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To Be Vulnerable

handy andah idk what their ship name is gandy gingey gingey is cute? andy ginger mika

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#21 Ginger Lemond

Ginger Lemond

Posted 03 April 2015 - 12:45 AM

To Be Vulnerable
Ginger wasn't aware of the smile that she directed at Andy for a moment. It was a fleeting one. One that appeared just as naturally as a blink or a sigh. It was a smile that, like her resting bitch face, she would never realize she wore unless it was pointed out or she got a look at it herself.

The smile had of course been brought on by Andy fumbling over her playful accusation. He had been flirting with her, hadn't he? His physical response was definitely making her believe more and more that he had been. His cheeks were quickly turning over into a deep red, blossoming towards the edges of his face and blending with the red tuffs of hair that seemed to be reaching towards her. It was beautiful, really. The red of his cheeks and the red of his hair framing his nervous blue eyes that seemed to only want to study everything in the room except Ginger more and more as the morning dragged on and their breakfast foods piled up in front of them.

"You won't have to handle it because the burnt pieces are mine. Ginger said with a shrug, his fingers slowly clicking the dial on the stove back to the left so that the flame underneath the pan went out. She pushed the pan to the back of the stove, getting it out of the way and giving it a chance to cool off while the rest of the food finished.

Yet, now Ginger didn't have anything to keep her preoccupied. She was in a light enough mood that she wasn't necessarily itching for a high anymore but the thought was still at the back of her mind, doing it's best to grasp at her slight boredom and lack of productively and ride it to the forefront of her thoughts. Her hands dropped to her side and she leaned against the counter, tapping her finger tips against her bare upper thighs just for the sake of giving them something to do. "No. No Master Chef. I'm pretty sure the dude that has to censor that show would probably strangle me himself within the first twenty minutes." The image of it, a professional looking guy with a headset on glaring at Ginger over an array of buttons as she let her usual colorful curses fly, made her laugh, scrunching her nose up at the amusing thought. She could barely censor herself, so how in the world would anyone else be able to?
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#22 Andy Wolfe

Andy Wolfe

Posted 19 April 2015 - 02:38 AM

take my hand, you'll like it
She would eat the burnt pieces. Andy had no intentions of letting her eat all of them unless she specifically liked them for some reason or another. Otherwise he would, at the very least, split them with her. Not that he was necessarily worried about her ingesting burned bacon or he wanted to be terribly polite to make an impression on her, so much as he'd been raised right. That was simply the way his family functioned. If someone screwed up the breakfast, they all split the difference.

He was a bit obsessive about being polite, truthfully. His parents always meant well in instilling him with manners, and it was clear that it made him a good person, but perhaps he was too insistent upon it. In the end it made him more of a doormat than anything else. The idea of wronging someone kept him awake at night. Having her eat the burned bacon wouldn't quite get that bad, mind you, but it would still have a tiny impact on his conscience for the day. Silly, absolutely-- something he fully admitted-- but a strange self-esteem issue nonetheless.

Still, he didn't argue. Instead he focused on her next words, smiling thoughtfully as he imagined her on Master Chef. "They've got Chef Ramsay on there," he told her, pointing his spatula at her. "But anytime you opened your mouth they'd just have to make one long beep sound. No one even knows what you're saying, just in case." He laughed at the idea. "I'd pay to see that."
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#23 Ginger Lemond

Ginger Lemond

Posted 29 April 2015 - 12:26 AM

To Be Vulnerable
Ginger gave Andy her familiar eye roll as she laughed. "If I had a cooking show it would get cancelled before they could even approach me about it." she joked. It was a cool thought to humor though. Having such a huge career in a field that some big wig CEO decides to show your work to thousands of people on a regular basis. If it was a few years ago, Ginger would probably jump at pursuing that type of life. But now? Now Ginger just wasn't cut out for stardom. She needed a quiet life with a steady routine and no way to doubt herself and what she did and did not deserve.

She tapped on the counter as her patience waned and stamped her feet softly on the tiles of Andy's small kitchen floor. "Are you almost finished over there, Slowbro? I'm ready to kill my taste buds with this black fucking matter that I seemed to have created over here." She eyed the bacon once more, noting that it was definitely cooling and would probably be like chewing on gravel by the time they ended up actually sitting down to eat.

Andy wasn't aware how much good he was doing for Ginger. How much of a good difference he was in her life at the moment. Guys never bothered to cook her breakfast anymore and never bothered to make sure that she was okay the morning after a party. That could very well be attributed down to her choice of the men she brings into her life but for some reason she also chose Andy to bring to that party. And while it wasn't clear to her if he was just nice, or just desperate enough, or just lonely enough to have seemed to have chosen her back, it was a decision and a morning that was already affecting her so heavily that she knew she was in trouble. And for some odd reason, Ginger was excited.
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#24 Andy Wolfe

Andy Wolfe

Posted 29 April 2015 - 07:59 AM

take my hand, you'll like it
"Aw, c'mon. That'd be the appeal of the show. A girl with no filter who is learning how to cook as the audience learns. People would love it." He had the feeling that, if people saw this side of her more often, they'd probably love her too. He already thought a lot of her, even if he knew very little about her to begin with. In spite of her habits that scared him, he wanted to be around her more often.

Not that he thought he'd be some miracle cure. That was idiotic. But he didn't mind looking after her when she needed it, especially if it meant her being alive another day. Because yes, he could see that a life like hers could not be sustained successfully. She would eventually drive herself over a cliff that she couldn't come back from. Andy thought of that more than necessary. It kept him awake the night before, and he wondered what would happen next time if he wasn't there. It frightened him.

"Alright, alright. I'm done now, see?" He told her as he lifted the plate with the pancakes. There were eggs, too, and soon enough he was setting out a couple of plates at the kitchen bar for them to eat. The plates didn't match and neither did the forks he set out for them, but he figured she wouldn't mind. Already he was loading his up and pouring himself a glass of orange juice, glad to start the day off with a big breakfast and a pretty girl. "Oops, almost forgot--" He said, jumping up to grab some pancake syrup before returning. "Ladies first." He handed it to her with a warm smile, hoping she could at least enjoy their breakfast.
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#25 Ginger Lemond

Ginger Lemond

Posted 08 May 2015 - 07:09 AM

To Be Vulnerable
Ginger was in too positive of a mindset to respond in just a fraction of her usual guarded and more-than-likely-always-offended persona. Andy's 'ladies first' comment would have been usually met with a harsh remark and a very offended roll of the eyes. But that was Ginger when she was high. That was also Ginger when she was aching for a high to get rid of the boredom and self-loathing that came along with it. The Ginger that she was now was just entertained and happy to get fed by fresh, warm, yummy food. The Ginger she was right now, with Andy, felt wanted.

"I could argue that you're very much more of a lady than I am most of the time." she instead responded with, although she kept the eye roll in her reaction. Ginger was never shy with her syrup. She always claimed to never be fully happy unless the last half of her meal consisted of the mushiest pancakes known to man and a ten minute fiasco of mopping it all up with her toast as best as she could. As an afterthought, she scooped a nice big spoonful of butter and plopped it onto the top of her pancake. It quickly slid off to the side due to the thick but runny blanket of syrup but Ginger smiled and nodded approvingly at it none the less.

The next few minutes consisted of Ginger pretending that this wasn't the best meal she has had in weeks. Her diet these days consisted of campus coffee, family sized bags of Doritos, and a variety of microwave dinners that she found in the cafeteria most nights that she wasn't able to sleep too well. She found herself glancing up at Andy a lot between bites, failing to mention to him when he had syrup on his chin because she liked the way it looked on him. Ginger always went after the messy guys, but not in Andy's sense of messy. He was more of a clumsy, clueless type. The type to not realize that his show is untie until it has already injured him in the most embarrassing way.

Maybe he wouldn't be the type that would hurt her if she pursued any type of anything with him. Maybe he wouldn't show her a more beautiful walk of life. But that didn't mean that Ginger wouldn't be as cautious and withdrawn as she had built herself up to be. Maybe she would be the one to break him. And maybe that was looking less and less appealing with every bite of the meal they had made together.

"You got a girlfriend, Todd?" Ginger asked, her tone cool and collected which her words came out a little jumbled as her tongue stuck to the roof of her mouth from the syrup. She hadn't asked because she was interested but really because she was trying her hand at making her first nice friend in years.
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#26 Andy Wolfe

Andy Wolfe

Posted 07 November 2015 - 01:10 AM

take my hand, you'll like it
She was a beautiful person. Even after a night like the one before, Andy couldn't help but think so. Vulnerable, certainly, but in a sense that made her more attractive; he didn't quite have a messiah complex so much as he was fascinated by complicated people, and he did want to know her story. While he didn't have the courage to ask now, he would eventually. Already he wanted to know as much about her as possible.

In some ways that was simply in his nature. He liked people rather easily and was a bit of an ambivert in that sense. People fascinated him and he was always eager to make new friends, despite being quite socially awkward when it came down to it. It wasn't that people scared him. It was that he was terrified of making a fool of himself. Yet the longer he was around Ginger, the more he felt comfortable. It was probably clear on the stupid grin he had trouble fighting; it made its way to his face anyway in the form of a sheepish smile.

"I guess I can be a bit of a lady." He smiled, though paused shortly afterward to clear it up. "Not that that's any sort of insult." There went his typical social awkwardness again. He laughed it off anyway, watching her drench her pancakes in syrup and butter. That, honestly, was part of what made her so beautiful to him at the moment. As silly as it was, there was something about that action that made her so human and real to him. Like he was having breakfast with an old friend rather than some girl who intimidated the hell out of him. A girl who had been so extraordinarily high the night before that she was almost unrecognizable now. But he liked this version of Ginger. Very much. Dangerously so.

He contentedly ate his pancakes-- with about half as much syrup but quite a bit of butter-- without realizing that there was a bit on his chin. Likely he looked quite goofy, considering the smile that was completely planted on his features. There was no ridding himself of it. Yet her question came quite unexpectedly and he might have blushed slightly as he half-choked on his pancakes.

Girlfriend. The thought was almost laughable. In fact the sad little squeak that escaped his throat might have sounded somewhat like a hollow laugh. "Um, no," he answered after a few moments, finally managing to swallow that mouthful of breakfast. He didn't have to delve further into it, but Andy was quite good at making a fool of himself anyway. "Kinda busy with school I guess." It was clear by his forced smile that that wasn't the case whatsoever. He was a little romantic turd and it was probably clear to anyone who looked at him.
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#27 Ginger Lemond

Ginger Lemond

Posted 07 November 2015 - 01:38 AM

To Be Vulnerable
Eating breakfast like this was, in a way, nostalgic. It was an activity that Ginger knows she took part in growing up; one that took up most mornings of her routine when she still lived at home. For a moment, she paused with a fork full of dripping pancake half way to her mouth, and did her best to think of just exactly when it had stopped? When had she stopped doing something that had made her so happy? When had she stopped trying to find pick ups without the help of cocaine?

Easily, her memory gave up; unwilling to divulge into the answer that Ginger was certain she knew and had forced herself to bury. As she hurried the fork into her mouth, trying to catch up on stalled movement and lost time, she swallowed at the anger and frustration that had already started to build up. Did Andy notice that she had just had a lapse? Would he bring it up?

"Ah, so you definitely have women all over you but you're too focused on your damn studies." Ginger joked, carrying on the conversation with a nervousness and desperation to keep the naturally induced serotonin flowing for just a little while longer. She pointed the tips of her fork at him with a grin. "Do I have to steal all your books so you can get laid, little fox?" Her eyes, only for a moment and for one that Ginger didn't even notice enough to dwell on, flicked down to look at Andy's lips, shiny with syrup and as pink as his cheeks were.

As she crunched into another piece of bacon, blackened from her failed endeavor of cooking earlier, Ginger found herself trying to come up with excuses to see Andy again. Maybe leave a bracelet so she'd have to come back and retrieve it? Steal his phone? Embarrass him publicly so he'd approach her with those flushed cheeks as red as his hair and his huffy way of explaining something? Either way, Ginger was in trouble. Andy had already become her new drug.
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#28 Andy Wolfe

Andy Wolfe

Posted 09 November 2015 - 08:15 AM

take my hand, you'll like it
Andy hadn't noticed. He was too busy eating breakfast with a beautiful girl to notice her sudden frustration that she had to swallow back down; it helped, too, that she'd asked such an embarrassing question earlier and he was still having trouble putting his answer together. She called him out on his half-lie rather easily and he laughed nervously, rubbing the back of his neck with his free hand.

"All over me," he joked, but it was clear by his tone that he hardly thought of it as a joke at all. In fact there was the slightest bit of bitterness in his sarcasm. Not that he was offended by the fact that typically girls weren't into him, mind you, he just... didn't have a lot of self confidence. Why would a girl like him in the first place? The more he thought about it, the more he felt dumb for even enjoying breakfast with her so much. That crush of his had been building up long before this, and now it was only getting worse. He was an idiot. Likely she knew that already.

Her next question had him choking slightly on his pancakes, though, and he coughed for a few moments before trying to find an answer. Eventually he gave up on words, though, just coughing and shaking his head no repeatedly. Get laid? Was she offering to find someone for that? Like anyone would want someone as scrawny as him-- though, to be honest, he was too much of a fucking romantic to go for a no-strings-attached sort of thing to begin with.

Finally he found his words, in which case he choked out another laugh. "Oh, no-- I'm fine entertaining myself." But wait, that sounded... weird. He blinked for a few moments, registering that, before blushing bright red and shaking his head. "I mean--"
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