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Centennial State University, founded in 1891, is a prestigious public university located just south of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Its remote location serves as a great higher education grounds, as there are little distractions yet many learning experiences. CSU offers a wide array of degrees, from wildlife conservation to video game design to dance, just to name a few. Our science and arts departments are among the nation's finest, and our intercollegiate athletics programs are rising up more and more every year. If you're interested in having both the experience of a lifetime and the best education in the midwest, then apply today and call CSU home.

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Adaleen Kim

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#1 Adaleen Kim

Adaleen Kim

Posted 08 January 2015 - 06:31 AM

Student Details

Full Name:
Adaleen Kim
Ada, sometimes
Part Time waitress
Year/Faculty Position:
Marital Status:
Sexual Orientation:
Student ID

Play-by/Face claim:
Ji Eun Lee (IU)
Distinguishing marks:
appendix scar, but you probably won't see that one. Freckle on her left cheek.  Pierced ear.
Adaleen stands somewhere between 5'3" and 5'4".  She's thin, but not really muscular.  She tends to dress either girly or comfy on any given day. Her nails are always painted
Psychiatric Profile

Sweets, rain, cats, scary movies, knitting, being alone by choice
movies with a lot of explosions and gunshots, fish (as a food), math, being alone without a choice, failing
Caring, English, running,
a bit of a doormat, math, nail polishes
the dark, being unsuccessful
twirls the ends of her hair, taps/clicks pens and pencils, taps nails when thinking/not doing something
Adaleen has a bright personality.   She's incredibly friendly, and she's kind almost to the point of a fault.  She'll do what other people want and not speak up if it's something she'd rather not do, both because the idea of saying no gives her anxiety and because she genuinely enjoys when other people are happy.  She enjoys running and she's good at it, or as good at running as someone who runs outside of sports can be.  She's never been on the track team or cross country or anything like that.  She just enjoys the feeling of running.  She also loves to knit, though she wouldn't necessarily say she's good at that.  She only just picked up the habit, but she's not half bad.  She enjoys it, anyway.  She's sweet, and she's a naturally happy person.  She's not very comfortable meeting new people, and not likely to go out of her way to be the first person to say something, but she can hold her own once a conversation starts.  She's thrifty most of the time, but she has a problem when it comes to nail polish.  She has a rather extensive collection back home, and she has trouble walking by a display without buying just one unless she already owns all of them.  She limits herself to cheap polishes, and never spends more than $2 on a bottle, at least of her own money, but she still has way more than she needs.
Her parents never purposely put high standards on their kids, and always made sure to let them know that as long as they were actually trying their hardest, even an F was an acceptable grade.  After all, sometimes the best lessons come from failure.  Still, Adaleen holds herself to pretty impossible standards sometimes and hates failing.  She is terribly afraid of being unsuccessful.  She hates math specifically because it doesn't come easy to her.  She shuts down before even trying, because she's afraid she won't be able to get better.  Adaleen has a very genuine fear of the dark.  If there's light she can find, it just makes her heart beat faster and she feels anxious, but poweroutages and unexpected darkness has been known to make her cry. 
Background Check

Dennis Kim, Father, Ophthalmologist, CSU alumni
Marian Kim, Mother, homemaker, CSU alumni
Bethanne Kim, older sister, CSU senior
Mariah Kim, younger sister, high school junior
Livermore, California

Marian Lee and Dennis Kim met at Centennial State toward the end of Lee’s freshman and Kim’s junior years.  It didn’t take them long to fall for each other and were wed the summer after Marian’s sophomore year after Dennis graduated, despite both sets of parents opposition.  Neither set had a problem with couple, they just worried that it was too soon, and that it would distract them from their studies.  It was difficult, for sure.  Dennis just entered med school not long after the wedding, and Marian was still attending Centennial.  It was a strain on the young couple’s wallets and on their nerves.  They fought a lot.  After Marian graduated she began working full time as a secretary, and as Dennis’s parents paid for his schooling, money became a bit less of an issue for the couple since they were no longer living off of Marian’s part time paycheck.  They lived a bit easier until Marian found herself pregnant quite by accident just as Dennis was finishing med school and getting ready to start his residency in Ophthalmology. Bethanne was a stressful but welcome addition to the family, despite the fact that she was a surprise.  Although Dennis was now getting a salary for his residency, Bethanne meant that the family stayed much the same economically.  It wasn’t until after his residency finished and Dennis began working full time that they became more comfortable.  When Bethanne was four two things happened.  Dennis was offered a much better job in California, and Adaleen was conceived.  After much discussion Marian agreed that with another baby on the way, the prospects of this new job were hard to turn down.  It was also a good time for Bethanne, who hadn’t yet started school and would move much easier than if she were older and more settled.  So after a tear-filled goodbye to their parents and Marian’s support network they moved.  Marian decided not to go back to work, and to instead devote her energy to caring for their growing family.
Adaleen wasn’t a very welcome addition to Bethanne for the first year or so.  The new baby stunk and it took up too much of her mom’s time, even if her mom was home more.  She got used to it, though, and eventually came to enjoy having the baby around, especially after Adaleen got more mobile and Bethanne could start playing with her and showing her off to her friends that wished they had a baby sister.  When Adaleen was 2 Marian got pregnant again.  Dennis hoped for a son, but once again a daughter, Mariah, was born.  She was the last addition to the Kim family.
Adaleen's family wasn't rich, but they never were really hurting for money either like they had been during Bethanne's early years before Dennis had gotten settled in a work place and earned himself the respect of his colleagues. Her life has been easy, rocked only by typical childhood struggles and drama.  She didn't have an extensive family in California, since both of her parents' families lived in Colorado, but she did see them during holidays and some other random days throughout the year.  She got good grades all throughout school and when it came time to decide where to go to college she decided to follow her sister to their parents' alma mater.  Their parents had enjoyed their time at the school, it was relatively close to her entire extended family, and her sister was there so she wouldn't be alone at least for her first year. 

CSU Records

School Schedule:
off campus.  Her sister has an appartment off campus with some friends and they've let Adaleen have the pullout couch bed in the livingroom.
none at the moment
Out of Character

Your name/alias:
Time Zone:
How did you find us?:
Roleplay sample:


When the professor had announced that they needed to choose their own lab partners on the first day of class because “This isn’t high school, and you’re not children” Emma had been beyond relieved that she’d taken Autumn up on her offer to introduce Emma to her brother. She’d spotted him on her way into class and planted herself in the seat next to him, giving an awkward hello as she did. After the announcement she turned to him, and with her best puppy dog eyes asked if he’d save her from having to deal with someone she didn’t know, though it came out sounding more like “Want to be lab partners?” Maybe she wasn’t close to Abraham, and she’d only met him a couple times before, due largely in part, she was sure, to Autumn’s meddling (Emma was totally aware of it. It wasn’t like she was stupid, though she hadn’t noticed the meddling at first,) she at least knew his name and face, and that was much better than not knowing anyone at all.

That was probably the best decision she had ever made, at least during this semester. Abe had helped her out tremendously, whether he was aware of it or not. This was probably not the course to be taking as a first time college student, to be quite honest, especially after taking a year off. It wasn’t that anatomy was particularly had, but that it was quite a bit of work and rote memorization, neither of them being things she was very good at. Also, she hadn’t dissected anything since the earthworm and frog in seventh grade, and if she hadn’t had a lab partner that she actually sort of liked as a person when they did their first dissection she probably wouldn’t have made it through it. She was trying to be a nurse, not a vet. She didn’t need to cut up all these animals. She’d gotten used to it, though, not wanting to be that girl that passed out at the site of… Well, not blood, but guts at least. She’d never get used to the smell, though.

Anyway, having Abe as a lab partner was beneficial in that he knew his stuff. She didn’t know how he memorized things so quickly. It made her want to do better, so she studied harder for anatomy than she probably would have on her own, both because she didn’t want to look stupid, and because she didn’t want to drag him down with her just because she was lazy. Also, it was nice to finally be equal in a lab partnership instead of having to do everything like it had been in all of her past science classes.

Emma gladly accepted when Abe invited her to eat lunch with him after class, her stomach growling as if on cue. She had an hour and a half between anatomy lab and her next class, so she definitely had time, and she’d found over the course of the semester so far that she actually liked spending time with Abe. He was a nice guy, as far as she could tell. She had no idea what he thought of her, but so far she liked him. He was kind of cute, too, which didn’t hurt, though it made her feel a bit shallow. She wasn’t going to go gaga over him anytime soon. She didn’t think she knew him enough for that, and she was enjoying watching Autumn try so hard to make it happen, though she didn’t really understand why. But she considered him a friend anyway, and hoped he felt the same about her.

Emma scrunched up her face in thought as she looked over the available menu, preparing to answer Abe’s question. The cafeteria here was pretty nice, and Emma’s favorite part by far was the bit of the menu that the culinary students were in charge of. It changed every week so that they could learn new things, and it was always an adventure. Plus, it forced her to practice making decisions, since nothing was around long enough for her to get a regular. This week she was most drawn to the short list of soups and pastas. “Probably the… What is that? Baked potato soup? That’ll be filling, right? It’s potatoes. And I’ll get a half sandwich or something on the side just in case. Either that or whatever pasta they recommend when I get up there. What about you?” she asked, starting to rummage around in her bag for her wallet as they got closer to the front of the line.


#2 Melli


Posted 09 January 2015 - 04:16 AM

You have been accepted to Centennial State University!

Welcome to CSU. Before you get started, here are a few things you might want to fill out for our records:
If your character is involved in any extracurricular activities, be sure to fill these out as well!
Finally, you should stop by here to make a plot page. Be sure to read some others and reply! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! Hope to see you around soon.


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