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the weirdest plot page ever


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#1 Melli


Posted 18 December 2013 - 07:58 AM

Okay so this is probably THE most bassackwards plot page in the world, but what I'm doing here is actually CONSIDERING creating characters and looking for plots before I even start the profiles. That sounds dumb, but I'm just legitimately interested in seeing what I come up with in terms of backstory with other people if that makes any sense. I'm feeling particularly uncreative, too, so throw some ideas at me and I'll see what sticks!


I'm interested in potentially playing five different characters, though only four of them have names at the time. The last one is just kind of a vague... idea (and admittedly a face I want to play, shhh don't judge me).


I'll start with the one I'm most interested in trying out, and that's:




Logan Anderson (fc: Jake Johnson)

  • I've only got a few ideas but they're as follows:
  • permanent manchild, immature and sort of dumb sometimes
  • superstitious and has the worst luck of anyone ever
  • no seriously like he has the worst luck ever.
  • unintentionally selfish but a good friend to have
  • complete smartass and unwilling to admit any faults he has
  • somewhere in his 30s, Biology professor
  • heterosexual
  • I'd be cool with just about any kind of plot with him. Just let me know what you're looking for.




Sam Capella (fc: David Giuntoli)

  • Alright so I've actually played Sam here and there so this should be easy:
  • he's a bit too serious/severe for most, though he's nice enough.
  • his main problem is his messiah complex; he's obsessed with fixing things
  • sometimes that includes people, too. he gets himself into a lot of tricky situations, friendships, and relationships because he just doesn't know how to give up or let go.
  • when he CAN'T fix things, he can also be temperamental. and inadvertently controlling too, even if he's an extremely nice guy.
  • he can get sucked into his work, which is also problematic
  • he'd make a good ex for any female professor on the board!
  • maaaybe a past student affair could have gone down.
  • 33, professor of medical sciences and a campus physician
  • heterosexual




Drew Pennington (fc: Armie Hammer)

  • I've never played him but I've always had him sitting around in my mind, so:
  • he's a rich brat (think richkidsofinstagram but maybe a little less wealthy)
  • has always gotten every single thing he wants and thinks he always will
  • Mama's boy, no question
  • he hardly has any redeeming qualities, considering how selfish he is, but a plot that might expose one would be really interesting.
  • he can be whiny and irritating and clingy when he's got no one around
  • has no need to impress anyone, and if he doesn't inherit the family business then he's digging his own grave, as no one seems to like him
  • thinks he's untouchable/invincible; it's only a matter of time before someone hands his ass to him in a fight
  • simultaneously is a bit of a daredevil, and seeks out all kinds of fun when he can.
  • 22, senior, business management major
  • heterosexual
  • looking for anything. hit me up.




Leah Edison (fc: Adelaide Kane)

  • I don't have a whole lot on her, either, but I've got a decent grasp:
  • sporty, viciously competitive and even seems to get a kick out of it
  • attracted to similarly competitive types, though anyone would work
  • super boyish and a prankster at heart
  • is attracted to both sexes and is "in control" of her sexuality, so to speak (meaning she has no issues with sleeping with people for fun and isn't fond of being slut shamed for it)
  • by the same token is a commitment phobe and has no interest in relationships
  • THOUGH it could be cute if someone snuck up on her
  • I'd be interested in polar opposites if we did a plot like that
  • she can be temperamental and she does NOT take shit
  • not exactly sensitive
  • 20, sophomore, physical education major
  • pansexual







anyway IN SUMMARY PLEASE HIT ME UP WITH ALL OF THE THINGS. this is the weirdest plot page in existence.



#2 Rose Newhall

Rose Newhall

Posted 19 December 2013 - 03:13 PM

Actually, I like this idea for a plot page...makes it interesting.    I was thinking that maybe Rose and Drew know each other...probably though family connections.   He sounds like the kind of rich person that Rose thinks give the rest of them a bad name.  What would be kind of amusing, to me anyway, would be if their families were trying to push them together to keep up the class standing or something like that.





#3 Melanie Sirius

Melanie Sirius

Posted 20 December 2013 - 12:55 AM

Yeah, that would definitely work. I'm reading a bit about Rose, and I was thinking Drew could be from somewhere near the southern US, BUT rich people usually know each other anyway, so that's no issue. Maybe they're old family friends? I see that her parents want her to marry someone who could help with the family business, and Drew's parents are planning on handing their business to his younger brother when he gets older (he's more responsible than Drew so it only makes sense). So I can see them trying to force him on someone like Rose just because they want him to have his own source of wealth, if that makes any sense. So yeah, the idea of their parents pushing them together totally works.


He's kind of a jerk, though, I'm just warning you. He'd take her out on dates if only to keep his parents off his back, but I have a feeling they'd be sort of cold and quiet. He wouldn't take her art seriously, either, as he knows that it doesn't make any money and he simply can't understand pursuing something for any other reason than wealth. He has a lot to learn to be a decent guy, clearly, but I'd love to play at least that part out! Maybe she could get fed up with him and give him a piece of her mind. That'd be fun.


#4 Rose Newhall

Rose Newhall

Posted 21 December 2013 - 03:03 PM

That all sounds great and I like the idea of having him and Rose maybe not really get along that well.   It'll take a lot for Rose to tell him off but he does sound like the type of character that might be able to bring that out in her.   I would love to see that as well.   





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