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Kappa Halloween Party

open! event thread open halloween kappa zeta epsilon

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#21 Guest_Ellis Pearson_*

Guest_Ellis Pearson_*

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Posted 15 November 2014 - 06:08 AM

"Oh I hope not," Ellis said.  "I'd like to think that I wouldn't hang out with a Slytherin.  Gryffindors and Ravenclaws, yes, even the Hufflepuffs would be okay...but Slytherin...I don't know about them," Ellis teased.  She had enjoyed the Harry Potter reference after all.  She'd learned to embrace the fact that a wide variety of people loved the world of Harry Potter, even cute boys, so it wasn't that surprising that Gabe was a fan...but a big enough fan to reference it, perhaps that was a little bit surprising.  Never-the-less, she took it in stride, deciding that if nothing else, she wanted to be this boy's friend.


She let out a laugh when he mentioned that his mom would have freaked if he would have drank underage.  "I think most parents are like that," she said, "mine were abnormal.  But I suppose that happens when your dad has a brewery.  It's like a different way of thinking," she explained.  Truthfully, Ellis's family was kind of unique.  Her parents were divorced but still friends and she and her siblings all got along despite any differences they might have.  They had been raised to be accepting and while they all had the occasional slip up, for the most part they were.  After all, while it was widely believed that the whole hipster thing started in Brooklyn (and Ellis couldn't contest that), Portland certainly could have at least given the East Coast City a run for its money.  It was a quirky city filled with bikers and breweries.  Ellis really did love it there.  In all honesty, she'd only left because she was determined to see what else was out there.


She was grateful when Gabe led the way to the beer.  Ellis was small and petite so she wasn't exactly the best at pushing through a crowd.  She'd sooner get lost in it.  But Gabe moved through everyone effortlessly as if he was moving through water.  The resistance was minimal and Ellis found herself at the keg in no time.  She graciously took the cup of beer he offered and took a small sip.  "It's what I'd expect of beer at a college party," she said.  "So yes, better than the sugar punch.  At least this won't give me a headache," she said with a small smile, trying to convey that she really wasn't complaining.  After all, Ellis was only 19 so when it came to free alcohol there was no room to complain.  She was just grateful. "If you ever want to try out some good stuff though, let me know.  I'm a bit of a craft beer snob thanks to my dad," she admitted with a small shrug.

#22 Gabriel French

Gabriel French

Posted 19 November 2014 - 11:31 PM

Gabe grinned widely as she carried on the Harry Potter conversation. He, too, didn't necessarily consider it to be dorky to love the series, as it was such a part of pop culture by now that it was impossible to not have some kind of exposure to it, even if just to the movies. But he was an avid fan. The type that had reread the books over and over and got weirdly nostalgic and excitable about it. The kind that dressed up as Harry Potter at one too many Halloween parties; in fact it was a shock that he hadn't come as someone from that series to this party. Perhaps he could've convinced Gare to be some random wizard. 


"Slytherins aren't so bad. I have a feeling Gare would be a Slytherin." He was just the type. Cunning, sly. "I can't decide if I'd be a Hufflepuff or Gryffindor. You seem like a Gryffindor or Ravenclaw." Internally he reminded himself not to get too caught up with this conversation. There was a reason he had friends specifically for discussing this stuff. Not everyone got as geeky as him about it. It was kind of silly, really.


He took a sip of his newly poured beer, continuing the conversation they'd started before they headed over. "Yeah. Seems like brewery dads would be pretty laid back." His dad was mostly laid back as well. It was just his mom that could be slightly overprotective at times. But they had a tightly knit family, so he couldn't complain at all.


"I'll definitely have to try out that beer sometime. I'll be honest-- I'm only a new fan of beer, but hey... whatever I can try will be nice." He was typically a wine drinker. People teased him for it but he didn't care; he was the kind of guy who'd show up with a wine bottle and drink directly from it the whole time. Even dry red wine, like he was some fancy guy or something. Yet there was something very decidedly un-fancy about drinking it from the bottle.

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#23 Garrex Alexandrov

Garrex Alexandrov

Posted 20 November 2014 - 02:17 AM

"Nothing monetary, just exclusive slinging rights, if you get my drift." he said. It was a pretty fair deal. He got a ton of business from the frat brothers buying directly from him and they got their parties catered for basically free, weed wise. It wasn't like dropping a couple ounces at a party for free was going to hurt him financially. Hell, he'd recoup the money in a week once he'd handed out his burner number to basically everyone at the party he passed a joint to. 
He glanced sidelong, reaching into his pocket and pulling out his vape. Where the hell did Gabe go to? Oh, there he was. By the punch. And Arabella, the girl that was supposedly coming to this party for him, was heading off as well. Gare just kind of turned back to Toby with a somewhat annoyed look, though it could easily be mistaken for just his resting bitch face. "You've got to be fucking kidding me. Seriously, Gabe?" he said to no one in particular as he glanced over to his best friend, chatting up some girl.


He took a long drag of his vape, smoke coming from his nose a few moments later. "Allright. Fuck it. I guess I'm on my own tonight. I'm gonna do a lap, Tobe, see ya around." he said. And by do a lap he meant he was going to find the stonerest looking motherfuckers here and get blazed and hopefully get some new contacts. This was a business venture for him now since he'd been ruthlessly abandoned not only by his best friend but also some random girl on the internet. Which was fine. 

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#24 Douglas Macarthur

Douglas Macarthur

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Posted 20 November 2014 - 11:28 PM

It was bad enough having to do the booze run for people but dressed in a gladiator costume (which didn't hide a lot) made things just that much more awkward!  Still DJ did it, thanks to legally being old enough to buy and having a decent sized vehicle to get around in.  In the haul was the usualy mixes and then the odds and ends like soda water, cola, and someone wanted food as well.  He pulled into the Kappa house, massive arms loaded down. 


"Make way, make way, Bacchus has returned with the treasure his followers!"  He said in a jovial tone as he somehow managed to find an open spot to unload all the goodies.   At the moment he was just aching for a JD & Coke, he hoped no one else would want or need anything for the rest of the night.

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