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A Fear of the Unknown (Max)

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#1 Clara Bishop

Clara Bishop

Posted 04 February 2014 - 11:15 PM

Clara was in the mall.  Chelsea was somewhere in the mall as well and eventually Clara would have to find her.  At the moment, she didn’t need to find her sister, but at some point, the girl was going to have to find Clara to head home.  Plus, Clara didn’t give her that much money to spend, so Chelsea would either want more and need to find Clara or be done spending it and want to find Clara.  Either way, Clara would have to be found by her sister.  And if Clara really needed her sister, she would simply call her cell phone.  Clara hadn’t been pleased when her parents purchased the cell phone for her sister before the girl was a teenager but they kept complaining about her hectic after school schedule and needing to get a hold of her.  Privately, after that discussion, Clara had nearly cried because her parents had told her the same thing and yet, Clara never had a busy schedule or things to do.  She was always home on time and never anywhere that she didn’t have to be.  At the time, and sometimes even now, Clara was jealous of her sister’s ability to be involved and wondered if they could really be sisters.


Clara was sitting at one of the tables outside of the coffee shop writing.  She should have been working on homework, but it was the weekend and she felt the desire to work on science fiction instead of reality.  She had ordered a large coffee and a Danish in hopes that she would have plenty of time for both before her sister arrived and they would have to leave.  She placed headphones in her ears and started the instrumental piece she had chosen for her writing music, Wagner.  Clara loved to listen to classical music when writing because there was nothing to distract her. 


She started writing – long hand – and was doing well for almost thirty minutes when she realized she had to use the bathroom.  Gathering her things, she headed away from the coffee shop and returned a few minutes later.  Clara placed her bag down and realized that someone was at the table already.  She looked around at the other tables and sighed as she noticed there were no other seats available in the area – she would just have to find someplace else to sit. 


Looking at the guy that was sitting in her place, she noticed he was good looking and Clara flustered and was even more embarrassed for placing her bag down without looking.


“Sorry,” she said.  “I didn’t see you there.”  She paused.  “I’ll leave you alone.”

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