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Centennial State University, founded in 1891, is a prestigious public university located just south of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Its remote location serves as a great higher education grounds, as there are little distractions yet many learning experiences. CSU offers a wide array of degrees, from wildlife conservation to video game design to dance, just to name a few. Our science and arts departments are among the nation's finest, and our intercollegiate athletics programs are rising up more and more every year. If you're interested in having both the experience of a lifetime and the best education in the midwest, then apply today and call CSU home.

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Not a bad day, just not planned


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#1 Rose Newhall

Rose Newhall

Posted 20 November 2014 - 05:37 PM

The weather hadn’t warmed up, actually it had gotten colder.    The blonde girl was really starting to wonder where the snow was; it looked like it should start any minute but it had looked that way for days.   She though had found something to do with the cold and found a good place to ice skate outside.  Wouldn’t have thought it would take that much time in Colorado but apparently people preferred skating indoors.
She had been all set to head there;  had gotten her skates freshly sharpened and polished , pulled out her winter skating gear to be warm enough but , as it turned out, a few things happened all at once.  The girl she was supposed to be going with , texted to say, she was sick and couldn’t go.   Her phone reminded her of an art history paper due in a few day; but the real thing was when she stepped outside and felt the bitter wind that had come up in the last few hours.   It wasn’t  easy to skate in that kind of wind.
So, the girl had gone back to her dorm room and put her things away, and would have to go another time.   She got changed but certainly didn’t want to sit in her room for the rest of the day.  That was how she ended up here; in the student center. 
Her computer was with her and really, she had , had every intention of working on the paper but she had also brought her sketch pad and it easily distracted her, as it could do.   Rose had started sketching an old woman feeding pigeons; like she had seen in Rome.    Not really certain what had brought that to mind but there it was and it needed to be on paper. 
Her arms had a little stretch and her eyes actually wandered up as she spotted a familiar face coming close to her.  
”Hi.” Giving a friendly smile to the girl.  ”How are you?”  She recognized the girl with no problem but t felt like a while since they had seen each other.





#2 Sasha Campbell

Sasha Campbell

Posted 28 November 2014 - 10:07 AM

It was an atypical day for Sasha, which in her world meant if there isn't work to be done, go find work to be done. With being well ahead in classes, in the lull between sports seasons, and nearing the end of her pledge period, she had more time than usual. She would try to enjoy some of the down time, but somethings she had 'forgotten' for long enough and had to finally use the time she had available to address those concerns. Today she was using that time to have important documents overnight-ed to the family advisers. 


Sasha had been putting off reviewing the information which she was sure said either 'you're still rich' or 'your parents are trying to put you into the middle of things again'. This time it was a combination of both, and she did not regret deferring the paperwork until she had the extra time. She found it quite funny that her parents had pretty much ignored her for 18 years but now that they were at war they were both doting and trying to gain her as an ally. 


The divorce was becoming more and more public as they dragged it on, and Sasha knew there were people in the media who wanted her to choose a side. At this point her side was 'get these people away from each other as soon as possible, and keep me out of it'. With both parties claiming that they wanted to protect Sasha's piece of the 'legacy' (and at the same time keep it out of reach from the other person) she'd been getting packets of information to sign to ensure that she indeed was still rich, and growing richer.


After she had mailed the packages she had decided to walk to the cafeteria and hadn't even looked around for someone she recognized. When she heard someone speaking to her she stopped in her tracks. It'd been so long but she knew this voice. It belonged to one of her oldest friends, and she had to smile. "Rose? Oh my God, how could you be at my parents alma mater and no one tell me? I've been okay, trying to stay neutral in the war, but otherwise the same, always moving always busy, and how have you been?"


#3 Rose Newhall

Rose Newhall

Posted 03 December 2014 - 02:42 PM

One of the differences that Rose knew of between herself and some of  the other people of the same class was the paperwork or responsibilities that had been put on the others.   Being both of her parents didn’t think that a woman, especially her, could run or take care of much of anything when it came to family matters or the business; she was pretty much left alone about such matters.  


Her brother had been supposed to take over and he had been dealing with more and more of it when he passed away.   In other families, the torch would have been passed to her, whether she wanted it or not.   Maybe, it was a blessing that her parents were so old fashioned, after all, Rose could have cared less about the business but instead it felt like a slap in the face every time they dismissed her or her ideas.


Rose had heard about the divorce of her friends parents; it was the talk of society and unavoidable to hear at least some of the rumors but she had been thinking of the best way to try to see Sasha.  Being that the accident and her brother’s death had been the talk not that long ago; she understood how tricky it was to try to keep out of the society pages, let alone the general press where the divorce seemed to have ended up.


She was a little surprised when Sasha said she had no idea that Rose was here but then again; it wasn’t as if her parents talked about her very much.  


“Well, I only recently was able to come back.”   Rose wasn’t the type to drop her problems on others, today hadn’t been bad though.  At least she had kept busy enough to keep her mind off the one year mark quickly approaching.   “I’m doing alright.   Just avoiding writing a paper, right now.”  She smiled at her friend.  


Her stomach suddenly decided to remind her that she should probably eat something.   “Did you have some time?  I was thinking of getting something to eat; maybe we could catch up.”  Actually, she hoped so.  Rose had friends here but  no one that she had known as long as Sasha and it was good to see a face that familiar.  







#4 Sasha Campbell

Sasha Campbell

Posted 10 December 2014 - 12:51 AM

Being around Rose was quite a system shock for Sasha, one she was sure was in the big goofy grin on her face. It was one of the few genuine smiles she had worn in a long time. Sasha had always liked Rose counting her as one of her few friends from the 'Fatsha' days. She had learned to since own the taunt she had been bullied with. Telling herself that the name had not power over her. For the most part that was completely true, still it stung the little girl who had just wanted to have friends accept her for who she was. Rose was that kind of friend and she would always appreciate her for that.
Sasha had of course heard of the death of Rose's brother. It had hurt her deeply since he was always so nice to her whenever their paths crossed. Sasha wasn't able to attend the funeral because of competition but she had sent flowers and condolences. She was thankfully an only child, no need to bring more children into the chaos, so she had no idea what Rose was going through. Rose seemed okay, but Sasha knew how well it was to fake having everything together."So does the paper know you're avoiding it or should I act dumb if it asks?"She said giving a light laugh. 
Sasha's stomach answered Rose's question before she could. As her intestines churned against the emptiness she reminded herself that breakfast was essential, not just grabbing a granola bar when she came back late from her morning training session with the cheerleaders from Steamboat Springs High at the gymnastic gym. "I'm so famished, all work out and no food makes Sasha unsuitable for human consumption, somethings never change....I think it's time I finally put something in my stomach other than granola. " Sasha said making a placing a hand on her stomach feeling the ripple of laughter and another hunger pain, these workouts and routines were killing her schedule even if she was excited to keep her skills sharp and give back to the local community.
Come to think of it, Rose was the one who made her want to try gymnastics when she was at the 'Nazi' boarding school. She had missed her friend and had hated being sent away because of her weight. When they asked her to choose an athletic area of focus, she had chosen gymnastics because she had always wanted to do them with Rose but had been too afraid to go for it. Being here now with Rose made her realize she had missed her friend."It's really been too long since we're really gotten a chance to spend time with each other. Probably not since the last time we were in school together."


#5 Rose Newhall

Rose Newhall

Posted 17 December 2014 - 02:45 PM

Maybe, it was because her parents were so judgmental though more likely because her brother hadn’t been that Rose never judged anybody.   She didn’t have a lot of actual friends back when she and Sasha became friends but that more had to with Rose not wanting to let anyone get too close to her.  It was probably telling in the fact that she didn’t really keep in contact with most of the people she knew from the various boarding schools she had been in over the years. 


She had always liked Sasha though and never really understood why people were so mean to her friend.  Her brother had also been nice to Sasha but Rose could never imagine William being mean to anyone.   He was usually really nice especially to her friends.


Rose had seen the flowers and had sent a thank you card with a letter to Sasha,  a lost art perhaps but one which the years of etiquette lessons had installed in her.  Most of the flowers had been from her brother’s friends or business associates of her parents.  So getting one from an old friend of her own mean a great deal to her.   She had felt very alone right after it happened , especially being in the hospital and it was a feeling that crept up still but the girl tried to keep busy enough that it wouldn’t get the best of her.   ”Oh, don’t tell it.  It might make me do the work.”  She joked back about the paper.


Hearing her friend’s stomach resemble how her own was feeling.   Another with a friendly laugh came from her friends words.  ”I know that feeling.  I ate an apple earlier but that was about it.”  For Rose,  it was that she had simply got lost in her drawing and had forgotten to eat.   It happened more times than she could think about but Rose also really liked food.


Rose had always loved gymnastics, she felt very in control when she was doing a routine and her greatest love with it had to be the uneven bars which felt like she was flying.  The blonde often thought that if she had been a cheerleader, her love of flying like that would have led her to the top of the pyramid.    That though wasn’t in the cards for her; her doctors though that gymnastics was enough and had barely agreed to let her do that not that she had mentioned that to anyone, including her coach.  ”I guess it has been that long. “ She paused.  ”So, catch me up.  What has been going with you?”  Rose figured Sasha would realize she already knew about the divorce and while her friend was welcomed to talk about it, if she wanted, she had a feeling that this talk would be on the lighter end.  








#6 Sasha Campbell

Sasha Campbell

Posted 28 December 2014 - 02:22 AM

Sasha was actually doing quite well with putting on the 'Campbell' show, almost too well. She was acing her classes, even Calculus 3 was only a minor challenge. She'd earned her spot as a premier flyer on the cheer squad, and shone as one of the best and brightest in her pledge class. It was everything that was expected of a Campbell, and it was absolutely exhausting. Yet still she had the nightmares, and the ever growing pile of expectations from others. If not for the nightmares she'd sleep through the night, and maybe have to struggle more with classes. Part of her wished she had a paper to avoid, she'd feel more normal then. "Your secret is safe with me. I'll even send it on a fool's errand to give you more time." She said with a light mischievous laugh.


Food and Sasha had always been a crazy relationship. Sasha had spent a lot of time building bad habits, then a little time building good habits, ever since  she had the struggle between starving herself on accident and stuffing herself. The 'Nazis' would be so disappointed, but three square meals didn't compute when you were constantly on the go. If she had her druthers she would eat every meal at home, prepared by her own hands. The reality of that was that she did not spend a lot of time at home in that beautiful kitchen of hers. "'Empty stomachs lead to bad decisions', as my 'Nazi' trainers used to say. Let's go get something to eat before we make any." Sasha said, a bit more peppy than usual, seeing an old friend can do that for you.


As they made their way out of the student center Sasha pondered Rose's question. It had been a long time, and a lot had happened. A lot of it insignificant to Rose losing William, and Sasha finding out she was adopted. That seemed like a lot to delve into upon re-acquaintance. Besides she hadn't told anyone in her life except for the private eye looking for her birth mother, and Floof of course. "Well this last year has been busy with moving out here and the divorce. My parents bought me a house as a bribe, and I love it. Otherwise life at home is hanging by a thread. Instead of transferring title to me, my parents decided to sell our penthouse right from under me. I'm New York Homeless!" Okay so she kept a suite at the Waldorf, but their staff had been displaced with short notice, and Sasha felt sorry for that. 


 "Here I'm on the cheer team again, and I'm nearing the end of my pledge period to Beta Upsilon Tau. I'm surprised I can remember my name, much less to eat, some days....How about you? Are you a sophomore now?" Even though the two girls were the same age, the way Sasha's birthday fell, she had to wait another year before initially starting school. 


#7 Rose Newhall

Rose Newhall

Posted 30 December 2014 - 08:24 AM

Maybe, it was telling, that Rose just assumed that people put on, at least, a little show for those around them.   She had her own show and maybe the only person that had seen completely though that had been her brother.   Now, the girl had to admit, that there was just something’s she felt like she couldn’t do without William, showing her true feelings had to be at the top of the list.   Her grades were doing well, Rose always had a high GPA but this term she had , purposely, stacked as many art classes as she could into her schedule.   Those she found easy and figured it was better for her grades, at least for this term.   A paper was a normal thing; she felt more like everyone else when that was her problem of the moment, even if it might not last.


Rose’s nightmares were why she had a single room, maybe next term she’d move into an apartment but truth was she hadn’t even been certain  that staying here was going to work.   Part of her really wanted to just hide away some place and block out the rest of the world.   To have to put up a front, all the time.   To just sit with her pencil and paper and draw until her hands couldn’t take it anymore.  Rose didn’t see that happening for a long time and actually, it was good to know that Sasha was here.    She smiled at the comment about the paper.


Rose never really had an issue with food; she loved food.   Giving her upbringing, it would be expected that she would like expensive food, international cuisine, anything on that end of the spectrum.   However, Rose’s favorite meal was a cheeseburger, fries and a chocolate milkshake or a slice of New York Style pizza.   She had a fondness for diner food, after eating in enough of them over the years.  Diners had good food and it was easy to go in and out of them without people really noticing you,  she liked that about them.     She rarely ate like that, however, and while the girl had been into gymnastics long enough that she had never had to diet, she also knew that, healthy eating was important to keeping fit enough to be on the team.   The hard part about eating heathly, for her, was more that Rose couldn’t cook, at all.   It was one of those skills that had passed  her by and the one  time she tried to cook, in the Penthouse, in New York,   she found out the sprinkler system worked.  ”Well, then I guess we should.” In response to getting something to eat.


Listening as her friend talked , she really did wish that there was something she could do to make things better for her friend but, beyond listening, there really wasn’t  anything that she felt like she could help with.   The young woman nodded as Sasha talked about her life lately.  ”Oh, is your house here then? “  Really, curious.   Being homeless when  you have money, isn’t like what most people mean by the word.   Rose knew that Sasha had some place to go in New York and figured it was probably a suite at a hotel, as that wasn’t uncommon, among the people that she knew.  ”You have some place to go when your there,right?”  So, that was asked as more of a curstody than anything else.   Not that she would mind Sasha’s company but doubted there was a need to invite her to the penthouse.   Besides,  Rose doubted that company would be what she wanted when she got back to New York.


”Actually no.  I had to take a semester off, after the accident.   So, I’m a second semester freshman.   Other, than that though I’m on the gymnastics team and on the literary magazine.  I kind of needed a semester to get back into things here, before taking on too much.”  There were people here who knew that she was out a semester because of the accident but just how badly she had been hurt had been kept from everyone.   Beta was the sorority that Rose’s parents had mentioned her pledging ,or more like, one just like that one.   [b]”My parents want me to pledge a sorority next term.  I’m just not really sure about it.”{/b]







#8 Sasha Campbell

Sasha Campbell

Posted 09 January 2015 - 02:23 PM

Part of Sasha was a little awkward around Rose, as all old friends have a tendency to be. She wanted to chat with her as if they had just talked yesterday, because this was her friend Rose, but at the same time this was also a stranger to her. They hadn't spent time with each other and while their lives sometimes would intersect there was no time to really build a relationship. She wondered what Rose thought of the new Sasha, standing there in her designer clothes, all glossed up just to be on campus. She wasn't the shy unassuming girl of the past, at least not in the public eye. She wondered if Rose would even like the 'new' Sasha, who was a different person than she had been 5+ years ago. Harder, tougher, bolder, and sometimes bitter, Sasha had transformed into the socialite her parents had always wanted her to be. Would Rose be able to see through that persona and see the goofy girl who knew ever word to every Disney song, and still pronouced fluffy as floofy just for the fun of it?

"So do you like the food on campus? I rarely use my food card on campus, since the cafeteria isn't exactly on my way to my activities. Anything good I should look out for or so bad I should avoid?"Thinking of food brought Sasha back to the past where she was a chubster who was constantly being scolded for stashing food. Rose had known her then, before the Nazis (what she called the trainers and instructors at her weight loss boarding school) had helped her change from chunky to peppy. Sasha thought of Rose as a true friend, one who had defied the bullies to spend time with her, despite them being in different years in school. It was good to be around someone she could really eat around. As much as she liked cheerleading and most of the Beta sisters, they did give sideways looks when you ate a realistic portion of food

Sasha's house was definitely not the typical off campus apartment or townhouse most people experienced. The place had 5 bedrooms, all but one in use by Sasha and Floof."Yes it's about a five minute drive from campus, which is definitely weird driving to get to places. It's just me and my dog living there for now." Sasha had thought of finding a housemate, but she wasn't sure if she could live with someone else. She was glad that her parents had picked this house out, finding a place in New York was rumored to be nightmarish, and she had enough of those already."Yeah we have a suite at the Waldorf, but it's not the same. I hate that people who have been on my staff my entire life are out of work. Too prideful to take a retainer salary, too loyal to work for the people who would hire them for the same wages." Staff poaching was rampant among their circles, with some people chomping at the bits to get their hands on the gossip of others, willing to pay to get it.

If one had to take a semester or more off, college was the place to do it. When she had taken a whole year, she didn't dare return to the same schoolmates without there being massive gossip and scandal populating from nowhere. Here in college it was perfectly fine miss a semester and not worry about speculation, the place was just so big. "Are you thinking of doing a summer semester to catch up?" It would put Rose right on track for 4 years, but some people didn't care to lose their summers. Sasha smiled when she heard Rose's parents wanted her to pledge a sorority. They would love for their daughter to be a Stepford Wife, and sorority member had to be on the resume of all that was Stepford. "Well I can see the Newhalls wanting you to add that to your life, but honestly if it's not something you want to do, don't.You don't have to deal with the legacy of being the grand daughter of the first black member of a sorority, so you can find other ways to connect socially." Sororities weren't for everyone, and sometimes Sasha wondered if they were even for her.


#9 Rose Newhall

Rose Newhall

Posted 03 February 2015 - 02:54 PM

Rose couldn’t say she had changed over the past few years, so much, as learned to do what her parents wanted. Rose was by nature an introvert but that, in her parents’ eyes, wasn’t a good personality trait. So, Rose had learned to be more social, even if, there were times she wished she could just hold up in her room for a while. Rose still loved art and gymnastics. Her parents didn’t seem to mind those pursuits but probably because they were lady like and getting a job didn’t matter so much when she graduated. Rose was still really the sweet, polite girl she had always been.

When it came to Sasha, all Rose really saw was her friend. It was only logical that the other young woman had changed , especially, with having to deal with the press and her family issues but Rose certainly didn’t judge anyone based on what they looked like or wore and that worked both ways. Designer clothes, glamor girls didn’t make them automatically bad or stuck up and girls that were heavy or couldn’t have the designer clothes weren’t, in her mind, any worse than anyone else. Even though the girl knew her parents would disagree. Rose couldn’t bring herself to judge anyone and she was now reconnecting with Sasha and not really seeing any reason not to.

“It’s not bad. I eat here mostly when I can’t get off campus to get something.” The girl had grown up in boarding schools and was maybe a little too used to cafeteria food. “They have really good chicken noodle soup here; I think it might be homemade. Their sandwiches and salads are alright.” They had a salad bar which made it a little better. ”Really, I’d stay away from anything with fish. The pork chops but everything else isn’t really that bad.”

Rose didn’t really know if she could live with anyone but William, at this point. It would be hard to put on this act 24/7 and what would people think if they knew she wasn’t as together as she seemed. She had rarely had roommates even if boarding school, her parents had paid extra to get her a private room , when the school allowed it but it had never been for her benefit so much as them being able to say that they had enough money and prestige to do that. Rose currently didn’t have a roommate but she had medical issues which allowed that.

The girl nodded as Sasha talked about her place, wondering what it would be like to live off campus. There was really nothing stopping her from doing the same thing, maybe it was habit, that she felt more comfortable living in the dorms. ”Its good you have Floof to keep you company. I have (horse name) here. “ Her black Arabian had been with her for years and it might have been more of a surprise if she hadn’t found a way to get her horse here. She gave a knowing look at the comment Sasha made about the staff. ”I can only imagine. There was probably a bidding war going on for them. Well, hopefully they’ll be able to find something else soon. Unlike some people in the upper class Rose actually meant that she hoped the staff would find work they can live with . Rose did know about the staff poaching that went on, as much as the girl didn’t like some of the things that went on that world, I t was still what she knew.

”I’m not sure, yet. I was thinking about it.” Doing a summer session so she would be back on track wouldn’t be that bad and Rose didn’t really have plans for the summer but still it was a little too soon for her to know for sure. [b]”That’s true. I’m doing enough other things but my parents don’t really consider those things forming the right connections.”
The word “right” could have been with air quotes but Rose didn’t do those, really there was no need to, it was clear what her parents would have meant by the word even if Rose didn’t agree.





#10 Sasha Campbell

Sasha Campbell

Posted 10 February 2015 - 11:53 PM

When Rose was describing the food on campus, Sasha kind of wished she had taken the time to go cook something at home. Sasha absolutely loved taking the time to make perfection in the kitchen. She had started under the tutelage of Edna, her grandfather's housekeeper/confidant (and love interest if he ever opened his eyes).Then she had begged Gloria, her family's housekeeper, for lessons as well. Between the two women she had learned many recipes for Caribbean and Italian authentic cuisine. She blamed them for being the reason she will always have to go to the gym. "Sounds like I'm not going to be getting much use out of my food card this year. I am a certified foodie, and try to cook all the time. I'll have to have your over some night for dinner. The most appealing thing about this meal seems to be the company." Sasha said with a smile and big wink.


Even though Sasha wished she was eating at home, she knew that running into Rose was serendipitous and definitely something she needed in her life. Kind of like a jolt of lighting that hit a transformer, a huge spark had lit inside her once she saw her old friend. She had been going through the motions with a lot of her friends, keeping up appearances, trying to be perfect at least on the outside. She had never said it out loud, but she had been lonely at CSU, not sure who was really her friend, and if she could let her guard down. Sometimes being a Campbell was a full time job, and she was always trying to keep face. Even though it had been years since they were ever really around each other, Sasha just knew that Rose would be a true friend to her. She'd already proven that when the external Sasha hadn't been so shiny. 


"Still into horses, that's good. I remember you once tried to get me to go riding with you. I saw a horse up close and practically sprinted away, that's probably the only way you can get me to run back then. To tell the truth I don't think I would be willing to try it now. I know I'm the size of a jockey but I don't have the courage. Of course if anyone asks, it's because I couldn't find a flattering riding outfit." Sasha laughed, one of the few real laughs she had made in months. It felt comfortable just being able to not always show the strong parts of herself, to laugh at the weaknesses, it had Sasha relaxing for the first time in a very long time. "I'm hoping to find a place for them to take care of. It would certainly give me more incentive to go home. I miss New York, and even some of the people there, but without a home to go to, the city can be a bit suffocating." The Waldorf Astoria wasn't exactly off the beaten track, and just stepping foot inside meant she was constantly performing, her staff may be loyal, but the hotel staff was not. 


"If you do decide to stay, I'll be around. I'm running a couple of week long cheer camps at one of the ski resorts during the down season. It's the same one where my family hosts the Skis for Kids event every year, which you are now officially invited to. Or you we can try to catch each other in the city if you decided not to stay." Sasha smiled but then she was nervous, what if this was a one time thing? Was she getting ahead of herself? "To be honest the Betas will love having you on their roster, but we aren't the warmest of sisters. Their reputation however would appeal to your parents. Not sure if that's a good or bad thing." Sasha gave a tight, she had never liked Rose's parents, since they were cut from the same cloth as her own. 


#11 Rose Newhall

Rose Newhall

Posted 16 February 2015 - 06:58 AM

Cooking was one of those skills that eluded Rose. Eluded might not have even been the right word for it, Rose was a really bad cook. She couldn’t boil water for pasta without burning it. Of course, it probably didn’t help that she hadn’t really had the opportunity to learn but the girl just had chalked it up to something she couldn’t do. She smiled at her friends words. ”I’d like to come over for dinner sometime.”

Rose was glad that she had run into Sasha, it had seemed like so long since she had seen her friend. Rose was very loyal to her friends, she didn’t feel that she that many that were close to her and now especially having someone who knew her family and had known William was important to her.

Midnight Charms was her black Arabian that she had had for years, the horse had been with her since she had been in the boarding school with Sasha. It had been a gift from her brother and the young woman had been determined to keep the stallion close to her. A slight laugh came from Rose at the memory of trying to get Sasha to get on a horse. ”Well, I promise to say that if anyone asks. But yes, I make sure Midnight is wherever I am. “ She kind of wished that the university had an equestrian team or club but doubted that would happen. Rose nodded, understanding that it much be hard.

”Thank you. I’ll let you know if I’m staying but if not I’d like to meet you in the city and I’d love to come to Skis for Kids. “ Rose loved to ski though she hadn’t since last year. In Rose’s mind she had come across an old friend and planned to not lose track of the other girl. As for the Beta’s; the idea that they would appeal to her parents didn’t appeal much to her and from what she gathered from Sasha’s reaction wasn’t a trait her friend held highly either. ”I’m pretty sure my parents would like that but I’m not certain I’m up for all the pledging and becoming a member.” If she didn’t pledge it would leave one door closed that her parents couldn’t try making her find a husband though but they might keep bothering her about it.





#12 Sasha Campbell

Sasha Campbell

Posted 24 April 2015 - 07:05 AM

"We've got to get dinner on the books as soon as possible. My schedule is crazy with cheer pledging and coaching. They even expect me to go to classes on top of it all. For you, however I will make the time, even if I have to steal it." Sasha was completely sincere in her desire to rekindle her friendship with Rose. Some of her happiest childhood memories involved her time with Rose. Though she knew that both had obviously changed in the last six years, Sasha had a strong feeling that both needed one another in their lives. A certain since of being on good foundation was with Sasha for the first time since her parents divorce was announced, which turned the media's eyes on her.

Sasha was not an optimistic person but she knew that it was important for her to believe that running into Rose was a good sign. Centennial State was a fairly large school, and Rose was not one to stand out or really pay attention to those who did. It was what Sasha had always loved about the other girl, Rose didn't see people for their 'resumes' but for the substance underneath. This made Sasha want to spend even more time with the other girl. "You'll have to introduce me to Midnight again. The way I acted before was way too cowardly. What he must think of me! I can't have my horse relations tarnished." Sasha joked, though she was hoping to learn more about Rose's life, and to find a permanent place in her friend's world.

"Pledging with the Betas is time consuming, and more like a test of how well you can keep up appearances. The Betas are just younger versions of our mothers. You could come to a rush sometime if you want and check us out. I have to wear my mother's retro letters then, so you'll at least get a chance to laugh at me." With that both girls laughed, continuing to talk while they ate. Eventually they realized that they had talked for hours when the cafe workers were clearing their throats to remind them that the cafeteria was now closed and they needed to close up.

Sasha stood and gave Rose a hug, possibly squeezing longer than she would have normally but part of her knew her friend needed that hug. "I'm glad we have reconnected, this reunion was long over due! I'll get in touch with you soon with your dinner invite, and send you your tickets for Skis for Kids . Remember to text me with your riding schedule. This was really great, can't wait to see you again!" With that Sasha walked away scrolling through her calendar, for the first time in a long time, looking to make room for someone else in her life.


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