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i`m socially awkward ░ leia's plot page ★

leia park

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#1 Guest_Leia Park_*

Guest_Leia Park_*

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Posted 04 November 2013 - 05:05 PM

↳ prof.┆20┆sophomore┆graphic design┆works at allie's arcade 

▼┇at first glance, due to her usual expressionless nature leia comes off as distant, introverted, quiet.

▼┇however that's just her social awkwardness acting up. she wants to have friends, and have a happy university experience - but she's too lazy and ... well, awkward to do anything about it, especially since she feels like everyone in university is just much cooler and more outgoing than her.

▼┇she's pretty much nothing like the typical college student - she dislikes alcohol because it's bitter. she would prefer to stay at home and laze about instead of going to parties. (although in general, she likes staying indoors playing video games instead of being outside) drugs don't bode well with her because her parents would probably decapitate her if she did them, and she's seen enough psas to stay away.

▼┇when she opens up to you, which is very easy to do (you just need to hang out often), her silly and idiotic side is apparent. be prepared for crappy puns, nerdy references and all around dorky behaviour.
it's not hard to befriend leia if you take the initiative to talk to her on a daily basis. if you expect her to strike a conversation it may take awhile - or it may be completely generic and shallow. because of that, leia has a lot more acquaintances than actual friends. for her to consider that a friendship will have a future, she firmly believes that they need to have things in common - such as a love of video games (handheld / arcade), comic books, similar taste in music.

basically, she's not the type to get into arguments. if she's been wronged, she usually doesn't care and just brushes it off (of course mentally she might be thinking of ways to screw you over /cough/).  she does have a slight people-pleaser complex so she wants others to view her in a positive or neutral light, but she doesn't really take efforts to make it happen.  besides that, the only enemies she would have would result from her gaming addiction. 

looool. good luck wit dat, bruh. although she's not as innocent as her appearance or behaviour would suggest, she has the irrational preconceived notion that every guy in university will spike the drinks of girls and do the unspeakable to them - which is a reason she doesn't go to parties. besides that, she automatically friendzones any male that attempts to get close to her.

xxxxxx leia park
f r i e n d s

e n e m i e s

l o v e r s

hi text

#2 Guest_Chelsea Noel_*

Guest_Chelsea Noel_*

  • Guest

Posted 04 November 2013 - 06:19 PM



Okay so I have the two troublesome Noels, Chelsea and Tripp. I think Chelsea and Leia would be real close, like BFFS because they're both sort of goofballs, and by "sort of" I mean "completely". Chelsea is a bit more of a partier though (she partakes in weed and alcohol, though mainly because she likes how people act when they're under the influence), but she just recently moved up to CO so I can see her mellowing out and spending more time away from that whole scene, especially if she becomes good friends with Leia. 


Annnddd then there's TrippyTrippTrippy, and he's kinda a douche. By "kinda" I mean "definitely" so they would probably just be acquaintances since Tripp doesn't really go out of his way to get to know someone unless they genuinely interest him. or we can go the other route and have him slowly fall inlove with her because she's always around Chels and then we have DRAMA AND TENSION AND EVERYTHING


But really I'm up for anything so tell me yo ideasssss!

#3 Guest_Naira Belle Adams_*

Guest_Naira Belle Adams_*

  • Guest

Posted 04 November 2013 - 06:53 PM



Well, I think her and Naira could actually get along; her fiancé loves video game so she has learn some about it. I think she could also teach her more about them? That way she can impress Fox a little if he asks something and she knows about it haha. Naira also prefers to stay inside, because loud music tends to make her head hurt and she just likes indoors more than the rest.


Anyway, I think they could have fun, maybe if not friends they could be good acquaintances.

#4 Guest_Leia Park_*

Guest_Leia Park_*

  • Guest

Posted 05 November 2013 - 04:45 AM

CHELSEA IS SO CUTE. UGH. they could be bffls. I SEE IT. I REALLY DO. even though chelsea is more of the party girl, and leia is more introverted, i could see their friendship working since leia will probably rely on chels to make her more outgoing. like forcing her to go to parties. and leia can have smh moments with chelsea when she drinks alcohol & smokes weed, but she's not really one to preach, so chelsea doesn't need to worry about having leia annoy her about it to often. but yeah, her side-eyeing and questionable looks would probably help chelsea mellow out as well. whoohooo.

tripp & leia can be acquaintances, i'm good with that. CHELSEA BELONGS TO LEIA NOW. tripp will have to share her lmao. but even with his douche-y ways, leia's the type to be all, "cool story. but i dun currr." and that would probably annoy him. so they could have a bickering sort of relationship?


nairaaa's so pretty. UNF. ; u ;
yes i can see that working out! although leia would probably take naira's request of help and secretly try to convert her to become a video game fanatic LOL. and while she's helping naira out, they would probably get along since naira seems like such a sweet girl. plus leia likes hanging out with pretty girls *^* just because she's a creeper like that, hahah. but fox doesn't need to worry ewe)b

#5 Guest_Angelo Guerrero_*

Guest_Angelo Guerrero_*

  • Guest

Posted 05 November 2013 - 01:00 PM

Angelo would definitely befriend someone like Leia. He's a pretty introverted guy but he doesn't mind socializing with others. He's usually not the person to approach someone first but someone like Leia he'd be willing to step outside of that usual comfort zone. He has definite goofball potential once you get him comfortable around you.


Fox is Naira's fiance and he's a nerdy lil gaming fanatic so they should try and convert Naira into the dark side together. Tag team it. He'd positively adore and probably be pretty brotherly towards her even though they're the same age. He'd just love her so much okay. Platonically. Because he's already spoken for. They can be goofy and silly and try and bring Naira over to the dark side. 8D


Yeona would hate her but she hates everyone so whatevs.

#6 Guest_Chelsea Noel_*

Guest_Chelsea Noel_*

  • Guest

Posted 05 November 2013 - 06:52 PM

I AM SO EXCITED, I LOVE THEM TOGETHER SO MUCH. <3 okayokayokayokay, i'll try to get a thread up of them hanging out sometime this week, but you can start one instead if you'd like. :D

#7 Guest_Leia Park_*

Guest_Leia Park_*

  • Guest

Posted 06 November 2013 - 04:07 AM

angelo & leia: that would work! especially if he's the one doing the talking cause she'd probably be sliiightly intimidated by his free-spiritedness (/totallydidnotstalkyourprofile ; slapped) but she would open up easily. the only problem is where they would meet since their majors are different and they're in different years ; - ; buuut leia works in the arcade if that helps cx;; or she could also be taking anthropology as a elective for humanities? c8


fox & leia: I CAN SEE THIS HAPPENING. i would love to have a brother-sister relationship between them ; u ; and they are in the same majors as well. except he's smart and she's a bit stupid LOL. i can already see her trying to get fox to do her projects (/slapped) BROTHERS HELP OUT THEIR LESS CAPABLE SISTERS, OKAY ;A; jkjk. also, alot of their interests match. aaaand fox just seems like a really approachable feller. yesss we convert naira. <3 *u* AND PSHAW. GAMING IS NOT A DARK SIDE. IT IS THE BEAUTIFUL, HIGH DEF SIDE ; A ; (/bows down to computer/ps3/enterothergamingconsoleshere)


and lmao leia would probably be too intimidated by yeona as well, so it's all good. TT TT



 @ kira: YAYYY. ; u ; this is the start of a beautiful friendship. although it won't technically be a start since they already have history lol. i'm not that great with starters but i can try to post one up when i'm not busy if you haven't yet. in the meantime, i'll make a cellphone thread for leia, so she can bother chelsea = w = <3

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