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Nicholas Dryden

Nicholas Dryden Nicholas Dryden Psychology Counselling Faculty Staff

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Posted 21 December 2014 - 08:48 AM

Staff Details


Full Name:
Nicholas Alexander Dryden B.Sc.(Hons) M.Ed. Ed.D.

Nick, Nicko, Dryden


Associate Professor of Counselling Psychology

Year/Faculty Position:
Mental Health Across the Lifespan; Counselling for Grief, Loss, and Bereavement; Counselling for Trauma; Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy: Theory and Practice


Marital Status:

Sexual Orientation:



Staff ID


Play-by/Face claim:
Tahmoh Penikett

Distinguishing marks:
A small, equal sign-shaped scar above his left eyebrow, and a small, raised, leaf-shaped scar on his left cheek.

At 6’1”, Nick stands just a few inches taller than most around him. His hair, chestnut-brown with flecks of grey from age, is cut short to his head, with a slightly receding hairline. Eyes of a bluish-green see the world around him. While he goes to the gym regularly, and maintains a toned frame with broad shoulders, he is careful to keep it from consuming his life; there are, in his view, better things to focus on that musculature. He has two small, but distinguishable scars on his face. Nick prefers to wear collared, button-up shirts in dark colours, and jeans of a dark shade of denim. While he doesn’t look out of place in tailored suits, he prefers not to wear them; he enjoys fundamentally the idea that he should integrate and relate with the world around him, rather than being defined concretely by purely professional attire.



Psychiatric Profile


Lady Grey tea; red wine; instrumental folk music; reading science fiction novels; watching the sunrise; having a morning cigarette with his cuppa; driving; museums; travelling (particularly overseas); seeing personal development and growth in his clients and his students; public speaking.

Overly self-centred people; ending the day without feeling as though he has accomplished something meaningful; the colours orange, yellow, and brown; hay fever; waking up on the wrong side of bed; hard spirits.

A piercing wit, a high level of intelligence; an acute sense of awareness of everything around him; a caring heart; an unwavering commitment and dedication to teaching; diplomacy; a dry sense of humour.

A tendency to overanalyse people and situations; a propensity to talk about work too much outside of the workplace; occasionally, too much emotional empathy with clients and students in distress; a dislike of not being in control of everything in his life.

Losing loved ones; losing control of the most important aspects of his life; spiders; heights.

A tendency to play with the collars of his collared shirts when he doesn’t know what to say; occasional inability to look people in the eye for long periods of time during conversation; frequently overworking himself; hitting ‘snooze’ on the alarm clock at least thrice in the morning; having three cigarettes per day (one in the morning after breakfast, one after lunch, and one in the evening an hour before bed).

Upon initial meeting, Nick seems outgoing yet guarded. After a glass of wine or two, he loosens up, and he becomes more talkative and sociable. For this reason he likes to invite people out for drinks, particularly in environments with slow, chilled music and mellow conversation all around.


Nick’ passion emerges most in his work – as both a university academic and a licensed counsellor specialising in grief, loss, and bereavement. He is, perhaps, most ardent and vocal in the learning and teaching activities he shares with his students in the classroom; there, he demonstrates his deeply ingrained commitment to helping people, and he seeks to instil this commitment in his students. At the same time, his passion can emerge in what seems to be a harsh outlook. He marks students to a high standard, representing his teaching philosophy that focuses on strengths and personal growth. He likes to think he is a pacifist, but oftentimes, outside work, his words and actions betray this.


Nick is moderately open to friendships, and holds his friends close and dear. He is, as such, somebody who has only a close circle of companions who often indulge in a glass of wine or two as he does. His friends see through his façade of overthinking and careful articulation; they see in him a light and warmth infectious to all the lives he touches. He is fiercely protective of his friends and family.


Nick overthinks chronically the people and situations around him – this is fuelled by his acute awareness of words spoken and things happening in the surrounding environment. He judges situations with a carefully rational mind, but has also a tendency to initially react in extremely irrational ways. This is applicable particularly to romantic and relationship contexts.



Background Check


Mother (Eireann Dryden, née Louth, 63); father (Christopher Dryden, 66); younger sister (Catriona Wynn, née Dryden, 27).

Originally from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.





CSU Records


Nicholas holds three qualifications from the University of Toronto: B.Sc. (Psychology) (Honours), M.Ed. (Counselling and Psychotherapy), and Ed.D. (Counselling Psychology). He currently exercises teaching responsibilities at the undergraduate and graduate levels in the Department of Psychology, Lawson College of Education and Health Professions.

School Schedule:

Off-campus in a private, one-bedroom apartment ten minutes away from campus by car.





Out of Character


Your name/alias:

Time Zone:
GMT+10 (Sydney, Australia)

How did you find us?:

Roleplay sample:



The Neptune Bar, Sector I



Every time Ry threw one back and felt the grasping burn at the back of his throat, he felt calmer. He would close his eyes and savour the feeling, the burning that warmed his heart and strengthened the wall between his future and his memories. Then, open eyes. He was careful to keep going until the world began to spin, but to also keep himself from tipping over the edge. It was an art. Conversation often helped. The peppering of words exchanged randomly with others close by was comforting, and meant a few moments longer between drinks. Then, when there was a meaningful silence following, he would throw another back.


That was what he did each Friday afternoon, stretching late into the evening, from an initial period of simmering quiet through to the deafening raucousness of the crowd keen to begin the weekend, until the last dregs of mellowed clientele departed and it was simply him left with the bartenders who quietly, exhaustedly wiped down the benchtops and seats. Pussies, he would think. It’s not even three o’clock in the morning yet. Where are your spirits? I’ve got a few right here … Then he would pat his stomach fondly, and laugh to himself. And that was what he was planning to do this evening; no different to any other Friday night of late … at least, that he could recall. Evenings like these stretched far back into his past.


It was 5:00PM. Ry had left work early, as he always did on Fridays. There was a trade-off. He almost always ended up travelling to work early on Monday mornings to tie up loose ends and catch the tatters of things he had left behind the Friday before. Over time, he had become resolute about the way he went about things on a Friday afternoon. A two minutes before half-four, a last check of the e-mails, a glance at his watch, a check of the metallic coins in the pouch of his wallet. Then, at precisely four-thirty, he took up his briefcase, closed securely the door of his office behind him, bade a cheery goodbye to his executive assistant Mercurius, and left the sixty-three-storey skyscraper that landed a plentiful amount of credits in his bank account each week. It had been no different that afternoon. He had no desire to change it.


Ry gazed distantly through his wine glass. It was only his second red of the night. He had the money to buy mixed spirits whenever he felt like it, but he preferred wine. There was nothing quite like the throaty warmth that rose from downing a nice glass of wine; beer was too light, and often too bitter, and hard spirits left a burning that was more acutely painful than throaty and comforting. Wine hit just the right spot.


Maybe it’s time for another … Ry thought.


He was tempted to nod, as he always did as a way of convincing himself. Looking away from the glass, his sights roamed around the room. There were few people there, but work for many people had only just finished; it would be another five or ten minutes before the post-shift crowds would begin to pour in. He knew the routine of it all … like clockwork …




He felt the presence of someone unfamiliar, yet important. It sent tingles across his skin, but not in a way that left him shivering with wariness. He had not thrown back enough wine to numb the tingles. Had someone senior to him at work just come into the bar? The wine glass, standing alone on the bar before him, was empty. The sun was just beginning to set, and he saw the subtle golden hues of light filtering through the emptiness. The night was only just beginning.


Definitely time for another …

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Posted 21 December 2014 - 10:32 AM

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Posted 27 February 2015 - 12:00 AM


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