couldn't stand. As such she ignored it, choosing not to face that problem head on. They would be fine, right? Instead she nodded at his question, smiling still. "Yeah, yeah I did a little bit. I slept really uncomfortably the night before so it was nice to sleep in a bed, especially after running around town all this morning." She shrugged, not too upset about what had gone on that morning. "So you don't um you don't remember anything that happened last night either?"

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Teddy wouldn't have been honest had she asked those questions anyway. Honesty was not something that came naturally to him; in fact he'd long ago grown used to lying through his teeth with every word he said. And even if the sentiment was genuine every now and then, it was through such a thick mask that it might as well have been fake. As such, he was a liar in every sense of the word and felt absolutely no remorse for it. So had she asked, he would've pretended that they were already back to normal; he would've offered to hang out with her and then never text her. It was shitty of him but it was who he was.


This conversation was easy, though. Conversation about a shared experience-- it didn't involve any emotional attachment and he was happy to participate (in his own inwardly reluctant way). "How'd you all wake up this morning?" He asked with an amused smirk. That, for the most part, was a genuine expression, considering he did find the whole thing hilarious. This was his sort of thing, after all. "The guys woke up everywhere. Last night must've been nuts, huh?"


Studying her face, he tried to decipher if this was the sort of person she was now, too. In that case he didn't know what to think. In a way he wanted her to remain "untainted," so to speak, as he really hated the idea that she wasn't the same. But on the other hand he knew he'd have something to relate to, and maybe if she was more like his current self, it might be okay to be friends with her. Even if it was scary at times. "Don't remember a damn thing," he answered her easily, shrugging his shoulders though still smiling. "Not the first time that's happened, though. It'll come back to us eventually."

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He'd be lying if he said he didn't think this family was fucking nuts. It wasn't anything bad necessarily as in this sort of group that dynamic was expected, there were just fucking many of them that it made sense that someone would...have a few screws lose so to speak. So far he'd actually liked everyone he met. Sure, Toby could be a dick to them, especially during that period where he and Max were pledging Kappa, and Nat was scary as fuck. As were Pippa and Ruth, really, though in a completely different aspect completely.


It didn't stop him from coming around of course. First there was the fact that Max was his bro, his best fucking friend and he'd never built that sort of friendship before him, there was no way he was letting it go so easily, even if it meant hanging out with his crazy ass family sometimes. And now there was Ruth. He liked her, there was no getting around that, but the'd also agreed to be friends and he hoped that he could accomplish this eventually. That he'd get over his crush on her and just settle into easy going friendship.


That was hard when she was so fucking cute though. "Alright, alright, I understand. Food. I thought I got excited for this type of shit." He laughed and shook his head, trying to think of anything but how adorable this all was. "I've never been to one of these things before. Hope it's not all weird rich people shit." He glanced back behind him one more time, eyebrows raised before nodding at her. "Yeah, s'what I thought. Seems kinda, I dunno, fake I guess." He didn't know the guy all too well though, but he definitely wasn't impressed at all.


Finally, they reached the building and he nodded, pulling his hands out of his pockets and pointing. "Looks like this is it, you made it here without starving to death, huh?"

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No one really understood Ruth's love for food. Perhaps Pippa and Simon were the only ones who truly understood; they cooked for all the damn time and saw her reactions to everything. While she lacked drive and passion in life, eating food was totally an otherworldly experience. Why couldn't she just eat for a living? All of the food ever-- eating, eating, eating. She would do it contentedly. Maybe there was money in eating contests. Regardless, she turned to Brady with wide eyes. "You serious? If it's one of those rich people things they have to impress, so you know that food is gonna be fantastic. If it's like middle class shit they'll just serve middle class stuff, you know?" She didn't really give two fucks about her rather casual appearance, either, despite being surrounded by ladies in cocktail dresses and men in suits.


It was clear that they didn't fit in. Neither did Ruth really seem to notice, either, as they weren't being kicked out and she was already beelining for one of the trays, grabbing something and popping it into her mouth without even bothering to take a bite. And dear god was it delicious; she couldn't decide if it was her hunger or if it was just that amazing. She closed her eyes for a moment to savor it, though sometime mid-chew she took another one.


"You gotta try this, you gotta," she said, mouth still somewhat full and voice muffled. "Here." And without really hesitating or thinking through it, she moved forward to feed him herself. She was just that urgent; it was hard to wait for him to answer, as she was wasting precious time before getting other food in her mouth. But she still waited for his reaction, eyebrows raised, as that would confirm whether or not the food was actually good. Not that it mattered, really; she was so hungry that anything would be amazing, and she was pretty fucking sure she saw chocolate cheesecake over there for later. Fuuuuck.

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It sucked didn't it? She was starting to very slowly realize that this wasn't the way she wanted things to go. And while she wouldn't let this stop her from wanting to make sure he was alright, she wasn't sure if she was meant to be around him once they went back home. It wasn't like her to think very negatively and these were all very strange thoughts that she was experiencing, it was just weird to think about that she'd get lucky enough to run into one of her closest friends, one of the most important people in her life, and that he was nothing like the person she originally knew.


After running into Teddy at the student center that first day, Merritt had been ridiculously happy. They'd been so close as kids, she'd loved him in the way one could only love their closest friends and moving away had torn her apart. She'd missed him every single day and thought about him constantly. Never had she actually thought she'd get to see him again. And then, there he was, and she thought it was a second chance, she thought she'd have her Theodore back and that things would go back to normal, it was just them. Only a little more grown up, right?


She'd been naive in thinking that everything would be okay, and now she couldn't help but be disappointed in the whole thing. Though, again, she didn't let that show. A part of her at least wanted to enjoy spending time with him even if she did feel a little weird. "Ah, well, I woke up in a closet. And I don't think there was anyone actually sleeping in a bed. Kaida was sleeping up against the fridge." Despite the fact that she was usually not a drinker there was a hint of a smile on her face, while this was something she wouldn't be doing again, she was a little amused.


"Apparently there's a video, but I don't think I want to watch it. I don't usually um--" she shook her head and let out a laugh that was pretty humorless. At his words though, she glanced at him, eyebrow slightly raised though she wasn't judging, there was a hell of a lot of concern in her voice. "That happens to you a lot?"

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Teddy wasn't growing comfortable with Merritt's presence at all, especially considering the fact that he'd absolutely humiliated himself in front of her and made himself vulnerable, but slowly he was starting to not completely panic the entire time. There would undoubtedly be moments of sheer anxiety every now and then, but at least he was loosening up and falling into his routine somewhat easily at that particular moment. It was easy to just talk, especially about things that didn't involve too many memories. He was actually extremely glad she hadn't gone there, unlike the first time they met.


"Wow," he answered with a wide, amused smile, shaking his head. "Crazy. The guys were much of the same. Fairly sure someone woke up on the bar counter for no apparent reason whatsoever. I have no idea what happened but it must've been great." At her next question he swallowed harshly, though, unsure of how to answer that but still wearing his normal smile. Actually he did know how to answer it, but he was afraid of the inevitable disappointment on her features.


Funny how he couldn't really adapt his mask to fit everyone. His mask was really the same everywhere he went; he didn't go to family events and put on this innocent appearance. They all knew of his shenanigans and disapproved, but it wasn't their business. As such, he shrugged and laughed it off. "Crazy nights with friends, y'know? Sometimes it gets out of hand. Nothing bad." Internally he cringed, however, thinking of waking up in her bed after having embarrassed himself. Somehow his memory of that remained perfectly intact.


But they were approaching alcohol and he couldn't help but be glad for the distraction. At least he'd pretend to go for it under the guise of pairing food and wine, so he went for a piece of it first. "Delicious," he said, reaching over for the pairing wine and taking a sip. "Wow. It works well. Try it." 

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