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feel the cold

Leia Park

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#1 Guest_Connor Maxwell_*

Guest_Connor Maxwell_*

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Posted 22 November 2013 - 12:13 AM

Connor flipped the lighter in between his fingers, the weight alone providing a comfort. Taking a deep breath Connor fought a mental battle not to take said lighter and burn something, anything. He carried on walking at a brisk pace, his hugged his hoodie closer to him because he was freezing. Fire is warm was the thought than ran through his mind, realising he needed a distraction he walked into Allie's Arcade.

He suddenly felt warmer and the fact that the arcade was fairly empty, well emptier than normal. He wasn't a fan of bring crowds, it made him feel on edge and the urges he works so hard to suppress resurface. He wasn't even sure why he'd left the house in the first place, his sisters had some college friends round and he felt like he could trust them to watch his mum but now he was having doubts. Once again he was flipping the lighter in his hands which was now in the front pocket of his hoodie.Walking a little further into the arcade he glanced around, he'd never been here before. In fact he'd never really been anywhere around the area, he'd made a big move coming from Scotland in the UK he had been a bit busy with other things. He continued to walk around the arcade just observing everything, he wasn't much of a gamer but he liked the place.

(Sorry its short)

#2 Guest_Leia Park_*

Guest_Leia Park_*

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Posted 22 November 2013 - 07:22 AM

Ugh. It was another slow day. Honestly, it didn't really surprise Leia considering that it was nearing the end of November, which only meant one thing - exams were starting and the only place that would really be crowded would be the library, or maybe a bar where students could drink their sorrows away. Honestly, she wished that she could be somewhere studying as well, because let's be honest, she really needed all the time she could get. The arcade obviously didn't foster a study-friendly environment, especially not with the loud, annoying sounds coming from the game machines, and customers bothering her about trivial things that she really had nothing to do with. Anyway it wasn't like Leia could study in the first place considering that whenever she was behind the counter, she was on the job. If her boss caught her doing something else besides working, she would probably get fired. Thankfully she usually had shifts alone, so she really could do whatever she wanted if there was no one in the arcade. Although, Leia complained often, sometimes her job really was the perfect fit for a lazy person like her. 


The brunette stood behind the counter as her eyes scanned the room. Save for a few kids who probably didn't even go to CSU, it was fairly empty today. She was tempted to pull out her laptop to fiddle around with InDesign, or even start playing a few totally legal and non-pirated games since the few people in the arcade seemed to be in their own zone and paid no attention to her. Letting out a small huff, she spun around, letting her back to lean against the counter. Leia knew full well how employees weren't supposed to leave customers unattended, but she couldn't really care less at the moment.


Completely absorbed in her own thoughts, she barely heard when the door had opened. It was only when she saw signs of movement from the corner of her eye that she hurriedly assumed her composed shoulders back and back straight position, worried that maybe her manager had dropped by to check on everything. Looking at the tall, lean male, Leia quickly let out a relieved sigh and allowed her shoulders to fall back. 


The man who had just entered, who was probably around her age, didn't seem particularly familiar to her, and she determined that he must've been a new comer. Leia allowed her eyes to follow his movements for awhile, wondering if she should strike a conversation with the quiet male. She really wasn't one to talk to strangers, especially considering her quiet nature around people she didn't know, but somehow, whenever she was on the job, she felt compelled to make sure all customers felt comfortable. 


"Welcome to Allie's Arcade!" Leia grinned cheerfully, giving him a casual salute, quickly regretting her overly enthusiastic action. 


"I don't think I've seen you before... Is this your first time here?" She asked politely, mindfully letting her energy level dropped so she didn't seem so ... happy. Letting her own question sink in, she bit her lip in anxiety, hoping that she wasn't pestering him. After all, it wouldn't be her first time dealing with customers who just wanted to be left alone to their games. 


[[ it's fine! 8D ah, sorry about mine, i sort of rambled half way lmao cx ]]

#3 Guest_Connor Maxwell_*

Guest_Connor Maxwell_*

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Posted 22 November 2013 - 11:36 PM

After circling the arcade once he ended back at the entrance, he still had his hood on because his ears had been cold outside. He sighed, maybe he should have stayed home and did his studies or made sure his Mum was okay. Again he made an effort not to worry, his sisters where home to look after his Mum and he knew they would.

Glancing around again he noticed someone at the main counter with her back turned. Connor figured she was a staff member probably a student working to get the funds needed for their Majors. He didn't do or say anything to get her attention, he just couldn't do it. His phone vibrated and he checked it thankful it was just an old friend rather than his sisters telling him Mum was not okay. He didn't notice the girl behind the counter had turned around until she spoke to welcome him to the Arcade, startling him slightly. He suddenly felt conspicuous, gripping the lighter in his pocket tighter, he smiled at the girl who had just saluted him. He wasn't about to be rude even if he was shy "uhm...Hi" he said "I've never been here before...I just moved here." He said, he the realised his Scottish accent was thick and this made him feel all the more odd. He gave the girl a weak smile before introducing himself "Connor Maxwell." He said holding out his hand, the one that didn't have a death grip on his lighter.

#4 Guest_Leia Park_*

Guest_Leia Park_*

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Posted 02 December 2013 - 04:36 AM

Leia immediately regretted using her overly-cheerful tone when the male before her seemed to only become more anxious when she had addressed him. Not only that, but after briefly noticing the cellphone he had in his hand earlier, she must've snapped him out of whatever he was thinking about. Oops. She really wasn't too good at being welcoming or comforting.  


The first thing she noticed from his statement was his thick scottish accent. It was honestly a miracle that she understood what he said - not because of him, but because Leia just did not do well with many kinds of accents. Sometimes she even had trouble understanding her father with his konglish. 


"Oh, then, welcome to the neighbourhood!" She replied, the corners of her lips quirking into a faint smile. Leia was all too familiar with how uncomfortable a person could feel when they entered a new place, and Connor was pretty much giving her signs that screamed awkward. And she didn't mean it in a negative way. This was pretty much familiar territory for her considering she went to most classes without knowing many people. Of course she had her fair share of friends, but barely any of them, except for maybe Fox, took the same classes as her. Maybe that was why she felt more compelled to engage in conversation with him - since she knew what it felt like. Of course, this was just all assumptions. For all she knew, maybe he already had a ton of friends, and was just new to the arcade. 


"Nice to meet you, Connor. Leia Park, arcade...err...clerk...helper at your service!" The brunette nodded, stretching out her hand to shake his softly. "So, what brings you to the arcade? Are you a video game addict, or do you just want to blow off some steam with our wide array of fighting games?" Leia asked, gesturing to the game machines behind him. 

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