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Climbing Uphill

Ginger Lemond

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#1 Clara Bishop

Clara Bishop

Posted 24 January 2014 - 05:41 PM

Clara Bishop was a loner.  Despite not wanting to admit it, she really was alone.  Sure, she had her sister, but her sister was younger and wasn’t in college and had her own problems to deal with.  Of course, if Clara had been smarter she would have asked someone else to take care of her sister instead of dragging her to college with her.  Why had she done that?  Clara was already learning to be an adult just by going to college and then she decided it was better after their parent’s death to bring her emotional, hormonal sister with her to college?  Clara loved her sister and would do anything for her and she was tempted to contact her aunt and uncle and ask them to take care of Chelsea.  It would mean Chelsea would have to move again, having just moved from Littleton, but maybe they would be able to provide a better life for her.


Walking out of class, Clara was stressed.  School had barely started and she already felt overwhelmed.  Stress was building up inside her and she wished that she could do something about it.  But she didn’t know what to do.  She could write – that had helped in the past – but at the moment, her “writing for fun” muse seemed to be hiding in the far reaches of her brain, only allowing the “writing for school” muse to hold power of Clara’s words.


It was still freezing in Colorado and though Clara had grown up with the weather, there was something about the recent cold days that made her think about moving to Southern California.  Sure, she would have to worry about fires and earthquakes but they would be better than this god awful snow and cold that she was dealing with at the moment. 


Class was over for the day and Clara knew that she should head home to be there when Chelsea got home from school but she wasn’t ready yet.  There were things that she knew she should do – study, work on her first paper, read – but she wasn’t going to do anything.  Instead, Clara made her way to a bench and sat down.  She wanted to cry but she wasn't going to do that here.  Not at school.  It was cold but instead of just getting up and heading home, she simply pulled her jacket tighter and sat.

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#2 Ginger Lemond

Ginger Lemond

Posted 24 January 2014 - 07:27 PM

Ginger had a habit of not looking where she was going. Her eyes were always turned up towards the sky or treetops when she was out, a habit that she had picked up after trying her hardest to memorize the constellations in her first few years at college. She had a game she used to play with Sophie whenever she was stuck outside for hours at a time. Testing their memory of wherever they last saw the stars, they would try to place them in the daylight, waiting until it faded to see if they was correct in where they thought they would land. Sophie had always won, since her heart had always been in becoming an Astronomer and Gingers had only been placed there after her friends death. Ever since she began where Sophie left off, she hadn't been too far off yet. 


Walking a little too close to the edge of the path, trying to get the branches of the trees on the opposite side out of her view, Ginger didn't notice Clara's foot in her way before it was too late. Her balance had never been the best and so, once her foot caught, she ended up falling over. Whipping her hands out at the last second, Ginger was able to catch herself, her palms becoming scratched up in the process. "Shit. What the-" she called out, maneuvering to sit on the pavement where she landed and find out what- or who- had caused her to trip. 


Her eyes caught on the girl sitting on the bench. The girl had brown eye that fell past her shoulders, her petite frame fitting well with the natural innocence that her face captured. Ginger's eyes finally put together that she had tripped over the girl's feet, which weren't too far into the path. "Fuck. Sorry, I wasn't looking." Ginger spoke, her voice tipping towards annoyed. She barely ever apologized but there was something about the girl's innocence that reminded Ginger of Sophie, and Ginger couldn't tell if she was drawn in by it or if she should get as far away from it as possible. 

#3 Clara Bishop

Clara Bishop

Posted 24 January 2014 - 08:27 PM

Clara was sitting on the bench and wasn’t even paying attention to the world.  She considered calling Chelsea to let her know that she might be late but at this point, the girl was still in class and Clara didn’t want to bother leaving the girl a phone message just to let her know something she would figure out soon enough.  She had stretched her feet out subconsciously as a way to relax when her eyes refocused as something crossed in front of her.  Her brain registered the initial pain for an instant and it disappeared as if it wasn’t that painful at all.  Clara’s ears picked up the swearing from somewhere close by and then her eyes turned to see a girl on the ground.  The girl on the ground apologized and it still took Clara a moment to figure it all out.  After a few moments of silence, Clara spoke up.


“No problem,” she said.  “I wasn’t really paying attention either.  I guess I didn’t realize my feet were in the way.”


The brunette looked at the girl on the ground.  She was blond and she seemed to be a little disheveled.  Clara wasn’t sure if that was from falling over or something else.  Clara smiled and wondered exactly how the girl could have tripped over Clara’s feet.  It wasn’t as if she was that tall or had really long legs.  She looked at the girl again.


“I don’t mean to pry,” Clara started.  “But were you looking at something specific?”


Clara looked around the courtyard area to see if there was anything interesting to look at.


“I mean,” she continued.  “I don’t really see anything special around here except a bunch of buildings.”

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