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Head in a Book

Avery Aldebaran

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#1 Isabel Malkavia

Isabel Malkavia

Posted 18 March 2015 - 02:41 PM

Between classes, clubs and her volunteer work at the hospital Belle found little time to do anything not related to those things but at the moment she actually had a little time to herself. So, she found a book that she had been meaning to start reading at the bottom of her bag, below, the text books which tended to weigh down the bag.

Checking her colander on more time to be certain she wasn’t forgetting anything; after all a moment like this was rare for her, and a few hours even stranger. She didn’t have anything scheduled and her projects and work for her classes was ahead of schedule. Her brother was always telling her that she took on too much and worried about her burning out but so far she had managed to keep up with everything, besides, she liked being busy.

For Belle there was no young adult novels about vampires, or games with arrows and no romance novels unless they were classics or really well written. She didn’t mean to be a snob about what she read and didn’t really care what others read, it was more, that she had certain criteria when it came to what she wanted to read.

This particular book was one she had read before but still enjoyed it a great deal and wanted to read it again. I have just returned from a visit to my landlord – the solitary neighbour that I shall be troubled with. Lead into more familiar words. Belle never knew why she was drawn to Wuthering Heights but it was a favorite of hers.

In the courtyard, the sun warmed her and lit up the page and she didn’t have to worry about time so there was no telling how long she had had her head in that book when her cell went off. A five minute conversation, dinner plans with her brother and sister. About to go back to her book when a familiar face entered the courtyard. ”Hi.” She said to her friend.
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