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Kappa Halloween Party

open! event thread open halloween kappa zeta epsilon

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#1 Toby Aldebaran

Toby Aldebaran

Posted 31 October 2014 - 06:35 AM

Kappa parties never lacked a crowd. On any given Friday night, the house was usually alive with students, whether or not there was an "official" party scheduled. They had a reputation for having the best parties on campus, after all, so it was no wonder that even those of other fraternities and sororities showed up to have a good time-- especially on occasions like this. Occasions like their annual Halloween costume party.


The house wasn't decorated that brilliantly. Just a few lights here and there, some Dollar Tree skulls and pumpkins and whatever else seemed "Halloween" like, but nothing fancy. The party-goers in their costumes would be festive enough, they figured, so they dwelled more on getting the alcohol prepared for the evening. Took Toby a bit to get everything rounded up, but soon enough everything was in motion and he was able to step back and watch, feeling sort of proud of his idiotic Kappa brothers as they began to pound back punch and beer already. Tonight would be... entertaining. Hopefully.


People were showing up right on time, too; within ten minutes of its scheduled starting time, the house was bustling with people of all kinds-- both students and locals, he noted-- dressed in the craziest costumes. He himself was decked out in a full Superman costume, though he mingled near the punch bowl, more interested in watching for a little while.


((This thread is completely open! Keep joining and posting on as many characters you'd like to!))


#2 Guest_Danika Winfred_*

Guest_Danika Winfred_*

  • Guest

Posted 02 November 2014 - 03:49 AM

(I hope you don't mind me joining in!)

Arriving at the Kappa house, Danika looked and scrunched her nose. Sure the decorations could be amped up a bit, but a least it has some flare. Opening up her mini purse and took out the tiny mirror she always carried and checking and reapplying her makeup. Nodding in approve my she checked out her costume. She was dressed as a nurse with red heels to complete it, it was cute but also hot is what she liked to call it.

Opening the door with a gently push, the Beta ears was contacted with the music as stood still. The place was crowded as people sipped on beer, others gossiping, and Dani stood there, taking a deep breath, tossing back her dark curls and straightening her nurse hat, the junior walked in a powerful stride. Of course she felt eyes falling onto the her mostly guys giving little whistles or showing a bit of shyness, girls looking at her in aww or in envy. Finally making her way to the punch bowl, Danika took a cup and sipped a tiny bit as she watched from the sides.

#3 Guest_Arabella Avery_*

Guest_Arabella Avery_*

  • Guest

Posted 05 November 2014 - 04:18 PM

Arabella was never one to skip a party, especially a Kappa party. From previous years, she would usually go to an Omega party simply because her brother was an Omega and that pretty much guaranteed her an "in" into the parties. This was actually the first time she would be attending a Kappa party, having been invited by her new friend Gabe. She knew they always drew a crowd, so she knew this was sure to be a night to remember, or forget if she drank too much. Pfft.....Averys never drink "too much". 


Her costume was totally different from the one from last year. She froze to death last year in her skimpy Belle outfit, but since she was going to be around a lot more people, she kept it skimpy but not as bad as last year. She loved dressing up, so when she told her brothers what she was planning on wearing, they simply groaned in agony and finally decided that she was old enough to make her own decisions. Well, that and the fact that she'd do what she wanted anyway. 


Once she got to the Kappa house, she politely knocked on the door loud enough to be heard over at the gym. She wasn't sure how the Kappas did things, but Omega had a pretty much "open door" policy. When no one answered right away, she opened the door and walked through the house. When she arrived at the punch bowl and saw the always fabulous Toby Aldebran (dressed as Superman no doubt), she handed him the money pouch attached to her hip. "From the Averys to the Kappas. My annual Greek Life donation. I promise, there's no kryptonite in the bag so you're good to go," she said jokingly. She then reached for a cup of punch and smiled as she remembered the great taste of "Kappa Punch" as her teammates called it. She waved to Danika and smiled in recognition because she hadn't been on campus in a while but she could remember some faces in the crowd. 

#4 Garrex Alexandrov

Garrex Alexandrov

Posted 05 November 2014 - 05:39 PM

"It's whatever. She never responded to my post, so I'm not gonna worry about it. She probably drove herself anyway. I think that sort of thing is going out of style. Guys picking up the ladies." he said to his passenger as he drove from his house to the Kappa House. He'd enlisted Gabe's help in preparations for tonight's party, as his fingers eventually just got tired and he had a lot of weed to prepare. He'd gone a bit overboard, actually. Twenty five blunts and thirty joints were packed neatly in quart sized ziplock bags, not so much for keeping smell down and more for just ease of carry in his messenger bag. He was smoking one of the joints (extra of course, they'd rolled five joints/blunts each just for themselves... or rather, Gare had insisted on such) as he drove.


"I'm more here for you anyway. No romo." he said, blowing a plum of smoke. He had the windows rolled up because it was butt ass cold, and at least the air was circulating some of the smoke, but it was definitely his intention to hotbox the shit out of his car with Gabe. 

It was a ridiculous amount of weed he was dropping on this party, but that's just him. He could throw several ounces down at a party like this and still come out on top later. It was a business venture, really. He usually got a few more buyers out of each party and it basically guaranteed his spot at any greek row party he wanted to show up at. "So uh. How about that jazz combo?" he asked Gabe as he parked near the Kappa House. He couldn't exactly park on the grass or driveway, but he found a decent spot. He could pull out easily if he wanted to leave early, after all.


Turning the car off, he stepped out and shouldered the messenger bag carrying the goods, locking the car once Gabe was out. "What do you think the odds of both of them being here are?" he mused, ready to follow his platonic life partner to the end of the earth.

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#5 Guest_Ellis Pearson_*

Guest_Ellis Pearson_*

  • Guest

Posted 05 November 2014 - 10:12 PM

Ellis wore a smile on her lips as she headed over to the Kappa house.  She had been busy working on Lit Mag stuff so she was heading over alone instead of with the rest of her sisters but she was sure that she'd see them there.  Ellis liked Halloween.  She liked the idea of dressing up as going out but she'd never been one to buy a costume.  Aside from the fact that Ellis simply wasn't a big fan of the fact that all women's costumes tended to be a slutty something, Ellis just liked to be more creative that that.


Ellis was dressed up as the We Can Do It poster woman in denim on denim with her bangs clipped back and a red banana in tied in her hair.  She might not have been the sexiest girl when she entered the crowded party but she looked cute and she was proud of her costume.


She didn't see any of her sisters right away so she headed over to get some punch figuring she'd start with that.  There were a few girls around dressed in the slutty costumes that you bought in the store but Ellis wasn't one to judge, even if that wasn't her thing.


"Crowded," she said vaguely to anyone who wanted to listen as she grabbed herself some punch.

#6 Toby Aldebaran

Toby Aldebaran

Posted 06 November 2014 - 08:28 AM

Events were unfolding just as Toby could've wanted them to. The weed guy was showing up right on time and people were starting to get a bit crazy, which was all he ever wanted from a Kappa party to begin with. It wasn't worth having if it wasn't worth remembering, he always said, and here was hoping that this Halloween would be hella crazy before it was all said and done. He was so preoccupied with looking for entertainment, in fact, that he hardly noticed Arabella approach until she was speaking to him, in which case he turned to her and smiled.


And of course he eyed her costume for a moment, curious. The gears slowly turned in his head-- right, Robin Hood-- before he looked down at the bag she was handing him, head cocked in confusion. "Wait... what?" Donation? Was she giving the Kappas money or something? He took the bag from her and looked down in it, as if trying to confirm whether it was real or fake. "Alright, Robin Hood. Don't tell me you're takin' your costume too seriously. You didn't swipe this, now did you?" He was mostly kidding. Mostly. But still quite confused, to be fair.


#7 Gabriel French

Gabriel French

Posted 06 November 2014 - 09:05 AM



He'd convinced him. Somehow, despite their bickering (dear god they really did sound like a married couple sometimes), he'd convinced his best friend to suck it up and go to this damn party. Gabe had been wanting to go all month, but it was like pulling teeth to get the guy to agree to adjust his Friday night so he could go with him. Because, of course, Fridays were their days, so it voided all that was sacred when he even thought about skipping out on that. As such, if Gabe ever hoped to go to a Friday Kappa party, he had to somehow convince Gare to get his ass over there too. This wouldn't be the first time it happened and it certainly wouldn't be the last.


"Yeah, she seemed pretty chill. Just see if she's there," Gabe told him distractedly, waving a hand at him. The girl was a nice diversion to get Gare to go, truthfully; hopefully she'd be there long enough to keep Gare entertained while he socialized. "But some romo. Some romo, man." He grinned as they pulled up to the house. "Thanks for coming out here."


He'd been ready to speed walk to the house when Gare mentioned jazz combo, in which case he instantly flushed a light shade of red. "It's fun," was all he said at first, clamming up a bit too much to be normal. "She and I are uh-- meeting up. This coming Thursday. Just messing around in the band room, y'know-- with marimbas, I mean. And things of that sort." He looked at his best friend out of the corner of his eye, though the idea of her possibly being here had him... well, feeling oddly nervous suddenly. It was with that foreign feeling settling in his stomach that he stepped into the Kappa house, eyes immediately scanning his environment for anyone familiar.


"There's Arabella," Gabe said, cocking his head and pointing in her direction, waving a bit. "Over by Toby. You should go say hi." It occurred to him that he sounded a bit like a mother taking her child to a birthday party, but he continued about his business nonetheless, reminding himself that he should be thankful he got this opportunity at all. With that, he raised his eyebrows at his best friend and pushed a shoulder through the crowd and over to the punch bowl, as he didn't want to be entirely sober for this. (Whether Gare was following or not was something he hadn't glanced back to see.)


Another girl was near the punch bowl as he grabbed his own drink, and he could've sworn she said something, so he spoke up. "What?" He asked over the music, brow furrowed, though he took in her costume next and smiled. "Nice! I like it. Very clever." He himself was dressed up as Silent Bob (Gare was Jay, of course), though he just looked like a punk with his hat turned backwards in the end. It didn't fit his baby face as well as he'd hoped.

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#8 Garrex Alexandrov

Garrex Alexandrov

Posted 06 November 2014 - 08:54 PM

Garrex never knew what to do with his hands at parties. He wasn't a party person. Well, he could be, but this just wasn't his scene. He knew hardly anyone on other than a 'professional' relationship with his buyers, a couple of which had already waved and made eyecontact with him, you know, the sort of eyecontact where they were about to swarm him to buy off of him. He glanced toward Gabe, who was instructing him to go talk to Arabella. That's right. And there was Toby.


He supposed he should kill two birds with one stone. At least he wouldn't have to go hunting all over the fucking house for Toby. He was breathing in a response to Gabe about looking around for Lark when he turned and looked around. He was alone. "Damnit, Gabe." he grumbled, suddenly finding himself in a crowd of people. Attempting to school the scowl from his face, he headed over to Toby and Arabella, already rummaging through his satchel. He pulled out a single snack size ziplock bag full of three fat ass blunts and three joints. "Toby." he greeted with a nod, soon nodding to Arabella as well. "Miss Avery," He held the baggie out to Toby. "My compliments. Blueberry Kush, Lemon Haze and Lavendar. Enjoy. As for you." he said, looking to Arabella.


He was like fucking santa claus. He opened his bag up a bit to show her what was inside. Besides a massive amount of weed in air tight bags, there were several boxes of fruit based candy. Fruit by the foot, fruit roll up, and motherfucking gushers.


Gregors didn't fuck around.

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#9 Guest_Ellis Pearson_*

Guest_Ellis Pearson_*

  • Guest

Posted 06 November 2014 - 09:39 PM

"Oh, I was just commenting on how crowded the party is already," Ellis said, looking up at Gabe before taking a sip of the punch.  It was a little sweet for her taste, but it would do for now.  Maybe later she could find some beer or something that wasn't so sugary. 


She couldn't help but smile when he complimented her costume.  She though that it was pretty clever too, but she honestly hadn't expected any guys to compliment it.  She had kind of thought most of them would be busy complimenting the girls dressed up like fairy tails in mini dresses and thigh highs.  Not that there was anything wrong with that, Ellis silently reminded herself.  Sometimes it was hard not to judge a little but Ellis tried very hard not to be that way.  "Thanks," she said, "I like your costume too.  Can't go wrong with a little Kevin Smith action, but where's your counterpart?" she asked, scanning the crowd.  "Please say someone is walking around this party dressed up as Jay because that would be far more exciting than just a Silent offense," she said.  Though perhaps there was no Jay and he'd just gone for the Silent Bob because it was easy.  It seemed like lots of boys tended to go for the easy costumes.


Ellis took another sip of her sugary drink.  Yes, she'd definitely be looking for something else to drink eventually.  She wondered is Silent Bob knew where there were more beverages.  He did look familiar after all so it was likely he was involved in Greek life in someway, and even likelier that he was in Kappa.  "Are you in Kappa?" she asked.  "You look really familiar so I figure I've probably seen you around at some Greek events before," she told him.  "I'm in Lambda," she quickly explained being very aware that her chapter wasn't as well known on campus as some of the other sororities.  "And Ellis, I'm Ellis. That's my name," she added a little awkwardly, but oh well.

#10 Gabriel French

Gabriel French

Posted 06 November 2014 - 11:33 PM

Alright, maybe he'd been a bit unfair to his friend in pawning him off. But watching him wander over to Toby made him feel a bit better at the very least. It wasn't like all that weed could go to just the two of them, after all, and Toby seemed plenty happy with the haul. So he directed his attention to the girl in the neat costume, nodding in agreement. "Yeah, crowded. Always a good turn out at the costume party, though." He eyed the house, which wasn't in horrible shape but neither did it look brand new. Hopefully it could tolerate this kind of crowd.


He grinned as she asked about his counterpart, though, and he immediately pointed over in his best friend's direction. "Gare over there is Jay. This was just about the only costume I could get him to wear." Maybe it was a little odd that he and his friend were coordinating outfits, but eh. They were used to looking like a damn couple by now. 


"Yep, Kappa." He almost mentioned that he was in the SGA too, but something about that felt sort of pretentious and out of places, so he resigned himself to talking about Greek life. "Lambda, huh? That's a nice one. My cousin is pledging Lambda right now, actually. Marie Callisto." Marie tended to fly under the radar, so it wouldn't shock him if she knew little about her. "My name's Gabe. Nice to meetcha, Ellis." He held out his hand for a shake, friendly grin plastered on his face as always.

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#11 Guest_Arabella Avery_*

Guest_Arabella Avery_*

  • Guest

Posted 07 November 2014 - 04:49 AM

"Alright, Robin Hood. Don't tell me you're takin' your costume too seriously. You didn't swipe this, now did you?" Arabella couldn't help but laugh at the look on Toby's face. "My dear Mr. you know us forest folk use only the highest of morals in helping our friends," she said smirking before laughing, "Toby, I make a yearly donation to one of the Houses on campus. Last year at the carnival, I donated to both Beta and Lambda. Before that was Omega, so it's no big deal. No, I'm not taking my costume too seriously, you dork,  I thought it'd be funny to improvise." She laughed as she spotted the dynamic duo of Gabe and Gare making an entrance as what looked to be Jay and Silent Bob. She had to admit, Gabe looked utterly adorable and Gare looked hot as always (had to give the gossipers something to talk about). She saw Gabe motion over to her and Toby and sending Gare over to them. She smirked as he brought a bag to Toby, no doubt the weed that she heard everybody ask was coming.


She grinned when he opened the bag to reveal all sorts of candy that the two had talked about over the Network. She smirked at him and held her hands out in anticipation. "Mr. Alexandrov. Is that for me? I really really REALLY want to do this now. Please please please please?" She was almost jumping up and down in excitement, but didn't want to spill the rest of her drink.

#12 Guest_Ellis Pearson_*

Guest_Ellis Pearson_*

  • Guest

Posted 07 November 2014 - 05:44 AM

"I suppose you're right.  I mean I know I'm at least more likely to turn up for a costume party at least," Ellis admitted.  "Halloween's one of my favorites.  I guess I like costumes or themes though since it allows everyone to be creative," she said.  Eliis was after all a sucker for anything remotely creative.  She spent most of her days writing poetry and sometimes turning them into songs.  While drawing and painting wasn't her passion she enjoyed art tremendously.  Creating costumes went along with that outlet.


Ellis smiled when he motioned over to his counterpart dressed as Jay.  "That's awesome that you guys coordinated," she said, not seeing it as being weird at all.  Then again Ellis tended not to necessarily go along with the norm.  The thought that two boys would coordinate costumes didn't even fall as remotely odd on her radar.  To her, if there was a Silent Bob, certainly there would be a Jay.  That's just how things should go.


"I thought so," Ellis said when he confirmed he was a Kappa.  The fact that he might be involved in other things hadn't really crossed her mind only because they were at a frat party, but truth be told she probably had seen him around campus more than just Greek events.  She just couldn't place him given the context.


She smiled, beaming when he mentioned his cousin was pledging Lambda.  "Marie, right," she said.  "I remember meeting her during rush but I haven't gotten to know her that well yet," Ellis admitted.  "I'm sure I will though.  After all, Lambda's tend to be pretty close."  One of the things that had drawn Ellis to Lambda initially was how close they all were.  When she'd initially gone through rush, she'd seen right off the bat that she didn't fit into Beta or Delta.  The Gamma's had been incredibly sweet and Ellis was sure she could have found a place there, but in the end the Lambda girls had felt most like her people.


She took another sip of the punch and scrunched up her nose.  It was getting sweeter by the second.  "Hey, this is a bit sweet for my taste.  Do you know where I could score some beer?" she asked.  Ellis wasn't a huge drinker but when she did party, she tended to favor beer over the mixed drinks.  And given this Gabe guy was part of this chapter, she imagined he probably knew what was what.

#13 Toby Aldebaran

Toby Aldebaran

Posted 10 November 2014 - 09:22 PM

Something felt odd about accepting a donation, but he supposed it went towards his fraternity. It wasn't as if Kappa didn't do anything philanthropic; every now and then they went out there and painted an old lady's mailbox or something. So he supposed this donation was good for... the paint. Or something. Now that he thought of it, he really needed to brainstorm for more ideas for Kappa. "Yeah, uh-- thanks, I guess," he said anyway, scratching the back of his head somewhat awkwardly, as he wasn't sure how else to take the gesture. 


Just as soon as that happened, however, suddenly Gare was there with another bag of goodies. He took it, eyebrows raised, and laughed for a second. "I'd think it was fuckin' Christmas between the two of you. Blueberry kush you said? Haven't had that."


He stared at one of the joints for a second before literally waggling his fingers and saying "don't mind if I do!" With that he grabbed one and lit up, only turning to ask the next essential question once he'd taken a full hit. "How much do I owe you?" He asked, smoke billowing out of his mouth.


#14 Gabriel French

Gabriel French

Posted 10 November 2014 - 11:23 PM

Gabe shrugged, nodding slightly at her words. "Costume parties are pretty cool. But I think the best creativity of Halloween lies in the scares." He smiled mischievously at her, eyebrows raising, though quite honestly he wasn't the best at "scaring" others. That usually entailed sneaking around and being all quiet, but he was the sort of person that sounded like an elephant in a china shop even when trying to whisper or tip-toe. There was a reason they didn't recruit him for the haunted house-- that and he'd probably sympathize with everyone who went through. Dumb kid.


"Yeah, coordinating was nice. But I have to admit, that wasn't so creative. It was more 'what do we have lying around that Gare will actually wear?' Though I guess that can be creative, too." In fact, now that he thought of it, the two of them had a tendency to be immensely creative when they were together. Just not in ways people normally thought of creativity. For instance, most people might not find it an achievement worth heralding when they invented a "new type of joint."


It was nice to hear about Marie, though; the girl was terribly shy and didn't make friends easily, so perhaps Lambda would be good for her. One could only hope. "Cool. I hope you guys get to hang out soon, then." With that he started to look around for more alcohol, as he wasn't sure what else was around besides punch. He caught sight of a keg near a guy clearly dressed up as Bluto from Animal House, and pointed to him. "Over there by Belushi-- the good one, not the bad one-- there's a bit of beer. Not sure what kind it is."

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#15 Guest_Ellis Pearson_*

Guest_Ellis Pearson_*

  • Guest

Posted 11 November 2014 - 12:00 AM

Ellis raised her eyebrows when he mentioned the Halloween scares.  "Oh really?" she said.  "So do I have to watch my back around you?  Are you going to start jumping out from dark corners and whatnot?" she asked with a small laugh.  Ellis wasn't exactly great at scaring people either.  She enjoyed a nice haunted house or hayride now and again but she wasn't sure she'd be very good at working on the other side of it either.


"There's nothing wrong with that," Ellis commented when Gabe mentioned that it was more a costume of what they happened to have around.  "I only had to buy the bandana to complete my costume," she admitted, pointing to the bright red fabric that was tied in her hair.


"Yeah, me too," she said about Marie.  Ellis meant it too.  If she was able to, she would get to know all of the Lambda pledges.  They were sisters now after all and that was the whole point of sisterhood.  Unlike some people that joined Greek Life for the parties or status, Ellis had done it for the whole sisterhood and bonding aspect.  She liked feeling like she had a family away from home.


"Oh I'm sure its something light and gross but I'm not one for sweet drinks," she said, holding up the cup of punch.  "I pretty much grew up in a brewery though so I'm probably harder to please than most," she added with a shrug.  She placed her half drank drink down on the table by a few other already discarded cups.  "I'm going to head to the keg.  You wanna join?" she asked.  She hadn't located her friends yet and Gabe seemed pretty cool.  She figured she might as well hang out with him until she did see some of her friends, that is as long as he was up for it.  For all she knew, she was about to be ditched by someone dressed as a slutty fairy or something.

#16 Gabriel French

Gabriel French

Posted 11 November 2014 - 06:59 AM

"I might," Gabe joked with her, eyebrow raised. Something about scaring the piss out of someone didn't seem conducive to making a friend, even if he was the sort of person who could easily scare another. "But Halloween's over after tonight. Takes the fun out of it, y'know. You might be safe for a little while longer."


He eyed her bandana for a moment or two, supposing it was an easy costume to put together now that he thought of it. But it was still creative. A hell of a lot more creative than going out and buying whatever costume showed the least skin-- though he didn't really judge that sort of thing, either. As long as women were comfortable he didn't really care, but truthfully he preferred this sort of look. Good Guy Gabe. "Still a good costume," he noted, same friendly smile on his face.


"A brewery, huh? Might I ask where that brewery was?" This girl was pretty interesting to talk to-- not difficult or shy or anything like that. It was nice, and as such he was curious to find out a bit more about her. Upon being asked to join, he nodded without hesitation, already starting towards the keg. "Yeah. It's better than getting nauseous just from the sugar, too." Admittedly he'd done that one too many times in his early days of Kappa. "I think I might get some beer as well."

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#17 Max Sirius

Max Sirius

Posted 11 November 2014 - 07:09 AM

Kappa... intimidated him. Quite a bit. Even now that he was a pledge he was never sure what to do with himself, so mostly he just walked around with spaghetti noodles as arms, acting a bit too excited for his own good at times and at others acting a bit too much like he didn't care. Kappas never hesitated to give him a rough time, either; in fact they almost insisted on being shitheads to him if only because he was just so entertaining when he got so overeager and worried about it all. Perhaps he did have a lot in common with his sister in the end.


Regardless, he came to the party with every intention of winding down and enjoying Halloween, as it was one of his absolute favorite holidays. The only reason Christmas trumped it was because gifts, so he'd been looking forward to this holiday on campus for a while. Yet now that it was here and he was dressed a bit too convincingly as Master Chief, he had to admit that this was probably a huge mistake. He could've picked something cooler, something that didn't betray what a dork he was, yet here he was.


He supposed it was lucky that he had a helmet on to cover his face. Though then again, it made drinking exponentially harder to do when it was blocking the way.


For a while he hovered by the punch bowl, shifting nervously as if he didn't know what to do with himself. It wasn't until he spotted another girl nearby-- Jaxx, though he didn't know her name yet-- that he even decided to give chatting a try. "Heeey," he said a bit hesitantly, looking over the party. "Bit of a crowd tonight, huh?"

#18 Guest_Ellis Pearson_*

Guest_Ellis Pearson_*

  • Guest

Posted 11 November 2014 - 03:54 PM

Ellis laughed when Gabe assured her that he would not be scaring her in the future.  "Oh good," she said, "I won't have to bring a mirror to check around corners or anything then," she said, smiling.  Ellis imagined that having someone like that who was always trying to scare her...and her trying to scare him back (since she could never let that sort of thing go one sided even if it wasn't something she considered herself good at) could be kind of fun but it would also be terrifying probably so it was probably for the best.  Though she had to admit that she did sort of like the idea of them making a pact to try and scare one another mostly because that meant that she'd be guaranteed to see him around again, and honestly, that didn't seem like such a bad thing.


"Thanks," she said when he complimented her costume again.  It genuinely made her feel good because while she wasn't one to go around bragging, she thought that her costume was pretty awesome too.  She'd gotten one of those aha! moments when she'd thought of it, especially when she realized that she pretty much already owned all of the pieces.


She smiled once more when he asked her about the brewery thing, clearly interested.  Not that that surprised her.  Most people tended to interested when they learned that she'd grown up around beer.  It was after all very different than having parents who were doctors or teachers or accountants or insert other normal profession here.  "Yeah, my dad has a brewery in Portland, that's where I'm from.  It's small.  We do some bottling but it isn't really distributed outside of the state.  I have a few bottles in my room since I brought some with me then my dad will sometimes send me packages when he bottles something new," she explained.  "I'm not 21 yet or anything but I grew up tasting beer and my dad sort of decided when we turned 18 that he was cool with us drinking so..." she trailed off, ending with a small shrug.


When Gabe added that he'd join her on the beer front, Ellis had to admit she was pleased.  Maybe she hadn't run into her friends yet but maybe that was okay.  Maybe it was worth getting to know this guy a little better.  "Cool," she said simply.  "How are you at pushing through crowds.  Should you lead the way or should I?" she asked.

#19 Gabriel French

Gabriel French

Posted 12 November 2014 - 04:08 AM

"Nah, not because I'd scare you. I could be the heir to the Chamber of Secrets, though, so you might wanna keep that mirror for the corners just in case." He grinned, sticking his hands in his pockets. Truthfully Gabe was one of the biggest Harry Potter nerds on campus, and that wasn't a subject his fellow Kappa brothers ever failed to bring up. Neither was he the sort of person who was terribly sensitive about it, though, so he'd poke fun at himself to diffuse the tension and they'd be back at square one. Besides, Kappa was generally pretty accepting, and his aura of confidence most certainly fit in with the rest of them.


"That's-- yeah, that's pretty cool. Pretty sure my mom woulda hung us up to dry if we'd had anything to drink before twenty-one. Good thing she couldn't watch me pledge Kappa, then." He raised his eyebrows and smiled wryly, looking around, particularly at some of the obviously drunken pledges. Poor things. He remembered those days. "Anyway, what's Portland like?" Being a Kentucky boy, this was admittedly just about as far west as he'd gone in the United States. Why he'd picked this university had a lot to do with the people that would be there, but for the most part he'd wanted an adventure. Regardless, he still hadn't ventured any further than Colorado, despite wanting to one of these days. Vegas. California. And from what he'd heard, Portland was pretty cool. 


She didn't have to ask him more than once; automatically he started pushing his way through the crowds, nodding for her to join him. It wasn't all that bad-- he just had to, y'know, push off a few drunken douchebags and avoid stepping on a few toes. And whatever that substance there that was all over the ground. He didn't want to think of that one much. Soon enough he'd made his way over to the keg, though, getting her a cup of beer first before filling his own.


"There." He took a sip, making a bit of a face. It was cold but hella cheap. It would do either way. "Better?" He asked, raising his eyebrows.

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Arabella smiled at Toby's awkwardness and couldn't help but laugh. "Toby, I was promised an epic Kappa party by none other than Gabe Hearne, and I believe you've delivered. My parents send me money to donate to any one or two houses a year since I didn't pledge Greek. Kappa's pretty much the winners this year with the Halloween party. So, stop being awkward about it. You can ask anyone that knows me on campus and they'll tell you the same thing. It happens EVERY year," she said seriously. She took a deep breathe to keep from hurting him for being awkward and decided on looking for more booze. That blueberry kush sounded amazing, since she loved all things blueberry, but being an athlete she couldn't take the chance of a surprise drug test popping up anytime soon. 


She bid Toby and his awkwardness adieu and went in search of something stronger than the punch she was drinking. She spotted a bunch of Kappas over by what looked to be the bar and she sidled over and planted herself in the lap of one before ordering herself a couple shots of Patron or whatever tequila the frat boys had. Once she downed those and shook off the taste and the burn, she then ordered shots for all three of the boys around her. "All Hail Kappa," she shouted while tossing back her shot. Kappa definitely delivered on the epicness of the party. Thank god she didn't have any early classes tomorrow! She knew there was to be a hangover from hell, but she didn't really care at the moment. She was living her life and killing her liver at the same time. Wasn't college awesome?

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