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leia park

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#1 Guest_Levi Delcour_*

Guest_Levi Delcour_*

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Posted 17 December 2013 - 11:56 PM


For Levi holidays weren't as joyous as they should be. There was no much needed trip to see his family after a hard semester. There was no opportunity to relax. To be with people who loved him. To celebrate a wonderful holiday surrounded by people and presents and joy. Absolutely none of that was involved in Levi's Christmas breaks for the last two years. This made year three. He wanted to go back to Vancouver Island and see his family. He wanted to drive up the Malahat with ocean on one side of him and mountains on the other. He wanted to see his little sister and his grandmother and his cousins. He had a new baby nephew he still had to meet. But it wasn't going to happen, just like it hadn't happened last year or the year before.
Part of Levi was certain that he was dreaming being at Leia's for the holiday break. Shouldn't she be with her family? Oh right, they were in South Korea. He had wanted to ask why she didn't go with them but that didn't seem like his business. She would tell him if she wanted him to know. He had mentioned that he was going to stay on campus for Christmas and such a thing just wasn't allowed. It was nice to feel wanted somewhere. It was extra nice to feel wanted in Leia's Christmas celebrations. God, he was so scared that he would wake up and be in the empty Alpha house.
But he didn't. Instead he woke up feeling very aware that someone was asleep on his shoulder. Someone rather petite. Levi had been slumped against the corner of the couch with his head propped up ever so slightly by one of his hands, Leia asleep on his other side. As badly as Levi had to use the facilities he didn't dare move. He didn't dare wake her. She was so cute and serene, like a tiny little Korean angel. Levi quickly found himself blushing and tried to turn his attention to the video game that they had forgotten about. Too bad the controller was out of reach, having dropped to the floor between his feet, otherwise he would play a few solo rounds until Leia woke up.

#2 Guest_Leia Park_*

Guest_Leia Park_*

  • Guest

Posted 20 December 2013 - 05:49 AM



For Leia, as years passed, Christmas just became less prominent or important. Heck, this year she practically had exams until a week before Christmas, so she could barely participate in the holiday cheer considering half of the time she was up studying and stressing out about midterms or finals. Honestly, she really wanted to go back to South Korea with her family but due to her exam schedule, she couldn't. Well, she could've gone back with them after her papers were finished, but partly - okay, mainly due to pure laziness and frugality, she decided to spend her holiday break in the States. Anyway, she could always just skype them. Ah, the wonders of technology.  


Besides it wasn't too bad - Levi wasn't going back home either, so she felt like it was only natural for them to spend their Christmas together. It was better than being a complete loner, plus, it had been a while since the two of them hung out together. Okay, it was a bit awkward at first for two reasons. First, she had never invited anyone over. Leia really was more of the 'I'll go to your place' type of person since she felt like her small studio apartment had nothing much to offer.  And second, Levi was a boy. Yeah they were super close friends, but even so, she wasn't that naive that she could overlook it easily. If her parents knew, they would probably decapitate her. But she knew Levi, and she doubted he was the type that would do something weird, so after a few minutes with him, her nerves practically disappeared. So much so that she didn't even realize she drifted off while they were still in the middle of the cheesy co-op zombie game they were playing. ( Very festive. ) 


Leia stirred about in her sleep, half conscious at this point and mostly worried about the progress of the game - did they save? Pass the checkpoint? Shifting her position slightly still with her eyes closed, she felt her laziness kick in and she refused to wake up. Until she remembered - she just fell asleep without even saying goodbye to Levi. Dammit, she would need to call and apologize. 


Slowly waking up, her vision was still groggy but she could feel like she was leaning on something warm. Rubbing her eyes in order to clear her vision, she noticed that the warmth was coming from someone - Levi to be specific. Not exactly comprehending the situation due to her half-conscious state of mind, her gaze immediately fell on her elbow that was bumped up against him, and looked at his shoulder, slowly guessing that she must've slept on that.


"Good morning..." She murmured, still clearly half asleep as she laid her head back on his shoulder as if to go back to sleep.






Her eyes shot open and Leia quickly bolted backwards. "W-what? Y-you - and I ... wait - what?!" She stammered, her hand pressed against her chest as she attempted to stay calm and work out what had happened. Well, she was clearly awake now. 


"Did I get drunk? Did I do something to you??" Leia asked him with wide eyes as she covered her hands over her mouth, physically trying to hide the blush that was undoubtedly tinting her cheeks. 

#3 Guest_Levi Delcour_*

Guest_Levi Delcour_*

  • Guest

Posted 26 December 2013 - 01:35 AM

Levi had always clung to Christmas growing up. It had been the one time of the year when everything was okay. When he wouldn’t get punished for things he had no control over. His parents would be on their best behavior and his brother would be too preoccupied with his gifts to care about picking on his little brother. It didn’t even matter that Levi had never gotten the gifts that he wanted. The guy didn’t have a lot of good memories from his childhood but Christmas was always nice until they had started getting older. It was to the point where all Christmas meant to Levi was being alone after finals and silently resenting all of the happy and festive people.

At least he wasn’t totally alone this year. He wasn’t completely by himself. He had Leia, who was always great company. They were alone together and that was a nice feeling. A much better way to spend his Christmas holiday than last year. Christmas with a friend he cared about a lot in her adorable little studio apartment. It suited her if you asked him. While Levi waited for Leia to wake up he resorted to scrolling through Twitter on his phone, finding nothing all that exciting but at least it was something to do. Luckily for Levi it didn’t take very long before he felt Leia stirring against him. Trying his best not to move just in case she was still asleep he peeked at her.

“Morning,” he smiled with a bit of a chuckle, dropping his phone onto the arm of the couch and using the hand that had been holding it to push hair off of his forehead. He was, as per usual, in desperate need for a shower. And maybe a shave but he liked the way he looked with a scruff face. He felt like a Stark. Tony Stark. Robb Stark. Take your pick. When Leia’s eyes shot open and she bolted backwards Levi’s face became ridden with concern and confusion. “What? he questions, not understanding where she was going with her stammering. He had no idea what she was getting at, her worries going completely over her head. “No. There was no consumption of alcohol to be had,” he answered among his intense confusion. “All you did was fall asleep on me and now that I’ve been granted freedom I need to use the bathroom.” Levi stood and then realized that he wasn’t entirely sure where her bathroom even was.

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