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A Chance Meeting

Clara Bishop

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#1 Aurora Malkavia

Aurora Malkavia

Posted 11 March 2015 - 02:54 PM

Aurora had a paper due on the history of ballet and after spending enough time in a study room researching and writing notes and typing; all she could think was how glad she was for the internet. It was, at least, a subject she was interested in but she wasn’t fond of writing papers no matter the subject.

She had been here three hours now and figured it was time for a break. All that was really left to do was to actually rewrite the paper and put it in the order she wanted it; that could be done later. The paper was due tomorrow but it wouldn’t be the first time she had stayed up late to finish one.

It was mid-afternoon and she had no classes for the rest of the day; having one of them canceled today. She could go home but was more in the mood to do something and not necessarily school related. Grapping her items; she head off to downtown and the bookstore.

While Mario was the only one of them that wanted to be a writer; their parents had certainly installed in all three of them a love of reading. The brunette wandered around the bookstore for a while before finding something she was interested in; a magazine about dance. Something to look though while having coffee. She bought the magazine and headed to the area with the coffee shop but upon getting there realized that there was little in the way of seating, however, a familiar face caught her eye.

She had met Clara though Mario and found the girl to be nice but hadn’t gotten to speak with her for long; something which she wanted to do. Making her way to the table. ”Hi. Do you mind if I sit here?.” Hoping the other girl would say yes but if not might just take her coffee outside.



#2 Clara Bishop

Clara Bishop

Posted 11 March 2015 - 10:33 PM

Clara was the kind of girl that would prefer reading anything other than school books.  It wasn't that she didn't like school books, but she considered textbooks to be boring that didn't have any initiative or plot or excitement.  Granted, as an English major, she was going to be reading a lot of books for those classes but for now, she was still taking general education classes.  And because of that, she had to read books that she did not like.  However, today was a day to read whatever she wanted. 


Heading to the bookstore, Clara already had decided that she was going to find some trashy novel to read or some trashy magazine because she just didn't care about learning anything at the moment.  Clara grabbed a trashy romance novel and went to the coffee shop area of the bookstore to sit and read.  She had the whole day if she wanted because she didn't have any classes plus her sister was staying with a friend tonight, so if Clara wanted, she could stay and read as long as she wanted.


Sitting there with her romance novel, Clara was hoping no one would see what she was reading.  She shouldn't have been embarrassed about reading trashy novels but there was something about letting people know that she read them that bothered her.  The concept of someone seeing her with the book was brought to the forefront when Clara heard a voice.  She pushed the book down on the table to make sure the title wasn't visible and looked up trying to avoid looking shocked in the process.


She saw Aurora Malkavia, one of Mario's sister.  Aurora was cute and a twin and Clara was always curious about twins. Clara had always wanted a twin sister, she wasn't sure why but it just seemed like fun.  There was something else about Aurora that Clara liked and she wasn't really sure what it was.  Maybe she just seemed like an outgoing person - something that Clara definitely wasn't.


"Yeah," she said with a smile.  "Sit down."


Clara wasn't sure what to do with the book, so she closed it and turned the cover face down in hopes that Aurora wouldn't see what she was reading.

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#3 Rose Newhall

Rose Newhall

Posted 13 March 2015 - 03:04 PM

(Sorry, wrong charrie. Ignore this. Thanks)

Aurora wasn’t surprised to see Clara here but rarely found people she knew here; other than her own siblings; it seemed like just picking up a book and reading was becoming a lost art form or , at least, in her mind it was.

If she had known what the other girl was reading, the brunette would have been fine with it. She saw nothing wrong in reading romance novels, even if trashy if that was what people wanted to read. After all, one of the best-selling book series of the year was, in essence, a trashy romance or more like sex novel though she hadn’t read it that was the impression the young woman had gotten. Aurora preferred books about black swans to anything in the shade of grey but to each their own was her philosophy on the matter.

When it Clara turned the cover of the book over; Aurora didn’t see a need to pry or question the other woman about it. She was just happy that she was welcomed to sit down; hopefully they would get a chance to know each other better. It hadn’t been missed by Aurora that Clara was attractive but there were things in that that the girl was still trying to figure out so she had sort of moved the idea to the back of her mind; and Aurora being Aurora was always up for making a new friend.

”Thank you.” The girl put her coat on the back of the chair, put her magazine off to the side and her coffee down before sitting. ”So, how have you been?” It was just polite conversation but a good way to get to know each other.





#4 Aurora Malkavia

Aurora Malkavia

Posted 13 March 2015 - 03:06 PM

Aurora wasn’t surprised to see Clara here but rarely found people she knew here; other than her own siblings; it seemed like just picking up a book and reading was becoming a lost art form or , at least, in her mind it was.

If she had known what the other girl was reading, the brunette would have been fine with it. She saw nothing wrong in reading romance novels, even if trashy if that was what people wanted to read. After all, one of the best-selling book series of the year was, in essence, a trashy romance or more like sex novel though she hadn’t read it that was the impression the young woman had gotten. Aurora preferred books about black swans to anything in the shade of grey but to each their own was her philosophy on the matter.

When it Clara turned the cover of the book over; Aurora didn’t see a need to pry or question the other woman about it. She was just happy that she was welcomed to sit down; hopefully they would get a chance to know each other better. It hadn’t been missed by Aurora that Clara was attractive but there were things in that that the girl was still trying to figure out so she had sort of moved the idea to the back of her mind; and Aurora being Aurora was always up for making a new friend.

”Thank you.” The girl put her coat on the back of the chair, put her magazine off to the side and her coffee down before sitting. ”So, how have you been?” It was just polite conversation but a good way to get to know each other.



#5 Clara Bishop

Clara Bishop

Posted 13 March 2015 - 07:15 PM

The so called novel, 50 Shades of Grey, was something that Clara knew about but she had never read.  If she was worried about people seeing her read any book, it would be that one.  Not that Clara didn't understand it, or that she was a prude, but there was just something to all that sex and Clara had never had sex.  She had thought about her first time and what it would be like and would fantasize about it but since nothing had ever happened - she had barely even dated - that was all she had.  Of course, now she was so confused with her own sexuality she wasn't even sure what she was supposed to think about.  Clara had seen a few girls around campus and think that they were pretty and she had had some interesting thoughts about Rowan, but she interpreted those as simply wanting to use Rowan as a character template in her story.  She really didn't know what to think anymore.


In a way, even though Clara preferred to be alone, she didn't mind welcoming the girl to her table.  Aurora was nice, from what she remembered the couple of times that they had met and talked briefly, and she Clara really needed to make more friends - at least, that was what her sister had told her.  So having Aurora show up was a good thing.  As the girl sat down, Clara couldn't help but look at her and smile.  She really was pretty.


What was wrong with her?  She had to figure herself out.  Soon.


Clara came back to reality when Aurora spoke and she brightened up.


"Oh, I'm doing great," she said, even if it was kind of a lie.


Clara was getting depressed again.  Her free writing had been bringing her down and she hadn't been writing her stories very well - well, her characters had become sullen, at least, which meant to her that she was feeling that way.  But that was inside Clara.  That was the Clara that no one saw.  Here, now, in front of Aurora was happy Clara.  Clara the strong.  Clara the confident.  Clara the brave.  Clara the "who the hell am I fooling?"


"What about you?" Clara asked.  "Reading for fun or work?"


For a moment, Clara thought about the book in front of her and then decided to pick it up and show the other girl.


"I'm reading for fun."


Clara showed the cover of the trashy romance novel with a woman draped over a couch and a man hovering over her.


"It's quite mindless but it's different than what I normally read, so that's good."



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#6 Aurora Malkavia

Aurora Malkavia

Posted 16 March 2015 - 03:05 PM

Aurora had had a few boyfriends in high school, well, more like two. Neither lasted long enough for her to get to the point of losing her virginity to them; for that she would have to have strong feelings for the other person, really strong feelings. It was important to her to wait and so she had, besides, in her mind there was no need to rush into it. She didn’t consider herself a prude just cautious; that might be why Doug’s pushiness, the other night, had made her so uncomfortable.

Aurora had noticed herself noticing girls, as well, not more or less than the men around campus but the levels were equal enough to make her wonder. It wasn’t something she had talked to anyone about; even though, the girl knew that while her older brother was protective and her and her sister had nothing in common; her siblings would always be there for her. She just was trying to figure all this out for herself first; even if it seemed to be an impossible task for the moment.

The brunette returned the other girl’s smile and nodded. It was good to hear someone was doing great; and Aurora didn’t know that Clara was lying so she just took her at her word.

”I’m doing good. Had to take a break from class work for a while.” She smiled. ”Fun.” A magazine about dance might not seem fun to everyone but it was to her.

Her dark eyes looked over the cover and she nodded. ”Well, reading for fun is always good. I like mindless books as well, sometimes. It looks good for general mindlessness.” Aurora kept the same light tone to her voice and really had no judgement about the other girl’s reading selection.



#7 Clara Bishop

Clara Bishop

Posted 16 March 2015 - 09:01 PM

Clara looked at the magazine that Aurora showed.  It was a magazine about dancing.  Clara remembered that Aurora was a dance major and though Clara never knew about a magazine about dancing, Clara had a feeling that Aurora didn't know about some of the writing magazines that she picked up on occasion.


Aurora didn't seem to judge Clara too harshly for the trashy novel in front of her.  Instead, Aurora simply agreed that reading for fun was a good thing and that mindless books were sometimes fun to read.  Clara nodded her head and then looked at the cover again.  Her imagination took over for a brief second as Clara imagined herself draped on a couch with someone (a man?  a woman?) hovering over her.  Clara's body tingled ever so slightly and wondered exactly what having a fling or even being in love would be like.  There was a lull in the conversation as Clara didn't realize she had drifted off into her own little world


"Sorry," she finally said.  "I must have blanked out."


Clara sat up straight in her chair.  "I'm a little tired today so I'm not running at one hundred percent."


She wasn't tired, of course, but her mind wasn't one hundred percent into the conversation.  She was thinking about a lot of things, mostly about her sister and her parents.  Clara knew that her parents would want her to take care of her sister but it was hard.  Clara wasn't rebellious as a teenager and her sister was starting to become that way.  Clara figured it was because she didn't have a proper mother to take care of her.  Clara wished that she could talk to her mom for advice - not just with her sister, but with life and all of her confused feelings.  If she could talk to someone, it might be easier.


Again, there had been a lull in the conversation and Clara shook her head.


"Sorry again," she said.  "I guess that's why I'm reading the mindless stuff today so I don't have to think."


Clara tried to force a smile but it disappeared fairly quickly.

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#8 Aurora Malkavia

Aurora Malkavia

Posted 18 March 2015 - 04:33 PM

Aurora probably would have only known of some of the writing magazines if she had seen her brother with them; even then, probably wouldn’t have paid much attention to them. She sometimes wondered how it was that Mario, Belle and her had developed such different interests. Maybe, somewhere the same, like reading, but even what they read tended to be different. Mario and Aurora at least were into a field in the creative world where Belle loved science.

Aurora had wondered, herself, what it would be like to be in love or have a fling. Really, the being in love, was more to her taste. Whether it be a woman or man, she didn’t know and thought maybe it might just be whoever it was, it was. She had never really been one to think love had to be with the opposite sex but just certain what that meant for herself.

She had no idea bout Clara’s personal life; or that the girl even had a sister. Aurora certainly would have been there to listen to the other girl about anything; it was the way Aurora was but also knew that prying wasn’t a good thing. The fact that Aurora and Belle were twins was known to everyone who knew them for more than a few moments and some even before they met, especially, anyone who had gotten confused by them. It was also no secret that Mario was their brother but most people, except really good friends, knew about the third triplet, Claria. It wasn’t a secret but most people just didn’t ask.

The other girl seemed lozt in her own world and Aurora was starting to wonder if maybe she just leave the other girl alone, as it wasn’t clear if she really wanted company. After the second lull in the conversation and with Clara’s apology. ”It’s fine. I think we all have days where we want to not have to think.” She paused for only a moment. ”So, did you have any plans for spring break?” That was an easy topic, she figured.



#9 Clara Bishop

Clara Bishop

Posted 18 March 2015 - 06:42 PM

Clara smiled at Aurora when she accepted the apology.  She wasn't sure what was wrong with her at the moment, but she needed to talk to someone.  Was Aurora going to be that someone?  Clara didn't know, but she nodded in agreement when the girl suggested people needing time to not think.


"I wish I had more of those kinds of days," Clara said.


She felt that she had to constantly think about everything from taking care of her sister to taking care of herself getting through school.  Sometimes she didn't want to think about anything and just lay in bed all day.  She wondered if she would ever get to that point in life.  Clara knew she had a lot of responsibilities right now and they would only get worse as she finished college and then finally got a job.


Clara heard the question but stayed silent for a moment as she thought about it.  Spring Break?  Had it already come to that part of the semester?  She was too focused on school to even realize that Spring Break was almost here.  Not that it really would have mattered, though.  As her sister's guardian, it wasn't like she could just up and leave on a great vacation and leave her sister at home alone.  Plus, Clara didn't have any friends that would be willing to up and leave on a vacation even if Clara didn't have a sister to consider.


"Probably nothing," she finally answered.  "My younger sister has the same week off so we might just hang out at home and do very little."  She paused a moment.  "Plus, I need to work on some papers for a couple of classes and I might want to work on some of my own stories as well."


Clara looked at the other girl and sighed.


"Did I just sound like the most boring person ever?"

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#10 Aurora Malkavia

Aurora Malkavia

Posted 23 March 2015 - 03:11 PM

Aurora might have done it sooner than most but already considered Clara to be a friend; they didn’t know each other well enough to be close friends but Aurora , after a meeting or two, preferred to put people in the friends category; it was just how she was. Friendship didn’t have to be a tell secrets to or even be extremely close but Aurora liked the idea that eventually the friendship might get there. She was just easy going about such things.

If Clara had said she wanted to talk; Aurora certainly would have been there as support. As it was, she tried to take the other woman at her word that she was tired.

Spring Break, Aurora was looking forward to doing nothing for a while, Mario, Belle and her had debated going anywhere and decided to stay in town and just relax. It was kind of nice to do that and Aurora could get time in the music or dance rooms; if she wanted. Much easier when more than half the campus was gone.

”Oh, that sounds nice. Actually, I’m not going anywhere either. Decided to catch up on sleep and just relax for the break. If you and your sister get bored, you’re welcome to call me and I’m sure we could figure out something to do. “ She took a sip of her coffee. ”How old is your sister?” The age could determine what Clara’s sister might want to do or could do.

”No, that didn’t sound boring. Mario will probably be spending some of the time writing as well.” Which was only the truth; her brother might have been active but he did spend a lot of free time writing.



#11 Clara Bishop

Clara Bishop

Posted 23 March 2015 - 06:40 PM

As Aurora spoke about her lack of plans for Spring Break, Clara wondered if she could ever just get away.  She had a feeling that she could send Chelsea to her grandparents for a week, especially since the girl was also on vacation, but would Clara really be able to just up and go away?  And where would she go?  She wasn't really into partying and just about every Spring Break destination was there because of all the parties.  That's not what Clara was after.  Instead of wasting time thinking of it, though, Clara went back to paying attention to Aurora.


Aurora asked about Chelsea and Clara realized that she had never mentioned her younger sister to a lot of people.  Maybe she didn't want people to know just how much responsibility she had.  It also made her realize that she hadn't told many people about her parents being dead and having to take care of her sister.  Of course, Clara had chosen to take care of her sister instead of letting a relative care for her.  Why hadn't she asked her grandparents to take Chelsea?  Why did Clara have to take that role on by herself.


"Oh," Clara said.  "My sister, Chelsea, is thirteen, so I'm not exactly sure what we could do that she would like to do."  She paused a moment.  "Plus, I think she's going to be spending a few days with one of her friends from school, so I might have the house to myself a little bit."


That sounded very, very sad.  And though Clara suddenly thought about crying, she didn't.  She just looked at Aurora and then thought for a moment.


"But I might still give you a call if that's okay?"  A pause.  "If I get bored, you know?"


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#12 Aurora Malkavia

Aurora Malkavia

Posted 27 March 2015 - 03:44 PM

Aurora would have actually gone away with Clara, if that had been an option. Not for any other reason than the girl thought of Clara already as a friend and she would figure it would be fun. Aurora partied on occasion but not to excess and it certainly wasn’t the only places that were options for spring break in her mind, besides, Mario would have insisted on going with her and that would have limited her partying anyway.

Aurora still didn’t get the impression that Clara took care of her sister on a permanent basis; nothing that the other woman said made her thing that . She nodded to Clara’s comment about her sister. ”Oh, I remember thirteen. It can be hard to find things to do at that age. I remember not wanting to have Mario look after me all the time.” She smiled.

”But yeah, I’ll be free most of the week. So, feel free to call me. ” She hoped the girl took her up on her offer, if only to have something to do. ”I know of a few things going on; the next town over is having some sort of spring festival with art displays and performances in their park.” That was an invite or could just be information…after all there was no telling if Clara would even want to go to that kind of thing.



#13 Clara Bishop

Clara Bishop

Posted 27 March 2015 - 06:41 PM

Clara knew that there were other places that she could go but she still didn't know if she would be able to just leave Chelsea.  Despite the problems between her and her sister, Clara loved her sister and didn't want to just leave Chelsea, even if it was with their grandparents.  But Clara also thought about the fact that she had just taken Chelsea without really considering everything that both of them would have to deal with as part of the move.  Chelsea had to make new friends (which she did) and would have to learn to like her new school (which she did not as much as her old one).  Plus, Clara had to make sure that she was home at night and couldn't just go to a party on the weekend or hang out with friends for the day because of Chelsea.  Responsibility haunted her and she was getting close to contacting her grandparents to take care of Chelsea.  Clara just wanted to be in college.  She wasn't ready to be a mom.


Aurora spoke up about remembering thirteen and that there wasn't a lot for kids to do.  She also mentioned that her older brother would constantly look after her, just as Clara looked after Chelsea and how Aurora didn't always like that.


"I'm sure Mario was just making sure you were okay," Clara said.


Aurora talked about being available during spring break and Clara nodded.  The other girl mentioned a spring festival and Clara smiled.


"That might be kind of fun," she said.


Inwardly, Clara thought it might be kind of fun to go to the next town, but she still didn't want to be too far away from Chelsea in case the other girl needed her.


"Or maybe we can find something local to do," she added.

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#14 Aurora Malkavia

Aurora Malkavia

Posted 16 April 2015 - 03:17 PM

Aurora would have been impressed to know that Clara had taken on the responsibility of taking care of her sister but there had been nothing in what Clara said to give Aurora the impression than maybe it was just a little sister visiting her older one. Even with that, it was still, good to see an older sister who was willing to look out for the younger one.

There was only a few years between Mario and his sisters but he had always acted much older than them; he had always been responsible for them. ”Yeah, I realize that now. It just wasn’t what I thought at that age.” Which was true. She knew that Mario was just looking out for her but now the girl just wanted to be treated like an adult.

”Well, maybe we could just get together to see a move or something.” She didn’t know if Clara would go to a club and it wasn’t as if this town had decent clubs anyway. ”I’m sure we could think of something nearby.” Really , she wasn’t certain if Clara wanted to do something with her over break but would go with the idea for now Aurora didn’t want to pressure Clara into doing something; it was just the way she was, always active and trying to include others. ”I’m sorry. I don’t mean to pressure you into doing something. I’m guess I’m just used to always doing things.”



#15 Clara Bishop

Clara Bishop

Posted 22 April 2015 - 05:34 PM

Clara was such a private person.  She didn’t like to let people know about her life, her past and even her present.  Her problem was that she wanted to make more friends and have fun in college but she couldn’t get past being too shy and unwilling to let people in on her life.  Letting Aurora know about Chelsea was probably a good thing and Clara figured that she must have been comfortable enough with the girl to let her know.


Clara chuckled at the thought of Mario taking care of his sisters and making sure they behaved. She nodded at the concept that Aurora offered.


“I know that Chelsea doesn’t always like when I ask her to do something for me, but it will all work out in the end.”


The brunette still wasn’t ready to offer up more information but was content with what she had said so far.


“A movie might be nice,” she said.  “I haven’t been to the movies in a while, but there are always plenty of movies that I want to see.”


Clara was glad that Aurora wanted to hang out.  Clara wanted a friend and someone like Aurora would be a good person to have around.  She was friendly and beautiful and nice to talk to.


“You’re not pressuring,” Clara said initially, adding a sigh.  “It’s just that I don’t do a lot of things outside of studying.”  She paused a moment.  “But I want to do stuff,” she added soon after the awkward pause.  “It’s just that I don’t really have a lot of friends and it’s hard for me to make friends and just hanging out with someone would be fun but I’m terribly shy and I don’t really know why I’m saying all this . . .”


She was babbling and couldn’t stop herself in time.  She looked away from Aurora, embarrassed by all that she had said.



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#16 Aurora Malkavia

Aurora Malkavia

Posted 08 May 2015 - 04:01 PM

Aurora was far more opened about herself than most people. Then again, she didn’t feel the need to hide most things about herself. Lately, that had been different as she hadn’t told anyone about her recent struggles with her sexuality but the young woman wasn’t ready to let anyone in on that. She didn’t mind that others were private people and she knew that others might have reasons for it.

She smiled at Clara’s chuckle. She supposed that it might be a funny idea to some of Mario trying to take charge of his sisters but he had done a good job for someone not that much older than his sisters. She nodded to what Clara said about her sister. ”Well, if she hasn’t already don’t be surprised if she asks, at some point, why you have to be right so much.” Smiling at the thought of the few times she had said that to Mario when they were younger.

The movie seemed like it might be the best option. [b}”I haven’t been to a movie in a while either so I think we could probably find one to see.”[/b] In Aurora’s case she was just so busy with school and activities that she didn’t have a lot of time to go t the movies.

Aurora listened to Clara and gave the girl a gentle smile. ”It’s alright. And you can consider me a friend if you want. I know I tend to be energetic but I can always listen if you need someone to talk to.” The girl didn’t know what it was like to be shy but she figured it must be hard besides Aurora never saw a problem with making a new friend and it didn’t bother her if the other girl was shy.



#17 Clara Bishop

Clara Bishop

Posted 08 May 2015 - 08:44 PM

Clara didn't open up to anyone - not even her sister.  She knew that it was something that needed to be done but it was so difficulty for her to just let people know about anything about her.  Whether it was about her dead parents, her responsibility of her sister or even just the fact that she was confused about her own sexuality.  Especially that last one.  It was definitely something that she didn't tell anyone, though she had a feeling that a few people were at least suspicious.  At least one of those wasn't her sister.  Clara knew that she could tell her sister about her feelings for other girls and not be scorned by the girl, but Clara wasn't ready for that talk.  Her sister was just barely starting to find interest in boys and that scared Clara more.


Clara nodded at Aurora's comment.  Chelsea hadn't asked Clara about always being right, but Aurora was probably thinking of her own experience with an older sibling and Clara was glad for the advice.


Aurora seemed to agree about going to a movie and Clara was suddenly filled with emotion.  Her emotion heightened even more as the brunette suggested that Clara be able to consider the girl a friend.  Clara didn't have many friends, at least, not many that she was willing to talk to about anything, so having the confirmation that the two were friends made Clara feel happy.  She looked at Aurora differently for a moment, then spoke up.


"Thanks, Aurora," Clara said.  "That means a lot."


Clara wanted to say more but didn't know what was left to say.


"You know," she said as she looked at her watch.  "I should probably try and find my sister and head home."  She stood up, almost awkwardly.  "It was great talking to you," she continued.  "And I'll let you know about a movie or something."



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#18 Aurora Malkavia

Aurora Malkavia

Posted 15 May 2015 - 03:57 PM

Aurora wasn’t even sure why she wanted Clara to call but she did. The young woman liked it when her friends called and she got to spend time with them but she felt , more so, than most of her friends that Clara needed a friend. Being the other girl was so shy though; she didn’t want to push their friendship so she figured letting Clara call would be the best thing. Of course, knowing Aurora if the other girl hadn’t called in a few days she might take it to call her; just to be on the safe side that she was occupied and not just being by herself over break.

Aurora remembered Clara had a sister that might be around and she realized that it might take a few days to have some free time. As for Aurora she had more free time than she wanted. A few of her friends had stayed around but most had gone away somewhere. Aurora would have gone but was certain that Mario wouldn’t have liked that but beyond that it was kind of nice to be able to get a dance studio or practice room to herself with no waiting.

Actually, that was where she was when the text came though. She had just finished practicing in one of the dance studios and was drinking some water when her phone told her of the message. Looking down, a small smile played on her face. She texted back she would be there in a few hours.

****A few hours later.

It was a good time in the evening for a movie or dinner and a movie; really whatever they wanted to do but this was the time she had said she would arrive at Clara’s place. For some reason, Aurora felt a need to take a breath before knocking on the door of other woman’s apartment.



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