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Cricket Arcturus Wes Arcturus Jack Sterling Autumn Wolfe

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#21 Wes Arcturus

Wes Arcturus

Posted 07 November 2013 - 09:40 AM

Wes hadn't noticed for a second that Autumn wasn't with them. He hadn't heard her mumble, and neither had he turned to check on her if only because he was watching his sister carefully. He didn't want her to disappear in the crowd just as Melli had done, and even if he thought Jack was nice, he didn't trust the guy. Nothing against him, of course-- he seemed trustworthy-- it was just odd for Wes to loosen up and let that happen without some serious progress first. Regardless, not once had he turned back when he should have.


Perhaps he was straining to hear the conversation in front of him. Admittedly he wasn't hearing a thing, nor could he decipher Cricket's expression. When she finally turned to him-- first time she'd noticed him in a while, he noted-- he just started at her, confused, brow furrowed. Autumn was right here, wasn't she? He turned to look behind him and froze as he realized she was nowhere in sight.


And even if he didn't know her-- even if he hadn't really grown on her too much yet-- he couldn't help but feel responsible for her. Cricket and Jack were up on their own and talking and moving forward and all he'd done was dismiss this girl continuously, acting like the douchebag he was and pretending she didn't exist. And now she was gone; he'd been so concerned with his sister disappearing that he hadn't thought about her for a second. He held in a breath as he looked through the crowd, praying he might locate her face in the middle of it, but no cute familiar expressions stood out and he started to worry like crazy.


His responsibility and he'd let it fall. He'd let her disappear. Sometimes he liked to think he wasn't a dick but here he was, acting like she was fucking insignificant and now he realized how much of an ass he was really being to other people. "Uh--" He started, finally releasing that breath and deciding it was best to formulate a plan rather than standing there. "Let's split up. I mean-- you stick with him," he said, turning to his sister again. "I'll meet you back here in ten minutes. If we've found her we'll come right back and if we haven't we'll come back anyway. I don't want to lose anyone else." And with that he dove right into the crowd, searching everywhere for her.

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#22 Guest_Autumn Wolfe_*

Guest_Autumn Wolfe_*

  • Guest

Posted 07 November 2013 - 09:48 AM

At first she hadn't really noticed how large the crowd was. She hadn't noticed how many people were there and how incredibly huge this place was. Autumn didn't think for one second that taking a few steps away from her group would make any impact on her whatsoever, she didn't realize just how easily swallowed up by the crows she could be. This wasn't a rarity with her of course, as she hardly thought of these things to begin with. There were just too many thoughts going on in her mind to really think of something that small in the first place and as such she didn't even bother making sure Wes had heard her. Surely he had, right?


It took her a long time to realize that they'd walked away from her. She was immersed in her food and drink, happy to have finally gotten something in her system as the alcohol from the night before was still there reminding her of her huge mistake. When she turned to look for them though, she was faced with more bright lights, more people talking, more conversations that were entering her mind when all she wanted was to find the people she'd come here with. More distractions, more shiny things, just too much of everything.


She was lost. And it was difficult to deal with. The fact remained that she had no one's phone number and that while she knew that she needed to find them, her brain was acting of it's own accord and paying attention to everything that was surrounding her. As much as she tried to tell herself not to panic, it was difficult in this case and after a few minutes she was freaking the hell out. Eventually, she found a bench, and she sat down, tucking her knees into her and pulling out her phone. She was fucking lost in Las Vegas with no one's number. Not for a second did she think to text Melli, either, and instead she hovered over Andy's name in her contacts wondering if she would have to call him. Shit. How had this happened to her? And how was she going to get through it without freaking the hell out?

#23 Cricket Arcturus

Cricket Arcturus

Posted 07 November 2013 - 10:06 AM

Wes' expression said enough. Autumn had wandered off on her own and a part of her wanted to reach out to her brother to tell him it was okay, it wasn't his fault, she knew now wasn't the time. They needed to find this girl as soon as possible, as Vegas was a scary place. However, she did have faith that the girl was just fine; as many bad stories as she'd heard about the place, she kept reminding herself of that morning. Autumn was probably just sitting down for a moment, right? Or maybe she'd caught sight of some of the rest of the family and decided to tag along with them. It was tempting to stop to text them all, but again-- now wasn't the time for distractions. They needed to look for her first. Quietly she shook her head to Jack's question, dread settling in on her.


"Right," she said to Wes, and without really thinking about it, she grabbed onto Jack's forearm so they could keep together and rush through the crowd. The last thing she wanted was to get lost, too; in that sense she was more than glad Jack tagged along, even if this whole thing was his idea in the first place. Every now and then she'd glance back at him to make sure he hadn't caught her, but for the most part she kept her eyes forward, trying not to think of her hand on his arm. At least they weren't holding hands, right?


Never did she catch sight of the brunette, though, and it was starting to stress her the hell out. She didn't have her number, despite jumping on the claim that they were friends, and she too felt responsible for this mess. If she hadn't been so damn worried about Jack she might have actually stopped to talk to the girl, but she hadn't even realized she'd been ignoring both of the others the whole time. She knew fully well that Wes was beating himself up, too, and all she hoped was that they'd find he rsoon.


#24 Guest_Jack Sterling_*

Guest_Jack Sterling_*

  • Guest

Posted 07 November 2013 - 01:23 PM

Shit. How many people were they going to lose this weekend? The first time had been scary enough, thinking Melli was lost, having to search the entire city for her and retrace their steps, it was stressful for everyone involved, too, and that had really been enough of that for a lifetime. But now Autumn was gone and he hardly knew the girl, hardly knew what she looked like save for knowing that she was short and brunette and it seemed like the other two he was with didn't know her too well at all. It was enough for Jack to panic, too, as this was just getting out of hand. This weekend really was way too eventful.


Regardless of the fact that he was freaking out a little bit, he internalized it for the sake of everyone else. It was alright, right? This was at least limited to the street they were on and while this place was pretty big and pretty damn packed already it was all he could do to hope that the girl stayed put in one place while waiting for them to find her. He nodded at Wes, too, already forgetting about the fact that he'd almost found him intimidating before and he easily let Cricket lead him through the crowd, never pulling his arm back from her grip so as not to lose her either.


But the place was huge, ridiculously huge and incredibly packed and as much as his height gave him an advantage he really wasn't having much luck. "Shit, I don't see her at all. She couldn't have gone that far, right? We were all together for most of the walk I mean--" he shook his head and raised his brows, scanning the area for her once again. "Who does she know? She's not your friend? Someone here has to have her phone number right? One of your cousins maybe?"

#25 Wes Arcturus

Wes Arcturus

Posted 08 November 2013 - 05:43 AM

Fuck. This was all his fault, wasn't it? The entire time he'd known Autumn he'd been dismissive of her, hardly taking her seriously. Of course it wasn't because he thought he was better than her, no; he thought she was quite a great person, in which case he couldn't figure out why in the world she'd waste time following him around like a puppy. Regardless, it didn't change the fact that he'd acted rude time and time again, and now she was gone and he wasn't even sure why. Las Vegas wasn't exactly the best place on earth, especially in a crowd like this, and he hadn't been paying a single bit of attention to her even if she'd been trying to talk to him. What if someone had just grabbed her? She was tiny and defenseless, considering he hadn't even glanced back one time, as he was more concerned with his sister. He couldn't help but beat himself up over it.


There was the possibility that she'd wandered off just because he was a dick, too, which was obviously the outcome he was hoping for. Even still the idea of such a tiny brunette walking through this entire crowd alone was scary; if she hadn't disappeared before, there was a chance she could now. Clearly he wasn't exactly the most optimistic of people, as he went straight for that route. Eyes full of panic, he searched everywhere for her, weaving in and out of the crowd and hardly offering apologies for the way he rudely shuffled by.


And then he caught sight of her just sitting on a bench, and his poor heart felt like it was going to float away in relief. While normally he appeared stoic and emotionless, his panic was written all over his face as he jogged up to her, the knot in his throat almost completely preventing him from talking. "There you are," he said, voice raspy, and his face was red and windblown and he still looked tense, as if he was ready to bolt at any moment. Yet the longer he stood there the more the dust started to settle and he started to calm down, though he never once looked away from her. "Are you okay?" He asked after a few awkward seconds' delay, brow furrowing ever so slightly in the center.

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#26 Guest_Autumn Wolfe_*

Guest_Autumn Wolfe_*

  • Guest

Posted 08 November 2013 - 05:53 AM

It was incredibly easy for her to panic in this situation because her mind allowed her to go to too many places at once. What if someone kidnapped her? What if she got hurt? What if they just forgot about her and she was stuck in Vegas? The thought of having to call Andy or worse Gray to come pick her up ten hours away made her sick to her stomach and just being lost in and of itself wasn't helping her think rationally whatsoever. As much as she tried to sit down and calm her nerves, as much as she tried to tell herself that everything was going to be alright, nothing seemed to be helping.


Somehow she managed to hold on to some shred of hope though. Autumn never blamed Wes at all, despite the fact that he didn't seem to want her around and that she was sure he thought she was obnoxious as hell, she hadn't walked away from him because of his demeanor whatsoever. This was--sad as it sounded--something that could happen to her with anyone, anywhere and if anything she blamed her self. Her own stubbornness and stupidity. She blamed her easily distracted mind and the pills she didn't take because they made her feel all too strange and not herself.


But never him. Her hand still hovered over her brother's name on her phone, she stared at it for a long time, cheeks red and feeling embarrassed even though no one was there to see her in her humiliation. Jesus, she was so fucking stupid it was almost ridiculous and she couldn't stop kicking herself over her mistake. Hadn't she learned her lesson from that morning? Already they thought someone was missing and she had to be stupid enough to wander off. Though, her mind was stuck between holding out and wondering if anyone would even notice she was missing in the first place. It wasn't like this was her family after all.


Autumn didn't notice him until he was right there, in which case her heart started beating furiously and she didn't even think twice before her next move. "Wes!" Her arms wrapped around him tightly just for the briefest of moments before she pulled back, even redder in the face than ever before though with clear relief in her eyes. "I'm okay, yeah, yeah I'm sorry I just-- I just wanted something to eat and I thought-- this place is huge and there are so many people and all of the lights...I just...I'm okay. I'm okay."

#27 Cricket Arcturus

Cricket Arcturus

Posted 08 November 2013 - 06:45 AM

They had to find her. Not only was she worried about the poor girl's fate-- which, really, she was fairly sure she was alright, just missing momentarily-- but she couldn't imagine this weekend going any more sour. She was already aware that things sucked enough for Melli and Jackson and even Miranda and Dan, considering they were the ones that dragged everyone here, and having another girl disappear for a while would just make it so much worse. If she'd been a superstitious type that didn't ship it, she might have claimed the marriage cursed, but... nah, she shipped it too much for that shit.


She kept hope, however. Despite being mostly a pessimistic person, she kept as much hope as she could, as she couldn't afford to crumble into a panic attack while they were looking for someone else. It was completely counter-productive, wasn't it? "No, she's not-- I think-- I don't know--" She almost mentioned Autumn's crush on Wes, but she didn't want to place the blame on her brother, either. She should've known to watch after her, really, as she knew how much her brother would avoid the girl just like he did with everyone else.


"Melli knows her. They're friends," she said, starting to take her phone out of her pocket, though then she remembered that whole bit with trying not to ruin her weekend. But then again, what if something serious happened? Wasn't it important to act as soon as possible? "So does Nick, Nick--" Already she was retracted her phone from her pocket to call him, as she had the feeling he wouldn't panic. Her call just went to voicemail, though, and she cursed to herself and hung up, trying Melli next. Nothing there, either. Everyone was too busy.


Right about that time, though, she caught sight of her brother through the crowd, and he wasn't running around or freaking out. He was standing right there with Autumn and she stopped, tugging on Jack's arm and pointing. "Thank god..."


#28 Guest_Jack Sterling_*

Guest_Jack Sterling_*

  • Guest

Posted 08 November 2013 - 07:04 AM

This was way too much in one day for him if he was being honest. He wasn't used to all of this panic. Jack wasn't used to freaking out over shit like this, he was usually so fucking laid back and calm and composed and this was a totally foreign feeling for him. Twice in one day was way too much and it was clear in the way his eyes scanned the area that he was worried as hell for this girl. At the very least he'd never been terribly pessimistic and he figured they'd eventually find her, they had to, right? She wouldn't wander off too far. 


Though the fact that this was a large crowd did give him a few doubts and he could only hope that there was someone that could call her. Scratching the side of his face and letting out a heavy breath, he nodded and resisted the urge to reach out and wrap his arm around her, as he wanted nothing more than to calm her down. "Alright, alright, she has to have a cell phone at least, so you can call Nick and--" he frowned as she dialed the phone, rubbing his face with his hands and sighing again. "Shit, no luck, huh?"


The moment he realized that they weren't getting a hold of someone that knew the girl he started looking around for some sort of help. There had to be cops or security guards at this shit, right? "Maybe we can find someone that works here, maybe there's like a l--" he cut himself off as he looked their way and breathed a sigh of relief. Thank fucking god indeed. "Shit, you okay girl?" He looked over at her curiously acknowledging her nod and feeling ten times better. "Alright, we gotta stick together, I mean-- that's if you guys wanna stick around still, I don't mind either way," he glanced over at Cricket, again resisting the urge to wrap his arm around her, and he raised his eyebrows waiting for a response.

#29 Wes Arcturus

Wes Arcturus

Posted 08 November 2013 - 07:38 AM

The last thing he expected was a hug. As such he didn't return it; not that he would've returned it even if he expected it, as it just wasn't the sort of thing he did easily. Somewhere in the back of his mind he processed that this was exactly the sort of thing he was feeling guilty for just moments ago, but it was still a stretch for him; conversation, maybe, paying attention to her-- these were things he would attempt now, but hugging her was just different. It wasn't something he could do so easily. He stood there and let her do it, though; before he might have pushed her off. And in a way, the hug wasn't anxiety-inducing so much as relieving. That physical contact confirmed that she was alright.


He didn't have much else to say, though he kept a watchful eye on her. It was important to find the other two, he knew, but for now he just wanted to make sure she was alright. "Don't apologize," he said with a shake of his head, and it was clear that he meant it and didn't blame her in the least. In fact, he was about to open his mouth and tell her that it was his fault, that he was the one who wasn't paying attention to her when she said she wanted something to eat and he was sorry, but his sister was jogging up to them.


So it was easy to let that apology fall by the wayside. He was sure that level of emotional honesty would have been something he regretted later, anyway. "She's fine," he told Jack with a nod, though he stood a lot closer to the girl than he would have in any other situation. For a moment he considered the guy's suggestion; he knew he for sure wanted to go back to the hotel, but he couldn't imagine turning around and leaving so soon into it, even if he'd had the shit scared out of him. They couldn't leave on a negative note, could they? So he'd put up with it-- they could do this.


"We'll stay," he said with a sense of finality, glancing between each of them. "Just stick together, yeah?" His voice was firm, but hardly accusatory, and he just raised his eyebrows at Autumn. His expression might have come across as annoyed, but if she looked hard she would've seen nothing but concern, strangely enough.

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#30 Guest_Autumn Wolfe_*

Guest_Autumn Wolfe_*

  • Guest

Posted 08 November 2013 - 07:53 AM

As much as Autumn realized that she liked Wes--a lot, a lot, a lot-- she hadn't actually thought through the whole hugging thing. Regardless of her stupid crush she was still completely intimidated by him and as such under any normal circumstance she wouldn't have reached out for him like that at all. Of course, there weren't very many normal circumstances when it came to her in the first place as rare was the time when she actually thought things through. She acted on impulse the majority of the time, and as such maybe it wasn't that odd that she did so in the first place.


While she didn't regret it, she felt bad for doing so, the look on his face was indecipherable to her but she still couldn't help but think that he hadn't welcomed the gesture at all. That thought was short lived of course as there were just too many things on her mind as it was. Already she was overstimulated just from getting lost in the first place but the lights and crowds and noise was enough for her to have a hard time keeping up and she was getting frustrated as it was. She tried her best not to let it show of course as while there was a part of her that would have been perfectly happy going back to the hotel, going to sleep and pretending none of this ever happened, she didn't want to be that person that ruined everyone's fun.


"Yeah, yeah, we can stay, I want to stay." She cleared her throat and nodded, hoping she was being convincing and she stood and stuck as close to Wes as possible without actually touching him as she didn't want to get lost again. Even though she'd already experienced that things were proving to be difficult in her mind already. Again, she wasn't sure how to read his expression, she was intimidated once again so she bit her lip and nodded in agreement. "Yeah, I promise. I'm not going anywhere."

#31 Cricket Arcturus

Cricket Arcturus

Posted 08 November 2013 - 08:17 AM

Cricket, too, wanted to go back home and forget about this whole thing, but she knew she wouldn't be able to sleep and yeah, they probably needed to end this night on a good note. If they didn't then the whole weekend would be damn near traumatizing, and she didn't like the idea of Wes going to bed so stressed out. Maybe they could find something tame to entertain themselves with rather than wander around; as such she was already searching for something, anything that might gain their interest. It was surprising to hear Wes agree, but she nodded very lightly at him and smiled at Autumn. Hopefully the poor girl didn't feel guilty; honestly it was all of their fault.


"How about-- uh-- there's a concert up this way and a little mall this way, so we could check out both of those?" She suggested, pointing up towards it as she stared at a small map. Wes nodded back to her and she shrugged, already heading that way and hoping that maybe, just maybe, this whole weekend wouldn't be a disaster. Maybe they could all have a little fun before the wedding tomorrow; god knew they needed to be in good spirits.


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