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leia park levi delcour

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#1 Guest_Leia Park_*

Guest_Leia Park_*

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Posted 02 December 2013 - 05:17 AM

With her mechanical pencil loosely held in her hand, Leia finally snapped out of her sleepy daze when her head painfully met the notebook on her desk. Pushing herself away from her books, she looked around her thankful that no one had caught her dozing off - not that she really had to worry considering she was in a study booth. The brunette looked at her textbooks before her as she suppressed a yawn. The dim lighting coupled with the quiet atmosphere of the library really didn't help in keeping her awake.


Caffeine. Yep, she needed that. How else was she going to stay awake? This had to be done - for the sake of studying. Or maybe it was just an excuse to get away from studying. In any case, she had already begun sliding her materials into her messenger bag so she had already made up her mind, even if her conscience was telling her to stay in the library.


Leia began buttoning up her camel white coat after draping the bag over her shoulders as she walked out of the study carrel and then the library. Of course a good student would probably be going over about what they had just studied in their mind, but the twenty year old was far too preoccupied with thinking about what drink she was going to order.


In a matter of minutes Leia had made her way to the student center, the warm air from inside greeting her as she stepped into the building. Getting a hot drink was the only thing on her mind and the strong smell of coffee beans only served to increase her thirst. Thankfully, after she arrived at the coffee shop, it happened to be a pretty quiet day. Not only that, a familiar face behind the counter caused the girl to grin brightly.


Taking a red plaid scarf out of her bag, she promptly wrapped it around her hair and neck several times until only her eyes were peeking out from behind the fabric. Whenever she had the chance, she always took extra measures to do something weird if she ever ran into friends. Walking up to the counter where Levi was manning and hoping that he wouldn't recognize her with her scarf, she raised the pitch of her voice in attempts to sound more feminine before ordering. 


"Hello, I'd like a tall Levi Delcour with 2 sugars please." It was at this point she was happy that she had a scarf covering her mouth or else she wouldn't be able to hide her wide smile. 


[[ outfit + scarf  ; I HAVE PROCEEDED TO HOG YOUR CHARACTERS. yay. o/ ]]

#2 Guest_Levi Delcour_*

Guest_Levi Delcour_*

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Posted 03 December 2013 - 01:56 AM

Levi wasn’t exactly the best worker out there. He certainly wasn’t the most reliable. He was almost always five minutes late but he stayed a bit longer to make up for it. He spilled things and he messed up orders and he made mistakes. Levi was not the ideal barista. Far from it. He was honestly surprised he hadn’t been fired yet but he supposed he couldn’t get fired for being a little bit of an airhead so long as he wasn’t causing them to lose money. It was more like he was just a small inconvenience. But he tried. He really, really tried. Levi needed this job. It was his only reliable source of income and even then it only just barely had him scraping by. Thank god for student loans. Just because he had rich parents didn’t mean they helped at all. Despite being a fuck up with this job he was determined to keep it so he didn’t have to drop out of school and sell his body to science.


Which could be fun, actually. Maybe he’d end up being part of some government experiment to make super soldiers. He could be the next Captain America! No one would suspect a ditzy little guy like him to be some big shot superhero saving the world from terrorists and –gasp- socialists. Never mind that he had no idea what was so bad about socialism anyways. He had always just assumed it was people dedicated to being friendly but apparently not. Clearly the private school education that had been forced onto him had paid off what with his brilliant mind and all. He had a lot of smarticles. Such smart. So intellect. He was the Moon Moon of students, let’s be real.


His hair was an unwashed, uncombed mess pulled back into the lamest excuse for a half-pony the world had seen and his uniform shirt had coffee stains on it from spilling on himself earlier and his name tag was upside down and he clearly hadn’t shaved his face in a while. This was pretty much how he looked on any normal day though. Messy, unkempt, like he’d just rolled out of the cardboard box bed of a homeless person. At least all he would smell like for the next twenty-four hours was coffee and not dirty man smell. That was definitely an added plus. Smelling like coffee meant that he smelled like warmth and comfort and delicious caffeinated beverages. How could that possibly be a bad thing?


Levi spun around to face the counter and dropped the spoon he’d had in his hand in the process, flinging it across the floor. All the while he let out an obnoxious laugh at the way Leia wore her scarf. While Levi moved to pick the spoon back up he tried his best to make a smooth retort to her order. “You don’t need suga—OW!” He cut himself off when he stood up and smacked his head off of the counter. “Who gave you permission to hit me!?” Levi was, of course, yelling at the counter. Perhaps a bit too loudly too given that there was someone studying off in the corner. How the heck was he supposed to recover from this? His moment was ruined now. He couldn’t even bring himself to finish his suave comeback because he was too busy scrunching up his face and rubbing the top of his head. “My poor noggin’. How are you? What can I make for you, Princess?” The guy was pretty convinced that she was the Asian Princess Leia.


He needed a kiss better, was his thought process. In reality he probably needed an adult. Maybe a dog trainer for people.

#3 Guest_Leia Park_*

Guest_Leia Park_*

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Posted 03 December 2013 - 07:06 AM

Looking at Levi working, Leia couldn't help but admire his spirit. Compared to her, he actually did his job with effort. Of course, it was evident that he had his fair share of mess-ups, but hey, everyone made mistakes, right? Besides, at least he tried. That was more than she could say for herself. While working at the arcade initially seemed to be the perfect job for her, Leia soon found out that being in a stuffy room filled with loud-mouthed, obnoxious, and cocky gamers was a perfect recipe for a headache. Not to mention, she was pretty sure most of the customers just disregarded her since they didn't think she knew what she was doing. Okay. So she didn't know what she was doing half the time - but there was no need to presume without evidence!


She snapped out of her thoughts when the soft clatter of a spoon hitting the floor was heard. Peering over the counter to get a better view of Levi, she was about to tell him to be careful until he promptly whacked his head against the counter. She didn't know whether to laugh at his failed retort or worry about him. The latter seemed more appropriate in this case. The male then began to yell and knowing him well enough, Leia figured he was directing his frustration at the counter which he hit his head on, instead of her.


Levi was really a strange guy. There was no other way to put it. But of course, strange in the best sense possible. In her eyes, he always seemed extra quirky with his imaginative ways of thinking. Pair that with his sense of humour and his gaming addiction, it was only a matter of time before they became close friends. 


And also. That jaw. (/cough) 


At the mention of princess, Leia's smile faded and she bit the inside of her cheek stubbornly. So her disguised failed. Ah darn. Well, it was a pretty bad disguise considering all she did was cover half of her face, plus, the coat she currently had on was her favourite that she wore often. Okay. Pretty bad was an understatement.  She pulled her scarf away from her face to reveal an amused smile, "I'm alright but maybe instead of sugar, I'll get some ice. Seems like my friend hit his head pretty hard." Leia replied, rubbing the side of her head as if hoping it would somehow transmit to him vicariously. 


"Hmm...I want a caramel macchiato! With a fancy latte art...of a gyarados." She said in a matter-of-factly tone, her expression unfaltering as if she really expected him to do it.


"Just kidding about the art. Just the drink will do." The brunette finally added as a precaution, half-worried that he would actually attempt to do it. At other times, Leia would look forward to seeing what he could come up with, but she wasn't a sadist, she couldn't possibly force her friend to do that after he had just taken a whack to the head. "And I also want to know when you'll get off work, I don't want you to suddenly collapse from delayed blunt force trauma. "


So, that probably didn't exist, but there was nothing wrong with being on the safe side. 

#4 Guest_Levi Delcour_*

Guest_Levi Delcour_*

  • Guest

Posted 09 December 2013 - 02:52 AM

Levi relied on this job. He hadn’t been blessed with parents who loved and supported him. This job was the only thing keeping him in school. This and web comics but those weren’t exactly enough to pay most of his bills. Levi may not be the best at the job but he recognized how badly he needed it and when Levi knew that he needed something more than he wanted it then there wasn’t much stopping him. He could be smart and self aware sometimes. But only sometimes. If he did such a thing too often people might start to think that there was a little genius hidden within him and that couldn’t happen now could it? He had a reputation of being an immature idiot to uphold!


In some sense his lack of general intelligence and his consistently happy attitude was genuinely who Levi was but there was a lot more to him than just liking comics books and video games and always smiling. Levi had a lot to be happy about but clearly it hadn’t always been that way, otherwise his arms wouldn’t be littered with scars that could only mean one obvious thing. Levi found joy in the little things because if he didn’t then he would fall into old habits, which wasn’t a place that he wanted to be in ever again. He found joy in having Leia show up in a half-baked disguise. He found joy in Wednesdays that meant new comics. He found joy in finding someone who had the same favorite Robin as him. In making latte art even though he wasn’t really the best at it. Call him strange if that was how you chose to view him but in Levi’s eyes there shouldn’t be anything wrong with simply being himself, even if what made up himself wasn’t very impressive.


“Oh yeah? Who? I’ll go get him some ice!” It took Levi a second or two or a hundred to realize that she was referring to him and not someone else. All he could do was rub the back of his neck in mild embarrassment and give a nervous chuckle. It was a good thing that with Leia it was damn near impossible for Levi to feel stupid. If it was anyone else he might actually be a little embarrassed that it had taken him that long to realize she was talking about him. “One caramel macchiato coming right up!” he enthused and immediately went right into business on making it up for her. And he didn’t even drop anything!


He didn’t make a gyarados but he did make a pretty great oddish in his opinion, making a mental note that he would have to work on his latte art so he could surprise her with her Pokemon of choice. “I get off in…” He paused to glance at the clock and then returned to his oddish. “Five minutes.” Give or take a few minutes so he could make up for being late. “Can that actually happen?” he asked while he slid her caramel macchiato over the counter to her looking mildly concerned for his own well being. “Because if that’s true I think I should see a doctor.” Said the one who had once been a pre-med major.

#5 Guest_Leia Park_*

Guest_Leia Park_*

  • Guest

Posted 12 December 2013 - 03:27 AM

At the older boy's response to her statement, Leia simply gave him an amused stare, completely used to Levi's muddleheadedness. Breaking out in a faint smile when the boy finally realized she was referring to him, she nodded, wordlessly confirming that her previous statement was indeed directed at him. After being friends with Levi, things like this really was nothing new to her, but his innocent, and slightly oblivious mannerisms was always enough to bring a smile to her face. Of course she would never tell him that. Leia doubted that guys liked hearing that they were innocent. In fact they would probably be offended. Maybe Levi was an exception - well, she could tell him some other time.

Watching his back as he prepared her drink, she stayed extra vigilant in case something was going to spill or fall as he worked. Last thing she wanted was for him to hurt himself again. It wasn't as if she was treating him like a child, but it was just genuine concern. Plus it was also going to be on her conscience if he hit his head twice while serving her. Maybe his boss would kick her out for being bad luck. Or a distraction. Well, she did come up to him dressed like an eccentric ninja so it was totally possible. Leia bit her lip, hiding a smile. It was lucky that Levi wasn't looking or he would be thinking that she was a bigger weirdo than she already was. Whatever - laughing at your own inner jokes was totally natural - to her at least.

Five minutes. The girl beamed brightly as she looked at her wristwatch. Perfect timing. Now she wouldn't need to wait too long for him to get off. "Alright, I'll wait for you." She nodded, quickly reaching for the drink to warm her hands only letting go momentarily to grab a wooden coffee stirrer.

Oops, maybe she went overboard with her words seeing how Levi actually seemed slightly concerned by what she had said. Tugging the corners of her lips into one of her usual smiles hoping for him to relax, she quickly waved her hand in a nonchalant manner as if telling him physically telling him to brush off what she had just said. "Nah, you're resilient. I'm sure you'll be perfectly fine." Leia said, bringing her index finger to tap the side of her head. "Or I could always kiss it and make it better." She added as an afterthought, breaking out into laughter at the end. Yeah, she couldn't say cheesy things like that with a straight face.

"Anyway, I'll wait for you over there." Leia finally added, gesturing to a mauve couch in the corner of the cafe. Giving him a lazy wave, she grabbed her drink from the counter with her free hand and carefully navigated to the seat making sure she didn't spill anything. Levi wasn't the only clumsy one in the room.

Sitting down, she absent-mindedly stabbed the drink with the stir stick she had taken, not thinking he had done any latte art. Staring down at the disfigured pokemon that probably used to be an Oddish, Leia scrunched her nose, suppressing an urge to face palm at her own carelessness. Pulling out the stirrer, she managed to kill most of her waiting time attempting to redraw the Oddish instead of actually drinking the macchiato. "Oddish evolved into a Ditto." She murmured to herself staring at the golden-brown blob on the top of her already cooled drink.

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