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plot with melliiii

mellis characters plots brutalitops

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#1 Melli


Posted 29 May 2013 - 12:37 AM

  • Melanie Dahl: junior, twenty-one, music/biology education; Profile
  • obsessive, easily flustered, talkative, worrisome, neurotic, emotional, perfectionist, predictable, temperamental, compassionate, loyal
  • loves science and music, major geek in that sense
  • can't say no sometimes, though she's a great listener
  • friends: Melanie could use some, though it's difficult for her to make any, considering she's obsessive and doesn't like most girly things. She's very loyal, though, and makes an incredible friend considering she'll go to great lengths to make someone's day. She's a bit self-sacrificial at times and she can be protective of those younger than her.
  • enemies: She's got a temper on her. Press the right buttons and you might get your ass chewed out, though she's never been good at insults. Regardless, it's not hard to set her off, especially if you piss off her friends or family.
  • lovers: Somehow Melli's landed herself in a (very happy) marriage in the past few months with Jackson Dahl. Some people look at her strangely because he's a professor, but she doesn't care-- she's madly in love with him.


  • Max Sirius: sophomore, nineteen, video game design; Profile
  • happy-go-lucky, irresponsible, lazy, goofy, geeky, perhaps a bit self-conscious
  • can be selfish, but usually means well
  • is easily influenced; wants to join Kappa
  • friends: He loves people, so it isn't too hard to make friends with him, so long as you can deal with his apathy and clingy issues.
  • enemies: He's non-confrontational, so this is tough. But if you provoke him enough, he can become passive aggressive and vengeful, so it'd be fun to see him this way.
  • lovers: Max is terribly innocent and wouldn't know what to do with a girl, but somehow he's managed to land himself in a relationship with Bridget Carlson-Baylor. Honestly he feels like he's the luckiest guy ever.


  • Tobias Aldebaran: senior, twenty-two, aviation major, kappa president; Profile
  • confrontational, insufferable, impatient, blunt, arrogant, naive, protective
  • president of KZE and wide receiver for the Wolves
  • has quite a reputation around the school (he "knows" girls)
  • friends: As long as you can handle his arrogance, he's easy to befriend. He's always trying to rile someone up, though, so if you can put up with that, you're good to go. Kappa brothers are a must.
  • enemies: This is also easy. He loves to piss people off, so he practically looks for enemies. He's very confrontational both verbally and physically. Omega guys are practically begging for it.
  • lovers: If you mean "girls he has slept with," then most of Delta can go under this list. Anything serious, though, and you're delving into strange territory. Technically he's started up a bet with Brandon as to whether or not he can score a dork (Callie), but he feels bad, so he plans on quitting the bet. At least whenever he manages to strike up the courage to let Brandon have his truck as per the terms, anyway.
  • Avery Aldebaran: junior, twenty-one, meteorology major, alpha president; Profile
  • intelligent, enthusiastic, energetic, obsessive, optimistic, dorky, arrogant, nosy, naive
  • very oblivious to hatred-- no social cues whatsoever, and is likely to annoy people
  • yes, he is Toby's little brother and president of Alpha, Toby's a bit ashamed
  • he's also got a twin brother who is the very opposite of him and an abrasive, protective younger sister
  • friends: Easy, if you can get past his annoying, know-it-all personality. Most people can't be around him for more than five minutes, as he knows no social cues. Alpha bros needed.
  • enemies: He hardly knows the meaning of the word. Even if people tease him, he'd likely think it was all part of fitting in. Just being bros, right?
  • lovers: Somehow he's actually managed to land himself into some sort of weird mutual-crush thing with Katarina Mischenko, but it's hardly a relationship. At least not yet.
  • Brandon Kepler: junior, twenty-one, media production, kappa; Profile
  • hedonistic, adventurous, all about instant gratification, blind to consequences
  • he lives by the idea that if it feels good, do it, interested in temporary happiness only
  • has questionable morals and can be destructive just for the lulz
  • his best friend is Nick and his siblings are Shannon and Foster
  • friends: Brandon is likely to have plenty of these, but none will likely know him past the surface. He's can be unreliable and insensitive, too. He's a Kappa, too, and he loves his brothers.
  • enemies: He isn't confrontational, and usually he doesn't give two fucks if someone doesn't like him. He might be vengeful for the lulz, though.
  • lovers: Brandon likes women a lot, so it's likely for him to have broken many hearts. He flees relationships the moment they get "boring," though.
  • Andy Wolfe: junior, twenty, computer science; Profile
  • hacker, geek, programmer, easily forgotten, usually content, easygoing, kind
  • he's a good guy, which is the problem-- he's easily friendzoned and pushed to the side
  • can easily be taken advantage of, can lie when he's trying to be cool
  • older brother is Nolan, an omega (currently not played) and sister is Autumn
  • friends: He's like a golden retriever, as his default mode is passively happy. Always friendly, easy to open up, but he doesn't like to be the center of attention.
  • enemies: If you're mean, he'll dislike you. If you're mean to anyone he loves, he'll hate you. He strives to fit in, though, so he might still try to impress.
  • lovers: Poor thing develops crushes very easily, though is easily friend-zoned. I would love for him to have some friend-zoned crushes, if possible.
  • Corra "Sparrow" Finch: sophomore, nineteen, undecided; Profile
  • excitable, happy-go-lucky, enthusiastic, naive, oblivious, humble, easily distracted, childish
  • has trouble in school because she's too easily distracted; has trouble focusing
  • tends to think everyone is a friend, can be extremely annoying
  • has an incredibly sweet personality, though it's like babysitting a toddler at times
  • friends: Corra loves people. I mean, she loves them. Even if you're mean to her, she will still follow you to the ends of the earth in hopes of friendship. She's hard to handle, but she's endlessly loyal.
  • enemies: Doesn't really have these. She tends to give too many second (or third or fourth) chances to actually make enemies. Again, she just keeps trying to make you like her.
  • lovers: Corra can get crushes on very nice guys, but otherwise she's oblivious to this sort of thing. It's about like an elementary crush. Good luck getting her to think seriously about it.
  • Raj Rangan: junior, twenty, screenwriting; Profile
  • analytic, brilliant, socially inept, logical, brutally honest, aloof
  • some people compare Raj to a robot, as he can process and spout out data in a few seconds time. he's also about as socially smart as a robot-- which is to say not at all
  • is incredibly childish in nature, despite seeming so serious; too sentimental at times
  • some might argue that he has an undiagnosable disorder
  • friends: Raj is aloof, but that doesn't mean he doesn't care. It just means he doesn't really get things like he should. He's a great and loyal friend when people are patient with him.
  • enemies: Again, he's aloof; some people take this as him being an asshole. His brutal honesty doesn't help, and he misses social cues constantly.
  • lovers: This is damn near frightening to him. He wouldn't know where to begin and almost thinks he's incapable of finding someone who would be that patient with him. The idea of being alone scares him, but he's not necessarily looking for romance so much as companionship. A friend is just as well.


#2 Guest_Alexander Cherstvennikov_*

Guest_Alexander Cherstvennikov_*

  • Guest

Posted 29 May 2013 - 08:24 AM

PHEW okay this is going to be long 


Alex and Max: These two are exactly alike and they are both clingy and emotional so I can see these two hanging out all of the time. Bromance in the making? I think so!


Alex and Tobias: I can see these two getting very competitive with each other..Hopefully if Alexander gets approved for Sigma President, these two can do a little battling against each other to see who has the better house. I see them being frenimies 


Alex and Shannon: Can you say shopping besties? Oh man she will love the hell out of Alexander because he is just like her. Loyal and honest and just lovable. These two got some speaking to do!

#3 Melli


Posted 29 May 2013 - 08:34 AM

All of those sound awesome! (Also he's totally approved, we just haven't gotten around to updating the lists yet.) I really like the idea of Toby having a rival as far as the fraternities go, but I think he'd totally respect Alex, since he's not a douchebag like Toby expects. And SHANNON WOULD LOVE A FRIEND. She'd be super intimidated by Alex just because he's Omega president, but once she finally opened up they would be EPIC friends. I look forward to it.


#4 Guest_Alexander Cherstvennikov_*

Guest_Alexander Cherstvennikov_*

  • Guest

Posted 29 May 2013 - 08:40 AM


*after reading your post*

#5 Guest_Coraline Buchanan_*

Guest_Coraline Buchanan_*

  • Guest

Posted 29 May 2013 - 08:24 PM

Coraline & Tobias
Hmm..maybe they were friends as kids because their parents were frienda, but when Cora's family moved to Minnesota, they stopped contact. They finally meet back in college without noticing it (perhaps at a party)...and could add things to this if you want. (BTW I LOVE CHRIS PINE)

Coraline &Tyler
Maybe make these two enemies..i dunno but I like him as a character.

#6 Guest_Gracie Briffet_*

Guest_Gracie Briffet_*

  • Guest

Posted 29 May 2013 - 11:48 PM

so many character ^-^

Melanie && Gracie
I don't think these two would interact much. I mean, they're both into fine arts, but that's about it with similarities.

• Max && Gracie
Max is adorable :P I think these two would make very good friends, since Gracie loves video games too :3

• Chase && Gracie
She might be a little intimidated by him, since he's a senior and all

• Tobias && Gracie
Enemies, arrogance is a super turn off for Gracie

• Avery && Gracie
Maybe friends? Dunno xD;

• Nick && Gracie
Not sure.....ideas? XD

• Cricket && Gracie
I can see friendship with these two <3

• Brandon && Gracie
Not too sure here

• Shannon && Gracie
Friends :3

• Andy && Gracie
Friendship, maybe possible crushes?

• Tyler && Gracie
Maybe potential friends?

• Corra "Sparrow" && Gracie
Friends :3

• Raj Rangan && Gracie
Maybe friends? haha XD

#7 Guest_Micah Delamar_*

Guest_Micah Delamar_*

  • Guest

Posted 30 May 2013 - 03:23 AM

Micah and Raj

After finding out from a fellow teacher that Raj was studying screenwriting, Micah sought him out and ended up having a long conversation about writing and genres and good approaches on the beginning or the ending of stories/screenwrites. They talk often, whenever they see each other, and Micah tries to give Raj helpful tips for his major.

#8 Guest_Altair_*


  • Guest

Posted 30 May 2013 - 05:03 AM

You should plot with me.

#9 Melli


Posted 30 May 2013 - 06:35 AM

Jenny: Sure! I imagine Toby as being sort of dorky as a kid, so it'd be a shocker to see he was mister big shot in college. It'd be a fun plot, definitely. And we could probably figure out something with Tyler-- maybe friends?


Kumo: I like all the friendships you've said, definitely. And since sweet Andy crushes so easily, I'm sure he'd crush on her, so that'd be fun to play out. Right now I like the idea of him being friend-zoned; I'd like to play that a while before I develop any actual romance with him and another person, if that makes sense. I'd like to see that side of him. So it'd totally be cool if he had a one-sided thing for her.


Mika: AHHHH YOU'RE HERE, FIRST OFF. sorry i kind of love you. Anyway, absolutely with Micah and Raj. I'm glad people are liking him, because I was afraid he wouldn't get any plots. He would definitely be all about talking about screenwritig, though he could get a bit clingy at times. And talkative. He's so strange. I love it, though.


Aly: no


#10 Guest_Altair_*


  • Guest

Posted 30 May 2013 - 07:00 AM

whatever i don't like you anyway.

#11 Guest_Zachariah Hughes_*

Guest_Zachariah Hughes_*

  • Guest

Posted 01 June 2013 - 03:28 AM

Electrozach and Protocricket

Zach thinks Cricket is really pretty... :3 They're both a little bit geeky, like games, bad at conversation... this sounds like a great thread of pure awkward. Could see them being friends once Zach gets over how pretty she is. Or he could ruin it by attempting to flirt with her. Either way, I'm down for an awkward-tastic thread to see how they'd get along if you're interested and think that fits Cricket.

#12 Melli


Posted 01 June 2013 - 03:56 AM

Oh my god, that's so adorable. I'd be down with threading that, absolutely. Cricket would totally misunderstand because she doesn't think of herself as pretty, so she'd think he thought she was weird or something. They'd be super cute friends, so yesyes!


#13 Guest_Zachariah Hughes_*

Guest_Zachariah Hughes_*

  • Guest

Posted 01 June 2013 - 04:47 AM

Awesome! I can start a thread whenever you want, just let me know when it's a good time for you, and if you have any ideas/suggestions about a place. :3 But just whenever is good for you!

#14 Max Sirius

Max Sirius

Posted 01 June 2013 - 10:16 AM

Anytime and any place is good for me! Sorry I'm totally about to fall asleep now so I don't have many ideas, but I'd love to thread! Just let me know when you have it up and I'll totally be there <3

#15 Guest_Sansa Callaghan_*

Guest_Sansa Callaghan_*

  • Guest

Posted 01 June 2013 - 10:26 AM


Sansa and Max: I can't exactly justify WHY I think Max and Sansa would be cute together. I think that there interactions could be very sweet. I'd imagine Sansa and him being really good friends. Sansa needs someone who is willing to play video games with her, or do dorky things with that she can't with her sisters at Delta. Let me know what you think :)

#16 Guest_Zachariah Hughes_*

Guest_Zachariah Hughes_*

  • Guest

Posted 01 June 2013 - 07:48 PM

Here's a present! I went ahead and had him interact with Cricket just so you have more to work off of, but if that's not cool, I can change it. :3

#17 Max Sirius

Max Sirius

Posted 10 June 2013 - 08:37 PM

Ahhh, I'm so sorry I didn't see Sansa's post until just now! Anyway, yeah, I'd totally be down with that! Max is not used to friends who are girls so it might be a bit awkward at first, but he's definitely always open for new friends!

#18 Guest_Evolet Early_*

Guest_Evolet Early_*

  • Guest

Posted 30 July 2013 - 03:02 AM

Ok so I am going to do an epic fail for a plot request right now... Here are two my characters 




Lavi Beckett 

Full Profile


BS Education, science teacher



She is very out going and fun loving, She doesn't smoke cigarets but she smokes weed.

Extremely intelligent but likes to have a good time, no mater what she is doing




Cataleya Fuentes 

Full Profile


Art or Dance major



She is kind and caring but holds every one at arms length. She is strong willed and intelligent but has a great sense of humor. She likes to work hard and play hard. She smoke weed on the occasion but does smoke cigarets. She has a troubled and complex past but tries to be positive in spite of it.


And there are just so many ideas for all of characters... sssssoooo do you have any ideas ? lol


But I do like these two ....



Brandon & Lavi : it would be fun to maybe have them as friends with benefites.. Lavi is not afraid to do things when she wants it and where she wants it. Could make things interesting


Tobias & Cata : She doesn’t take shit to much so these two could be fun in a sense that she calls him out on his shit and gives back what he dishes out???


Both girls could be interchangeable for the part both are carved from the same block of stone in a sense J

#19 Raj Rangan

Raj Rangan

Posted 31 July 2013 - 09:41 AM

Sorry it took me a while to get around to this! I was thinking maybe we can have an unlikely friendship with one of them, like I said in our PM. Sparrow and Cricket would both work for Cataleya in that sense. Sparrow is a really bright spirit and wants to see everyone smile and laugh, and Cricket is really shy and self-conscious, but still a very sweet person. Let me know what you think!


#20 Guest_Aiden Berkeley_*

Guest_Aiden Berkeley_*

  • Guest

Posted 31 July 2013 - 09:18 PM

So I have a few ideas for friendships and such.


Aiden and Tyler:

These two both like guitar, and while Aiden's a bit more driven, it seems like they actually a bit in common (Xbox included). Aiden doesn't judge people, and he tries to get along with everyone, since he hates conflict. 


Aiden and Max:

I feel like these two could have a lot of fun just hanging out and being buddies. 


Aiden and Shannon:

Omg these two would be such adorable friends. He'd totally support all of her craziness and probably join in occasionally. He's into heavy metal music, which might scare her, but it'd be funny to see her have to overcome her fear of his wildness so she can see his goofy side. Besides, since Aiden's a shy, self-doubting person, they would be able to connect on that level too. Oh - and they both live in Oliver Hall, which would make for some fun dorm adventures.


Max Zheng and Brandon:

These two are kind of similar. While Max is a lot more calculating, they both seem to have pretty shallow friendships, and get bored easily (especially of girls). I think they could have fun hanging out together though.


Max and Corra:

Even though it'd be super random, I feel like it would be really funny if Corra attached herself to Max. He'd have to figure out how to actually deal with a girl he doesn't want to sleep with, since he mostly just uses girls for his own entertainment. He's a decent guy though, but he'd probably kind of keep their friendship a bit of a secret from his partying friends.




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