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Ivy J. Rose

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Guest_Ivy Rose_*

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Posted 08 January 2015 - 02:39 AM

Student Details

Full Name:

Ivy J. Rose






 Freelance writer and part-time waitress

Year/Faculty Position:

First year graduate student - Art History (French Surrealism)

Marital Status: 


Sexual Orientation:


Student ID

Play-by/Face claim:

Random red-head model I found online, I couldn't find her name.

Distinguishing marks:

light freckles, rose tattoo on hip-bone, prone to chewing nails


 Ivy Rose is a petite, 5'3, and feminine 24 year old with natural red hair and piercing green eyes. She has an innocent look about her, which tends to be misleading (as those who know her best have come to realize). 

Psychiatric Profile


Red wine, dancing, French art and literature, occasional recreational drug use, writing.


Hypocrisy, the scent and flavor of vanilla, reality TV


Her ability to hide her true self when need be, intellect, her ability to read people.


 Prone to mood swings, can get neurotic and nervous, takes unnecessary risks


Failure, abandonment, and the death of loved ones


 Prone to nail-chewing when in stressful situations, which is a habit she developed due to her strict upbringing and the pressure to succeed which was placed on her by her parents. Ivy Rose always forgets to turn off the lights and lock the door before leaving her dorm room. Finally, she has a habit of humming while completing chores and doing homework/research, much the annoyance of those around her. 


Ivy Rose is a complicated individual, to say the least. She was brought up in a strict and religious household and as such has learned to hide her true self from those closest to her (parents, siblings, family friends, etc). Although she pretends to be inexperienced when it comes to alcohol consumption, drugs, and sex, the truth is that she has indulged in all three many times in the past. She has a bit of a self-destructive streak, and a penchant for occasional mood swings. Despite her nerves and neurotic behavior she is incredibly intelligent. She loves to read and can often be found in the library, researching a multitude of subjects ranging from Art History to Algebraic Topology. She is a huge animal lover and often volunteers at the local parrot rescue, helping to feed the birds and clean cages. Her intelligence and drive can sometimes get her into trouble however, since she has realized that she can manipulate people in certain situations in order to get her way. Ivy Rose strives to be a good person, but she has yet to completely accept who she is. 

Background Check



Mother (alive) - Dentist
Father (alive) - Professor of Theology
Brother - 14 years old
Sister (deceased) - died in drunk-driving accident when Ivy Rose was 9.



 Rockport, MA


Ivy Rose was born to her Dentist mother and Theologian father. Her father had previously been a minister but had left his job in order to teach Theology at the college level. Ivy Roses' parents had high hopes for her and her siblings. She was enrolled in private school at a young age and was forced to take tennis lessons as well as piano lessons. It didn't matter that tennis made her head hurt and that her fingers were too short to properly play the piano, her parents implored her to continue. Throughout Elementary school Ivy maintained excellent grades; she excelled in the creative and language arts. Despite her talents towards the arts her parents drove her towards the hard sciences. Her sister, Violet, was the underachiever of the family. She maintained average grades and couldn't seem to find any specific aptitudes. The only thing she excelled at was playing the guitar, which her parents wholeheartedly discouraged. When Ivy was nine years old her sister passed away when she got into a vehicle with a drunk-driver after a party. Ivy never quite recovered from this incident, and began to view her parents as the enemy. Perhaps if they had attempted to understand her she would not have snuck out to a party that night. When Ivy was fourteen she tried alcohol for the first time. That was also the first time she kissed a girl. She had been told her entire life that it was a sin, but yet when her lips touched those of Cheryl Kingston she felt nothing but sparks. She knew then that she was gay, but decided to suppress these feelings for as long as she lived beneath her parent's roof. This repression led to a whole host of problems including depression and occasional substance abuse. The cocaine and marijuana never became a habit, but they did become an occasional escape.

At seventeen she graduated Valedictorian of her High School and enrolled in the University of Boston. Despite the fact that she had long ago quit going to Church, her parents were proud that she was entering her first year of college as a Chemical Engineering major. However, during her first year she fell in love with the arts again. Much to her parents dismay she soon switched from Chemical Engineering to Art History with a minor in Literature. That is also the year she met Aline Mcarthur, a stunningly beautiful brunette who lived in the dorm room next to her. She was originally from New Brunswick and spoke with a thick Canadian accent. Her long hair and feminine demeanor immediately caused Ivy to become infatuated. She was a Creative Writing major with a beautiful mind. The two courted for awhile an quickly became inseparable. That is when Ivy came out to her parents, who promptly cut off communication with her. Since her second year of college Ivy Rose has not spoken to her parents, and has had no contact with her younger brother Byron. Now as a graduate student in Art History she continues to see Aline, although the two live an hour away. Despite having come out Ivy Rose still struggles with feelings of inadequacy, fears of failure, and lack of self-acceptance. Despite her soft voice and innocent face she loves to party, and often gets herself into trouble.   


CSU Records


 Art History

School Schedule:


On Campus apartments 




Book Club

Out of Character

Your name/alias: 


Time Zone:

How did you find us?:

Google search

Roleplay sample: 


This is so hard, she scribbled on a blank piece of notebook paper. 

I miss you too much.

She and Aline exchanged notes back and forth through the mail. It was easier to chat on Facebook, or call each other, but there's something more intimate and personal about a hand-written note. Her heart palpitated with joy every time she descended to the mail room and saw her name etched on an envelope in Aline's signature pink-ink.

Ivy was quickly distracted from her thoughts of Aline as an empty knock-knock-knock rapped against the door. She ignored it for a moment before the familiar melody of knuckles against wood sounded again. 

"Ivy, I know you're in there," she heard a a small voice echo from behind the door. "We're going to be late. Get your ass dressed, I want to get a few drinks before heading to the club." 

Ivy stretched her aching arms and looked around the empty dorm room. She had no idea what to wear and was nowhere near ready. She opened the door clad in hello-kitty pajamas, her flame red hair tied up into a messy bun. 

"Give me ten minutes?" she asked.

#2 Melli


Posted 09 January 2015 - 04:17 AM

You have been accepted to Centennial State University!

Welcome to CSU. Before you get started, here are a few things you might want to fill out for our records:
If your character is involved in any extracurricular activities, be sure to fill these out as well!
Finally, you should stop by here to make a plot page. Be sure to read some others and reply! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! Hope to see you around soon.


#3 Melli


Posted 27 February 2015 - 12:01 AM


Your account has not posted within the past 30 days. As our rules state, your account and profile have been archived, and your claims freed. We understand inactivity and we encourage you to come back someday-- for this reason, we will never delete your profile. In order to become active again, please take these steps:
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  • Get to posting. Please post within a two week span of becoming active again-- we'd rather not go through inactive/active cycles!
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Again, we understand inactivity, and we hope to see you back someday! Keep in mind that you're always welcome around here!


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