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Movie and More (Aurora)

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#1 Clara Bishop

Clara Bishop

Posted 11 May 2015 - 05:34 PM

Clara was sitting on the couch. It was just before five in the afternoon and Chelsea was standing in front of her. The younger girl was looking down at Clara on the couch as she held a duffel bag over her shoulder.


"Do I need to go over the rules again?" Chelsea said to her sister.


Clara, for her part, shook her head and rolled her eyes.


"I think I'll be fine," Clara offered.


"You know where I'll be, right?"


"As long as you and your friend don't go on a road trip or a camping trip," Clara said with a smirk. "Yeah, I should be able to find you if I need you."


Chelsea sat down on the couch next to her sister when her phone alerted her to a text message.


"Are you going to be okay without me for a few days?"


"Really?" Clara said as she stood up. "I'll be fine. I can catch up on homework."


Chelsea stood up and hugged her sister.


"That's no way to have fun. You're supposed to be on vacation.  Do something. Anything. Please."


"You should get going," Clara said when she heard Chelsea's phone again. "I'll see you in a few days."


Chelsea left the apartment and Clara sat back down on the couch. She really didn't know what to do. Clara's life was a mess and though she wanted to do something about it, she always had trouble making anything happen. She sat on the couch thinking about her life for a little while before she decided to do something.


Clara grabbed her phone and texted Aurora asking the other girl if she wanted to hang out or go to a movie. Clara wasn't sure if Aurora would be available but at least she was trying. It took a little while before receiving a reply from the other girl and Clara suggested Aurora come to Clara's apartment first.

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#2 Aurora Malkavia

Aurora Malkavia

Posted 18 May 2015 - 02:55 PM

Aurora wasn’t even sure why she wanted Clara to call but she did. The young woman liked it when her friends called and she got to spend time with them but she felt , more so, than most of her friends that Clara needed a friend. Being the other girl was so shy though; she didn’t want to push their friendship so she figured letting Clara call would be the best thing. Of course, knowing Aurora if the other girl hadn’t called in a few days she might take it to call her; just to be on the safe side that she was occupied and not just being by herself over break.

Aurora remembered Clara had a sister that might be around and she realized that it might take a few days to have some free time. As for Aurora she had more free time than she wanted. A few of her friends had stayed around but most had gone away somewhere. Aurora would have gone but was certain that Mario wouldn’t have liked that but beyond that it was kind of nice to be able to get a dance studio or practice room to herself with no waiting.

Actually, that was where she was when the text came though. She had just finished practicing in one of the dance studios and was drinking some water when her phone told her of the message. Looking down, a small smile played on her face. She texted back she would be there in a few hours.

****A few hours later.

It was a good time in the evening for a movie or dinner and a movie; really whatever they wanted to do but this was the time she had said she would arrive at Clara’s place. For some reason, Aurora felt a need to take a breath before knocking on the door of other woman’s apartment.



#3 Clara Bishop

Clara Bishop

Posted 18 May 2015 - 09:50 PM

Clara stared at her phone after she sent the text.  It was silent for what seemed like a long time, even if only a few minutes passed.  There was a response from Aurora.  She could come over.  Suddenly, Clara was excited for the girl to come visit.  The brunette had no clue what movie they would go see or what they would do but Clara was just happy to be willing to do something that was not studying.


Looking around the apartment, Clara decided that she had some time before the other girl would arrive that she could clean up a bit.  After she was finished, she decided that she needed a quick rinse off from all of the sweat from cleaning.  She took a quicker than normal shower and got dressed in a pair of jeans and a long-sleeved top. 


Clara went to the living room and sat down on the couch and waited.  There was a knock on the door and Clara became tense and nervous.  Why?  This was Aurora.  She was Mario's little sister.  Was it because Clara didn't really have any friends?  Was it because she didn't know what the two of them would do?  Was it because that Clara was shy and was suddenly embarrassed for inviting the girl over in the first place?  Regardless, it took Clara a few moments to catch her breath and step to the door and open it.  When she did, she saw Aurora standing there.  For a moment, Clara didn't know what to say and just smiled at the other girl.


"Hi," she said after a moment.  "You look great," she added.  "Please, come in."


What was wrong with her?  She was so awkward and ridiculous.

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#4 Aurora Malkavia

Aurora Malkavia

Posted 04 June 2015 - 12:05 AM

Aurora was actually a little nervous herself; it was an odd feeling as not much made the girl nervous. She didn’t get stage fright; she was never nervous talking in front of people whether it be a large group or just one person. She was rarely nervous when going out on a date. Anything social really, the girl was , usually at ease with. Her nerves went more with taking tests about certain subjects, like math or tryouts for teams or plays (way more than actually performing in them). However, something about this was making her a little nervous.

However, once Clara answered the door, Aurora’s personality did it’s best to hide any awkward feelings she might have had. ”Hi.” Smiling at the other woman. ”Thanks. You look great too.” The thing was that Clara did really look good; her outfit seemed to suit her.

Aurora stepped inside the door. ”Nice place. How long have you lived here?” Clara could have lived here one month or five years; her level in college had little to do with it and Aurora really was curious about the other woman.



#5 Clara Bishop

Clara Bishop

Posted 08 June 2015 - 10:09 PM

Smiling at the immediate compliment, Clara felt her cheeks warm slightly and she wondered why that had happened.  It wasn't like people hadn't complimented her before.  For some reason, tonight of all nights, she felt like the compliment was more genuine than any of the others that she had received in the past.


Clara watched as Aurora entered the apartment and for some reason, she was tempted to check the other girl out.  Not that she hadn't already to let her know that she looked good, but this was more than that.  Clara really hoped that Aurora didn't notice because she would be even more embarrassed and awkward than she already felt.


To move away from her own prying eyes, Clara smiled again when Aurora mentioned the apartment.


"Oh," she said.  "My sister and I moved in last summer.  Just before school started."  She paused and considered what to talk about in terms of her parent's death.  "We moved from Littleton."


Clara moved to the couch and invited Aurora to sit down and taking a seat near the girl, but not too close because she didn't want Aurora to feel weirded out by that.  The two girls sat in awkward silence for a few moments before Clara spoke up again.


"Would you like anything to drink?" Clara asked.  "Or something else?"


Another pause.


"Or would you like to talk about what movie we want to see?"


She paused.


"But if you don't want to go to the theater, we could just hang out here instead."


Clara's nerves were getting to her.  She was starting to babble.


"What do you think?"



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#6 Aurora Malkavia

Aurora Malkavia

Posted 18 June 2015 - 08:20 PM

Was that maybe a slight blush to the compliment that she had given the other woman? Aurora couldn’t be certain; it seemed that way but even if the brunette thought it she wouldn’t say anything about it. The compliment had been very genuine and she had no real reason to think that Clara’s wasn’t.

The fact that Clara was checking her out; wasn’t noticed, for the most part by Aurora. She thought more that maybe the other woman was just getting a better look at her. Or it could have just been her imagination. Aurora thought tended to not pay attention when people checked her out; it happened far more often than she ever suspected but she had gotten used to people looking at her and Belle all the time when they were younger. Double takes came with being part of a identical set. She was certain that it would have come with her other sister as well if she wasn’t in a wheelchair.

Aurora wondered how she could have missed that Clara’s sister lived with her; she had thought the girl had maybe come for a visit. Quickly she went back in her mind making certain she didn’t miss anything that Clara might have said. ”Oh. So, have you always lived in Colorado?” Just a standard question as Clara might have moved when she was younger.

The question couldn’t help but be wondered why Clara’s sister was living with her still she wouldn’t ask as that seemed far too personal and she certainly didn’t want to make the other woman uncomfortable. Aurora took the seat offered to her and couldn’t figure out why she didn’t know what to say, Aurora was rarely at a loss for words.

”I’d like a soda, if you have one?” Why was her mouth suddenly dry? Was this what stage fright felt like? ”Any flavor is fine. Thanks.” Which was also the truth, she wasn’t really picky about soda, when she drank it.

Movies or stay here? That was more of a decision than she ever thought it would be. [b}”Why don’t I pull out my phone and see what’s playing?”[/b] A big part of her wanted to just stay here but it seemed like it might be a bit forward to just say that. Even if the young woman didn’t really understand why she felt that way.

After a few minutes of looking at the small selection of the only theater in town, Aurora looked up. ”Well, I’ve seen everything playing at the theater. Sorry, I tend to try to keep up with the latest movies.” It usually helped in her acting classes to be up to date on that kind of thing. ”I don’t mind seeing any of them again but …it might be nice to stay in.”



#7 Clara Bishop

Clara Bishop

Posted 22 June 2015 - 08:05 PM

Clara didn't want to admit that she was looking at Aurora.  The girl was pretty and Clara couldn't help but stare, even if she shouldn't be staring.  Aurora asked about Clara living in Colorado and the girl wondered if there would be a way to answer without giving away the fact that her parents were dead.


"Oh," Clara said.  "Yeah.  I was born and raised in Littleton.  But then moved here for college."


Clara was leaving out a whole lot of details but was hoping that Aurora would leave the topic alone for now - or at least for a little while.  Luckily, Aurora asked for a soda, so Clara got up from the couch and headed to the small kitchen.  She opened the fridge and grabbed two Diet Cokes and brought them out to the couch again.  Clara handed one to Aurora and then sat down with her own.


While it only took her a minute or so to get the drinks, Aurora had managed to look up the movies that were playing and then mentioned that she had seen most of the movies that were playing.  Clara shook her head.


"Don't worry about it," she said.  "I've seen a few of the current movies but not really into some of the others."


Aurora mentioned staying in and Clara wasn't sure what that constituted.  Would they go out to dinner?  Would they get it delivered?  What would people think if they saw them together?  Would they think they were a couple?  Clara wasn't even sure if she liked girls like that.  Reagan had come into her life and stirred some interesting feelings in her, but Clara still hadn't figured herself out.  As it was, she didn't know if Aurora had any of those feelings either.  It was all suddenly weird and awkward.


"So," Clara started again.  "Staying in, then."  She paused.  "Would you like to get some food delivered?  I have some menus and I've got some movies or we could watch television."   Another pause.  "What do you think?"

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#8 Aurora Malkavia

Aurora Malkavia

Posted 05 July 2015 - 12:48 PM

Aurora had noticed that Clara was pretty as well.  Despite both girls having brunette hair; they rest of their looks seemed very contrasting to her.  Clara answered her question and Aurora just gave a small smile and nodded.  It wasn’t detailed and she didn’t want make the other young woman nervous by asking too many questions; even if she was still left with a lot.


She thanked Clara for the soda and took a sip of it.   It did make it hard to figure out what to do, in a town like this, when Aurora saw so many movies they first came out.  She nodded to Clara’s comment.  ”Well, there are a few that I kind of wished I had skipped.”  She did have her own preferences with movies and not everyone she saw was that good, in her mind. 


The brunette also wasn’t certain what staying in would entail but if they had gone out she wouldn’t have worried about anyone thinking they were a couple.  She didn’t see that really being an issue, it wasn’t uncommon to see two girls who were friends having dinner together.    Aurora was just thinking of Clara as friend,  an attractive friend but still just a friend as she wasn’t certain on her own feelings about women at the moment.


”Getting some food delivered would be good.  And watching a movie is fine; really whatever you want to pick out will be fine with me.”  She really wasn’t picky about the movie or the food.  



#9 Clara Bishop

Clara Bishop

Posted 06 July 2015 - 05:34 PM

Though Clara loved most movies, there were some that just didn't interest her.  She was into some of the action films, but not the ones that had no plot or characterization.  Clara was always interested in the story and the characters that she wanted to be satisfied by both of those categories when she was done watching the movie.  It was one reason that she enjoyed watching old movies because they were more focused on those elements and not just explosions or nudity to get people to see them.


Getting some encouragement about their plans from Aurora helped calm Clara down.  She wasn't sure why she was semi nervous but she was getting better already and just from hearing Aurora say that whatever they did would be fine with her. 


"There's a great pizza place that I like to eat at that also delivers," she started.  "They cater to all sorts of tastes and styles and have a lot of different options.  I usually like to have everything, except anchovies and pineapple on my pizza.  If that sounds good, I can call and order.  They only take about twenty minutes to make and deliver, so it won't be that long."


Why did it matter how long it would take?  Clara didn't have to worry.  They could discuss whatever they were going to watch. 


"As for a movie, I have a bunch of movies here in this cabinet."


Clara opened a cabinet that was full of DVDs.  She had mostly older movies, but some recent titles as well.


"If I don't have it, I can probably find it on Netflix or Amazon."


Both of those were luxuries that Clara made sure that she could afford.  With her love of watching movies over and over again, she had been willing to spend the money on the online services just to keep her habit going.  She reasoned it by deciding to not purchase DVDs any longer since she could usually get them online cheaper.


"What do you think?"

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#10 Aurora Malkavia

Aurora Malkavia

Posted 22 July 2015 - 05:47 AM

Aurora liked newer movies but certainly there were a number of classics on her list of favorites. She also had a few classics that she didn’t care to watch again but most of them were bad horror or monster movies, all the rage in the 50’s it seemed. She often wondered if it would have been more exciting to watch them with old 3D glasses or if people are just less sensitized to such things in the theater.

”Pizza sounds great. I’m not a fan of anchovies, either. I’m good with anything else, so , just order what you’d like on it. “ She smiled. The pineapple really needed the ham with it. [b}”Is it Georgio’s?”[/b] That was a good pizza place that she had ordered from before; they had great Chicago style pizza.

When Clara opened, Aurora was impressed that someone who wasn’t an acting or film making major had such a selection but then again her brother liked a variety of movies. Aurora had a collection herself but she had collected them for years. The young woman got up and looked over the DVD’s, her eyes going directly towards a few of the classics. She picked out one of the classics. ”Oh, can we watch this? I used to have a copy of it but it got destroyed and I’ve not gotten around to replacing it.”

The movie would be a few hours and they could break for pizza, if needed, they could figure out what else to do later.



#11 Clara Bishop

Clara Bishop

Posted 22 July 2015 - 10:51 PM

As a writer, Clara was constantly looking at old movies to find inspiration.  She never felt like she might repeat anything from those movies in her own stories,  but she always made sure to consider if she might be doing so.  That was why she had so many options - she wanted to make sure she wasn't writing something that had already been done before.  And if it had been done, Clara wanted to try to write it differently in hopes of making it better.  To that end, she had seen most of the movies she owned at least five times, with some being a lot more than that.


It seemed to Clara that Aurora already knew the pizza place, which was a good thing, because then Clara wouldn't have to be nervous about what to choose.  But why would she have been nervous?  This was just two girls hanging out and eating pizza and watching a movie.  Right?  There was nothing else to this.  Right?


"Yeah, it is," Clara replied.  "It's great stuff."


Clara got on the phone and ordered the pizza for delivery and watched as Aurora looked through the movies.  She wasn't sure why, but Clara continued to stare at Aurora's back and kept looking, though there was no need to do so. 


The order placed, Clara put her phone down and walked back to the cabinet where she heard Aurora make her decision on a movie.  Clara looked at it and smiled.


"Sure," she said.  "That's a good movie."


Clara got a refill for both of them and prepped the sofa for movie watching (rearranged the pillows to allow for maximum comfort, letting Aurora decide where she was going to sit - why did all of this matter?).  The pizza arrived and thankfully, Clara stopped paying attention to her supposed need for comfort.  She paid the delivery guy and then brought the pizza into the apartment.  She placed it down and grabbed some plates for she and Aurora.  She took a couple of slices and  placed them on plates and then brought them to the sofa and handed Aurora a plate.


"Here we go," she said and pressed play on the remote.


The movie started and Clara took a few bites of pizza.  She wanted to talk but didn't want to talk.  Why was she suddenly feeling strange about Aurora being in her apartment?


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#12 Aurora Malkavia

Aurora Malkavia

Posted 15 August 2015 - 10:28 PM

If Aurora had known that Clara wanted to be a writer; she might have a better idea about the movies. As it was she knew the other woman was a writer for the literary magazine; as was her brother but she hadn’t really delve into Clara’s major. She really just a little surprised by the selection but knew that many people collected movies for various reasons; it was just that her family had her to do that; who knew maybe Mario would have his own collection when they were no longer living together.

She nodded to the comment about the pizza place. It wasn’t that big of a town but there were a few pizza places in it; which probably had something to do all the college students. The pizza was being ordered and Aurora didn’t notice Clara watching her; it wasn’t in her nature to notice or really be bothered by such things.

Movie agreed to; refill for drinks and Aurora watched Clara for a moment while the couch was arranged. Not really, Clara more like Clara’s neck but for just a moment; then came the pizza and the sudden hope that the other woman would sit near her. Why that mattered; it shouldn’t really, right? Aurora took a seat and thanked Clara as the pizza was handed to her.

As the movie started the brunette was glad that she had seen the movie before; as it seemed hard to concentrate on the film. Not a problem she usually had; and she couldn’t figure out why it was happening now. All the dates she had had with men; hadn’t disrupted her much and this wasn’t even a date. Usually, hanging out with a friend would be very easy to her, why was this different. She finished her drink and ate her slices of pizza and watched the movie; kind of. Her eyes every now and then being averted in Clara’s direction. She didn’t want to be watching the movie; she more wanted to be talking with the other woman but interrupting the movie would be rude and Aurora didn’t really know what to say.



#13 Clara Bishop

Clara Bishop

Posted 17 August 2015 - 10:28 PM

When the movie started, Clara sat there eating and every now and then looking at Aurora.  She really was pretty.  But she would catch herself looking and then go back to focusing on the movie or her food or her drink.  Anything to not stare at the other girl, no matter how distracting her presence was.  Clara finished her two slices of pizza and put her plate down on the coffee table in front of her.  She took a drink and placed her cup down.  She watched the movie.  Had it only been thirty minutes?  It seemed as if the movie should have been over by now with all the thinking that Clara had been doing. 


For some reason, Clara thought that Aurora might be looking at her as well, especially when she would turn back to the television to stop herself from staring.  What was going on with her?  This was just two friends having fun and watching a movie.  What had her staring so much?


One word: Aurora.


Clara didn't want to stop the movie in case Aurora was watching it but she kept looking at the other girl.  Was she developing a crush on Aurora?  That wasn't possible.  They hadn't really known each other that long and tonight was one of the few times they actually had had conversations beyond basic small talk.  But what other explanation was there?


Not wanting to give into her curiosity just yet, Clara rearranged herself on the couch so she was now sitting on her legs.  She curled herself slightly, but not against Aurora in case she was reading her incorrectly.  The movie continued for a little while with Clara stealing glances at Aurora.  Finally, she reached out and grabbed the remote and paused the movie.


"You know," she said.  "I was wondering if we could stop the movie right now?"  She paused, unsure of what exactly to say.  "My eyes were kind of getting tired from watching it."


Clara looked for any sign of disappointment in Aurora and worried if the girl would simply leave because their plans had unraveled.


"We can keep talking, though," she added quickly. 


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#14 Aurora Malkavia

Aurora Malkavia

Posted 28 August 2015 - 04:14 PM

Aurora found herself not paying much attention to the movie either; maybe picking one she had seen at least a dozen times said that she didn’t really want to be paying attention to the film. Her mind was far more on the girl sitting next to her; a thought of what it might be like to touch the other girl’s neck or arm, maybe just briefly. Clara was just so pretty and she looked…well…her skin looked soft.

What was that? Those thoughts? She could have sworn that she felt Clara’s eyes on her, every now and then but her own eyes would wander toward the brunette as well. It was probably a good thing she was familiar with the movie; as it was she had no idea even where they were in the movie. Watch..the movie…Ok….

Relief actually came to her when Clara paused the movie. ”Oh…of course. I’ve seen it a bunch of times.” She smiled at the girl.

”I’d like that.” Talking sounded much better to her. ”Anything, in particular, you want to talk about?” She didn’t want to hog the conversation and figured she would give Clara a chance to start off.



#15 Clara Bishop

Clara Bishop

Posted 28 August 2015 - 08:15 PM

Clara was torn.  She wanted to just stare into Aurora's eyes.  She wanted to brush her hand against the other girl's arm and feel the softness of it.  Glancing again, Clara imagined that Aurora's skin would be as soft as silk.  But Clara also didn't know the girl well enough to know if she was even into girls or even if Aurora was into her.


When Clara stopped the movie it was because Aurora was distracting her.  It didn't matter, really, because it was one that Clara had seen many times and it turned out that the other girl had seen it as well.  But then the inevitable happened.  Aurora asked a question that Clara wasn't ready to answer.  Clara didn't have a plan.  She had just wanted to stop watching the movie so she could look at Aurora but now that she had said they could talk, Clara was stuck with trying to think of a topic.


The awkward silence drummed in Clara's ears and she hoped that Aurora wouldn't be able to hear Clara's heart beating out of her chest and her breath get rapid.  After several moments, Clara finally spoke up.


"Uh," she stammered and quieted down again.  "What else are you doing this week?"


Was it possible for her to be any more idiotic?  She felt her face warm and she hoped that the other girl didn't notice.

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#16 Aurora Malkavia

Aurora Malkavia

Posted 03 September 2015 - 04:31 PM

If Aurora would have known Clara’s thoughts but she didn’t. She was confused enough as it was; it wasn’t that she had never been attracted to men, she had but she had found herself glancing at women also. Certainly, she had never met anyone who made her feel exactly the way that Clara did. She liked the other woman as a person but there was something else that made her want to be near the brunette and spend more time with her.

In many ways Clara was her opposite; Clara seemed so quiet and Aurora tended to be more outgoing but they both were artistic in a way; Clara’s on paper and Aurora on the stage. A thought crossed her mind of what Mario might think then went away; truth was Mario wanted his sisters to be safe and happy. And it might not have seemed that way lately but it did matter what her siblings thought.

”Oh, I’m having a picnic tomorrow with Mario and Isabel. We figured we hadn’t spent enough time together as a family.” She paused. ”Probably doing the video chat thing with my other sister and my parents. I was thinking about going to the open mic night at the bar downtown, haven’t decided if I’m performing yet.” She stopped for a moment. ”That’s about it though. How about you?”



#17 Clara Bishop

Clara Bishop

Posted 08 September 2015 - 11:40 PM

What was she doing? 


Clara had stopped the movie and had no idea what to do next.  She had asked a question to stall for more time.  She was nervous.  She wanted to do something.  Something with Aurora. 


Sitting there, Clara watched Aurora as she talked.


What was she saying?


Clara looked at her lips.  They looked soft.  Clara felt like kissing Aurora and wondered what it would feel like.  She had been having feelings for girls for a little while now and she was starting to feel like being with Aurora would be a good thing.  They had only been friends for a little while, but that never stopped Clara from dating someone.  But she had only dated guys in the past and was just now starting to think that it would be fun to go on a date with Aurora.  


It took a moment before Clara realized that Aurora had asked her a question.  Her brain was running through the last few moments to figure out what the girl had asked. 




After what was probably too long of a pause, Clara finally spoke up, recalling the question.


"Oh," she started.  "Nothing really.  My sister is staying with her friend for a couple of days, so I don't have anything planned."


Was that the right answer?


"It sounds like you have some good plans."


What else could she do?  Or say?  Her brain was going crazy.

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#18 Aurora Malkavia

Aurora Malkavia

Posted 11 September 2015 - 04:31 PM

Aurora wanted to do something with Clara as well. The young woman had the knack of talking but sometimes thinking of something else at the same time. Right now, as she laid out her plans for the rest of the week her mind was wondering what it would be like to kiss the other girl or maybe go on a date.

This was crazy, Aurora wasn’t shy, she had asked a guy or two out in her time, more had asked her out but there had been the few that were too shy themselves. She saw nothing wrong in asking or women dating women, so, why did this whole scenario make her nervous. Unknown territory; maybe but certainly the first date she ever had and the first time she performed on a stage was that as well; this was certainly more nerve wracking than either of those.

She listened to other girl’s plans or lack thereof and suddenly without trying to think so much about it. ”If you’d like to you could come with me to the open mic night. Mario said he might go as well.” It made it not exactly a date but she did want to see more of Claire and was really hoping the other girl would say yes. As for the rest of these feelings she would have to figure them out; maybe talk to her siblings or well…someone.



#19 Clara Bishop

Clara Bishop

Posted 15 September 2015 - 11:51 PM

It was a new world for Clara.  She didn't know if she was gay or bi or straight but there was something that she wanted and that was to understand herself.  She knew she wanted to be happy and at the moment, she felt that leaning over and kissing Aurora would make her happy.  But what would Aurora do?  Would she run away?  If she did, what would Clara do?  She would probably cry and move away so she wouldn't have to see Aurora any longer.


The awkwardness was only getting bigger.  She was too silent and her brain was currently fighting her heart about what to do.  Logic told her to just sit back and keep talking about things that were no where near the subject of lust, love, sex or kissing.  But Clara's heart was fighting back with images of the two girls entwined in each other's arms, kissing and falling asleep together.


Aurora suggested that Clara come to the open mic night and Clara smiled.  She wasn't into performing her own material but was always glad to hear others perform.


"That would be great," Clara said.  "Thanks."


She paused, again feeling awkward and embarrassed because of how she was suddenly feeling in the moment toward Aurora.


"Umm . . ." Clara wasn't sure where her voice was coming from.


She felt her nerves kick in and stopped herself from speaking.  Clara looked around the room, again, unsure of what to do.


"I'm sorry that I stopped the movie," Clara said.


She dropped her hand down on the couch and accidently grazed it against Aurora's hand.  She looked down at the sudden physical contact and then looked back up at Aurora.  She was quiet and didn't know what to say.  But she didn't take her eyes off of the other girl, even with all her awkwardness and embarrassment rushing into the room.


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#20 Aurora Malkavia

Aurora Malkavia

Posted 25 September 2015 - 04:13 PM

Aurora smiled when Clara said she would go to the open mic night. She wasn’t just glad but excited at the prospect. They could talk about the details later but right now the silence was growing yet again. It probably didn’t help that Clara was shy and Aurora felt like she should be stepping in more to talk.

”No, it’s fine. I’ve seen this movie at least a dozen times but my copy had gotten accidently ruined.” She felt the other woman’s hand brush across hers. There was no movement of her own hand; actually it felt nice…right in a sense that she couldn’t have really explained to anyone.

She wanted to kiss Clara; it was becoming less of a question and more of a desire. The brunette hadn’t gotten that far even with any of the men she had dated, so, taking it one step at a time seemed right. Aurora was rarely one to not attempt something that felt right and now didn’t feel like it should be the exception. There wasn’t anyone else here; if it failed then she might lose a friend but it if Clara didn’t turn away or become completely upset by it….then…Aurora didn’t think too much more about the possibilities. Instead, she leaned in and gently and very lightly kissed Clara on the lips, not for very long but just enough…then she leaned back slightly and waited for the response.



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