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To the Bone

Rose Newhall Gabe Hearne

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#1 Gabriel French

Gabriel French

Posted 11 November 2014 - 05:52 PM

Jesus, it was cold.


It felt so sudden to him. Certainly it'd been a little chilly throughout October, but it hadn't been quite this bad. Just the second week of November and he was already experiencing what he considered winter weather, not fall weather. Bundled up in a coat, scarf, and gloves, he made his way through campus, a bit too obviously affected by this weather in comparison to everyone else.


It's worth mentioning that Gabe came from Kentucky. It just wasn't quite this cold there most of the time. Sure, they got snow during the winter sometimes, but for the most part he didn't experience this sort of weather in the middle of November. As such he was chattering, freezing to the bone as he glanced down at an app on his phone. Twenty-six degrees. How was he even supposed to survive? Groaning aloud, he switched to his old hometown to see what weather they were dealing with. Sixty-three degrees. The difference alone had him feeling homesick; it wasn't even hot chocolate weather there, and here it was going to snow over the weekend. 


But boy did he love the snow. 


Just as he looked up from his phone, however, he nearly bumped into another person. Fortunately he managed to skid to a halt, eyes wide as he braced for an impact that never happened. "Sorry, sorry-- I should watch where I'm going--" Right then, he recognized who he was talking to, and his face lit up in a smile.


"Rose! Hey. Long time no see."

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#2 Rose Newhall

Rose Newhall

Posted 17 November 2014 - 05:48 PM

Rose loved the winter; well especially the skiing and ice skating that came with it but even to her today was cold.  Maybe, spending most of her childhood in boarding schools in Upstate New York or even north of their helped as cold was just something she had gotten used to but, even to the blonde girl, this was too cold to early.  Maybe, the snow over the weekend would be worth it.  No skiing this weekend but there was nothing like taking her horse on a freshly covered path.


The girl had thought about taking a ski weekend when everyone else went home for Thanksgiving. Her parents never made a big deal about them being together and it was another thing she had gotten used to over the years.  This year, though, the girl didn’t have her brother to spend the time with either.  It was weird to think it was coming on the one year mark but she wasn’t the type to really burden others so she would just deal with it.


The girl had to admit that her mind was also on other things when Gabe almost ran into her but suddenly a familiar voice was apologizing to her.  She looked up to see the man’s face, smiling at her and she smiled back.


”Hi.  It has been a while.” She didn’t need him to tell her the next part.  ”You look like your freezing. “  Maybe it would be best to walk inside and then talk to him.   







#3 Gabriel French

Gabriel French

Posted 19 November 2014 - 11:34 PM

Perhaps Gabe looked a bit too excited to see her, but that was him with just about anyone. He was generally overly social, happy to be in the presence of anyone he considered nice. Rose certainly fit that bill, even if they could've had an awkward past what with their dating history. But it wasn't as if it had been remotely serious-- mostly just friendly in nature, so he let himself forget about it when he was around her.


"Yeah, definitely. It's too damn cold out here." He shivered, rubbing his hands over his arms. He seemed to consider something for a moment, brow furrowing as he looked over her shoulder. "You headed to class or can I buy you a coffee? Or hot chocolate, whatever works. Just figured we could catch up a bit."

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#4 Rose Newhall

Rose Newhall

Posted 22 November 2014 - 11:01 PM

Rose didn’t think much about the fact that they had dated on a friendly basis before; it just hadn’t really worked but she was glad that a friendship had come out of it.   She didn’t see any need for anything to be awkward as it had felt mutual to her; when it was decided it wasn’t working.   Then again, it hadn’t surprised her that it hadn’t worked, dating anyone wasn’t something she had a great deal of experience in and she was a little unsure of getting that close to anyone, if it went beyond the friendly stage.


She nodded to his response; and noticed him, probably noticing her backpack but she tended to carry that most places, class or not as it held her drawing pads and other art supplies she might need.  ”I don’t have any more classes for the rest of the day.   So, sure.  I’m free and I’d like that.”   She would walk inside with him once he was ready.    







#5 Gabriel French

Gabriel French

Posted 04 December 2014 - 04:11 AM

Gabe was the sort of person who didn't "burn bridges," so to speak. Not that he and Rose would've ended on anything but friendly terms-- and even "ended" was an odd way to put it, considering they'd only gone on one date-- but the fact remained that he tried to make friends out of everyone he met. As such he was incredibly pleased when Rose accepted his invitation, and it was evident on his features based on his bright grin and enthusiastic nod. "Awesome!" He started towards the student center then, hands securely tucked in his pockets, as it was entirely too cold outside. 


There was an awkward silence for only a few moments. Gabe wasn't exactly socially awkward, but he wasn't comfortable with silence, either. Oftentimes he found himself talking unnecessarily to cover it up. "So um-- how've you been, Rose? Classes been going well? Anything new?" Despite his need to talk, he was genuinely interested in hearing how things were going. He quite liked to be updated on others.

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#6 Rose Newhall

Rose Newhall

Posted 11 December 2014 - 04:09 PM

Rose did never really understand those people who took one date very seriously; she never saw a reason why people, after what should have been a casual date, couldn’t be friends afterwards.   Then again, Rose had never really had anything but casual dates anything more serious would take some work.  She was glad when he asked to join him and catch up as he was a friend and it felt like a while since they had talked.


They moment she entered the student center the burst of warm air could be felt and it did feel good to warm up.   She did get a coffee though nothing fancy,  sometimes a regular coffee was what she wanted.   Upon hearing his question or more like questions; the girl could help but give a friendly smile towards her friends.   Oh, it’s all going well.   I’ve been fine.”   The cold could affect her more now than before the accident but there was no reason to mention that.   ”Not really anything new.   Just been fairly busy with classes and other things.”   Currently that included the gymnastics team , the literary magazine and her horse but,  unless he asked, she wasn’t sure if he wanted to hear all of that. 


Really, there wasn’t much to catch him up on.   Her classes were going well and nothing much new had been happening in her life.     ”So, how about you?  How have you been?  Anything new?”  Rose was interested in what had been going on with him and wasn’t just asking to be polite.  







#7 Gabriel French

Gabriel French

Posted 19 December 2014 - 06:25 AM

Gabe could relate completely to Rose in one aspect: somehow nothing new was really happening in his life, either, despite the constant activity. But anyone that knew him for more than a minute understood that he bogged himself down with too many commitments. Student government, Kappa, band, clubs-- the list went on and on, and while he quite enjoyed it most days, it could get a bit annoying other days when he was trying to find time to do normal-people things. As such, even if his life was full of things, it tended to get monotonous anyway. So at her question he shrugged, scratching the back of his head.


The warm air did feel nice, though, which made him feel a bit more compelled to talk. Normally he was all chatter and smiles, but something about the cold weather dampened his mood. Indoors, however, he seemed to be far cheerier. He, too, ordered a coffee and paid for the both of them, just as a nice gesture. Why not, eh? 


"Nope, not much of anything," he answered, shrugging. "I'd fill you in on gossip or something, but I really don't know anything that's happening around the university." He was partially joking. He liked to chat about goings-on, but he wasn't much of a gossip. "Good thing the holidays are coming up soon, hm?"

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#8 Rose Newhall

Rose Newhall

Posted 23 December 2014 - 04:41 AM

Rose knew that Gabe was very involved in activities around the school and she wondered how he kept up with all of it and his classes. Well, she assumed that he kept up alright in his classes but it wasn’t as if she knew for certain.  Rose really had just enough activities though next year might bring one more to her schedule; her parents wanted her to pledge a sorority.   The girl had nothing, in particular, against them but she had never really thought about joining one either.  Of course, they thought it would be a good way for her to meet a potential husband and Rose would just let them keep thinking that was why she had gone to college. 


The girl thanked him for the coffee; it was nice gesture for him to pay for her and that was never loat on her.   Having the coffee here before she was expecting it to not be bad, drinkable but it was actually a great deal better than the blonde girl recalled it being in the past.  It could just be really fresh or maybe it had been cold enough outside that anything warm would taste good.  Either way, the coffee had touched her lips right when it was at a drinkable temperature.


 A nod came first then the young woman smiled Gabe’s comments about the gossip.  ”Well, I can’t really help you there.   I don’t know much gossip either.”  Like him she didn’t gossip much and had found it hard getting back into the mix of what was going on at the school.  ”I think I’ve spent so much time this semester just trying to get back into being here I’ve sort missed anything going on.” She wasn’t certain where that came from but Rose added a slight shrug to make it not seem like a big deal. 


The holidays were another story with her.   Most of her life; Rose had spent her life with her brother and it was the first year without him.   Her parents weren’t going to be home but that was usual for them.   The accident had happened a year ago in January.   Really, the young woman would skip the holidays altogether if she could.    Maybe not the break, if she had any idea what to do with her vacation time, but certainly the rest of it.   This was Rose though and as such had no intention of dragging her problems into this conversation.   ”Yeah.  I know I could use the break.”   Those that knew her well enough knew that she had little tricks to get the attention off of herself when the topic got uncomfortable for her without really letting the other person know, or that was her plan.  In this case she turned the attention back to her friend.  ”So, did you have any big plans over the break?”  The girl really was interested in Gabe’s plans but it also helped her to ask him. 







#9 Gabriel French

Gabriel French

Posted 29 January 2015 - 04:15 AM

Gabe was entirely too busy with different aspects of school. Neither was he the type to hate being busy, though. He hated that it interfered with socializing, but sometimes it was exactly what was needed for that sort of thing. He had plenty of connections and potential hangouts on campus, and that was how he preferred it. Though he did wish he had more time to hang out with Rose, as he thought she was pretty great.


He just nodded at her thanks, taking a sip of his own coffee and wandering out into the student center in hopes of finding some place to sit. He wasn't about to go back out into that cold weather anytime soon. The longer he could delay that, the better. "Yeah?" He asked, cocking his head in true interest. "You gettin' the hang of this semester yet? Hope everything's alright." He truly was invested in her story, even if sad. Still, he knew very little of what had gone on lately in her life; despite being so genuine, a lot of people rarely scraped past the surface with him, especially in their personal issues.


"Ah, yeah. Well I guess not big. Just plannin' on goin' home to see my family." Kentucky. He missed it a lot. His accent betrayed his homeland, too. "Which is big to me, so I'm pretty excited about that bit. I've got a bunch of brothers and some of them have kids so... that'll be fun."

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#10 Rose Newhall

Rose Newhall

Posted 04 February 2015 - 03:21 PM

Rose couldn’t have known everything that Gabe was involved with but she was aware that it seemed like a lot. She would have liked to spend more time with him as well, as a friend but knew he was busy. Really, the girl pretended to be more social when needed but tended to do better one on one.

The blonde girl nodded to his ‘yeah?’ but in such a way that made it seem like not such a big deal. ”It’s fine. I’m mostly in art classes so that helped a lot. Just kind of felt like I was starting all over when I first came back.” She shrugged. There was a feeling there that he would probably listen more to her if she wanted but she didn’t want to put her burdens on her.

”Oh, well that sounds like fun. How many brothers do you have?” Large families were not something that Rose could really relate to but found them interesting and figured it must be nice if they were close. Which her friend made his family sound like.





#11 Gabriel French

Gabriel French

Posted 27 February 2015 - 06:58 AM

Gabe understood that feeling about starting all over. Not to the same extent, of course, but he certainly felt that way with every semester. He enjoyed the challenge of classes, sure, but he often felt overwhelmed and stuck in his first week of school. Getting everything started was taxing to say the least. It was hard to see past the current semester, especially when he knew he had a little while left. Yet at the same time, he wasn't looking forward to being done with the social side of college. He quite enjoyed his connections.


"Art classes sound nice," he said with a shrug. "I'm in a few music classes this semester. S'been interesting, I guess. Sometimes music history gets old, though." He smiled a little, trying not to bring down the conversation too much.


"Four," he replied easily, occupying himself with his coffee for a moment. He was the youngest of them all, but easily the one that was most like his father in personality. The jokester. "So I'm sure you can imagine how chaotic it is."

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#12 Rose Newhall

Rose Newhall

Posted 05 March 2015 - 03:23 PM

With all of her moving around it would seem that Rose would be used to starting over but that was a different kind of starting over. And while not a lot of people knew about the accident; more might have realized that she was gone for whatever reason and then came back. Of course, with enough of a look in the papers they could have found out why. Not that Rose really thought that anyone had done that. Still, starting after such a long break in the same place was a little strange.

Art class wasn’t for everyone; Rose knew that and she tended to only extensively talk about the subject to people who wanted to hear about it. ”Those sound interesting. Do you play an instrument or sing?” They could be all music or theory classes for all the girl knew. ”That’s understandable.” She loved art history but music history sounded burning to her.

The girl nodded to his comment about his brothers. ”I can image. Must have been even more chaotic when you were all younger.” She couldn’t imagine trying to keep up with that many boys in the house.





#13 Gabriel French

Gabriel French

Posted 09 March 2015 - 08:08 PM

"Instrument," he answered quickly and easily, though he thought it wise to revise himself afterwards. "I mean I sing a little too but nothing serious. I'm here specifically for instrumental-- and I guess pre-vet, of course, but yeah. I don't know why I subjected myself to the dreaded double major." He gave her a half smile, raising his eyebrows. He was only partly lying; he knew exactly why he subjected himself to it. He adored music and music classes, and he was that sort of nerd who loved to learn. So he just had to do both.


"I'm a trombone player. Not that I'm interested in doing it professionally, just... it's fun, you know. Music classes are fun. Maybe I can teach lessons or something, I don't know." It'd put him through vet school at the very least, he supposed, since he had a lot of school lying ahead of him still. Sometimes he regretted that-- sometimes he was impatient and wanted to break away from schooling as soon as he could-- but at the moment he couldn't say he minded, aside from the busy work he was doing.


"Yeah, things were pretty chaotic as kids. We're all pretty well spread apart in age though, so... one of them was already out of the house by the time I was six."

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#14 Rose Newhall

Rose Newhall

Posted 11 March 2015 - 02:29 PM

Rose sometimes wished she could play an instrument or sing but that just wasn’t where her talents lie. ”Oh, do you ever play in public?” She would like to hear him play sometime but wasn’t certain if putting it that way would seem odd. ”Yeah, I wonder myself sometimes why I took graphic art along with studio art. Though I’m not certain how you manage it in two different fields.” At least her double major was all art classes, some even overlapped.

”I understand that. I’m taking a class in poetry for the same reason. “ As for the lessons, the girl nodded and gave him a smile. ”Would you have time for that?” How he didn’t stretch himself too thin was beyond her, at times. She wasn’t preaching, really just asking a question.

As he spoke about his family; a thought of that many kids at her home growing up, with her parents….really she couldn’t envision it. She wasn’t certain that her parents had ever wanted more than one child to begin with but the idea of what that many children to do the family estate was a little amusing considering how orderly her parents liked things. ”Did they all stay close by, after they moved out?” She hoped that it wasn’t too many questions but his family was interesting to her.





#15 Gabriel French

Gabriel French

Posted 16 March 2015 - 04:26 AM

Gabe made a face as he shook his head. "I mean, unless you count marching or concert bands, not really," he said, shuffling a little in place. He thought a little longer, nodding a little to himself. "Well, jazz band. And sometimes ensembles." Perhaps he discredited himself a little too much. No, it wasn't the traditional coffeehouse stuff and he didn't do much solo playing aside from the occasional recital (which he hardly counted as a public performance), so he figured he was being truthful for the most part. "So that's about it with trombone. It's no guitar or anything."


Managing two separate fields, though-- he found himself actually quite relieved by the separation. "Ah, you know, it's not bad. It breaks up the routine to be able to study two contrasting things. Music one hour and zoology the next is enough to keep my brain stimulated. One's a relief from the other, if that makes sense." Probably didn't. But Gabe liked to be busy. He didn't like stress, mind you, but he quite liked having his schedule packed as tightly as it could get, though he was the sort of person that liked to improvise. It was an odd combination.


"For lessons?" He asked, blinking. "Ah, yeah maybe. I mean I wouldn't have a ton of time for socializing, but lessons pay pretty decently if you've got a music degree. It'd put me through vet school at the very least." It'd be nice to have a source of income-- clearly he'd already thought this through. In a sense he had his life laid out in front of him, already planned. Yet at the same time, he was terrified of growing up. Of graduating. Of moving to the next stage.


"Uh... some did. I mean I'm a long way from Kentucky now. And one of my brothers lives in Connecticut now, but the others live within a two hour drive, yeah. It's not too hard to get together, so long as I can get home at a decent time."

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#16 Rose Newhall

Rose Newhall

Posted 20 March 2015 - 03:00 PM

Rose had wondered about other instruments and the possible coffee house performance but understand when he said he didn’t do that; especially after mentioning he only played trombone. The coffee house performers tending to be guitar-singer types She always assumed that it had always been geared towards the alternative music of whatever generation it was. Rose liked to go to coffee shops and listen to the music being performed there. Well, maybe she’d get to see him at a football game or concert at the university .

”That, actually, makes sense.” If Rose’s second major hadn’t been art related she might have chosen psychology, which could have led her into art therapy or, more likely, equine science but that would require one of the few colleges that had that as a major. Speaking of his major, well one of them. ”Have you been out to the stables lately?” Rose could talk as much about her Black Arabian as her art. Midnight Oasis, who Rose called Midnight, was out at the stables and so she knew what was going on out there.

”Well, that’s good. I’ve heard Kentucky is beautiful.” And a haven for horse lovers but beyond that she didn’t know much about the state other than she had wanted see it sometime.





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