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Movie and More (Aurora)

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#21 Clara Bishop

Clara Bishop

Posted 25 September 2015 - 07:28 PM

Staring into Aurora's eyes got her thinking about all sorts of things.  She looked into those deep brown eyes and could see that she was hesitant.  Was she hesitant because she was staring at Clara?  Was it because of how Clara had managed to brush up against her?  The silence continued and Clara wasn't sure what to think or what to do.  She heard Aurora's comment about the movie but it went over her head as she continued to stare at the other girl.  Then, as they sat in the growing silence, Aurora leaned closer to Clara.


Was it really happening?  Was Aurora about to kiss her? 


Clara had never kissed a girl before.  She had kissed a couple of boys but not even that many.  And none very recently, especially since she had become so confused about herself.


And then it happened.  Aurora's face came closer and closer until her lips touched Clara's.  The kiss lasted for just a few seconds but it was enough time for Clara to feel the other girl's passion.  But then it was over and Aurora was sitting back again. 


What was the next step?


There was more silence but instead of being awkward and looking away from Aurora, Clara licked her lips, tasting the other girl once more.  A smile crossed her face and she leaned forward to get closer to Aurora and kissed her lips.  This time, it was for longer than their first kiss.  Clara didn't know what to do or where to put her hands or anything other than to keep kissing Aurora.  After a few moments, Clara sat back and stared at Aurora again unsure of how to continue. 


Say something!


"I liked that," she said quietly.



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#22 Aurora Malkavia

Aurora Malkavia

Posted 30 September 2015 - 04:32 PM

That had felt right; very right, more right than any man she might have kissed. It felt as if she should have been kissing Clara all along. It was strange how a whole other set of possibilities just seem to open up, now that she had done that. And Clara, the woman didn’t seem scared or offended and she wasn’t turning away from Aurora. It seemed as if she hadn’t scared the other brunette off.

Then it happened, Clara took the lead next and the next was full of passion and lasted for a long time but it almost felt not long enough , even if they both did need air eventually. The kiss sent a feeling that went from her lips down her spine and back again; it was warm and felt wonderful. The kiss broke; Aurora sat there for a moment trying to regain her thoughts.

”I did too.” She slightly smiled at Clara, not thinking that it was a terrible thing to say. ”I’ve never done that…I mean with a woman …before.” Why was she telling her that? This had to be the most amazing, yet awkward time she had ever spent with anyone.



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