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Alone in a Crowded Place

Sasha Campbell

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#1 Rose Newhall

Rose Newhall

Posted 27 December 2014 - 10:07 AM

J.F.K.  Airport was probably the last place Rose wanted to be.  She didn’t really want to be back in Manhattan.   She could have spent break somewhere else but really didn’t have the energy to keep up the façade for much longer.   So, her plan was to hide away in the penthouse in Manhattan.  Her parents owned an estate on Long Island and they were in Europe but that place never really felt like much of a home to her.   She really didn’t want to be alone in the remote estate and if her parents did come home they would go there, Rose had no intention of dealing with them over break.


 The blonde girl could have told someone that the depression seemed to be sliding its way back to her or that she would be alone but Rose had become a really good actress about such things, as, far as she knew nobody knew.    Maybe, that she wanted to be alone and just lay in bed all day was a bad sign but ,  the young woman,  chalked up to the season and that her brother wasn’t there.   As much as she tried she also couldn’t stop herself about thinking of the upcoming anniversary of the accident.


A mess, that’s what she was, right?   Maybe her parents were right and maybe she wasn’t really worth the time.    The key to the penthouse played in her hand; the penthouse had been where she and William had spent most of their breaks there.  It had been given to her brother and it was now hers; it almost didn’t feel right going there without him.  


The girl hadn’t called her family’s car service and really thought about telling a cab driver to take her, just anywhere.    Her mind was getting rather cluttered with a number of thoughts she shouldn’t have had and the next thing Rose knew she was sitting on a bench watching a family, then another reunite.  Running into each other’s arms; it was as if she was punishing herself for some unknown discretion.  There was  no telling how long the girl sat there,  really uncertain of what to do with herself,  her eyes beginning to water with tears she had no idea had been so close to the surface.   Running her hand though her hair wondering if maybe she just buy the next ticket out to some place that no one could find her.  







#2 Sasha Campbell

Sasha Campbell

Posted 02 January 2015 - 05:06 AM

The private plane she had chartered  landed smoothly and a trolley service met her at the tarmac. Floof barked happily in her travel carrier though she seemed as enthusiastic as Sasha to be returning to the Big Apple. She knew she loved New York and couldn't wait to make a trip to all her old haunts, but she knew that she had to hit the ground running, she had to get so much done over the trip with so little time to do it. Some people eased into adulthood, others were shoved right into the deep end; Sasha was most certainly in the latter group. 


Her family had all sent prospective itinerary for the break, each asking for a piece of her time, and with the exception of the big Campbell family dinner for Christmas in Philadelphia , and the Kenton New Years Party in Barbados, Sasha had declined all invitations from her parents to play happy family. She had stood firm on not publicly choosing a side and she was done pandering for the cameras. She had stated that she was meeting with a real estate agent to find a new home in the city, since she knew she wanted to keep her permanent residence in New York. 


Going through the airport, stopping at the food court to sneak a doughnut, she was surprised to see a driver holding her name as she descended the escalator, She had not hired a car, and had just planned on grabbing a ride from one of the town cars that were always by the departure section. As she got closer she groaned as she recognized one of father's staff members waiting beside the driver. She looked away, searching for an escape. 


That's when she spotted her friend, looking lost and lonely. Immediately escape was pushed aside as she made a beeline to her friend. She didn't even really know what to say but she knew she wanted to be there for her. She knew that they were kindred spirits when it came to inattentive parents. Sasha was ashamed that she had accepted the show that her friend put on, knowing that something else brewed under the surface. Now she could read it in her body language and she ached for her friend. Wanting to comfort her as much as possible. She sat beside her friend, laying a soft hand on her shoulder, hoping she didn't frighten her friend. "Hey Rose, I'm here now, I'm here." Her voice was soft and steady. 


#3 Rose Newhall

Rose Newhall

Posted 03 January 2015 - 07:07 AM

The last thing Rose had expected was to fall apart in the middle of the airport. At the penthouse where no one would see her, was one thing but in public where anyone could see her wasn’t like her at all. She could hear her mother’s voice in her mind telling that she was a disgrace and she couldn’t let anyone see her like this. Anything that might embarrass the family was, pretty much, forbidden by her parents.

Rose, probably thanks to her brother, had never felt shoved into adulthood well not as much as some. She had, at a young age, been shoved into the world of child protégés which was an odd world to be in, most of the time. People that knew tended to not know how to respond to her. They didn’t seem to know whether to treat her like a child or an adult. Rose was glad that, over time, she had managed to distance herself from the title as she had never liked being put on the spot.

The last thing, that Rose thought she wanted was for anyone that knew her to see her like this, that was until she felt a gently touch followed by a familiar and friendly voice. The little resolve the blonde girl had left seemed to instantly dissolve and she began to cry. There were few people who knew that Rose had spent time in the hospital after the accident because of her injuries and no one knew about the depression she had gone through after it happen.

Her tears receded enough to talk. ”I don’t know why I came here. I was going to spend break at the penthouse but without William there….it’s just going to be so empty and ….I think everything is just hitting me at once.” Rose wasn’t sure what made her say all of that; except that she just couldn’t seem to stop herself.





#4 Sasha Campbell

Sasha Campbell

Posted 15 January 2015 - 04:06 PM

Sasha forgot all about her problems, as was her nature when a friend was in need. She could be cold and distant, and maybe too competitive, but when it came to someone in need the ice queen melted. Sasha wondered if she got that from her birth parents, since Dennis and Lenora Campbell were not like that at all. While some might find her a bit spoiled and overbearing, true friends knew she'd never hesitate to help. She was very resourceful, and even sometimes pushy when it came to helping a friend in need. Most people didn't even get considered a close friend until she had helped them out in some way.


Here with Rose was different, Sasha felt a bit helpless. She could fix grade, wardrobes, flexibility, organization, and finances, she however could not fix emotions. Her friend was hurting deeply, and Sasha had to do what she wasn't good at, just be there. She couldn't use her Campbell tenacity to make things all better. It was a bit of a struggle, but Sasha understood some things didn't just go away. She herself still had the nightmares, and while she no longer binge ate to cover her fear, the symptoms were still there. She was still dealing with things, and she respected Rose's right to not be okay. "It's okay Rose, just let it out. Airport or otherwise, you've got to open up the gates or you're going to burst."


Sasha gently patted her friend's back, wanting to empatize with her but she found herself lacking in that department. She certainly had abundant sympathy for Rose, everyone had suffered a great loss when William was killed. Still Sasha had gotten so used to being alone, grateful to not have to share her horrorable childhood with any siblings, she couldn't imagine what it would be like if she lost her anchor. Independence had always been Sasha's blessing and curse, but now she saw loneliness as an observer, and it truly could be awful. "Rose you don't have to do what you're not ready for. William was your rock, always has been, and a part of him will stick with you. It's okay to not want to have to face that alone. You shouldn't have to face that alone, and you don't have to I'm here and we can do what ever you want to do." Sasha said, glancing at the assistant who was eyeing them wearily. Campbell plans be damned, she had a friend in need, which took priority.


#5 Rose Newhall

Rose Newhall

Posted 03 February 2015 - 02:57 PM

Rose knew she shouldn’t be breaking down like this in public, if someone, who wasn’t a friend saw her it would be everywhere in a matter of days or more likely hours. The rumor mill among the rich was fast and could take down people’s reputations in a matter of moments. It wasn’t that she cared so much about it but knew her parents would, to them, it was all about appearances.

In reality, though, there was no controlling her overflow of emotions. She had held it in for a long time, it had built up to the point that she ended up like this and really not knowing what to do next. The blonde girl was incredibly grateful that Sasha had found her and had stayed to be there for her. However, Rose knew there was little anyone could do beyond that for her.

Rose nodded to Sasha’s words about not facing it alone. ”I don’t know what to do next. I can’t go to the penthouse, not right now.” Maybe, in a few days, there were things she needed to do there but it could wait. ”Maybe, we could go to your suite.” Rose wanted to curl up in a corner but being alone wasn’t an option.





#6 Sasha Campbell

Sasha Campbell

Posted 11 February 2015 - 04:56 AM

"It's okay Rose, just let it out. Here take this hankerchief and just take this cry that you've been holding in for I'm assuming too long. We're women, we're allowed to cry, so you just let it on out." Sasha hated this helpless feeling, but she was so out of control in this moment. Control had been such a focus in her life ever since she went to Switzerland. she had made a promise to herself to never lose control again, but it was times like these when she knew that there were somethings she couldn't control. Didn't she herself still have nightmares that kept her up in the early morning hours. She'd tried everything to get over her nightmares, to just turn back over once she woke up, to absolutely no avail. It was times like these in particularly that she was harshly reminded that somethings you can't control.


"Yes we can go to the suite, and just take some time to just be. We won't be a Campbell or a Newhall, we'll just be girls in a hotel room with a little cute dog." Sasha stated before signaling for the assistant to come over. "Yes, Ms. Campbell?" The girl who was probably all of maybe 5 years older than them, was eyeing Rose wearily. "I will not be needing your services after you contact the Waldorf and tell them that I expect a second room in my suite to be ready upon arrival. If you would like you can leave me your card, and go enjoy the city. I will contact you if you are needed, if you have already spoken to my Realtor, please let Ms. Anderson know that I will not be available for viewings today after all. Tell her to contact me with her availability to reschedule. If my family contacts you in regards to my itinerary please advise them that information is currently unavailable and take a message. Also please tel the driver to bring the car, we are ready to leave now."


The girl who stood a good 4 inches taller than Sasha looked like she wanted to protest her instructions but the look Sasha gave her meant that she meant for her instructions to be followed no questions asked. Sasha turned away from the other woman, feeling a little guilty she didn't even bother to get her name, but did put on a gentle smile for Rose. "Ready?"


#7 Rose Newhall

Rose Newhall

Posted 23 February 2015 - 02:43 PM

Rose had lived her life with knowing that control was important, especially in public. With her brother she could let things go but really losing him was the worst thing to ever happen to her. She had pressures put on her to act a certain way and times when she had wished her parents had been there but she had always had her older brother and now, really since the accident everything had felt out of sync. She couldn’t recall the times she had picked up her phone to call him or text him only to remember he wasn’t there.

Blotting her eyes with the handkerchief that Sasha had given to her, the words that they could go to the suite and just be themselves for a while, sounded like just the retreat that was needed. The look from the assistant wasn’t lost completely on Rose; this couldn’t have been part of the itinerary that Sasha was supposed to be keeping. ”That sounds good, thank you. But are you sure it’ll be alright?” It was completely Rose like to ask, even though, she got the feeling that alright or not it might not matter to her friend right now.

It was apparently done now and Rose knew they should get out of there. ”Yes. We should leave before anyone sees us.” Rose stood up and grabbed the one bag that she had with her. The rest of her luggage had been sent ahead and she’d call in the call to get what she needed delivered to the hotel, once it was figured how long she would stay there.





#8 Sasha Campbell

Sasha Campbell

Posted 17 March 2015 - 02:26 PM

Sasha's instructions were quickly followed because by the time they made their exit the town-car was pulled up to the front of the terminal. Sasha had sent her minimal luggage and Floof ahead with a special courier service. Floof had an appointment at her favorite spa and would be gone most of the afternoon. Their exit from the airport was a nonevent compared to earlier, and the assistant had taken off spouting something about good deals in China Town. Sasha still didn't like that her father had sent one for her, and she would ignore this olive branch just like she had all the others. She would see him at Christmas, of course as she glanced over to Rose she wondered if she would. 


They drove quietly through the city from JFK, Sasha was surprised at how much she had missed home, smiling at the landmarks as they drove buy. The brief time she had for break certainly didn't give her a lot of time to enjoy her city. She still needed to find a place she really wanted to call her home, some place that she would possibly return to in the summer, and when she was done with college, though she was still considering applying to Harvard Law. Boston was a heck of a lot closer to New York than Steamboat Springs, Unlike at CSU, she felt more freedom to be herself in New York. If she felt prying eyes there was always somewhere to go where they didn't know nor care who she was. She could make an impression on this town where her parents hadn't already left an indelible mark. CSU was like a showcase for her parents, reminding her of the legacy she was supposed to follow at every turn. 


Pulling up to the Waldorf they were quickly ushered inside and up to the Campbell suite. It basically looked untouched and definitely not homely. Her valet had laid out her things but she still just felt empty and a bit cramped. Most people would think it wasn't so small but Sasha felt stifled by what the place represented. It had status written all over it, not home. She needed to find a place that had all the amenities that suited her high maintenance lifestyle, but had an heir of comfort. Basically she needed the New York equivalent of her home in Colorado.She was anxious to get out of this suite as soon as possible, but for now she needed to be there for her friend. 


Sasha smiled tentatively at Rose who had been silent their entire trip. "Well here it is, this is 'home' for lack of a better word. Did you need anything? Miles, the valet, is always available just ask him. Did you want to do anything in particular, like maybe get some movies in, or order room service. Or maybe just sleep for a week?" Sasha once again felt out of control but still gave a tense smile. 


#9 Rose Newhall

Rose Newhall

Posted 23 March 2015 - 02:33 PM

The suite was nice; Rose had a similar one in Milan for when she just couldn’t get out of attending some event or other for the family business. She was supposed to look nice and make the family look good by attending but would spend the evening dismissed by her parents and making small talk with people she barely knew or didn’t know of all. And on top of all that would come the list of people she would be expected to spend time with, even if she knew some of them had to do with potential husband prospects , at least, to her parents.

However, as nice as this place was it obviously wasn’t a home. Just like her own suite; rooms like this represented certain things just by the way they were and Rose thought her friend might dislike those things as much as she did.

She hadn’t meant to be quite the whole trip here but her mind had been preoccupied with other things. ”I guess getting some movies and ordering room service sounds good.” Though she didn’t really want to eat, the girl knew she probably should. ”You can pick the movie, I just request something light.” Which might have been a given. ”I don’t really know what to order for food. I guess maybe some snacks and we can figure out dinner later.” It was still kind of early for dinner in New York but Rose hadn’t eaten much all day.

She let Sasha take care of the ordering of the food; while Rose called to have some of her things delivered to the suite. She hung up and started to go to the living room when her cell went off with the song [i]Royal[/i[ and ironic choice for who she knew was calling. She didn’t answer it, instead turning the phone off; the girl could deal with her parents later. Rose sat down next to Sasha. ”I’m sorry. I think word might have gotten out about my breakdown at the airport; I don’t know if she will but my mother might try to get a hold of you, if she found out that I left the airport with you.” This wasn’t a motherly love kind of call; it was a call to get of Rose to say that she had embarrassed the family. The girl didn’t feel a need to explain that part to her friend as she was sure Sasha would already understand.





#10 Sasha Campbell

Sasha Campbell

Posted 27 April 2015 - 11:13 AM

"Light movie, light snacks. Got it!" Sasha said before summoning Miles to put in an order for some tapas and fruit. She also requested to have her laptop setup near the TV so they could watch something on Netflix. Miles handed her a box full of mail and Sasha groaned, wondering who would be stupid enough to send something to the suite that no one lived at. It was then that she remembered that this was her social address, and she leafed through invitation after invitation, some had expired, some of the events sounded fun. All of it meant putting on her strong Campbell face, and living up to expectations. After spending a semester doing that while pledging her sorority, Sasha was more than willing to pass all invitations up. 


Sasha had heard the ringtone from the other room, and had a feeling who would be calling. Sasha rolled her eyes, she most certainly didn't want to put her social graces into play dealing with Rose's parents. While she had not publicly chosen a side in the divorce of her parents, when it came to conflict with Rose and the elder Newhalls, she was Team Rose all the way. She quickly searched for her tablet which she had left in her room during the last trip home. It had all the gossip blogs bookmarked, and she wanted to know how much had been said about what had happened in the airport. 


Sasha had easily gotten frustrated as she strode back into the living room area in her nylon clad feet. She quickly got mad at some of the comments and had closed out the blogs in favor of emails from her realtor featuring some properties she was going to show Sasha. Some looked very promising, and maybe even possibly her new home, she'd have to really see them in person to really know. As she sat on the couch she was still flipping through photo galleries when Rose came in the room. Sasha made an angry noise as Rose mentioned her parents calling.


"If your mother is smart she won't try to reach me. Sure you were crying in a public place, but you weren't screaming your name at the top of your lungs while doing it. Anyone who makes a big deal out of that really has nothing going on for themselves and want to make you feel small. As your uncontested best friend, I'm not going to let anyone do that, whether they are a relative or not." The look in Sasha's eyes was fierce but she did smile gently at Rose. 


#11 Rose Newhall

Rose Newhall

Posted 08 May 2015 - 03:49 PM

Probably, when Rose got her other things that were being sent to the suite, there would a box similar to Sasha full of invitations to various events. It was common and expected even if Rose really hated attending those things; it all seemed so fake and forced but, she had, in the past put on the good face and gone to those that she knew her parents would want her to attend. They had always been better with her brother as William could somehow manage to make a good time out of almost anything.
This year, Rose wouldn’t be attending any of them. Actually, that made the breakdown in the airport be not such a bad thing, not only was she now in the company of a good friend but she could easily decline all the invitations. It would be beyond rude for the hosts to take back the invitations; what she had done might not be in the best light in the gossip columns but it wasn’t bad enough to warrant taking invites away but it was on the level that the same hosts would probably breathe a sigh of relief in finding out that the latest news among the gossips wouldn’t be there.

Rose didn’t bother looking at the gossip pages; if her parents were calling she didn’t really need to. The girl knew that it would blow over and, maybe even before the end of break, she would no longer be the talk of society but for now it was probably good that she was held up here.

Rose actually managed a smile to Sasha’s words. The words best friend didn’t miss her and it felt good to have one and to have reconnected with the other woman. ”Thank you for that.” She paused. ”Well, at least I can get out of going to any of the social engagements for the season. I guess that’s not a bad thing.” She was trying to put not such a bad light on thing and while Rose was feeling better, she would be dealing with her emotions for a while.

The first knock that came to the door was he r things, just a few suitcases, makeup bag and, as Rose had thought, there was a parcel with invitations inside. She would deal with those tomorrow; declines were easy enough to get out. The things were put where they belonged and the second knock was room service. With the food laid out Rose asked. ”So, did you find anything good to watch?”





#12 Sasha Campbell

Sasha Campbell

Posted 10 May 2015 - 01:17 PM

Sasha needed to leaf through some of the events she had been invited, even as she looked at Rose with wary eyes, Sasha understood that her showing up would make the difference for some fundraisers. Sasha knew there was one event that she could not miss even if she wanted to, the one that had basically got the divorce ball rolling last year. She had been away last year at the staff Christmas dinner at her grandfather's resort in Barbados, so she had gotten the news from gossip rags before she got it from her parents. At the annual Campbell Christmas Charity Ball, held at her grandparent's house in Philadelphia, Dennis Campbell had used the rare opportunity of proximity to his wife to have divorce papers served.


This year it was her obligatory turn to spend Christmas with the Campbells, and alternatively New Years in Barbados. She knew that the ball would have an influx of attendees, vultures wanting to pick at the dead 26 year marriage which was still in high profile proceedings. If it was not the one event per year that she felt she had to spend with her grandparents, and also for charity, Sasha would have definitely skipped this event this year. Her grandparents had even been nice enough to let her choose this year's charity. She had chosen a local Philadelphia group home for girls, some of which would be in attendance. They had thought it was an unusual choice, but she wondered what would have happened to her if she hadn't been adopted by Dennis and Lenora, she could have faced the same fate. 


"I have to attend my grandparent's ball, and the New Year's party in Barbados. There are also some events that might benefit if I show up, me and a few hundred twitter followers. This break honestly feels like full time work but I think for now time to relax. I'm gonna go change." Sasha said as she went into her room and changed into a tank top and some shorts. Classic cheerleader down time wear, or maybe it was sleep over gear? She even managed to remember where the maids had stashed her slippers. She heard the first knock on the door, but was too engrossed in the photo galleries to really care who was at the door. She forced herself to close the tablet. 


Sasha immediately picked up a small plate and put some fruit on it, fresh pineapple slices for the win! She would deal with the tapas a bit later, she had been assured they sat well. "Oh yeah, apparently this unit has a smart tv so I can just sign into the account with the remote. You know me I'm a huge Disney fan, and I have Mulan at the top of my queue now. Unless you want to watch something like Mean Girls?" Sasha just wanted Rose to be comfortable, she also wanted her favorite person to be happy but she had seen that she would have to encourage her towards happiness one step at a time. 


#13 Rose Newhall

Rose Newhall

Posted 15 May 2015 - 04:43 PM

Even before Sasha mentioned her own itinerary on the events of the season; Rose assumed that there were probably some her friend couldn’t get out of. The New Year’s party given by Sasha’s grandparents was well known and while Rose wasn’t certain if she had actually been invited to it; she was certain her parents would have been. It wasn’t a matter of anything beyond how much money her parents could give to charity. Guessing though that they might decline this year.

The rest of her invites would be from other people; it was a big time for charity events and Rose actually felt a little bad for missing those, only because of the contributing part but maybe she could just write a check to some of those same charities. Her parents usually held, at least, one event over the season but they weren’t expected to this year given the tragedy of last year. Sometimes they would come home for a few days and hold it at the estate in Long Island, other times they choose to do it at their place in Milan. Rose had been to a few of them; they were stuffy and boring and her parents , beyond the introductions, ignored her the entire evening. The parties in the future would be different as she would be expected to attend and her mother would probably introduce her to every suitable bachelor in an effort to marry her off. Rose was not looking forward to those parties.

She nodded to Sasha’s words; they didn’t come as a surprise. Rose was really only planning on staying a few days; beyond that she felt like she might overstay her welcome. Besides, she did have to face the penthouse some time during break. Once, Rose’s things appeared, she also got changed into a pair of shorts and a short sleeved top.

Rose made herself a plate, ignoring her body for the moment that was telling her to take some pain pills. It had been a long day and it was catching up to her. Maybe some Advil would help at least a little. The stronger pills would just knock her out and she didn’t want that. She put her plate down on the table and excused herself for a moment before coming back out and asking about the movie. ”Actually, a Disney movie sounds good. Mulan is fine.” It seemed like forever since she had done anything like this.





#14 Sasha Campbell

Sasha Campbell

Posted 22 May 2015 - 07:14 AM

Sasha knew that now she was in full socialite mode, and it felt like a lot of work. Trying to fit social appearances into her busy schedule would be hectic, but she was sure that when she inevitably woke in the early hours she would sit down with her calendar and schedule as best as she could which events she would attend, and get a rough schedule to that assistant her father had sent, as well as to her realtor. She would skip out on all of these events, preferring to just spend time by herself, but she couldn't turn her back on a good cause. She knew which events were legitimate and which events were just for show, she would avoid the latter like the plague. 


"Fair warning, I will force you to sing 'I'll Make A Man Out Of You' with me, because it's such a girl power song!" Sasha made a funny face, hoping that Rose would relax and not worry too much while she was in the suite with Sasha. She knew her friend's problems would not magically disappear with some girl time, but she also knew that both of them needed a place where they could just be. As they spent time snacking and watching a fun Disney movie, they weren't two heiresses in an expensive hotel suite, who had obligations and reputations to contend with. They were two best friends relaxing and enjoying each other's company, accepting each other with no other expectations. 


They both retired to their own rooms once the movie was over, both feeling the effects of jet lag. Sasha slept for an unusual five hours that night and was soon up planning her social calendar over the next couple of weeks while she was still in Manhattan. By 9 AM she had all of her RSVPs ready to be mailed, had sent her calendar to her 'assistant' and was on the phone talking to her realtor about some of the properties she liked, and trying to find a tentative schedule to visit those properties. At 10:30 AM Floof arrived freshly pampered and had transformed back in to the pampered pup she had been formerly, she gave a happy bark gave Sasha kisses, and then disappeared for a late morning nap. Sasha had not seen signs of movement from Rose when she left at noon to meet up with her old squad, but she left a light breakfast on the counter of the kitchen area and a note to call if she needed anything. 


When she arrived she spoke at Rose's door but didn't hear a response. She had decided to give Rose one day to herself, and then she would let her inner Campbell take over. Sasha had dinner with Floof, made more phone calls, watched another Disney movie, playing it a bit loudly, hoping Rose would join her, and finally went to sleep cuddling her beloved pet. She only slept for 3 hours, then tossed and turned for another hour before once again giving up. With no school work, or pledge book to study, Sasha was hard pressed at what to do next. She decided to go over her financial statements on her laptop, so she and Floof got up, and  went into the main living area of the suite. This is where she found Rose. "What are you doing up? Are you okay, do you need anything?" Sasha tried not to sound so concerned but she wasn't used to people being up in the wee hours with her. 


#15 Rose Newhall

Rose Newhall

Posted 03 June 2015 - 11:56 PM

”Oh, I might make sorry that you ever forced that on your eardrums.” Rose actually managed a joke back. Really, her singing wasn’t ear splitting bad but there was no way she could ever be a vocal major either; then again no one is good at everything. Rose hadn’t even realized she had needed this, until this moment, but she had and if it hadn’t come now, the situation could have gotten worse. Rose was really glad to be back with her friend.

The jet lag and the stress of the late nights, her own sleepless nights and nightmares and just everything had finally caught up with Rose and she hit the pillow to fall into a deep and long sleep. Which would have been good, except, her body apparently had other ideas. She woke up, a little afternoon, to an extremely sore and aching body. This was not the way her trip here was supposed to go and she cancelled the only meeting she had with an old friend of Williams who had wanted to just get together.

She got up and made her way to her little bag which held her prescription. She hated taking these things as it would knock her back out but she sometimes had no choice. Rose remembered she needed to eat something and made her way to the kitchen to find the note. She was actually glad that Sasha wasn’t here to see this; Rose hadn’t let anyone know that the pain could get this bad.

She ate some food, cleaned up, took her pills and went back to bed. The blonde woman felt like she was being rude but really there wasn’t anything she could do about it. Rose was awoken by a dream about the accident and the pills starting to lose their edge. She didn’t feel so sore any longer and got up, as sleeping any longer wasn’t possible.

Taking her phone out, there were a few calls, mostly from her mother. For a woman that usually ignored her; she certainly wasn’t giving up until she could tell Rose what she had done wrong. She sat there for a moment deciding whether to just call the woman and get it over with, when Sasha’s voice caught her attention. ”I’m alright. I just couldn’t sleep any longer. I’m sorry; I think I’ve been a really lousy guest.” This was very Rose like, she had been intensely trained in etiquette and anything that went against that, kind of went against her nature at this point. She wasn’t even sure how convincing she was being at this moment.





#16 Sasha Campbell

Sasha Campbell

Posted 01 July 2015 - 10:19 AM

Sasha stared out across the overly fancy setting, restless to be in her own space soon. If they had been at her own penthouse apartment they would have had a comfy couch to rest on, and a fully stocked kitchen where she would have made them some sinfully chocolate confection that would allow her and Rose to really relax, and for herself to maybe relax a little more. Sasha didn't want to smother Rose, but she didn't want Rose to feel alone either, it was a delicate balance because she knew that she could tumble onto either side of the spectrum pretty easily. She had a packed schedule with many concerns and obligations, she could easily keep herself occupied with putting her life back together. 


On the other hand, Sasha loved to be helpful, and never really warmed to most people until they showed that they needed her. Rose was different, Sasha felt more of a connection and responsibility for her. They were the same age, but Sasha remembered when Rose had been her only lifeline, her only real friend that wasn't fictional. Sasha wanted to be that lifeline for Rose, and she knew that her own gratitude may come off as overbearing. She was so excited to have her best friend back in her life, and especially was happy to see that Rose did need her. Still she knew that smothering Rose would not bring the girl closer, and would most likely harm more than help. Right now the best thing Sasha could do at this time was be flexible and respond as needed. It was more organic than she was used to being, but she felt comfortable not being all 'Campbell' when she was with Rose. 


"That's funny because I thought I was being a lousy host, I was gone for 8 hours and forgot to give you a call to make sure you were okay and had everything you needed. I wish I could sleep nearly as good as you were sleeping. Did you need anything? Maybe a cup of tea, or a snack? One good thing about these fancy hotels, the kitchens never close!"  Sasha smiled gently, she was trying to be subtle, it wasn't her strong suit, but another part of herself didn't want to be sensitive to the point that she was condescending. Rose had probably had more than her fair share of people trying to either prod or placate her. Sasha just wanted to be Rose's best friend, which meant being whatever she needed for the time being. "I was just going to look over financial statements, make sure I'm richer than I was last time I checked! Then look at the photo galleries for some properties I'm considering. I am so ready to be out of this place, I can't even put it into words."


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Rose Newhall

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The setting of the room reminded Rose of the more formal parts of her family’s estate.   If it wasn’t for Sasha being here, she might feel less at home here.   Rose came to think of Sasha as her best friend rather easier, the two girls had a history and a connection, and while they didn’t know exactly what the other was going through they could certainly be there for each other without the pretenses.  Rose knew about Sasha’s parents’ divorce but not the rest; it was enough though for Rose to be glad that they had ended up at the same college.


Nothing Sasha had done had come across as overbearing; actually it was nice to know that someone was concerned about her.  One of the hardest part about losing William was he had always been the one that she could turn to and , for a long time, it had felt like she had no one but Rose had been made aware by Sasha that it wasn’t the case.  And while Rose and Sasha might be the same age; Rose was aware that her brother had kept her from having to mature too fast; and so in some ways Sasha might be more mature than Rose. 


Rose wondered if she should just tell Sasha about the pills but figured she had worried her friend enough for one day.  ”Actually, food sounds really good.  I’d really like a western omelet.”  Having seen the room service menu she knew it was on there and her love of diner type food hadn’t gone anywhere; it fit.  She was feeling hungry, attributing that to sleeping though dinner. 


Rose probably should look at her own financial statements at some point but she usually didn’t; she would have offered help for looking for a property but it was such an individual task.  She gave a small smile.  ”You could go ahead and do that.  I had thought about doing some drawing.   I don’t know about you but I’m not going back to sleep anytime soon.  I think we could get things accomplish before the food come then break when the food comes.  And if you want to talk or not talk while you’re taking care of those things; I can do either while I’m drawing.” She hadn’t planned on drawing anything that took too much thought on her part. 





#18 Sasha Campbell

Sasha Campbell

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Sasha was glad to see that Rose appeared to be better, that cry was a neccessary evil. She had heard from Rose's mother and had been polite and biting, as someone like Rose's mother could only understand. She had thought about just giving her a full piece of her mind, but then she realized the older woman probably wold have chalked her up to  being irrational, and her words would have been wasted. It was the same with her own mother, if you were 'over emotional' they only saw you as flawed, but if you told them the truth in a way that bit them the way that they bite, maybe something would sink in rather than your teeth. 
"Western for you, Sausage Benedict for me, and sausage gravy for Floof." Sasha said and as if on cue, Floof barked her approval. The staff in the kitchen already knew their early morning breakfast order, especially Floof's order. As stuffy as the staff at the Waldorf could be, they were certainly discreet. Not one mention o her nightly early morning breakfasts had ever een mentioned. She made sure to tip extra because of that discretion. 
The truth was that Sasha didn't really care if her portfolio was performing well or not, it really didn't matter in the grand scheme of things, since she was well diversified, and well, filthy rich. She was by no means the Nouveau Riche, her family's wealth going back all the way to back to before the civil war. Something most blacks of influence could not say, and not something she took for granted or as a reason to think herself better than other people of color. Checking her finances kept her from arguing with her parents about money, since that always led to arguments about the divorce and separation of assets. 
"Ooh I'll have to see some of your work sometime. Do you paint? I'll be needing pieces for my new penthouse, if I can ever get to the ones I like to make a decision. Believe it or not, I'm having an issue with shopping! Maybe I need another eye to go with me and decide, you know besides a realtor who's waiting for that big fat commission check." Sasha was a shopper extraordinaire, but you couldn't choose a home like you would otherwise in online shopping. You needed to see it in person and really get a feel for it, like shoe shopping but instead of feet you're looking to put yourself in. 


#19 Rose Newhall

Rose Newhall

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For the moment, Rose knew nothing about Sasha and her mother having it out, which might have been a good thing. She would probably hear about it, from her mother, and then thank Sasha for it. Dealing with Rose’s father was one thing; the man was distant, cold and acted like Rose was an inconvenience sent into his life. However, he was far more likely to just dismiss her than call when he thought she had made a faux-paus. Her mother also acted like Rose was an inconvenience but she was the one that insisted Rose act a certain way, especially, in public. She was the one that got far more upset at Rose when the young woman did something that her mother thought might put the family in a bad light, not that Rose ever did anything that bad but it a matter of perception. She was the one that wanted to force Rose into marrying a young man from a particular group that her mother had chosen. In Rose’s mind, she would have preferred her mother just ignore her the way her father did and not ignore her most of the time and only call when something displeased her.
Rose laughed when Floof barked as on cue, to his order. She held out her hand and the rather large dog went to it; she petted him. Rose had often wished she had a dog; she adored, her horse, Midnight but it would be nice to have a dog. She just wasn’t certain if her life would allow for it.

One of the reasons that Rose’s parents had never complained about her friendship with Sasha was that Sasha’s family was not only wealthy but old money. The Newhall’s fortune was also very old…Rose wasn’t certain how old but knew that It dated back to Old England, as least. Her parents held old money in higher regard than new money. Rose didn’t care but it was hard not know. Sometimes, Rose thought that her parents had somehow gotten their minds stuck in the 1800’s.

”Yes. I paint. Drawing and Painting is one of my majors. I’d love to do a painting for you.” Her child protégé status when she was younger, along with her gallery showings, hadn’t been something she shared with many people. And those who didn’t follow the art world wouldn’t know. When she was in boarding school, she would just go away for a few days with her brother; no one really thought much of it. ”Just let me know what you’d like.” She heard a sigh and looked to see the rather large dog, laid out, asleep. Rose couldn’t help but smile and nod towards the dog. ”Of course, he would make a great model.”





#20 Sasha Campbell

Sasha Campbell

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Sasha was glad that she had a person like Rose in her life, she was one of the few from old money who didn't act like they ruled the world. Sasha had appreciated this rare find when she had been a rejected loner at their boarding school. Now she appreciated it even more that she was among the 'beautiful people'. The fact that Rose was so beautiful and had all the right breeding, and would still be willing to skip out of this place and go to a dirty diner in the middle of the night told her that they would probably be best friends for life. Despite the fact that they had both been cursed with parents with different values than their own. "So...your mother called me. I think she now knows that I'm going to be just as formidable a lawyer as my grandmother." The great Sharon Campbell was someone that when she spoke, people of all walks of life had better darn well shut up and listen. 


"I remember that a certain person used to even doodle amazingly, though I think I was usually trying to get you to study." Despite being a year a part in boarding school, Sasha had clung to Rose, and had felt it her duty to help Rose as some form of payback. She might have learned Rose's subjects better than the girl herself, and that had helped her have an advantage in her next year of classes. "I think I'd like to bring some home to my new home. Maybe a landscape from somewhere in Steamboat." Of course she couldn't decide on size until she had a home and spot for the painting. 


Sasha looked over at Floof who must be trying to get some food out of Rose, but mostly because there was not a man around to weasel a treat out of. She never really liked females other than Sasha, probably due to the fact that her first experiences with women were the high society snobs or the vain models her mother had always had around. Now even sweet ladies like Mrs. Gilroy, their neighbor in Steamboat Springs, were snubbed by the little bitch unless she wanted some food. Maybe if she spent a little more time with Rose she'd realized she was one of the good ones, but the little brat was stubborn. "Don't let her hear you say 'he' that little spoiled brat is particular about that. And don't let those eyes and grin fool you, she's just trying to get a treat out of you, and since she's going to be exercising very little while we're here, please don't sneak her too many treats. The other girls gossip in her daycare group." Or at least their owners did.


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