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Making Things Up Again


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#1 Clara Bishop

Clara Bishop

Posted 16 December 2013 - 10:00 PM

Clara was at the mall.  She was looking for a job though she was a little scared to look for a job this close to Christmas.  It would be very possible that the job might not last much past Christmas and that wasn’t a job that Clara needed.  At least at the moment she was okay financially.  The money that she received from the sale of her parent’s house was enough to cover the cost of school and an apartment and a few other essentials for several months if she was careful.  But Clara wanted to be smart, too, and wanted to find a job.  However, it was going to have to wait until Christmas was over.


For now, Clara was going to just have to wander the mall and look around for a few things.  She had some ideas of what Chelsea wanted for Christmas but they had already planned on avoiding Christmas gifts for the most part.  Sure, there would be a few things, but Chelsea had already decided that their Christmas shouldn’t be that big.  Clara agreed, but she still loved Christmas and wanted to have something underneath the small artificial tree that they had purchased.


This was a good size mall for this being a small town and Clara was getting tired.  She headed to the small coffee shop and ordered a drink and a piece of cake.  There was too much of a crowd in Clara’s opinion so she stepped out of the shop and found a small table nearby where she could enjoy her coffee. 


As she sat there watching people, she wondered about their lives and decided – as usual – to begin making up stories for the many new characters that she would find here.  Clara took out her small pen and paper (something she always carried) – she preferred writing longhand instead of using a laptop, at least initially.  For her, writing longhand required her to concentrate on what she wanted to say because she only had a limited amount of space. 


She started writing about a couple that she could tell was arguing, despite not hearing anything they were saying.  Instead, she gave them dialogue.  It turned out that he was cheating on his wife with a woman but not the way the woman expected.  Instead, he was simply going to amusement parks with another woman because his wife was scared of roller coasters and the other woman was not.  Clara chuckled at herself and then realized that someone was standing close by.  She was suddenly embarrassed and looked up.


“Um . . .” she said.  “Hi?”

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