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More trouble than a bag of wet weasels

Tag: Jaxx

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#1 Peter Tomasz

Peter Tomasz

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  • Human Development, Family Sciences, and Rural Sociology
  • Carson Hills, New Jersey
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Posted 06 January 2015 - 02:03 AM

"Aww- God damn it..." Peter sighed out loud. He could see it brewing for at least an hour since Caleb walked into the 'illegal' party in the depths of the Mitchell Hall dorm. Caleb was furious that Ethan- another Freshman and his best friend had been seen going out with his lately ex-girlfriend Megan. Paranoid little minds see things that weren't there to start off- more so when injured young male pride was involved. Needless to say Ethan was happy his buddy was being a total asshole to him since he took up with Megan. Two strong willed individuals were now involved in a situation where neither would back down.

Well an hour had passed and both had a snout full of cheap beer and perceived disrespect was added to the mix. Result: Caleb pushed Ethan, words were exchanged and someone did some more pushing.

Peter pushed his way slowly through the onlookers and they pulled back as looked as if a fight was about to start. Breaking through the ring of people, Peter was just in time as Caleb pulled back his arm to punch Ethan in the face.


"Whoa! Cool it guys..." the clearly sober Peter said to the drunk, smaller Freshman- grabbing Caleb by the shoulder and pulling him back, steeping between the two of them. "What the fuck? You guys are buds and you are fighting over a girl?" he queried them, hoping to make them see sense.

"My girl first..." Caleb slurred trying to step around Peter so he could get at Ethan, who  was likewise restrained from continuing his 'discussion' with Caleb. "Yeah...fine she WAS your girl first- but she made her decision and you gotta respect it" advised Peter.

"Yeah- she with me now asshole!" Ethan added his opinion, swaying slightly on his feet. Yes...clearly he was NOT helping the situation was speaking his mind. So that did NOT help Peter defuse the volatile situation. "Ethan-'re not-" he started to say, just as Caleb replied. "You're mother shithead!" he roared as he tried to lunge past Peter.

Massively strong arms wiped the 132lbs Freshman off his feet and press him back against the wall as Ethan was pulled back by a larger football player. "Hey- chill Caleb! Let it go..." Peter advised the clearly aggrieved Caleb. The smaller guy wriggled in fury and showed not much sign of wanting to stop. With a sigh, Peter hefted the smaller guy over his shoulder and carried him outside. With two of Caleb's friends in tow, he carried Caleb outside and then let him go. "You need to cool it Caleb- almost fucked up any chance you go at getting back with Megan ever if you keep losing your shit like this". He sighed...Caleb wasn't a bad guy, but when  someone gets as drunk as he was, things lose perspective. "You guys better see he get home before he hurts himself or someone else..." he suggested to his friends.


Walking back inside, he could help but wonder what the hell else could happen tonight....


#2 Ambrosia Jaxx Collins

Ambrosia Jaxx Collins

Posted 11 January 2015 - 03:54 PM

Jaxx just rolled her eyes at the very attractive, yet idiotic guys that were apparently fighting over a girl. "Boys." Can't live with them, can't live without them. That was definitely true in Ambro's case, who would die of boredom if she didn't have guys to ogle. But they were also twerps. And though she she enjoyed sex, she didn't enjoy the next morning when she was being kicked out of a dorm because the guy's girlfriends was on her way. Assholes. At least she could get them to do most anything for a piece of ass.


The rainbow head happily strolled back to the couch where her laptop was to crank up the tunes since that's what she'd been at the party for anyway. Well, no. Actually, she came looking for someone to go home with but the music was God awful. People were so friggin' basic, just letting the radio play on full volume. Pop music was becoming absolute shit these days. Therefore, Jaxx did whoever was hosting the party a favor and played her own mixes from her laptop.


Suddenly, though, the entire mood changed. Honestly, Ambrosia didn't even know how it happened. She didn't even know why it happened. It just did, and now she was two seconds away from clawing some bitch's eye out. Some random blonde was currently talking a whole bunch of shit simply because Ambrosia had made the decision to sleep with her boyfriend. Of course, Jaxx couldn't deny it because she probably did sleep with the girl's boyfriend but she really didn't think a party would be the best place to call someone out on it. Jaxx, having gotten high before coming to this party and nearly wasted like a sailor as well, made absolutely no effort to back down. "


You're such a slut!" The blonde slurred. Jaxx simply smirked before throwing her cup of beer onto the girl. "Oops." It wasn't too long afterwards when Jaxx lunged for the unclassy bitch. Oh, parties. You gotta love them.

#3 Peter Tomasz

Peter Tomasz

  • Freshman

  • Male
  • 18
  • Human Development, Family Sciences, and Rural Sociology
  • Carson Hills, New Jersey
  • Kiwi
  • 59 posts

Posted 23 January 2015 - 01:27 AM

He didn't get it....he just didn't get it.

It was a perfectly good (abeit unauthorized/illegal) party where everyone seemed to be having a good time and some people had to find a reason to bring their llama-dramas into the space and ruin the vibe of the evening. Even though he had broken up the fight, there was a slight pall over the evening- as if something wasn't right with the night air.

It all honesty Peter was baffled by the direction of human nature and psychology in an environment like this- well, that was a waste of semester's tuition, thank you very much....

At least one thing stayed consistant- beer.

It was cold, wet and was keeping the party going in the depths of Mitchell Hall. It was as he left it: a few kegs dotted around where guys and girls were getting their fill.

Peter snagged a fresh plastic cup from a Linebacker of a guy on the football team, that everyone called 'Moose' and took a long draw from it.

Ahhh...yes- the first draw from a freshly poured cup of beer and the buzz that came with it. Maybe tonight wouldn't be all bad.


Likewise Peter liked sex as well- who didn't?

However unlike most of the guys he knew he didn't carve notches on his bed posts for every buxom-blonde-buffy that he banged on a weekend. Oh no. It was rare that he ever woke up in bed next to a girl (let's face it...Mitchell Hall wasn't exactly the sort of place you really wanted to bring a chick back to...). However that being so, when he did wake up the first thing he didn't do was kick out her and tell her to get lost. No- he watched her sleep until she woke up in his strong arms holding her close, then smile wish her good morning and talked to her in hushed tones as if to speak at normal volume would make the walls come crashing down. Then, maybe if things were right they would kiss and for three hours after that he would repeat what happened in his bed the night before, afterwards taking her for coffee. It didn't bother that maybe she never him back ever. If she just called to say thanks or ask him to have coffee somewhere a few days later, it didn't matter...both parted with a blissful smile at the end of it all....


The change in the music sounded good- original, not the piped in crap from off the radio you get sometimes. The sounds and rhythm seemed to caress his body lightly both inside and out, so that  before he knew it his body was sway in a slightly rhythmic to the beats flowing through the hallway. It felt good...made him feel good as if all the tensions in his body just ebbed away- of course it could also just be the buzz from the beer too...


Unfortunately a sour note carried far in a situation like this and yet again his consciousness was drawn to disturbance in the air. His eyes search for the source of it all and found it- a chick he knew called Ambrosia seemed to have accidently spilled her beer (For shame!) on another chick who was screaming blue murder as her sheepish looking boyfriend (he thought) was trying not to smile at the situation.

All of a sudden, Ambrosia lunged at the other chick and was soon whaling on her like a rented bitch. Peter sighed as a big circle opened up around them to hoots of delight from the guys- the chicks being...unimpressed.

"God damn it..." he muttered and ploughed through the crowd as politely and discretely as he could. Likewise the boyfriend was in the process of pulling the two apart and taking a beating from both girls in the process. Peter interceded between the two girls and was pushed her away gently, the palms of his hand on Jaxx's shoulders.

"Whoa! Whoa- cool it girl! I think you made your point to her....chill out, okay?" he reassured her, HOPING this would be the end of it...

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