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I'm not a male singer [Mika's plot page!]

mikas characters micah delamar alex xavier

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#1 Guest_Micah Delamar_*

Guest_Micah Delamar_*

  • Guest

Posted 28 May 2013 - 06:20 PM

Mika's Characters



 Alexander Xavier Scott

Sophomore; undecided


 >> mostly sarcastic and witty; comes off as cocky and arrogant
>> takes a variety of the most basic classes offered at CSU, mainly because he is undecided
>> has very few friends on account of his impossible personality. stands up for whomever he can tolerate enough to consider close and will always defend them against other
>> his enemies are any type of person who can't handle his sarcastic and blunt responses, usually people that are sensitive and can not handle criticism 
>> he doesn't focus too hard on getting into a relationship, mainly because most girls annoy the ever living shit out of the kid. 
>> absolutely loves the nickname Professor X, and enjoys being called Xavier more than Alex. (his love of superheros and x-men are a clear reason why) 




 Professor Micah Osran Delamar

Professor of Creative Writing


>>likes to make people laugh, confident, fun, tries to put the creative in creative writing
>>teaches creative writing four times a week, hosts fight club and book club 3 days; alternatively
>> is on good terms with most of the students, always making sure to go out of his way to talk to them and make them enjoy their time at CSU. Can usually be seen hanging out with some of the students in the buildings around campus when he's not in his classroom grading papers and putting on air guitar concerts
>> he likes to consider anyone he meets his friends, though he doesn't allow himself to consider any student into his close friend circle because there is a line for professionalism 
>> his enemies include people without a sense of humor and a serious deposition; because really who doesn't love a teacher who constantly turns his classroom into a party 
>> is divorced, his wife being a teacher at DSU, the college he formerly taught at. he's not looking for a serious relationship, instead deciding to explore his options in every way possible





Erik Andrew Hall

Junior; Majoring in Dentistry


>>smart, funny, attractive, nice, and curious. often comes off as a player to females
>>has a secret business that he does from his on campus apartment. will often write people's essays for any class in under a hour and guarantee a no lower than a B- on all papers. charges top dollar for the service but it's so needed with some students that the money is worth it to them
>>he's friends with anyone from any clique, being smart but also sociable. he often hangs out in the library on school days and will sometimes frequent frat parties if he has the time between his busy internship and weekend classes, along with his essay trading
>>he doesn't have too many enemies, except for the other students that are top of the class and also the kids who he won't lower the prices of essays for. both sides hate him for either being strict with his rules or being jealous of his social life
>>is always looking for a girl to love and curl up with to watch documentaries or the latest rom-com with. but with his outgoing and extremely nice and forward personality, most girls can't handle the way he seemingly flirts with other girls. he hasn't had a serious relationship since high school.




Emile Louise Jareau

Local; Forensic Analysis


 >> independent, loving, serious yet funloving
>> is a forensic analyist; can easy deduce something and figure out lies
>> absolutely loves sex and anything to do with it
>> emile has very few friends on account of she hates people who lie, even tiny white lies. she has no tolerence for immature humor and tends to come off as serious and professional even though she becomes the life of the party when the mood is right 
>> her enemies include liars and anyone who snapped at her for calling them out on a lie; also anyone that she's prosecuted or gathered evidence against
>> is in a relationship with Nola Jensen, a teacher at CSU.  
>> loves to paint




 Gavin Osran Stills

Local; Heir to Denver's leading hotel chain


 >> obsessive, nice, outgoing, hilarious, classy, withdrawn towards strangers; comes off as snobby and rich if you don't know him, while the rich part is true, he's actually a fun guy
>> has obsessive compulsive disorder and a few tics that take over his mind on a daily basis, causing people to find him snobby and conceited
>> is never seen without a black suit on, with a skinny tie, and with his hair slicked to the side
>> has very few friends on account of his impossible disorder, all of his friends actually being long standing friends from his childhood who grew up learning about his order just as he was; will sometimes be able to forget his tics when he's around people he cares about but that is a very rare opportunity
>> his enemies are not the typical, hateful enemies that most people have. the only enemies Gavin truly has are the competition for his hotel chain. even when people call him out for his actions during his rituals or tics, he can't find the reason to hate them because they just don't understand
>> wants a relationship but knows that it would be a lot to put up with him and his disorder 
>> has a hobby that provides in-home therapy to him and his disorder; sculpts tiny figures out of clay, mostly robots that he creates in his head; no one has ever seen his sculpting room or his sculptures. 






Jason Lore Kosmack

Sophomore; Psychology


 >> laidback, accepting, curious, below-average, intelligent, sexy
>> is known for a video he did for his english and his cinematography final
>> overuses words with the letter 's' in them to weed out the people that won't be able to stand his lisp
>> has a hefty group of friends, many that he made in his psychology class and in sociology club. he's not just limited to those though, as he's always trying to make new friends and learn about their thoughts and experiences 
>> the only enemies he has are people that will not accept others for something they can't change
>> wants a girl that he can spoil but accepts that he's below-average looking and knows that if there is someone for him that he'll find them
>> spends most of the day people watching






Hannah Laurie "Ginger" Lemond

Senior; Astrology


 >> bitchy, uptight, high, closed off, slightly mental
>> is only known as Ginger at CSU
>> transferred from NYU during the end of her sophomore year
>> when it comes to friends, Ginger would rather have none. After losing her best friend and pretty much adopted sister to a new york street mugging gone wrong and having to watch her closest friend in the entire world die in her arms, Ginger fears friendships and all the feelings that could go horribly wrong with them
>> in Ginger's mind, everyone is her enemy. Everyone has the potential to hurt her if they get close.
>> isn't planning on dating any time soon but a relationship isn't out of the question. what is out of the question is for them to try to halt her drug abuse
>> never gets high before her daily classes

>> switched majors from Nursing to Astronomy after Sophie died. 




Katalina Ashlynn Rubik

Freshman; Fashion Design and Marketing


 >> nice, sweet, never curses, upbeat, optimistic
>> goes by her middle name, ashlynn, as it sounds more american
>> moved to america with her parents for a better college experience
>> ashlynn likes to consider every one as her friend, even people that publicly don't like her.She sees the good in everyone, even if it's just a small amount compared to the bad and never judges people on past or present experiences. 
>> doesn't consider anyone an enemy, instead just likes to decide if someone is having a bad day or a good day. with enough optimism to kill everyone with kindness, the way she handles insults almost sounds like sarcasm. but it's not. she's a total sweetheart who doesn't understand the word 'hate'.
>> always day dreams of some american boy whisking her off her feet and tends to romantize almost every situation. she's not one to jump into a relationship but she will put her entire heart and mind into one if it happens
>> is always spending the money she makes from her job on new clothes

>> will help anyone who needs it

#2 Guest_Coraline Buchanan_*

Guest_Coraline Buchanan_*

  • Guest

Posted 29 May 2013 - 09:38 PM

Coraline & Alexander
I could see these two being some what of partners in crime... :)

Coraline & Eric
Perhaps Cora could he a frequent essay buyer from him, maybe a friendship forming or even a relationship. What ever floats your boat :) (Dave Franco omg!! Nuff said)

#3 Guest_Gracie Briffet_*

Guest_Gracie Briffet_*

  • Guest

Posted 29 May 2013 - 11:41 PM

Alex && Gracie
Enemies, she wouldn't like his arrogance : S lol

Micah && Gracie
I wouldn't be surprised if Gracie ended up in one of his classes as a freshman. She'd respect him as a proffesor and like his personality. Probably look up to him too, since she and her family don't exactly get along.

Eric && Gracie
I can see an odd sense of friendship between these two :3

#4 Guest_Alexander Cherstvennikov_*

Guest_Alexander Cherstvennikov_*

  • Guest

Posted 30 May 2013 - 06:25 AM


Alex and Micah: these two will get along just fine. Alex is the type of person that likes to make people laugh and smile and make themselves feel good so I can see them being close friends as Professor and Student and maybe he can help Alex learn something about themselves 


Kristian and Micah: I def see a fling or two happening. Maybe he spots the man along the way and Kris convinces the guy to go gay one night or maybe he just gets him really wasted. I really want to see how these two play out :P

#5 Guest_Sansa Callaghan_*

Guest_Sansa Callaghan_*

  • Guest

Posted 04 June 2013 - 02:06 AM

Sansa and Micah: Sansa is a creative writing major, so I'd think that these two would have a relationship of sorts. Of course, it would only be teacher student, but I can imagine Sansa really looking up to Micah. 

Noah and Xavier: This might be way way off, but I can see these two being friends. They have pretty contrasting personalities, and I could kind of see Xavier as Noah's role model since Noah wants to be a bit tougher and cooler than he is. Kind of friends, but more a mentorship. I think that would be a fun thread :) 
Let me know what you think!

#6 Guest_Shamil Zagirbekov_*

Guest_Shamil Zagirbekov_*

  • Guest

Posted 04 June 2013 - 10:33 PM

Shamil & Jason

He'd probably be the guy to show Shamil what this country is really like.  Also, Shamil's native language has no fewer than 54 consonants, including a few more sibilants.  Something with which to drive him crazy.  Plus they're both under average height.


Shamil & Gavin

Well they both have OCD.  Something to base off of, maybe?


Shamil & Ginger

They both have much in common in terms of shared experience, as Shamil was both caught in the crossfire of a shootout between Islamists and security forces last year in Makhachkala and received bullet scars and watched his older sister get raped while boating together on the Samur River.  Perhaps he'd draw her out of her shell. 

#7 Guest_Micah Delamar_*

Guest_Micah Delamar_*

  • Guest

Posted 05 June 2013 - 07:38 PM

Warning: This post will be LONG.


  • Xavier: I enjoy thinking about them becoming partners in crime. Xavier loves to cause trouble and he'd love to have someone along with him for the ride
  • Erik: he tends to create friendships with anyone who buys from him. It's mostly because he doesn't want to get ratted out and he doesn't believe a friend would do that, but even if that's the reason, the friendship usually turns genuine after a few days. A relationship would be cute between the two. 


  • Erik: Out of the three you gave me, I can see a friendship between these two the most. Erik respects and enjoys how creative and expressive Gracie is and would love to have her around 


  • Micah: I can see these two playfully bantering each other during class most days 



  • Micah: Sadly, Micah may be open to any type of partner, but he's pretty hooked on his ex-wife, Moira, still. It would have been a great plot though! 


  • Micah: Depending on Sansa's level of writing, I feel like Micah could really enjoy the creativity she puts into her essays or her ideas and way of writing and I feel like he would stop her on her way to another class or pull her aside after his class lets out and try to give her tips and encouragement about her work. 



  • Xavier: I feel like these two would be great friends, honestly. Xavier would pick fun at him, of course, because he does that to everyone. But his insults, though they come off as insults, would be meant in a form of constructive criticism? They probably would have met at a party since they both sit to the side and watch everyone instead of engaging in the regular party activites and Xavier would have befriended him because he loved the company. 


  • Jace: I didn't write it in, but Jace has an interest in cultures and he'd be attracted towards Shamil because he'd want to learn all about what he and his family do during certain times or the year or what their beliefs were. He would probably ask Shamil to tag alone whenever he went up to the mountains to hike or something and they'd have deep talks about whatever was on their mind. Sound good? Anything to add? 
  • Gavin: they could have met in the waiting room for a therapist, if Shamil goes to therapy for his condition that is. Gavin only goes to comfort his mother even though he knows that therapy probably won't help (after almost 12 therapy attempts throughout his life). I feel like Gavin would really love having someone to communicate with about his disorder and someone that understands.
  • Ginger: Ginger has an extremely hard time even mentioning Sophie so Shamil would have his work cut out for him. But that's a good plot and we'll work something out. 

#8 Guest_Shamil Zagirbekov_*

Guest_Shamil Zagirbekov_*

  • Guest

Posted 06 June 2013 - 12:02 AM

Shamil & Jace

Yeah, they would be like best friends.  Not to mention the fact that going up to the mountains would be one way Shamil could remember where he came from.  Where should they meet?


Shamil & Gavin

This idea could work if CSU made therapists free to students, which sounds feasible.


Shamil & Ginger

Beyond the smaller details of where they meet and such comes the bigger issue of how he would draw her into an extended conversation, but this all can still just be in development.

#9 Guest_Sansa Callaghan_*

Guest_Sansa Callaghan_*

  • Guest

Posted 06 June 2013 - 03:23 AM

Both of those sound fantastic! Would you like to start the threads?

#10 Guest_Sansa Callaghan_*

Guest_Sansa Callaghan_*

  • Guest

Posted 09 June 2013 - 02:01 PM

Sansa and Xavier: Sorry just had an idea! I think these two would kind of dislike each other so much that they end up good friends. One of my closest friends is the biggest twat I know, and all he does is annoy me, and I know I'm the same to him. Maybe these two could get drunk together and end up talking about life and doing stupid shit. She'll probably always call him out on the douche bag stuff he does, and he would probably tease her, but I think they'd care about each other underneath all that. Maybe even some sexual tension? Let me know! x

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