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Raj Rangan open

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#1 Raj Rangan

Raj Rangan

Posted 29 May 2013 - 08:04 AM

Raj's day was usually the exact same every single day. Wake up, go to class, go to lunch, more class, come back to his apartment and waste time with his best friend until he went to bed. And then he'd get up and repeat it all over again until the weekend, during which he'd just sit around in his pajamas doing nothing of importance. Every now and then he might hang out with one of his siblings, but mostly it was just him and his TV, day in and day out.


Which sounded like a rather lonely existence to some people, but he was completely content with it. He had his best friend and his siblings, so there wasn't much need for anything else. Sure, he desired more friends every now and then-- Josh couldn't be around all the time-- but it was a small complaint in his otherwise happy life. Things usually went without a hitch, unless he pissed someone off, which happened more times than he liked to admit.


Over time he'd learned to stay quiet. Now was no exception; he followed everyone in line until he was able to pile food onto his own plate, patient as always. The cafeteria was oddly crowded for summertime, though (he blamed it on all of the new freshmen), so it took a lot of searching to find a seat that was untaken, much less one that was secluded.


He ended up settling for a seat that was, at least, near someone solitary rather than a group of people. It toned down the awkwardness a little bit when they were both eating alone in the general vicinity of each other, he supposed. After adjusting himself in his seat, he raised the bun on his hamburger and peered at it for a moment.


"There's a lot of things in this," he said mostly to himself, "but meat is definitely not one of them." Shrugging to himself, he took a giant bite anyway.


#2 Guest_Miranda Antares_*

Guest_Miranda Antares_*

  • Guest

Posted 13 June 2013 - 02:39 AM

Seldom did Miranda actually end up having to eat lunch all by herself. That is to say, usually she was able to charm one of her family members into spending time with her by joining her for a meal. It was easy to slide up to one of her cousins and put on a smile or a pout and convince them that Miranda time was a thing they wanted to do. It wasn't that she was clingy in any way with them, really, she wasn't. For someone who so often insisted on family bonding time and was practically joined at the hip with her cousin, she was surprisingly independent. There was just something absolutely dull about having to eat by yourself.


And luckily for her, there was enough family to go around. Though some of them like Toby didn't exactly welcome her as much as others did. That didn't affect her all too much though. It took a lot to get her mood down in fact, even if she wasn't as optimistic as Avery. Even having plans cancelled didn't seem to bother her all too much as she usually bounced back pretty easily, despite the initial disappointment.


It was what had gone on that day. Somehow she'd convinced Nat of all people to sit down and eat with her. Though of course that probably had to do with the ridiculous gift card she'd gotten her from the coffee shop. And she was looking forward to it, too, until Nat promptly told her she had to move into her new apartment and that she didn't have time for lunch that afternoon and that she'd fucking promise her a fucking raincheck and shit.


So there she was, tray in hand, scanning the cafeteria for a familiar face. She gave up promptly, sitting down at a table that only had one occupant and promptly digging into her food. She wasn't all too bothered by his comment, eating the same thing he was and nodding. "Gives a whole new meaning to the term mystery meat, right? But we eat it regardless. It's like when they told us that taco bell mean was like 37 percent meat or whatever but I still went and bought a taco twelve pack anyway." She took another bite of her burger and shrugged. "Tastes good to me."

#3 Raj Rangan

Raj Rangan

Posted 13 June 2013 - 03:51 AM

Raj glanced up at the girl, eyebrows raised though he was hardly self-conscious about the social interaction. For a moment he observed her, sorting through what she'd said and her personality type before nodding his head. She seemed nice enough, laidback-- she wasn't judging him for talking to himself anyway, and was actually responding. A lot of other people would have just scoffed at him and moved on.


So he continued the conversation as if they were old friends, no hint of unfamiliarity on his features or in his tone of voice. "Is that true?" He asked, though it was hardly an accusation so much as complete curiosity. While he usually considered himself well-versed on strange scandals such as that and urban legends alike, things always slipped through the cracks. "I wouldn't be surprised. As long as it's FDA approved and people keep buying it, they'll continue churning it out. I'm sure their sales didn't see a single hitch."


He took a bite, obviously the type of guy who wouldn't give a shit about that sort of thing, either. But he was talkative when something like this was on his mind, so after being polite enough to swallow his bite (he'd been basically drilled on manners like these), he continued. "I'm not sure if it tastes good in this case so much as it's free. And Taco Bell is really cheap. Things tend to 'taste' better when there's little money involved." He thought of ramen noodles in particular and how he ate them constantly. He knew they were horrible for him, too, as they made him sleepy for a couple of hours afterwards.


"Raj Rangan," he said next, not bothering to give a pretense. Surely it was clear that his name was that. Nor did he extend any sort of sentiment like "nice to meet you" or "greetings" or whatever else any normal human being might add. But he was friendly enough nonetheless, offering a small, well-meaning smile and a nod.


#4 Guest_Miranda Antares_*

Guest_Miranda Antares_*

  • Guest

Posted 13 June 2013 - 11:08 PM

Much like Raj, Miranda was rarely self-conscious about social interaction. To her, everyone was her friend, or at the very least everyone had the potential to be her friend. She hardly if ever stopped herself from having a conversation with a stranger, no matter the occasion, and if they ended up snubbing her for some reason, well then, it was their loss. Not hers. Never hers. So, having a conversation with this guy she'd never met before, no matter how strange the topic didn't really faze her at all.


Though she didn't usually care all too much if someone didn't pay any mind to her, she was usually more than happy when someone readily returned the conversation. "Hm," she shrugged, popping a french fry into her mouth and chewing thoroughly. "Might be an exaggeration, I can never remember numbers. But I remember it was something like that." She could remember hearing about it on the news, Pippa scoffing at her about how she should stop eating that nasty shit because real tacos were easy to make, but that didn't deter her at all.


"But I mean what can you expect they make like three hundred tacos an hour." She gave another half shrug, not really all too bothered with the taste of the food. Again, Pippa came to mind, and she knew she would have scoffed loudly at her for liking it. "My cousin would disagree with you, she thinks this and taco bell is trash, but then again she's terrifying so I tune her out most of the time, anyway." There was nothing wrong with her cousin's cooking. Or her unending honesty, but it didn't mean she had to listen to either of her opinions.


She didn't pick up on the absence of niceties there, it wasn't something she readily noticed. So mostly she just nodded her head at him and introduced herself in the same manner as he had. "Miranda Antares." She said, before concentrating on her burger again. "But now that you mention it, I do wonder what's in here."

#5 Raj Rangan

Raj Rangan

Posted 14 June 2013 - 04:07 AM

Exaggeration or not, Raj didn't doubt for a second that there was some truth behind what she said. Automatically he made a mental note to check and see the facts beyond it later, and fortunately for him, he never forgot things like that. In fact he almost started to check it on his phone right then and there (the only thing his phone was ever good for to be quite honest), but he took some words of advice from the many "kind" people he'd spoken to over the years and chose to focus on her instead. As socially awkward as he was, he knew patterns and could memorize things, and this was one of those patterns. Don't be rude.


Eye contact still wasn't easy for him, though, so oftentimes he looked at her shoulder or her forehead rather than right at her. He still pointed at her, eyebrows raising. "Good point. They've gotta make 'em quick and they probably can't afford to have tons of meat that they could undercook. I imagine sick people aren't good for business," he said nonchalantly, hardly even aware that they were having a completely normal, though strange conversation without knowing each other at all.


"Well, a lot of people are on the health movement. It makes sense. They really are trash. Doesn't keep me from eating them, though, despite how illogical it might seem." He gave another nod, tearing into his hamburger as if to make a point. No one had died directly from eating Taco Bell or cafeteria food, so he considered it safe, especially since he was far from taking part in the obesity epidemic. Sure he ate enough and badly enough to weigh the size of a house, but his metabolism was insane. Almost too insane, judging by how skinny he was.


"My roommate might agree. He's an excellent cook and would rather make his own tacos any day rather than drive through Taco Bell. He says it takes about the same amount of time, and he's got a point-- by the time you get in the car, drive there, wait in line, and come back, it really is about a thirty minute ordeal. But we trick ourselves into thinking it's more convenient." Jesus, he was talking a lot; not that he meant to. Normally he was a bit quiet, but this girl seemed receptive to him, so he just kept on going. 


"Soy, maybe," he answered her question, staring down at it. "Whatever filler they can find. You know, I'd heard multiple times that McDonalds ice cream was made from potato starch, but I think that's untrue. I'll have to double check on google or snopes when I get back home." It was clear that he frequented both.


#6 Guest_Miranda Antares_*

Guest_Miranda Antares_*

  • Guest

Posted 14 June 2013 - 11:22 PM

Miranda noticed the whole eye contact thing almost instantly, though it didn't bother her at all. Sure, she might have not been aware that it might have been indicative of something else, as it was something that she wasn't really used to dealing with in general, but she wasn't one to judge either. It wasn't as if this was her first time meeting someone who had difficulty with social interaction. In fact, if she stuck around and spoke to Raj a bit more, she'd find that he'd probably end up reminding her of some of her cousins.


The topic of conversation didn't seem to faze her all that much either. Strange as it might have been, she was the sort of girl who could honestly talk about anything and be perfectly alright with it. For her, having a conversation meant making friends and as odd as the conversation might have been she would keep it going happily as long as the other person was interested, too.


Again, she shrugged, another "hm" the only sound she made. "No matter what they tell you about fast food people will always eat it. Remember that person that found a finger in their chili at Wendy's? I love Wendy's. If you as me, people will never stop eating it no matter the horror stories." It was true in her book at least. She'd heard them all and nothing seemed to deter her from eating all of the fast food ever.


Especially not Pippa. "Sounds like your roommate and Pippa would probably get along just on that. You wouldn't catch her dead at a fast food place, but not everyone can cook like her.  I bet they know each other actually, is he a Culinary Arts major?" For some strange reason Miranda was always trying to introduce people to her insane ass family, and she was always bringing near strangers around. Already she was thinking about inviting this kid and his roommate to some family event.


She snorted at his answer, finding it terribly hilarious. "So like vegetarians could eat this and really be eating soy?" Well, no one ever said she was the smartest.

#7 Raj Rangan

Raj Rangan

Posted 16 June 2013 - 03:36 AM

People usually weren't that bothered by Raj upon first meeting him. Sure, there was the oddity that he wouldn't quite make eye contact and talked so quickly, and paired with what he talked about, there was no doubt that he was weird-- but he was still considered somewhat normal by most people's standards. Rarely did people hang around long enough to start unlocking some of his stranger behaviors, but neither did he care all that much; he undoubtedly wanted more friends, but if they couldn't accept him for who he was, then he had no interest. Honestly, he had no desire to change, despite being what other people might consider odd or "eccentric." At least he was unique.


"That's a hoax actually," he said, pointing towards his new friend (because why wouldn't she be). "The lady who supposedly found it in her chili stole the detached finger from an emergency room and stuck it in there so she could sue them and get money." He grinned, savoring that strange little gem of knowledge. That was on the list of things that he'd remembered to google in the past.


"Sales actually did drop off when that was discovered, but not everyone knows about it being false, either, and they still continue to eat there. Wendy's is doing just fine." He nodded, taking a loud slurp of his soda through a straw. He heard her next question but continued slurping for a few moments, trying to get every single last drop of soda out of it before answering her. Most people found this sort of behavior rude, but he never really noticed.


"Yes he is. Amazing cook, actually, I lucked out in rooming with him. His name's Josh, so you should ask about him sometime." Not that he knew whether or not he'd speak to this girl ever again, but why not? She was friendly and familiar and if he spotted her in the hallway he'd undoubtedly call her by name. Because if there was one thing besides googling things that Raj never forgot, it was a person's name.


He peered at the burger for a second, cocking his head. "Nah, I think there's still meat in it. Maybe not the parts of meat we'd like to think we're eating, though. And I'm sure the cows that went into the creation of this burger were probably fed all sorts of hormones and other things that made them grow faster and bigger, so that's not really good for us either." He took a large bite, shrugging his shoulders. Raj gave no fucks.


#8 Guest_Miranda Antares_*

Guest_Miranda Antares_*

  • Guest

Posted 16 June 2013 - 07:39 AM

Miranda herself could come off as off putting and weird to people. Though the two of them were a different breed and had she known him completely she wouldn't have compared herself to him in the least bit, but she wasn't a stranger to odd looks and people thinking she was obnoxious and too much sometimes. It was probably why it made it so easy for her to carry conversation with a random person, no matter who it was or how weird the conversation might have been.


Hell, she didn't really think the conversation was that weird, anyway. Her and Melli had held stranger conversations in public and neither of them seemed to care all that much. So as he kept on talking, explaining that it was a hoax, she just nodded along all too intrigued at his little story, slowly bringing her fries to her mouth and chewing.


"Who would steal a finger from a hospital? That's--" anyone else might have been a little disgusted by the topic at hand, perhaps complained about the fact that they were eating thank you very much. But she was hardly affected at all. "--that's really morbid. I wonder who's finger that was." That was probably an even more morbid thought than the original subject but did she care? No. At least Raj was receptive at the conversation.


His behavior didn't strike her as rude. Though Miranda was used to her cousin by now and his manners left something to be desired and she could tolerate him just fine. "I guess I sorta lucked out with having Pippa, too. She works for some fancy restaurant and everything." She snorted a bit, as much as she loved her cousin, she really was pretty hardcore. "But like I said, she's kind of terrifying so maybe less lucky than I'd say." At the very least she had Melli who was a damn good cook herself. "I'm a disaster in the kitchen." She added though she wasn't all too sure why, either.


"Hm, well, most of what I eat is probably like that, and like you said, this is free right?" Miranda didn't care too much either, chewing through her own burger. "So is this sorta thing your major or do you just read a lot?"

#9 Raj Rangan

Raj Rangan

Posted 16 June 2013 - 08:26 AM

Raj remembered the story in far too much detail to be normal-- but he had a wonderful memory and could retain things from just hearing them once. "Some woman had her finger bitten off by a leopard before the chili incident, and while they had it on ice it just conveniently disappeared. Apparently the woman who stole it had been in plenty of disputes with other companies before in efforts to sue them, but this was the only one big enough to make it to the evening news. Smart, really, and maybe a little absurd. It'd be easier to believe that someone lost their finger in the factory rather than... well, the real story."


Neither was he fazed by the conversation, though; it wasn't difficult for him to discuss topics like this without blinking an eye. He went off on rants like this with complete strangers, too, unable to decipher which topics were appropriate for conversation and which weren't, since that sort of thing varied from person to person and changed all the time. He'd learned a particular trifecta of things not to discuss in any situation whatsoever, though-- bodily functions, weight, and breakups. Particularly with girls.


There was something about this girl, though, that made him feel like he could discuss any of those things with her at length. It was surprising how easily comfortable he was with her, but he paid no attention to it. "Terrifying?" He asked, picking out the one thing that was probably inappropriate to ask about. "Does she have a mental disorder or something? But I'm a disaster, too. I like to think I'm mediocre at a lot of things but cooking is not one of them. Maybe that has a lot to do with the fact that I've never tried."


He hadn't, either-- before school he'd had his mother, and now he had Josh. What was the point? "I just read a lot," he answered quickly, looking off for a second as he thought about it. That was probably weird-- but that thought was dismissed as quickly as it came. "I'm a film major. Mostly screenwriting, though. I've always had an interest in designing characters and throwing them into certain environments. What about you?"


#10 Guest_Miranda Antares_*

Guest_Miranda Antares_*

  • Guest

Posted 16 June 2013 - 10:03 AM

There was clear fascination written all over her face. The more Raj talked about this whole finger in the chili story the more she became intrigued. Again, the subject of the conversation hardly made her bat an eye, as she still found it pretty damn interesting even if it was about body part theft.  It wasn't every day she got to talk about things this odd. Not many people in her family humored her with things that struck her fancy like this. Her likes were a hodge podge assortment of things that most wouldn't give two shits about.


Miranda didn't think of herself as terribly weird, but there were those family members that definitely did. Whether he liked it or not, this Raj person had already become her friend, just for this conversation alone. "That poor woman," she shook her head, eyes full of sympathy, still on the edge of her seat over this story. "She never got to get her finger sown back on." She shook her head solemnly as if this was her own finger that someone had stolen.


His comment about Pippa didn't bother her all too much. She just cocked her head as she chewed on her food laughing lightly. "No, not that we know of I mean. She's just--" she paused for a moment trying to come with the right word to describe her cousin. "She's really really honest, which I guess isn't too bad, but she kind of hurts everyone's feelings and then you put her together with my sister and--" she whistled lowly shaking her head. "It's bad." Was all she could say with a shrug. Luckily she wasn't terribly affected by Pippa and Ruth's words, she didn't take things too seriously after all, but there were some of her cousins who got seriously hurt by them. "I tried a couple of times but after a few kitchen disasters my dad banned me." While she was unsure if she would call herself lucky by having Pippa around, she definitely was lucky to have such a large family.


She shook her head as he returned the question to her, shrugging slightly. "I don't really know yet. I like a lot of things, but I don't know if I like them enough to make a living out of them. The main reason I'm here is because my whole family is. My grandparents sort of wanted us to go to school together," she held her hands up as if to say what can I do? And honestly there wasn't much she could do about it, not going to college just didn't seem like an option.


"Screenwriting is super cool though. What kind of environments would you put your characters in?"

#11 Raj Rangan

Raj Rangan

Posted 16 June 2013 - 11:27 PM

"It might've been past saving. But yeah, that's pretty cruel and sick that someone would just steal it for the sake of suing for money." Raj nodded, though he didn't seem too bothered by it at all. It made for a good story at the very least, and if there was anything he understood and liked, it was a story. Perhaps that was the best part about urban legends; despite being untrue sometimes, they still had a beginning and an ending and sometimes a lesson (no matter how convoluted), and people believed them. In a way they contributed to culture, not unlike a religion or unmerited superstition.


"Honest isn't so bad," he said with a shrug, slurping his soda again. "People often say that about me. I don't mean to be offensive, I just call it like I see it." He never really even meant to call it like he saw it, either, but he didn't elaborate. It made no difference anyway-- honesty was honesty and it often offended others, no matter the reason behind it.


He just sort of smiled about the bit in the kitchen, nodding in understanding. Truthfully he'd never tried  to cook-- he might have been good at it if he gave it a chance-- but part of him thought he'd probably set fire to the kitchen as well. Too experimental, like he was with most things, so he'd try something like catching a dessert on fire.


Raj pointed at her again-- obviously a common habit of his-- and smiled lightly. "You should be a teacher. You seem very personable and easy to get along with. And enthusiastic, too, which I think is important for an educator." He paused for a moment, registering the last thing she'd said a bit late. "Why would your grandparents want you to go to school together? My siblings and I all came to the same place, too. I guess it's nice."


By "I guess" he meant it was. It was just a small habit he'd picked up on from others. He couldn't help but grin in mild enthusiasm as she asked about his idea, as most people didn't care enough to mention it. "Time travel. I think time travel would be the best. Maybe an environment where the characters all time travel together at random and by accident, and they never quite know where they're going. They have to adapt to all of these different environments and to each other."


#12 Guest_Miranda Antares_*

Guest_Miranda Antares_*

  • Guest

Posted 17 June 2013 - 12:27 AM

"Eh," all she could really do was shrug at that. Honest really wasn't so bad. Pippa wasn't too terrible on her own. Neither was her sister. But put them together and they were almost unbearable. "You're not bad so far though." Of course she barely knew Raj, the only conversation she'd had with him was about the fast food industry so he really hadn't a chance to be overwhelmingly honest with her in the first place. Then again, she really wouldn't have been terribly affected by his words either.


"I bet Pippa and Ruth would like you actually. You should meet them one day, you three in a room together with the rest of my family." Her eyes went wide and she held her hands up in front of her, lips pursed. It wasn't too difficult to imagine, either, Raj might have had some odd quirks but she could actually see him getting along with her cousins. She wasn't sure if that was terrifying or amusing. Probably both.


She sort of beamed at his compliment, grin wide, her posture straight as she thought about it. "You think so? Some of my family think I'm a little y'know," she gestured with her hands as it to say crazy though she left it unspoken. "There's like a million of us or something. Or like fourteen or something, so they wanted us all together one last time."


There had been a number of other things Miranda could have done other than university, her indecision still bothered the hell out of her. "They left us this bed and breakfast and everything, technically my cousin Wes is kind of taking over the thing. We're going to to fix it up and get all together." That was one thing she did always love, her and Melli were always trying to throw together the family together. "How many siblings do you have?"


She nodded enthusiastically at his idea, completely interested by the idea. "I would totally watch that show. It would be like a bunch of shows in one, that's brilliant."

#13 Raj Rangan

Raj Rangan

Posted 17 June 2013 - 02:00 AM

So far. Raj took note of those words. As much self confidence as he had, he couldn't deny that it bothered him when people dismissed him without giving him a chance. Not that he had the feeling she would-- he'd been nothing but himself during this conversation and she seemed to like him just fine-- but the idea that she might change her mind really sucked. "You're pretty cool, too," he said, never letting that emotion display on his face. Not that he showed much emotion on his face to begin with, but he made a conscious effort not to let it be known this time.


"I should," he said with a small smile and eyebrow raise. "Not sure how I will, though. Campus is kinda small, but there's still so many people and I'd never know who they were if I saw them. But you never know, I might meet them in a similar way I met you, or Josh might know Pippa and I'll meet her that way." Not that he really cared whether or not he met them, but it was a nice idea nonetheless.


"A little what?" He asked, unable to determine what she was trying to say just from the gestures. His brow furrowed as he tried to think through it, as he thought she was nothing but nice thus far. He couldn't think of a single negative thing to think about her, actually, and usually he was quite neutral in his opinions of people. He was neither optimistic or pessimistic in any case. "But yeah, I definitely think so. You seem like the kind of person who easily gets along with kids, too."


Bed and breakfast-- that piqued his interest. Another story at hand, especially when it sounded like she had so much damn family in the picture. It was worth observing, anyway, or at least asking questions. "That's interesting. Is it super old or something? Are you guys giving it a makeover like in those cheesy TLC tv shows? You guys sound like the Brady bunch."


"Just two. Dylan and Varun, they both go here," he said with a dismissive nod, as he found nothing interesting in that course of conversation. He loved his siblings, sure, but he liked to discover new things rather than talk about... normal things. "But thanks. I appreciate it. Most people think it wouldn't work as a tv show, and maybe it wouldn't. But it's still a fun idea."


#14 Guest_Miranda Antares_*

Guest_Miranda Antares_*

  • Guest

Posted 17 June 2013 - 03:02 AM

Again, the smile on her face was a bit ridiculous. The prospect of having a new friend after only a few minutes of strange conversation was honestly pretty damn cool to Miranda, and the fact that he returned the sentiment in thinking that she, too, was pretty cool and not weird for actually having said conversation made her feel pretty good about herself. "Thanks," she nodded at him still beaming, and sitting up a little straighter than she had been.


"You should just come with me on Saturday when we paint the place," she pointed at him and nodded  eyebrows raised as if this was the best idea she'd ever had. There was nothing wrong with inviting a near stranger to her family's house where every one would be. "You don't really have to do anything either, I mean it's not like I'm trying to get free manual labor from you, but you could hang out with me."


She herself probably wouldn't do much regardless. A bit of painting before she surely ended up creating some sort of disaster, even though she'd have Melli there, a little bit of company from someone else wouldn't bother her. "And Pippa will cook dinner and you can sit down and meet everyone." In her eyes there was nothing that could go wrong there. Max and Avery and Melli were all inviting their friends, so why the hell not?


"Little bit too over the top with my ideas sometimes," she shrugged unfazed by it. "They just don't appreciate me on that level." Everyone in her family had a problem with someone else, their personalities were all strikingly different, so she didn't expect everyone to get along with her. "It's ancient and probably a little rickety in some places. But we're nothing like the Brady Bunch, they were two wholesome." She scrunched her nose and shook her head at the comparison, finding it all too funny. They'd put the Brady Bunch to shame.


"I mean it, I think it sounds really interesting. You could get all these people from these different timelines. But I hear time travel is really hard to write about."

#15 Raj Rangan

Raj Rangan

Posted 17 June 2013 - 04:23 AM

Raj mostly just blinked at Miranda for a few moments as her invitation settled. It was surprising being invited to something so easily, as most people had to really get to know him before they just invited him into their home. He might have full on grinned at the prospect alone, as Raj very rarely turned down an invitation, especially from someone who seemed so damn nice. "Painting? That sounds cool. I don't know if I've ever actually painted before. I'd love to help, though, so count me in." He grinned a little wider in affirmation, if it was possible.


He already set aside that date in his mental calendar, glad to actually have something to do this weekend. Not that he was terribly bored otherwise-- he was fairly happy doing whatever else he had to do, like watching netflix or eating bowls upon bowls of cereal-- but it was still something interesting and new and fun. Observing this family sounded better and better by the second.


"Over the top is good, though," he said with a shrug and another bite of his burger. "It can sometimes translate to originality. At least you're not apathetic, right? Seems like a nice thing to have around in a family to me." Now that he'd formed that opinion of her, too, it'd be difficult for her to change it. He tended to see things in a very black and white manner, and the fact that Miranda was both nice and always meant well just automatically put her into the category of people he'd always side with. In fact, he was likely to think her ideas were great, if only for observation purposes. 


He smiled as he thought about the bed and breakfast. "You should all live in it once it's done," he said with a nod, as if it was the simplest idea in the world. Likely it was an obvious idea, too, as he couldn't see why not"Free rent, less money on groceries, and lots of family. Seems logical." He finally gave up on his soda, setting it on his mostly empty tray.


"It is difficult. But interesting to map out, so it's all the same. Lots of research on many different time periods. Honestly my screenwriting teacher isn't a fan of my ideas most of the time. Maybe it's like you are with your family. People just can't see that they're good ideas." He smiled again to emphasize this.


#16 Guest_Miranda Antares_*

Guest_Miranda Antares_*

  • Guest

Posted 17 June 2013 - 04:49 AM

"Yeah? That's really cool of you, Raj. You really don't have to help paint though, I mean I doubt they'll even give me a roller." Honestly, MIranda would mostly be there because it was one of the few occasions where a good majority of her family would be there, too. And of course there was the free food. Couldn't forget that. "If you give me your number I'll text you the address. Or I guess directions because it technically doesn't have an address, it's on this old abandoned road."


She didn't think about the potentially scary group Raj, his sister and Pippa might have formed either. Though that was probably because most of those comments were harmless to her. Little did Miranda know that Raj would prove to be a brand new kind of entertainment at the dinner table. Her family really was a bit on the fun side to observe. "Yeah, guess so, I mean I'm glad someone thinks so anyway. I feel like I drive them all a little too crazy sometimes. Except Melli, she's always down for some fun."


The truth was, Miranda honestly didn't have too many friends. Some would have considered being best friends with your cousin a little strange and often times she felt like she wished more people would take to her and her ridiculous ideas more often than they did, but she tried not to mind. At the very least she did have Melli and sometimes Max, too.


If anything though, she was definitely glad to have met Raj, not only did he prove to be easy to get along with but he, too, had some pretty good things up his sleeve. Her jaw dropped open and her palms went flat on the table as she thought of how things might turn out if they all lived together. "That's a great idea!" Nothing could go wrong in her eyes. Not the fact that Wes might have run off and hid forever, or that people might end up near dead or jumping out windows because of Pippa and Ruth. No, all she saw was permanent family time and how could that go wrong? "You, sir," she pointed at him shaking her head a bit, "are brilliant."


She snorted at the fact that his screenwriting teacher wasn't keen on his ideas. She'd only known him for less than half an hour and she had already taken to a few of them. "Well he's an idiot because you seem to have some pretty great ideas. What does he know anyway? He's just a teacher right? Keep writing it, I think it's fascinating."


Admittedly she was a little sad when she realized that she actually had to go to class soon and that this wasn't a conversation they could have the rest of the afternoon. She gave him a small smile as she threw her trash on her tray and stood. "It was super cool meeting you, Raj. I'll text you before this weekend and we'll hang out while everyone paints, yeah? Maybe I can even suggest moving in to Wes then, too." She grinned wider and waved with her free hand before walking away from the table, all too happy at making a new friend.

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