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Stress Defined

Adrian Morrison

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#1 Valerie Morrison

Valerie Morrison

Posted 21 December 2014 - 05:47 AM

The young woman with the blond hair and blue eyes had a way of stressing herself out so much that she wouldn’t eat and would make herself sick.  She didn’t do it on purpose; it was the way she had been since she could remember.    


Right now, she was stressing over the last of her finals, how well she had done in the classes that were over now and her final projects.   It wasn’t as if Valerie had ever really done bad in her classes,  she normally carried a 4.0 average but it took some work  on her part to keep it there.


Her parents never pressured her but it came from long before the girl and her sister had come to live with them.   So, while Valerie understood she did it to herself, she also had a difficult time controlling it.  She felt bad about it but it meant that occasionally she needed a remember to not be like that and a meeting with one of her siblings to be sure she ate and wasn’t completely stressing herself out.


Her sister Melissa, cared about her but the girl could barely take care of herself, a  good deal of the time she would be in trouble or about to be there; another worry Valerie had.   Her brother was a much better person for the task though Valerie never asked that of him and sometimes concerned herself that maybe between herself and Melissa; it was too for one person to take on.   If he called and asked to meet with him, the young woman always did.  


She was, right now, at home in her room studying for her final test, in Organic Chemistry, she did well in science but right now that didn’t matter.  Having no classes , after her two this morning,  once she got back she had been in her room studying.    Valerie hadn’t eaten all day and it was getting close to dinner time; when a knock came to her bedroom door.   ”Come in” She said knowing it was probably , her brother Adrian, as Melissa was supposed to be out until later.  



#2 Adrian Morrison

Adrian Morrison

Posted 22 December 2014 - 02:08 AM

Adrian was worried about Valerie.  Finals were always stressful but she tended to push herself to the max when it came to getting good grades.  His own grades tended to suffer a little bit as he looked after his sisters, although he worked hard to keep them at least respectable.  Still, he would never complain.  As long as he could help Valerie and Melissa continue to work through their issues, that was all that mattered in the end.  If he could help others on top of that, it would just be a perk.


Knocking on his sister’s door, the smell of pork chops filled the air.  He would make Melissa’s for her once she was home, if she wanted it.  He had also done a bed of curried rice, and a salad to go with their meal.  He was hungry!


Hearing her allow him in, he smiled warmly as he opened the door.  “Hey, Valerie.  Ready for a break?”  Even if she said no, it was time for dinner.  Plus, if all she did was study, she would stress herself out even more!  Approaching her seated form, he placed his hands gently on her shoulders as he leaned over.  “Organic Chem.  Gross.” he muttered as he wrinkled his nose.


“Well, I’ve made dinner.  Leave the books for now and come eat.  Wind down a bit from the heavy studying.  You need to look after yourself, too.”  Though they were the same age, sometimes Adrian felt like he was older than her – that Valerie needed him much like a little sister would.  It was a strange feeling – but one that he welcomed with open arms.

#3 Valerie Morrison

Valerie Morrison

Posted 23 December 2014 - 06:08 AM

The moment her brother opened the door, the aroma of something rather good cooking filled her room and made her take notice of how hungry her stomach was.  She hadn’t really noticed him coming home or cooking in the kitchen and the young woman wondered how long he had been home.  


In her mind, she should finish just this one chapter before eating.  Of course, one chapter would turn into another and before long it would an hour and she wouldn’t even realize it.   The girl didn’t respond at first but then he entered her room and she felt his hand on her shoulder.  Valerie couldn’t help but smile a little at his reaction to reading what she was studying.   ”I’m starting to think I should have done all my biology classes before taking on this class.”  Science came easier to her than some other things but biology came easier than the rest.   Then again, she was good at convincing herself she needed to know more to do well even when that wasn’t the case.


Valerie had been with her brother long enough to know that if he said she should put down the books and eat, she probably should and her body was telling her the same thing.  He was always looking out for her and  she needed that.   It had taken her a while to get use to the idea that she had people around her she could lean on and would look out for her but she had gotten there eventually and now it was just a known between the siblings that Adrian had taken on the big brother role and done it very well.   ”Alright.”  She put down the books for the first time in hours and stood up, feeling just a little light headed, she stopped for a moment before continuing to the other room.   

#4 Adrian Morrison

Adrian Morrison

Posted 23 December 2014 - 04:40 PM

Adrian’s eyes shifted to his sister as she commented on her class order, and he laughed softly.  “All of them?  That’ll take quite a while.  Nah, may as well get it outta the way now, right?”  After this last exam, she should be able to relax a bit more.  Unless something happened with Melissa, that is.


Thankfully, he didn’t have to prod her too much before she agreed to come out and eat, and he gave her shoulders a supportive squeeze before stepping back and giving her space to stand.  He waited for her to be ready to move, and followed her from the room to make sure she didn’t double back.  He didn’t really think she would, but it was better to be safe than sorry.  She needed a break.


“Do you want to grab plates and cutlery, and I can dish it out?” he asked, though he wasn’t really asking her.  He was telling her nicely.  “How hungry are you?”  Adrian had been out all day, so he had no idea if she had even eaten that day.  Knowing her though, she had probably gotten absorbed in studying.  He admired her drive when it came to getting good grades, but it also worried him, too.


“I’ve got one more chop in the fridge for Melissa when she gets home…if she’s hungry.”

#5 Valerie Morrison

Valerie Morrison

Posted 27 December 2014 - 07:59 AM

With her brother’s question of if she meant all of them, the girl nodded slightly.   But maybe he was right and she could take biology next term and most terms after that, there was a lot of biology classes for her major.  ”Well, I guess it’s good that I don’t have to worry about it again, after tomorrow.” She hoped anyway, though, really there was no reason to think she wouldn’t do well.


Valerie made it to the kitchen without any other problems, and figured the slight dizziness had been from standing after all that time. The young woman recognized the way her brother had of telling her in a nice way.   ”Sure.”  There was rarely a problem with Valerie doing something she had been told to do.  How hungry was she, her mind went to all the studying she had left but had a feeling that her break wouldn’t be any shorter if she ate less.  ”I’m pretty hungry. “ Valerie didn’t lie to her brother or really either of her siblings or her parents but she didn’t necessarily say everything.   She just didn’t think at the moment to mention that she hadn’t eaten that day.


She went about getting the plates and anything else he asked of her before sitting down and hearing his comment.   With that she glanced at the clock on the wall of the kitchen.   ”I think she might be.  She did actually call and tell me that she’d be home around 7. “ It was actually a little unlike Melissa to call and tell one of them when to expect her, and it had thrown Valerie off, a little when it happened.   Valrie never really thought that it was because Melissa wanted to worry them but her schedule was up in the air a good deal of the time.   Actually, the only times that she would tell them was when she was going to be around people she was unsure of, even then , though it was rare. 


”So, how have your finals being going?”  Valerie felt like she had been studying so much she hadn’t talked to her him in a while and would like to catch up.   

#6 Adrian Morrison

Adrian Morrison

Posted 28 December 2014 - 06:10 AM

Adrian wasn’t worried about Valerie’s grades.  The girl was such a hard worker, it was no wonder her grades were at the top.  Though…sometimes she tried a little too hard.  That was when it fell to Adrian to pull her back.  Smiling as she moved to get the dishes as he said, he chuckled softly as she answered him on how hungry she was.  “Alright, I’ll give you a decent portion size then.” he said fondly.


Bringing the sizzling pan over to the table, he placed one pork chop on each plate.  He glanced up as she mentioned Melissa having called earlier, and his eyebrows shot up in surprise.  “What, really?  That’s…surprisingly good.”  Maybe.  He hoped.  A small smile touched his lips as he moved to get the mashed potatoes next.  “Or, does that mean we can be expecting company?”  The comment was a teasing one – the last thing he expected was for her to bring someone home.  Odds were if she was with someone, it’d be at his place.


Finishing dishing out their food, he was just taking a seat at the table as she asked about his own finals.  Giving a little laugh, he shrugged in a seemingly uncaring manner.  “Well…I did the best I could.  Only time will tell but…I’m pretty sure I passed ‘em.”  He had admittedly spent more of his time looking after his sisters.  But he wouldn’t have changed it for the world.  “I’m sure they went fine.  What about yours?  This is your last one, right?”


Adrian had no doubt that she had all but aced her finals.  Now as long as her body held up, she could enjoy her success.  “We should all go out after all of our finals are over.  We eat in so much…it’d be nice to go out somewhere nice with my girls.”  Maybe they could make it a weekend trip to a cabin or something!  If…both of them were up for it.

#7 Valerie Morrison

Valerie Morrison

Posted 30 December 2014 - 10:08 AM

Really, it was Valerie that worried about Valerie’s grades the most.  Whether she really had to or not, didn’t seem to matter much, she just did.   The young woman didn’t even realize when she had reached her limit most of the time; it made her grateful for a brother like Adrian though she wondered sometimes how he managed to do it.  Smiling with a nod to his response, she finished getting what they needed for dinner.


The look of surprise in her brother’s face didn’t really surprise Valerie.  When it came to Melissa, she seemed to have a knack for being in trouble or with the wrong person or just not in good situations.  Valerie looked up at Adrian upon his comment to their sister calling her.  ”I suppose.”  Not really convinced it was a good thing that Melissa had found the need to call.  Valerie smiled slightly about the company.  ”I really doubt that but it wouldn’t be nice to just once see her on a regular date.” Another difference between the sisters, of which there was many, it would seem.   Valerie liked nice guys, despite everything, she believed that two people could meet, fall in love and get married and live happily ever after.   The girl wanted that, the white picket fence, the children, maybe even a dog.  She believed it was possible but Valerie knew Melissa didn’t.   Melissa didn’t date, didn’t go on dates, normally she just let men use her and Valerie figured it was because Melissa didn’t believe that any man would love her , not in a marriage kind of way.   Valerie however really wished her sister would believe it or at least give a regular date a chance.  When it came to Adrian, on the other hand, Valerie was convinced that he was far too good of a person to not meet the one for him, someday.


”Well, I’m sure you did fine.” He usually seemed to manage to do fairly well.  Even if Valerie wasn’t certain how he managed to look after them and do that as well.   ”I think I did alright.  Yeah, I just have that one tomorrow and I’m done. Her mind went to her classes for next term, they’d be just as hard but at least she’d have a semester to get used to college.


Valerie smiled.  ”I think that’s a good idea.   It’d be nice for it to just be the three of us doing something together.”   She liked the idea of spending time with her siblings; she always did enjoy it when they got a chance to do it.  

#8 Adrian Morrison

Adrian Morrison

Posted 30 December 2014 - 04:26 PM

As he finished dishing out their food, Adrian couldn’t help but wish that Melissa had come home a little earlier.  He enjoyed it when the three of them got to eat together – not that it happened as often as he would have liked.  Oh well, there was only so much pushing he could do.  The last thing he wanted to do was push so hard that she bolted again.  If anything ever happened to her…


Taking a seat as Valerie commented on wanting to see her little sister on a real date, Adrian nodded with a smile.  “That’d be nice.  Maybe she’ll start to settle down soon.  There’s someone out there for everyone…it’s just finding them that’s the tough part.” he said with a light laugh.  Didn’t he know it?  Adrian was secretly hoping for that special someone too, but keeping up with his sisters and soccer and his studies was hard enough.  He didn’t have the time to go out and find a girlfriend on top of that – especially one that understood his devotion to his family.


Smiling at his sister as she commented on his grades, he shrugged as he took a mouthful of potatoes.  “I’m sure I did alright.  Only time will tell.”  He was sure he had passed, at least.  He hadn’t struggled that badly.  “Once you’re done we can get ready for Christmas!  I’ve gotten everything all pulled out of storage, we just need to put it all up.”  He still needed to do his shopping!  He had time though.  “I know you did much better than ‘alright’ though.  That’s a word for my vocabulary, not yours.  But after tomorrow…you can take a nice break.”


Adrian wanted to take his sisters out to eat, instead of spending their time at home in their apartment.  They rarely all got to go out together, between schedules and social lives (or at least Melissa’s).  “Maybe when Mel gets home we can figure out where to go.  Does she have any more exams to write?”  It would be a nice celebratory moment for them.

#9 Valerie Morrison

Valerie Morrison

Posted 02 January 2015 - 09:10 AM

Valerie also enjoyed it when the three of them got together for dinner or really for anything, as she sometimes felt like she saw so little of Melissa that it didn’t even seem like they lived in the same home. Ever since, Melissa had run off the first time, Valerie had worried it would happen again. She was certain that their parents worried about too and that Adrian probably did. She wasn’t really ever certain how he had gotten Melissa back but was beyond glad that he had.

Valerie nodded. ”We can hope.” There were no real signs of Melissa settling down but there always was hope. ”That’s true. I think eventually we’ll all meet the person we’re meant to be with.” She could tell Adrian that kind of thought, Melissa was enough of a cynic about it that it made talking to her hard sometimes.

Valerie smiled at him using the term alright. Maybe, she really was more tired than she had thought. It wasn’t the kind of word that she tended to use that often but it had just come out. Christmas made her smile. Valerie could cook, as could Adrian but Valerie actually thought that Adrian was a slightly better cook than her. Valerie, however, could bake amazingly well. For the holidays, their home would perfumed with the smell of Christmas cookies and really any other treat requested of her. She didn’t go around baking all the time but once a year was her big baking time. “That will be fun." She also loved decorating for it.

Christmas with her biological father hadn’t been, well, really hadn’t been. He didn’t believe in celebrating it but once they moved in with their adopted family and were exposed to Christmas, Valerie just took to the holiday. In typical Valerie fashion she had even managed to get all of her gift shopping done already. A nod came from her when he mentioned alright being a word for his vocabulary and not hers.

Valerie had to think for a moment about what Melissa had told her about her finals schedule. She has two tomorrow. I think she said her last one would be over about four. I know her one in the morning is in violin but her one the afternoon is trigonometry I think that she would be up for celebrating if she does well in that.” Violin wouldn’t be a problem for Melissa; the girl seemed to be able to just pick up most instruments and play them but had really gravitated towards piano and violin over the years. However, Melissa hated math and had basically struggled with trigonometry all semester though she swore she was passing it, the girl was being elusive about what that meant exactly.

#10 Adrian Morrison

Adrian Morrison

Posted 02 January 2015 - 05:34 PM

It was so easy to talk to the older sister of the two.  They could talk about virtually anything and not worry about the other thinking it was stupid.  Though…sometimes Adrian did say some pretty stupid things, and fully expected to be called out on it.  But it was never anything serious.  The idea of settling down was a nice one, and he hoped that one day all three of them would be able to find someone they connected with on such a level.  Someday…


The transition to the Christmas topic was easy enough, and Adrian was really looking forward to the holiday!  Not just the time off from school but he loved everything about Christmas.  He had been too busy to start his shopping yet, but he wasn’t worried about getting everything.  He was a great last-minute shopper!  “Have you thought about what you want for Christmas this year?  And I swear, if you say ‘nothing’ or ‘I don’t know’…I will fling these mashed potatoes at you.” he said playfully, scooping a generous amount onto his fork.  “I dunno what to get Melissa this year, either.” he admitted.


Stuffing the potatoes into his mouth (he wouldn’t have actually flung them at his sister), he tilted his head thoughtfully.  “Know what you’re gonna bake this year?”  They would likely need to go to the grocery store to get some ingredients.  They could easily go after her exam if she wanted to.  “If you want any help with it, just let me know.”  Soccer was done with until the new year, school was done with until the new year, he had all the time in the world for his sisters aside from the Christmas stuff he needed to get done.


Maybe after Melissa’s trig final, they could hit up the store and then go out for dinner unless she had other plans.  Adrian hoped she would do well on her final.  He had tried to help her throughout the semester, but he never really knew if he was helping or if she just said he was to get him off her back.  “I’m sure she’ll do fine.  There’s no sense in worrying for now.  It’ll just drive us crazy.” he said with a gentle chuckle.  It would be all up to Melissa – nothing they said or did would bring anything productive to the table.

#11 Valerie Morrison

Valerie Morrison

Posted 03 January 2015 - 09:59 AM

Valerie loved greatly both of her siblings but it did seem easier to talk to Adrian than to Melissa about many things, it might not have helped that her younger sister didn’t seem to around a great deal of the time. Both sisters had walls around them but Melissa would sometimes put them up even around her family. It tended to be concerning to Valerie when that began happening a great deal of the time because it usually meant that Melissa was attempting to hide something. Which really didn’t work as well with people that knew her.

The subject change to Christmas was a nice one and Valerie did wonder how much shopping her brother had left to do. A slight laugh came with the potatoes comment. “What if I said I needed to think about it.” She joked with him. “Actually, there were a few things I were looking at but it’d be easier to show you on the computer. “ As for Melissa. “I know Mom and Dad are getting her a new guitar. It’s the one that she keeps looking at in the music store.” The guitar was custom made and supposed to be one of the best, it had a price tag to go with it but it helped when parents had money. Valerie had told them that was what Melissa probably wanted more than anything this year. Their parents were good at getting them gifts they truly wanted. “I can show you want else she’s mentioned on the computer.” It was really easier than telling him.

Valerie’s gifts normally consisted of journals, books or things that were science related. When asked she had told her parents that she’d really like a microscope as it would make things easier in her classes. Melissa’s gifts tended to be more music oriented. Her brother began discussing her baking. “I’m not sure. I know I’m making sugar cookie, some shortbread ones, some of the ones with M&M’s in them and maybe some gingerbread ones. I was thinking about attempting to make a yule log for Christmas dessert.” It was hard to go wrong with cream filled chocolate cake, after all.

Valerie could only nod to her brother’s comment about their younger sister’s final, there was little they could do about it but she hoped the girl did well.

#12 Adrian Morrison

Adrian Morrison

Posted 03 January 2015 - 10:20 PM

Adrian’s mouth dropped open in mock-outrage as she twisted his words around.  “That’s the same thiiiiiiiiiiiing.” he whined.  In reality, he already had an idea in mind for Valerie and Melissa, but it was kind of a big one.  Even if they didn’t want it, he would be more than willing to care for it in their place.  But what kind of pre-vet student didn’t want a kitten?  He was pretty sure Melissa liked cats too, but he needed to get them each something more personal.


“Well, after dinner you can show me stuff for both you and Mel.” he said with a smile.  Hearing about the guitar, he nodded his head in understanding.  Of course his parents would know what she wanted the most.  Money was never an issue for their family, though thankfully Adrian hadn’t been too spoiled over the years.  He still understood the value of it.


Adrian knew his parents were getting Valerie a high-end microscope.  But that didn’t help him any!  He knew he would get some good ideas after dinner though, so he wasn’t worrying about it too much.  Asking about the baking list, his mouth nearly watered as she mentioned everything she was planning on making.  He had a pretty good sweet tooth.  “I humbly volunteer to be your shameless taste-tester.  And I’ll even clean your beaters for ya.” he said with a wink.  Eating the excess batter was his favourite part!


“How’s everything tasting?” Adrian asked, his eyes flicking down to the food with a smile.  It was good to him, at least!  Hopefully he hadn’t overcooked her pork chop.  That likely would have ruined the whole meal…

#13 Valerie Morrison

Valerie Morrison

Posted 04 January 2015 - 06:51 AM

Valerie laughed at her brother’s mock outrage and whining. She knew that he was joking; It was that kind of back and forth that the girl only really felt like she had with him and, on occasion, with her sister. Valerie was just too shy to be like this with, almost, anyone else even if there might have been someone she wished her shyness would fall away around.

The girl nodded her head; it wouldn’t take that long to show him. Without her knowing it though he had,pretty much, already decided on a perfect gift for her. Valerie would love a kitten, well; really shewould have loved any animal brought into their home. She would readily take care of it. The young woman couldn’t know exactly what their younger sister would think of bringing a kitten in but when Melissa was around animals it was clear that she loved them. Taking care of the animals in Montana was, actually, one of the few things that they had memories of growing up with their biological father that they did together and wasn’t a negative, the animals had always unconditionally loved the sisters and they would share the job of taking care of them. There had been plenty of them to take care of as well, chickens, dogs, goats and cats. Valerie thought that it had something to do with why she had gravitated towards wanting to be a veterinarian.

The blonde nodded with a smile to her brother volunteering to be her taste tester and lick the beaters. “You have first taste, then …and the beaters.” Valerie was wondering though if he would really lick all the beaters. "I was thinking that maybe it would be fun, for all of us, to put together a gingerbread house.” She wondered if her siblings would want to do that but she thought it would be fun.

While they had been talking she had been eating the meal and looked down to find it mostly gone. “It’s really good. You’ll have to tell me what you put on the pork.”Everything was cooked just rightand it was seasoned really well, enough so, that she wanted to be able to duplicate it if she ever needed to.

#14 Adrian Morrison

Adrian Morrison

Posted 05 January 2015 - 01:33 AM

Adrian loved his time with Valerie.  She really was his sister in every sense of the word.  He couldn’t imagine his life without the two girls.  He tried to give them both (along with his parents, of course) very special Christmases in particular.  It was a very family-oriented time, and he really wanted them to feel like part of the family.  Valerie had a talent with baking, and Adrian loved to eat her creations!  And…the raw dough, too.


“Yes!” he cheered as she agreed he could be his taster and cleaner.  “I’ll help ya actually clean up afterwards, too.”  Shooting her a wink - that was just the way Adrian was.  He didn’t like Valerie to do everything herself, even if she felt it was her job alone.  As his sister brought up the idea of a gingerbread house, his eyes lit up.  “That’s a great idea!  Think Mel would go for that?”  It would be a great family thing to do together.


Basically everything Christmas, Adrian was all for.  “I thought we could do the tree together, too.  Mom and dad sent a bunch of our old ornaments, and some money to buy our own things if we want.  You’re more than welcome to come with me if you want!”  He would go in the next day or so for that, too.  The same offer would be sent Melissa’s way, too.


Glancing down at both plates, he smiled as he saw that both of them had really gone to town on it.  “The pork’s just seasoned lightly with salt, pepper, and garlic powder, but the sauce I think is what gives it that kick.  It’s got apple cider, Worcestershire sauce, and sherry.”  There was a light blush on his face as he smiled and took another bite of the food in question.  “I can get you the recipe, if you want it.”  He didn’t mind sharing.

#15 Valerie Morrison

Valerie Morrison

Posted 06 January 2015 - 05:49 PM

Both girls had long since stopped calling the Morrisons their adopted family; they were just family and they had always been made to feel like part of the family , even if there had been times when the girls hadn’t been the easiest to raise. They had always been accepted for themselves and it probably helped that their family understood the why behind how they acted. It was something that Valerie never took for granted.

The blonde woman smiled to his response. She really did feel it was her job, alone, to clean up her mess and usually felt like it was her job to clean up everyone else’s mess as well. She knew that part of the reason why their parents had been insistent upon them getting an apartment together was to keep an eye on Melissa but , they had had they apartment since her and Adrian had first attended CU, so, it waw pretty obvious it was for her benefit as well. Not only was there the pushing herself but Valerie could easily be taking advantage of because she wanted to please everyone. ”Well, I’d appreciate the help.” Besides, there would be no point in arguing with him about it, she’d lose. ”Is there anything, in particular, you’d like me to bake?” As for the gingerbread house and Mel. ”I’m not certain but I think so. She likes being creative and that would let her do that.” Cooking wasn’t really Melissa’s strong point but the girl did tend to help, where she could, when asked.

A nod came about the tree. ”That sounds good. I think maybe we could do it after Melissa’s last exam tomorrow. The stores are open late.” Maybe even dinner out then shopping would be a good idea but they would have to find out their sister’s schedule. Valerie glanced at the clock again. It was about ten to seven, so, either Melissa was true to her word she should be home soon.

The food had been really good and Valerie had been hungry, which had combined to make a mostly empty plate. ”I’d like that. I’ll have to try to make it sometime.” It would help with the sauce to make certain she had all the ingredients. ”If you want we can clean up and then I can show you the gift ideas.”

#16 Adrian Morrison

Adrian Morrison

Posted 07 January 2015 - 04:12 AM

Adrian inclined his head as she accepted his offer to help clean up after she finished her baking.  But as she asked what he wanted, he tapped his chin thoughtfully.  “Hmmm…did mom ever give you the recipe for the caramel squares she makes?” he asked excitedly.  Those were by far his favourite Christmas treat!  “If not, I’m sure anything you bake will be amazing.”  He wasn’t deliberately trying to fluff her up but…it was true.  Val’s baking was the best, in his opinion!


Pleased at the thought of Melissa wanting in on the gingerbread house, he smiled and finished off his pork chop.  “Goo’…I want ‘er included.” he said with his mouth full.  Once he had swallowed, he nodded eagerly at the idea that they go shopping the next day after Melissa’s exams.  “We can talk to her after she gets home.”  Which…should be any minute now if she was telling the truth.


Giving her the recipe seemed to be a good idea, and he nodded with another smile.  “We can make it together if you want.  I’ll just…be on hand if you’ve got any questions or anything.  You can do it all, if you want.”  But now, it was clean up time.  Gathering the dishes, he brought them into the kitchen and filled the sink with hot water and dish soap, letting it build a lot of suds.  “I’ll wash, you dry?” he asked, pulling on a pair of very fashionable yellow rubber gloves with a snap.

#17 Valerie Morrison

Valerie Morrison

Posted 07 January 2015 - 06:01 PM

“Actually, she did. Last summer, that day that mom and I spent together by ourselves, a lot of it was spent exchanging baking recipes.” Their mom baked as well and had helped Valerie learn more about it, it was just that Val tended to take the baking to the next step and do things their mother didn’t. She smiled when he said that anything she made would be amazing. “Well, thank you. I might try a few new things this year though so we’ll see if you still think that when I’m done.”[/b] It was said in a half joking manner but Valerie could be her own worst critic.

“I want to make sure she’s included as well. I feel like we don’t see enough of her.” Melissa didn’t make that any easier but it would still be nice to have around more often. The blonde girl nodded to the comment about talking to Melissa , after she got home.

”That sounds good. Maybe, in a few weeks we can have it again.” She did like it when they would cook together as they normally had fun when they did. As for the dishes. ”Sure.”

It was right when they were getting done with the dishes that Melissa walked in. By the clock she was only about five minutes later than she had said. She said hello to them and that she was going to take a shower and would be out in a few minutes. It actually looked by the bag she was carrying, along with her backpack and her outfit under her clothing that she had been at the dance studio.

With the kitchen cleaned up and the dishes done and Mel now back in her room, Valerie turned to her brother. ”Maybe, I should show you now what she’d like before she comes out of the shower.” It would be a lot of things either related to music, music Melissa wanted, items for her instruments, that kind of thing or a few things related to dance.

As for Valerie beyond the books and science or animal related things there was a particular journal she wanted for her poetry.

#18 Adrian Morrison

Adrian Morrison

Posted 08 January 2015 - 08:53 PM

Adrian smiled as Val mentioned her time with their mother.  Mom always enjoyed her time with the girls.  Obviously she enjoyed her time with Adrian too, as he was her son, but the girls were just as big a part of their family as he was.  Sometimes more, depending on their needs at the time.  Adrian was fine being left to his own devices when the girls had needed a little extra help.  Now he was old enough to provide that help.  It was a good system.  Laughing as she continued by saying she would try a few new things, he shrugged nonchalantly.  “I’m sure they’ll turn out fine.  And even if they don’t, trial and error, right?”  She was into science, after all.  She was bound to make a few mistakes somewhere.  Every good scientist did, even when it came to baking.


Making plans both with Melissa, and for dinner in the future, the pair got to work to clean the dishes.  Things always seemed to go smoothly when they worked together – perhaps because Adrian always took a job for himself instead of making Val do it all herself.  He knew she would, and she wouldn’t complain, but that wasn’t how a family worked.  Even for chores, they worked together.  As Melissa arrived home, and quickly disappeared for her shower, Adrian glanced over at Valerie as she commented that it was the best time to look at the gift ideas.  “Lead the way!”


He wanted to get something really nice for her.  For them both.  The kitten was pretty major, he knew.  But he wanted something personal for them both.  Adrian spent quite a while at Valerie’s computer, leaning over her shoulder as she pointed out a few things for Melissa and herself.  Once they were done viewing everything, he smiled and planted a kiss to Valerie’s hair.  “Thanks Val!  I’ll be able to put something together now for you both.”


Turning to leave, he paused before turning back to her.  “You’re gonna go back to studying, aren’t you?”  It wasn’t really a question, he had a strong feeling she would.  “Just…make sure to get some sleep, ok?  If you stay up studying all night, it won’t make a difference if you’re too tired to actually write the exam.”  Worst case scenario, he could check on her later.  Right now, he had some dinner to cook for Melissa.  Her shower would likely be done soon, if it hadn’t finished already.  “G’night, Val.  If you need anything, just holler.”  He’d come running.


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