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Quite The Wrong Mix

Doug Russo Sasha Campbell

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#1 Sasha Campbell

Sasha Campbell

Posted 15 February 2015 - 11:05 PM

The brothers of Omega Sigma Pi had arrived, and they all had cutesy little dresses on that matched their mega watt smiles, especially those who weren't seeing anyone. They called these events mixers but really they were hunting grounds. Sasha for one was only here because it was mandatory, she wasn't looking for boyfriend/future husband, and most certainly from the Omega crop. Her father was not only an alumni of this frat he was held as a legend in the frat. That forever branded them as cut from the same cloth, or in the case of Greek life, cut from the same toga. 


Sasha was wearing something kind of cutesy and retro, which on other girls of her stature would have made her look really girlish, but the 6 inches of Louboutin made her look longer and more sophisticated. She really wished her outfit would translate into 'back off' for the Omega brothers, but possibly the opposite was true. In all honesty she could probably be wearing a burlap sack and would still have more attention from these frat boys than she wanted. The daughter of Dennis Campbell, their idol, was someone who they wanted to use, because that's what he would do. He would go after his idol's daughter just to get close to the father. 


Sasha just sighed and pulled out her Windows Phone, leaning against a book shelf in the chapter room. Could she just get away with an hour of playing 2048+ on her phone, then leave? Or would she have to actually socialize with the one group of men she absolutely wanted nothing to do with. She was now a full Beta sister and she could feel the stares of Omega brothers who wanted to 'initiate' her. She saw one approach and gave an inward grown, he was the worst of the lot. A regular Dennis in the making. Still she smiled a forced smile. "Hi there Doug, are you enjoying yourself?"


#2 Doug Russo

Doug Russo

Posted 23 February 2015 - 03:36 PM

It was hunting season; well that was the way Doug looked at it. He was determined to get a girl, even if for a one night stand. Then again, dating any of the Beta girls would be fine with him, after all, they were all rich. His family certainly had money and it wasn’t as fi he needed more but having a girl to cater to his every whim and then maybe marry her and having access to her money as well was a really good thing as far as he was concerned.

Doug arrived looking well he looked like he should for one of these events very groomed and nice to look at but at the same time like it hadn’t much effort even he had been getting ready for a while. The man wandered around with a drink in his hand, checking out who was here and who wasn’t. Just in case any of the girls weren’t around….’oh what happened to….?’ Was a good conversation starter even if he could have cared less.

It didn’t take long however for him to find a prey… umm…girl to talk to. Sasha Campbell, Beta sister, cheerleader and the daughter of Dennis Campbell. Dennis was a legend in the Omega frat and many of the frat brothers wanted to be like him …Doug didn’t want to be like him, he wanted to be better at what he man was known for than Dennis himself. Of course, in his own mind Doug was already a legend but he didn’t let anyone on to that. ”Yes, I suppose though to be honest these mixers get a little boring after you’ve been to enough of them.” Did he really think that , of course not but she looked bored and he was playing into that. ”So, how about you? Hopefully, none of the guys have bothered you too much.” Once again, he really didn’t care but it would give him an idea of who else might be after her…after all nailing Sasha Campbell would certainly be something to brag about.

#3 Sasha Campbell

Sasha Campbell

Posted 19 March 2015 - 06:34 AM

Sasha pasted on her money making smile, the same one which made sure she always beat her father and grandfather in poker, as well as having the best facials on the cheer squad. Her smile was often her equivalent of a 'bless your heart' from the southerner, loosely translating into 'I don't want you to know what I'm really thinking' or 'go to hell'. In the case of Doug, Sasha was sure both was true. He only saw her as a resume, he didn't have any clue what the real Sasha was all about, and she intended on keeping it that way. 


Sasha was used to guys who wanted her for her status, way too used to being sought out as an asset not as a person. As soon as she had shed the pounds she had picked up the unwanted attention. Her outside had matched the polished legacy she was supposed to uphold. It all really was so exhausting, forcing fake smiles and insincere conversations. It was nice over break to take some time to escape her last name. Spending it with Rose had been unexpected but definitely was a time for her to just be Sasha, and for Rose to just be Rose. Having her best friend back in her life, definitely allowed Sasha to feel more human, she wasn't just a legacy bot, she was someone who could form deep bonds with the right people. 


Of course Doug was not one of those people, still the show must go on. "Don't remind me I have 3 more years of these, I think I'll have to eventually resort to wearing a pastel color." She mocked given that most of her sisters were wearing some pastel color. Sasha had nothing against it per say but it was a winter mixer after all. She just hated that these mixers were with the Omegas, and she tried to avoid them all like the plague. Their very presence had her on high alert, she was a gazelle ready to flee from the prowling lions. "Well I can certainly say you Omegas do like to make sure I'm not wanting for company, but otherwise no pests. I'm just not very sociable, got a lot of work to do getting ready for my cheer camps. I can't even stay for all of this mixer." So maybe she embellished a bit, but it would at least get her out of the house and the lecherous stares. 


#4 Doug Russo

Doug Russo

Posted 25 March 2015 - 01:33 PM

The smile on Sasha’s face meant little to Doug. He had met people from all around and knew how some people could fake it; he faked it all the time, of course, his fake had to do with being nice or actually caring about anyone but himself.

One of the differences between Doug and some of the other guys who tried to use girls was that Doug would have pretended to be friends to Sasha even before she lost the weight. Actually, he would have seen her as an easy target. He felt that any girl who was overweight must be in need of a moral boost, whether they really did or not. Then again, Doug had his own way of thinking about things or more like his own warped view of the world.

”Well, I won’t miss them after I graduate.” He gulped down more of his drink, letting the alcohol reach his brain quicker. He didn’t really want to chat about pastel colors. ”I can’t imagine you in pastel colors.” His drink was now gone and he wanted another one. Pledge period was over and he missed being able to call a pledge over to get him his drink. There was a bar in the room. ”Can I get you a drink?” He was trying to seem polite.

#5 Sasha Campbell

Sasha Campbell

Posted 03 April 2015 - 06:17 AM

Sasha felt a little bad for generally just dismissing Doug as another Omega brother, but then she remembered his reputation. While some of her sisters wanted to 'tame and claim' him, she had no interest in that undertaking. Her father had been the campus bad boy when he had met her mother. The Beta Legacy who also had been 2 years behind him. Her mother had taken advantage of her exalted status and won her prize of being the girlfriend of the biggest man on campus.


She had passed her lavaliere candle after just 2 months of dating, and that had cemented her position of power in her freshmen year. Sasha did not think of this in anyways a success story. Now 30 years later she was getting divorced, in a 'mental retreat' center, and hadn't heard from her 'sisters' in months, despite still being on the national board. Sasha did not want that life for herself.


"Oh I wear my the occasional pastel, in the Spring around Easter, the traditional stuff. At one of these things, never unless they make me. I hate doing what everyone else is doing." Her remarks were flippant and dismissive, and part of Sasha worried that might attract him further. He didn't seem to be someone who really liked substance, so she would not serve him full course Sasha, he didn't deserve that experience. 


Part of Sasha wished that someone else would come join the conversation, but as she took a quick look around she saw looks of envy and resignation, from both Omega brothers and her Beta sisters. The men appeared less lecherous, stepping back and letting Doug take a shot, because he was respected among the frat (another strike against him in her book), though some looked ready to pounce should the opportunity arise. The women on the other hand were definitely for the most part wishing they were in her shoes, which made her want to gag, some of the sisters were even wistful because they had hoped for his attention. 'How did I get so lucky?'


"No thank you, I find the selection here to be lacking in the wine department. My mother thinks she's French, or Italian, depending on the fashion week, and has raised me on the very best. I'll stick with water for tonight.Though I'm sure there are plenty of my sisters here tonight who would love for you to bring them a drink." 'And I would love if you would leave me alone.' Sasha glanced at her phone disappointed that she hadn't hit a good social graces time to leave. 


#6 Doug Russo

Doug Russo

Posted 16 April 2015 - 03:49 PM

Oh, Doug so loved the girls that wanted to try change him ; that they thought they could alone was comical and they were usually so easy to get into the sack. Playing the whole; I don’t really mean to act like this or that the right woman might tame him. It was all a show but it worked for the moment he needed it to.

Doug didn’t really know the story of Sasha’s parents, except knowing about her father and that , at least from what he had heard, her father and mother were some sort of legency couple on campus. He also knew about the impending divorce; only because it was in the papers. In Doug’s world it was important to keep up with the society happens; only because it might give him more ideas of who would be valuable.

He nodded to her comment about the pastels. ”Well, it’s good to be independent.” It didn’t affect him if she wanted to not do what the other girls in the sorority were doing. Actually, it gave him a better idea of her; unfortunately it might mean that she wouldn’t be as easily convinced.

The eyes of the brothers and sisters among them; wasn’t lost on Doug. He wasn’t oblivious enough to not notice them. He knew that if he didn’t get anywhere with Sasha tonight there was always another waiting to take her place. However, he didn’t intend that to happen nor did he attend to have one of his other frat brothers get here, over him. No, he couldn’t allow that, he had a reputition to maintain after all.

When she dined his offer of a drink; he was surprised. Mostly because that so rarely happened to the man. He nodded and got himself a drink…actually two shots…which he downed and then another drink which was quickly disappearing. He had to find a way to make her want him…it was now beyond keeping his reputation intact and more of a conquest thing with him. He didn’t like that she seemed to dismiss him when she pointed him to the other sisters. He didn’t want them…for the moment…he wanted her. He came back, drink in hand. ”Well, I have a pretty good selection of wine at my place. If you wanted to come over and see it; sometime.” That was forward but maybe she liked forward…the nice polite approach didn’t seem to be working. Besides, he was starting to feel the effects of the alcohol.

#7 Sasha Campbell

Sasha Campbell

Posted 27 April 2015 - 12:50 PM

"Independent is on the resume of all who are the only child. Independent by default, makes doing the whole sisterly bonding stuff during pledging a living nightmare." It was true that Sasha had struggled, but at some point she stopped caring about making those bonds, she was not going to force herself to like people she didn't even care liked her. She saw that this was just dressed up networking for girls who main goal was to 'marry up'. Sasha wasn't about that glossed lifestyle where you chose a mate based on how they looked and how much money they or their family had. Which is why her present company was not appealing. 


She cursed her parents for putting the target on her back, and herself even more for coming to this school. She'd had her heart set on Howard, but then her mother had the breakdown, and it was her who laid it on thick for her alma mater. She had even hit the soft part Sasha had kept hidden when she mentioned how Martha Kenton, the grandmother Sasha never met. Had wanted her daughter to go to a school where she would be the proud legacy of the first black Beta. Now she had to dodge Omegas left and right at mixers until she graduated. 


This was the first mixer she had attended since she became a full member of the sorority and she hated that the blood hounds were out already. When it came to pledge period she had learned that Betas were territorial about who they deemed were 'their men' and wouldn't let you near the brothers or pledges until you were fully initiated. The one and only good thing about pledging. 


Sasha inwardly scoffed at Doug suggestion that she check out his wine collection. On another Beta girl that would have been seen as a gift from above, but for Sasha the direction was completely opposite. Part of her wanted to just let it go and give a canned refusal, but then Sassy stepped in. If he was going to be direct so would she. "Really Doug, is that your best offer? It's obvious you've set your sights on me. And I heard you're a gambler, is that really how you're going to play your cards?" It was bold faced challenge, but at least it would cut down on the bull. 


#8 Doug Russo

Doug Russo

Posted 22 May 2015 - 10:26 PM

Doug did the act of pretending to listen to Sasha quite well. Most of what she told him he wasn’t paying much attention to but he was focusing on the information that might help him get what he wanted. From what she just said, he got that she didn’t have a sibling (which could be good news for him as it meant no sibling to warn her or try to protect her from him). Siblings weren’t a deal breaker but not having any could, sometimes, make things easier. The independent part not as much in his favor but he could always play like he was fine with it.

Actually, Doug also didn’t make real bonds with most people but for his own reasons. Deep bonds were tricky and messy and he didn’t feel he needed anyone to be that close to him. He was convinced he would marry but that would be for status and if the girl was good in bed even better. +

The sisters might not want the pledges to get near the brothers but Doug never let that stop him. Actually, it was usually that the pledges were too busy and concerned with getting into trouble with the full sisters that he didn’t go after them. It didn’t matter at the moment though as pledge period was over and everyone here was for the taking. The Omega’s just kept their pledges so busy that there was no time for their pledges to pursue anyone. And while the brothers were encouraged to go after the sorority members the more notices on their belt, in general, the higher there status in the fraternity.

Doug had expected Sasha to either outright turn him down or just go with him but he hadn’t expected the way she did respond. ”Well, you know that it’s better to bluff than tell the complete truth.” Which was certainly true in poker. He was also on his way to crossing into being drunk. ”Just think if the two of us got together we could rule not just the Omegas and the Betas but most of the school. I don’t believe that doesn’t intrigue you at all.” Being that he could no longer believe that Sasha would just do what he wanted, he decided on another approach. Doug really did assume that most people wanted power; it might not be true but it was the way he thought.

#9 Sasha Campbell

Sasha Campbell

Posted 31 May 2015 - 12:15 PM

Sasha had never quite understood the whole obsession of Betas and Omegas. She knew that when her parents had met it was a different time, that in the outside world, couples were formed with the intent of building a strong alliance. Betas and Omegas bonded together due to socioeconomic backgrounds, and that still made sense. The push to only date from a certain pool was over the top and overly elitist. It wasn't that being an Omega made them any more likely to be a good boyfriend and future husband. If anything it was more likely that they would be big headed and feel entitled. While Beta sisters were encouraged to only date Omega men, it was well known that Omega men diddled wherever they pleased, they were just more likely to publicly date and marry a Beta. Sasha wanted nothing to do with that double standard, unlike her mother, she wouldn't smile and be the public face to a farce. 


"Ah, but to bluff correctly you have to make sure the other party would actually be intrigued or intimidated by the cards in your hands." Which I am definitely not...Sasha thought to herself. Anyone who knew Sasha would have told Doug he had wasted his efforts approaching, she didn't date, and most certainly didn't hook up. Many guys had approached her, and all had been turned away disappointed. She could flirt with the best of them, but was often too preoccupied to make any effort. She had been known as the Ice Princess at her prep school in Manhattan, and she had not thawed out in college. There were certainly some she saw as attractive, one in particular who made her quite hot under the collar, but so far Sasha had kept herself aloof, though if said certain someone wanted, she might just melt for him. 


If it wasn't against her debutante upbringing, Sasha would have downright snorted at the audacity of Doug's suggestion that she would need an alliance with him to rule CSU, that she wanted to rule at all. She hadn't any aspirations, despite her mother's prodding, to be in charge of the Betas, and really all she wanted to do was to lead the cheer squad. Something she would be doing sooner rather than later, if rumors were true. She did not need a man, especially one not nearly as powerful as he perceived himself to be. "I'm sure if you put our resumes together they would compliment each other, but mine would most certainly say 'substance over sustenance' and 'Omega resistant' under skills." She was a bit cheeky, but this was her actually her  being nice, if he really knew what she thought of him and his frat he'd turn heel and go for more receptive prey. 



#10 Doug Russo

Doug Russo

Posted 18 June 2015 - 08:00 PM

Certainly the title of high level rep frat brother but lousily boyfriend or husband material would go to Doug. It was far more likely he would find some girl with little self-esteem who only wanted to appease her parents to marry him or maybe the girl who wanted to rebel against the whole good girl thing. Those types were much easier to get than Sasha seemed to be but, for the moment, the man felt like a challenge. He completely go the marrying for status and status alone, so, the face that he went after Beta girls didn’t really surprise anyone.

”True but you never know who’s interested in your cards until you bluff.” Well, it made sense in his head at the moment. ”After all, people can surprise you.” Even with the alcohol in his system he was aware that she didn’t seem interested but he had enough of an ego to think it might just be an act. He had heard that she didn’t date but there came that challenge once again.

Doug could never understand people not wanting power, he knew people that he didn’t think would ever have it but he really didn’t believe people want it. ”Are you saying I have no substance?” He didn’t seem mad just curious. ”Maybe substance is over rated….my brother has substance and it’s gotten him nowhere.” Which was only true in the eyes of Doug but he thought little of Zander. ”And I’m sure that with your mommy and daddy that’s what they wanted.” “There was a tone of sarcasm to his voice but at this point he was drunk and getting nowhere with Sasha which was making him mad.

#11 Sasha Campbell

Sasha Campbell

Posted 08 July 2015 - 12:06 PM

'I'm not interested' Sasha screamed in her head. How could he not get that at this point, she had made her indifference to him pretty obvious. Sasha was not 'playing' hard to get, it wasn't in her DNA to not take advantage of a good opportunity,  she wasn't the shy demur girl with her nose stuck in a book then. Sasha quickly pondered if Doug would have had more of an appeal to her then. She may have been flattered by his attention, but would have been able to see the similarities to her father, and shied away from his attention as much as possible. Doug was just all kind of wrong for her,and she could not be convinced otherwise. "I'm not one for surprises, I like the predictable things in life. I predict that you would do better to be attentive to another Beta sister, one who's father hadn't tainted her view of Omega men." She couldn't have been more obvious at this point, she didn't want to date an Omega, not unless he somehow could heal the sick, raise the dead, and walk on water. In her experience there was no such saintly brother in this fraternity, even if some of them considered themselves gods among men. 



Sasha couldn't imagine meeting Doug's brother would be any better, but she hated hearing him belittle someone who had something to them other than title. She would never settle for a cotton candy boyfriend, seemingly nothing but sweetness but otherwise just an empty waste. "I'm saying that I don't date because I want something other than a resume to come home to. I do just fine being single, I thrive at being by myself and making my own decisions, so for me to give that up a partnership would have to benefit me more than just in title and social recognition, I've unfortunately had that handed to me from the moment I stepped on this campus." Nothing irked Sasha more than having something she didn't earn just thrust upon her. "As for my parents, they forged their own paths more than they shared one together. My mother and father may think they know what's best for me, but since neither listened to their parents, I think I'll follow in their footsteps and do the same." She wasn't even really their daughter after all, no use pretending she wanted to be like them. 


#12 Doug Russo

Doug Russo

Posted 22 July 2015 - 07:08 AM

Doug had a few weaknesses, but he normally didn’t go out to get drunk. However, things always seemed different at these kinds of parties. More of his drink went down his throat and, at this point, he didn’t care really what Sasha wanted or, in his case, didn’t want. In Doug’s mind things were normally more about him than the girl anyway. Sasha was managing to get him annoyed though and he didn’t always have a filter when it came to people who annoyed him. ”Your daddy…now there was a man…I bet he would have gotten every girl in this room, before the year was over. Can’t understand why your mother would divorce him.” Doug did pay attention to gossip rags but he certainly didn’t know the history of Sasha and her family.

”So, you don’t think that you go much further with the right Omega brother than alone?” Doug came from a family which had a very successful mother; that somehow didn’t stop him from being a male chauvinist. ”Well, I’m all for going against your parents.” He certainly would but in his case it wasn’t a good thing.

Tired now of getting nowhere with Sasha, he walked up to one of the other sisters in the room and kissed her, then whispered something in her ear. At which point she smiled at him and left the room. He glanced back over to Sasha. ”You sure, you don’t want that to be you? ”

#13 Sasha Campbell

Sasha Campbell

Posted 05 September 2015 - 06:06 AM

Anyone who could honestly outright admire Dennis Campbell was definitely not someone Sasha cared to spend even a smidgen of time with. O curse most people didn't know the monster she had lived with, the man who felt better about himself by making his wife and daughter feel smaller. The godsend had been that after she had returned from Switzerland, Dennis had his base of operations in Las Vegas and had was terrorizing his staff instead of his family. Hearing Doug's words drip with hero worship made her skin crawl and she even took a step back as she also distanced herself mentally from Doug. 


"I think that contrary to how people act around here, Omegas don't have a staked claim on Beta girls. I would gamble away my next trip to Paris, that I can not meet anyone in your house who would be worth taking seriously. I came to college to get my BBA and BL not my MRS. Despite the shiny packaging I'm not some trophy, because trophies get put on shelves and collect dust. I want to be a partner, an equal, with someone who has a mutual need and attraction. I'm not oblivious to the fact that I'm a 'most wanted' among your frat, but your house as a whole is on my no-fly list.


The words were constrained because Sasha did not want to cause a scene, but it was obvious that she was turned off by Doug's advances, her posture rigid and distant. Seeing his antics with one of her fellow pledge sisters made Sasha's blood boil, and not with any form of lust. She definitely did not want to take the place of her fellow naive freshmen, but instead wanted to punch Doug square in the jaw. "Why sir I'd be much more flattered if you left my company than if you imposed a kiss on my person." She said in a fake old time southern accent. This guy really did think he walked on water!


#14 Doug Russo

Doug Russo

Posted 10 September 2015 - 04:45 PM

There were a few lines even Doug Russo wouldn’t cross; he didn’t force himself on women, he try to convince them to go with him and be a bit sleazy about it but beyond that he didn’t really go for. He would also sometimes walk out on women that weren’t interested if he didn’t feel they were worth more of his time: in other words not made of money. He had done that to Aurora without much thought and no regrets except he ended up alone in his bed that night; the next night he made up for it. That was the thing; no matter what happened there was always another girl to go to.

He, sort of, listened to Sasha talk though in his mind it came out… on and on, not some trophy…his house not worth it to her. He rolled his eyes; thinking that she didn’t know what she was missing out on. ”Wow. You ever thought about being a politician…with all that women independence stuff you might do well.” Now he was realizing that he probably didn’t have a chance with her so he went from being annoying to being sarcastic towards her.

But the kiss comment sounded like more of a dare and he moved quickly closer to her, leaned down close to her, like he was going to try to kiss her but instead said. ”You don’t know what you’re missing.” He backed away and saying in a louder voice. ”I can’t keep a good time waiting.” A few of the other brothers chuckled as Doug left the room.

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