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Write My Ending... - Stella's Plotage

Stella Alice Annabel Brenna Hayley Hunter Lachlan Maya Sophia

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#1 Guest_Stella_*


  • Guest

Posted 27 January 2014 - 01:10 PM

Hunter Sinclair

Junior, 21, Biology Major, Kappa Zeta Epsilon, Football
- egotistical, cocky, charismatic, immature, reckless, womanizer, partier, follower, self-stupefying, insecure -


A reckless, egotistical womanizer he thinks if a girl turns him down then they must be gay. He is a real cocky son of a bitch who dumbs himself down to fit in with his peers. The more friends he's around the more idiotic he can become. Very few know he and Hayley are related, as they avoid each other on campus.


friends/enemies - He's a footballer and a Kappa so would have friends via both of these. I wouldn't mind a couple of closer friends from his Fraternity to have a kind of bromance going on. He's less likely to have female friends then male because in the end he'd wind up sleeping with female friends and ruining the friendship. It could be interesting to have one female friend who he keeps sleeping with when he's drunk. I have no doubt that Hunter has his fair share of enemies considering the number of girls he's slept with. It would be fun for him to have one particular female nemesis who seems immune to his charms and calls him on his crap.
relationships - I would love to have a string of ex-girlfriends and one night stands lined up for Hunter as it's fun to have interactions with an ex's especially when if it was a one night stand and he isn't likely to remember them or their names. I'm also looking for a current girlfriend that he can be with bearing in mind that it's not likely to last long.
family - With Hunter’s sister being played by me, there isn't really a need for any more siblings, but cousins are okay.


Hayley Sinclair

Sophomore, 19, Political Science Major, Lambda Eta Psi, Centennial Radio Host
- musical, cynical, tolerant, hardened, argumentative, off-beat, outspoken, vintage –


With a dry sense of humor and the ability to form a valid argument she is one of the voices of campus radio. A strong people's advocate she can be rather shy at first but if you say the wrong thing she will stand for what she believes. Always living in her brother's shadow, she doesn't really tell people she's related to Hunter as it always becomes about him.


friends/enemies - Being a person who marches to the beat of her own drum, Hayley's friends would likely be the same. They'd be the artsty ones, the argumentative ones, the ones involved in activism and people think are slightly odd. I'd like to get her a couple of close friends she can have lively debates with. Belonging to the 'cult' sorority is likely to have earned her a couple of enemies along the way as well as her argumentative side.
relationships - I see Hayley as being single at the moment, but having a growing crush on a friend of hers. He would just be a friend and not really interested, but the more time she spends with him, the more she grows feelings for him but knows she can't really do anything about it not wanting to risk the friendship.
family - With Hayley's brother being played by me, there isn't really a need for any more siblings, but cousins are okay.


Annabel Scofield

Freshman, 18, Studio Art Major
- artistic, soft spoken, timid, spiritual, intuitive, passive, optimistic, secretive, lonely -


Very much an old soul, being around her you get the feeling she is wise beyond her years. When she talks it's often with almost poetic insight but those are some of her qualities that also make her an outsider always yearning to be part of a group. Often the target of bullying, she's a girl in need of guidance from someone who knows how to stand up for themselves.


friends/enemies - I'd like to get Anna one or two really close friends, but have the friendship develop through game play. In some ways they should be similar to her and rather shy and outcast. At the same time I'd also like an older, strong individual to take her under their wing and teach them how to stand up for themselves and maybe at the same time she could teach them a thing or two. She tends to listen into other people's conversations so she'd quite easily grow one or two enemies for that reason. She's also an easy target for bullies and a like, so I wouldn't mind her for being targeted.
relationships - I can't really see this happening in the near future just because of how shy she is.
family - She is an only child, but she is also a foster kid, so there is that option if you want them to have been foster siblings in the past.


Sophia Young

Sophomore, 19, Undeclared Major, Cheerleader
- exuberant, goofy, sociable, curious, combative, spiteful, unbiased, outgoing –


Coming from a large mixed family Sophia doesn’t necessarily get along with all of them. A sociable friendly person, in general she can still become rather catty and vindictive if crossed. Despite the fact that she often struts around with confidence, but she still gets nervous around guys she likes.


friends/enemies - She's a social butterfly so the more the merrier! She doesn't discriminate and is friends with heaps of types. I want a couple of quite close friends though, her partner's in crime. Her main enemy is her step-sister who has been her competitive rival since they were kids (and open to be played). She enjoys trying to prove she's better then Sophia every chance she gets.
relationships - I'm really open in this respect.
family - There are two family members available if people are so inclined. She has an older stepbrother, but has grown up with him since she was little and considers him just her older overly protective brother. She also has a step sister from her father's second marriage. This girl has been her rival since childhood and enjoys tormenting Sophia as if it were a sport.


Brenna De Luca

Junior, 20, Marketing Major, Gymnastics, Dance Team
- combative, cynical, loyal, athletic, focussed, organized, passionate, ambitious, fastidious –


Every moment she’s awake, Brenna is on the go with gymnastics, training, dance and school. But if you are one of the lucky few she considers a friend, a single call and she’ll drop everything to be there for you. A staunchly loyal person she’s a pit-bull when it comes to protecting her friends. She is dedicated hard working individual, who is fun to be around… If you can get past her antagonistic outer shell.


friends/enemies - I’d like for Brenna to have a couple of close friends that are her rock, just like she would be theirs. She’s a fiercely protective of her friends and would be there for them at the drop of a hat. Her friends are the only ones she’d let her guard down around, so they’d be the few people who got to see the other side of her. She’d likely have rubbed more than a couple of people the wrong way due to how combative she can be around others. I wouldn't mind someone that just grates her the wrong way and annoys her as it’d make for fun threads and arguing with them would almost be like a sport – preferably male so it could be toyed with that she likes him later.
relationships - Like I said above, I’d like someone who annoys her and she can’t stand to be around and with time possibly realize she has feelings for him.
family - Brenna pretty much considers her friends her family due to her dysfunctional one.


Lachlan Keston Lane

20, Junior, Recreational & Sport Major, Cheerleader
- attention-seeker, daredevil, romantic, social, genuine, flirt, athletic -


Being a male cheerleader, Lachlan has learnt to use humour as shield to deflect any comments about his sexuality that come his direction. He’s a court jester who enjoys being the center of attention and isn’t ashamed of making a fool of himself in public. Though he is strait (contrary to campus gossip), he constantly finds himself needing to defend his masculinity.


friends/enemies - The more the merrier! Lachlan is a people person, and loves to hang out with friends of both genders. Being a cheerleader though I’d love for some closer female friends just through the squad. He’d also be friends with anyone oriented with the deaf community due to his younger sister being deaf. He likes to go to parties, hang out and be fun making it easy for people to meet him.
relationships - This is one person I’d like to see start dating someone nice because I’d like to post him during that first flirting, trying to get a girl to agree to go out with him phase. He more goes for the fun people, who enjoy life and are more adventurous.
family - There is the opening for a younger brother (who would be a freshman likely) if anyone is so inclined, also cousins etc.


Alice Epson-Green

18, Freshman, Graphic Design Major
- nerd, talkative, boisterous, energetic, honest, quirky, confident, unapologetic -


The easiest way to describe Alice is a geek goddess. In contradiction to her gentle looks this nerds wet dream is a punk rock playing, comic book loving, gamer who can talk pop culture like it was a second language. Her friendly nature and brightly dyed hair make her known on campus, though her liveliness can sometimes border on obnoxious.


friends/enemies - Alice tends to get along with guys better than girls since she is such a tomboy, and can speak their language. It means most girls (especially girls who are dating guys she hangs out with) tend to not like her, which could make for some fun posting. I would like one or two females for her to be friends with – but they’d need to be able to either get their geek on or musically inclined. Being a nerds best friends, she’d get along with any sci fi or comic book fans and I think it’d be fun for her to shock them with her ability to speak geek so probably new friends more. She also needs some band mates for her band Missing Link that she’s the singer for.
relationships - I have nothing set in stone for this, and with Alice, I’m curious to see where things go naturally, so if you want to try our chars together let me know so we can get our thread on!
family - She has three older brothers, and I’d love for it least one of them to be played! I’ve named them with filler names which would change when the player chooses which they want and what they want them to be called. Due to being only four months older she is rather close with 'Scott' who is the only biological child of her parents. 'Joshua' is the first adopted by the Epson-Green's but also the second oldest. Alice and Joshua are biological half siblings.


Maya Gaudet

20, Sophomore, Sociology Major, Beta Upsilon Tau
- philosophical, intelligent, over-analytical, free spirit, resolute, pleasant, outspoken, natural -


The only child of a former NFL star and model, Maya’s become fascinated by people, society and cultures. She joined a Sorority to recreate the bonds formed while attending boarding school, but finds some of the Beta’s personalities difficult. A down to earth, friendly person who never discriminates in part due to her multicultural heritage.


friends/enemies - She joined a sorority to recreate the long lasting friendships she formed during boarding school, so her friendships with the Beta’s is important though they don’t always see eye to eye. I’d like to establish friendships within her sorority as well as outside of it, most importantly a few friends she is especially close with. I’d prefer it least one of her closest friends to either be bisexual themselves, or okay with the LGBT community so she could share with them the fact that she is bi. As for enemies – I’m rather open to ideas with that, but I think it might be fun if she has a sorority sister she just doesn't get along with that’s from old money.
relationships - Her sexuality is something that she doesn't really discuss or broadcast as though she is comfortable with who she is, others may not be. She is bisexual, and though she does date guys she’s found the relationships tend to be more for show as she’s never found the same emotional connection she finds with girls. I’d like her to be around a girl where there is a lot of sexual tension with every interaction even though neither girl might not make a move. Beyond that… we’ll see where posting goes.
family - She’s an only child, but there is availability for cousins if so inclined.



As with all my characters if you have any other ideas, or think one of my chars might suit a plot of yours then feel free to message me via my ID Stella (which is checked daily), or leave a comment here.

#2 Rose Newhall

Rose Newhall

Posted 27 January 2014 - 03:29 PM

Annabel and Rose:   They might work as friends.  Same major, So, they could already know each other.  Not sure about being close friends might have to play them together.   



Brenna and Rose:  Teammates.   While I think they would get along,  Rose wouldn't be a good one to be a rock for someone,  so not sure about that but they could be to the point of being social with each other.





#3 Guest_Max Zheng_*

Guest_Max Zheng_*

  • Guest

Posted 27 January 2014 - 10:11 PM

Stella's baaaaack!!!!


Anyway. We still need to continue out adorable Aiden/Hayley plot cause that was gonna be fun.

#4 Guest_Stella_*


  • Guest

Posted 28 January 2014 - 10:52 AM

Anna/RoseBoth girls being in the same major, likely sharing some of the same classes and both freshman - I can definitely see them knowing each other. I agree about not sure if they'd be good friends. It might be one of those things to see what happens with game play.
Brenna/RoseIt would be good to see how these two interact together, normally I'd say Rose would be the type of girl she didn't like due to her privileged upbringing, but if it was never brought up, then she might not know and would be more open to talking with her (especially with everything she's been through in the past few years). Because of being on the team together and spending time together training and her being new I could see her more keeping an eye on her subtly.

Hayley/Aiden Yes I'm back! Life went out of control, but now I'm back and eager to get back into things! As for Aiden and Hayley - YES! I wasn't sure if you were still around, but now I know the answer is most definitely yes! I can't wait to see those two together more.

#5 Rose Newhall

Rose Newhall

Posted 28 January 2014 - 02:25 PM

Those both sound fine to me.  It might be interesting if Brenna finds out about Roses upbringing maybe after their friends.   Rose though wouldn't bring it up.   Rose was on the team last year but then was in the accident, they could already know each other but Rose tried to keep the fact that she was in the accident to only close friends and others that might need to know.  So it would make sense if she kept an eye on Rose.


I can get a thread up for either, if you want.  Just let me know.





#6 Guest_Adryan Miklos_*

Guest_Adryan Miklos_*

  • Guest

Posted 28 January 2014 - 07:44 PM

LOVE all the characters. I think Adi and Annabel would be amazing friends. Adryan is an English major, but he is also taking classes to work towards an art degree and art is truly his life and his soul. Their personalities would go together really well I believe. Especially since Adryan has a very big heart and often gets lost in his thoughts over literally everything. Someone wise beyond their years would be a great friend for him since he tends to be a little wise beyond his years as well, but doesn't know anyone else like that and often gets a little starved for intelligence. Let me know what you think :)

#7 Guest_Aiden Berkeley_*

Guest_Aiden Berkeley_*

  • Guest

Posted 03 February 2014 - 07:51 PM

Yay! Cause they'd be such adorable little friends >.< I'm so glad you're back, by the way!

#8 Guest_Stella_*


  • Guest

Posted 14 February 2014 - 12:17 PM

Anna/Adi - I'm completely up for Adi and Anna being friends! She's one of my characters that i've very eager to get into play. She's one I can't wait to see in posts with a wide range of characters, and I really would love to see her in a thread with someone who she can hold conversation with that allows her true personality to shine.


You'll also notice people I've just added three new characters Alice, Lachlan and Maya :)

#9 Guest_Brielle Lange_*

Guest_Brielle Lange_*

  • Guest

Posted 02 April 2014 - 11:47 PM

Hunter and Brielle


I like the idea of the two of them being exes.


If they were exes, chances are that Brielle got super attached.  In fact, that may be why it ended.  Even if it lasted only a month, or less, Brielle was probably already seeing wedding bells.  She gets very attached to guys.  It’s unlikely that she would be the one to end it unless she found out that he had cheated on her.  The break-up would have been devastating to her and of course, if she saw him in present day, she would probably still be pathetically swooning over him.  He’s on the football team and in a fraternity and she likes to party, so it only seems natural that they would run into each other at parties and what not.  If they were to drunkenly hook up on occasion, that would be ok too.


Sophia and Brielle


Brielle needs a close friends and I think she and Sophia could be close!


Brielle is a nice girl.  She’s social, too.  She’s pretty smart. She loves to party.  She doesn’t always make the best decisions when it comes to guys.  She gets really attached to guys she likes, whether it’s mutual or not.  She often times goes in too hard and gets hurt.  She rarely learns her lesson.  Mostly, she needs someone to set her straight from time to time.  Someone to smack her back to reality and steer her in the right direction.  Of course, in return, Brielle would do the same for her.





#10 Guest_Sorcha Black_*

Guest_Sorcha Black_*

  • Guest

Posted 15 April 2014 - 08:28 PM

hunter and sorcha

sorcha could be that girl immune to his charms? she hates people and it's unlikely hunter would be an exception. so there could definitely be an interesting rivalry there!

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