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CSU is a text-based, self-hosted roleplay site created in 2013. It's set in Colorado at a fictional university. Register with your character's first and last name with proper capitalization. Unfortunately due to the presence of bots we've had to turn on admin validation of all accounts, so please be patient with us or drop us a message in the cbox to remind us you're here! Once your account has been validated, feel free to apply with a profile and join in the fun!

Centennial State University, founded in 1891, is a prestigious public university located south of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Its remote location serves as a great higher education grounds, as there are little distractions yet many learning experiences. CSU offers a wide array of degrees, from wildlife conservation to video game design to dance, just to name a few. Our science and arts departments are among the nation's finest, and our intercollegiate athletics programs are rising up more and more every year. If you're interested in having both the experience of a lifetime and the best education in the midwest, then apply today and call CSU home.

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Evan Robinson

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#1 Guest_Evan Robinson_*

Guest_Evan Robinson_*

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Posted 30 October 2014 - 07:22 AM

Student Details

Full Name:
Evan Robinson
Lead Designer, and future CEO of Robinson Enterprises
Year/Faculty Position:
Senior (Due to his high intellect he coudl have skipped many grades but chose not to)
Marital Status:
Sexual Orientation:

Student ID

Play-by/Face claim:
Rick Cosnett
Distinguishing marks:
He is 6"1', with light brown hair. He has blue eyes. He has causasian skin. He is pretty fit. He's also sometimes considered handsome.

Psychiatric Profile

Electronics, Books, Reading, His mother, and his sister
Arrogance, Over confidence, Rudeness, Working with others too much other than with his mother or sister.
Off the charts Genius level IQ, Fit, Quick thinking, Great memory
Bad to working with others,
close friends/family being hurt, afraid of doing bad in school/work.
Always pushes himself when working, as he afraid of doing bad.
Evan is a person really likes anything related to electronics, especially computers. He is more intelligent than most adults. He is in fact so good at computer things, that he has made a very advanced operating system before.While he isn't really a people's person, or talkative, he can be pretty talkative aroud his family. He would do just about anything for his family. Family to him is very important, in fact it is one of the most important things to him.


Evan is a very calm, and intelligent person. A thing about his memory is that when looking at something he just needs to quickly look at it, and can just come back to it later. He would never complain about school things, no matter how hard. He pushes him self a lot, sometimes too much. Though despite all of this, he is a very fair person, and can be really nice.

Background Check

His mother-Caroline Robinson, and his twin sister-Ashley Robinson

CSU Records

General Business
School Schedule:
Off Campus, Family Mansion

Out of Character

Your name/alias:
Time Zone:
How did you find us?:


RP Sample:

Evan was in the car. He was waiting, being driven to CSU, it was going to be quite a long trip. Normally people would get bored by such long trips, but being as smart as he is, Evan could think of lots of ways to keep himself occupied during the trip. In fact just think of ways to keep himself occupied was starting to keep occupied.Evan finally decided to just use his computer, and work on some things. Evan activated a portable wifi hotspot, before opening a 3D rendering software, he started working on a product design for Robinson Enterprises. Working on it did make him less bored, time passed, and finally they arrived. Evan put his laptop away, and entered the building.


'Not bad' He thought, he then headed to the administration office, as he was pretty sure new students needed to go there to check in or something, plus he needed to get whatever supplies was needed, and a schedule. After a short walk he entered the administration office, there was no one there. He sat down on a seat and waited for a while. Soon a secretary entered, and Evan quickly stood up.


"Hello, my name is Evan Robinson, I'm a new student here, are there any supplies I need to get, and could I have a schedule please?" He said.

#2 Ruby


Posted 10 December 2014 - 09:33 PM

You have been accepted to Centennial State University!

Welcome to CSU. Before you get started, here are a few things you might want to fill out for our records:

If your character is involved in any extracurricular activities, be sure to fill these out as well!

Finally, you should stop by here to make a plot page. Be sure to read some others and reply! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! Hope to see you around soon.

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#3 Melli


Posted 27 February 2015 - 12:00 AM


Your account has not posted within the past 30 days. As our rules state, your account and profile have been archived, and your claims freed. We understand inactivity and we encourage you to come back someday-- for this reason, we will never delete your profile. In order to become active again, please take these steps:
  • PM an administrator to move your account from inactive to the correct usergroup (please specify sophomore, junior, etc)
  • Check the face claim. If your desired claim is free, reclaim it. If it is taken, either find a new claim or PM the member who has it to see if they are willing to share. If not, you'll have to find a new one.
  • Check the other claims. If those positions are taken, you'll need to find new ones. Repost any sorority/fraternity membership claims.
  • Repost your plotter. Unfortunately we delete these with inactivity.
  • Get to posting. Please post within a two week span of becoming active again-- we'd rather not go through inactive/active cycles!
  • Also, if you are an active member of the site on other accounts, keep in mind that we don't check the Who's Who to make sure we don't archive your unused account. As such, you'll have to go through this process just like everyone else!
Again, we understand inactivity, and we hope to see you back someday! Keep in mind that you're always welcome around here!


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