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Birds of a Feather

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#1 Josei Shiomi

Josei Shiomi

Posted 26 April 2015 - 12:28 AM

It had been pretty damn hard, ignoring his suffering. 


Even more so when she remembered that his suffering wasn't self-inflicted, but something shoved onto him, something ultimately chosen for him because he'd been too quiet during the partner picking process. His mistake, she figured, but it was still really terrible watching the entire thing go down. Between the eye-rolling, the grumbled insults, and the fact that someone's hair had been caught on fire (she wasn't sure whose, though she was pretty sure it didn't matter), she had to intervene. It wasn't too hard, either; his partner had left (which confirmed that it was her hair that had been singed) and would probably not be back for a while, if at all, and she'd been the odd one out.


She wasn't exactly subtle, though, when she scooted over from her station to his, pointing on solemn finger at the fringes of his jacket and trying not to laugh. "I think she got your coat, too. A little." More than a little, really. There were ashes on the table and a good junk of sleeve outright missing. She almost wondered if he was ignoring it altogether, or if he'd noticed but was too mad to even say anything. 


"I guess you drew the short straw in all of this, huh?" She attempted, unsuccessfully, to pick up where the other girl had left off, but everything was a disaster. There were eggshells in the mix itself, there were ashes in the icing, and things that shouldn't have been burned (shouldn't even have the capability to be burned) were scorched. It was ridiculously difficult not to wince, honestly. And she did, softly, though eventually she opted for a brighter approach instead, poking absently at something while trying to find a starting point in all the mess. 


"...Looks like we'll have to start over, huh?"

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#2 Kazuya Fujita

Kazuya Fujita

Posted 26 April 2015 - 04:17 AM

Why did it have to be him? Why did it always have to be him?


It seemed like no matter where he went or where he lived he was destined to be paired with the worst of the worst. Maybe it was his own fault for not speaking up, but if it'd been left up to him he'd have much preferred to have done the whole thing on his own rather than rely on a partner. That was just how Kazuya was. He kept everyone at arm's length and let very few people in past there, things were easier that way, caused him less pain. 


Pinching the bridge of his nose he watched the girl leave from the corner of his eye. It wasn't like he really cared, not up front anyways. Maybe if she'd taken his advice and hadn't been so by the books than this whole thing could have been avoided. Letting out a rather aggravated sigh he surveyed the mess before him, the disgusting smell of scorched hair still lingering in the air around the work station. However its not until he hears another voice behind him that he snaps out of his own little world.


Its the mention of his ruined coat that immediately puts him in an even worse mood. Brows furrow as he glares down at her, well aware that the piece of clothing had already been caught in the blaze. It was a small sacrifice in order to control the blaze that she's somehow created. How his ex-partner had even managed to do so was beyond him, but at least it'd been contained before something truly terrible happened. Glancing down at his hand he curls and uncurls it a few times, his skin flaring up and calming down each time due to a minor burn. However in Kazu's eyes it was really nothing to be worried about, he'd suffered from worse after all.


"Great. Another one." He mumbles under his breath as he turns his back to her. Taking a moment he unbuttons the jacket he'd been wearing before shrugging it off and hanging it off the back of a nearby chair. Luckily the sweater he'd been wearing underneath remained undamaged. A small lucky break in an otherwise disastrous situation.


Rolling up his sleeves he gets to work cleaning up the mess, having already decided that it was the best option. It'd been ruined long before half their product had somehow managed to catch on fire. How she'd even managed that was still far beyond anything he was able to understand. However he freezes for a second when she speaks up once again. Looking at her over his shoulders he once again shoots her an icy glare.


"We?" He grunts before shaking his head and making his way back towards the sink. "Tch. Whatever." At least there wasn't anyway that she could be any worse than the previous girl. "Just help clean this shit up."

#3 Josei Shiomi

Josei Shiomi

Posted 28 April 2015 - 06:58 AM

Oh, attitude. Expected but still a shock regardless, though it certainly wasn't unjustified. Even without the property damage, he'd been through a good deal of patience-grating suffering in the last half hour. She couldn't say with certainty that she would be as pissed as he was, but she couldn't say with certainty that she wouldn't be, either. Plus she'd all but invited herself without warning, without provocation, and without asking, so he was rightfully irritated about that, too, but that didn't mean she was leaving, either.


Stubborn made up a good ninety percent of her personality, after all, and he clearly needed help. Help, therapy, maybe a punching bag, who knows.


He also needed to smile. That wasn't an observation isolated to this incident, either. She'd noticed it repeatedly throughout not only this class but by seeing him in passing, always scowling, forever stuck in the middle of 'forlorn' and 'seething.' It was something that made her curious and almost indebted, by the rights of her own mind, to figure out why, what, and how, and the fix all of the above. 


"Oh c'mon, I'm actually not a bad cook! I won't set your jacket on fire, anyway. Or my hair. Or your hair. Really, fire won't be spreading at all, so it's already a step up, right?" A shrug coupled with some shit-eating grin hybrid is all she can offer because for all intents and purposes, she has no proof. They hadn't done much in the class as a whole to really prove herself as anything but marginally competent. Yeah, she hadn't caused a good portion of her project to burst into flames, but so what? That was really not saying much about skill so much as common sense.


Cleaning, though, that she could prove, and she did so by gathering everything up first, stacking the dishes and bowls together and scooting them off to the side. "You know, it could have been a lot worse, right? At least now you can start it over and do it the way you wanted to. That's not so bad!" Right, really finding the bright side, Josei. "You're name is Kazuya, right? Why didn't you just opt not to have a partner? Or was that not an option?"

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