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In His Element(Adrian)

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#1 Rose Newhall

Rose Newhall

Posted 26 August 2015 - 05:13 PM

Rose must have clean and arranged things ten times before finally getting a root beer from the fridge and trying to calm herself down. Not living with any dormmates certainly had its advantages but it meant it was only her to deal with the cleaning and other things that they might have shared. Not that the dorm room was messy but she was nervous.

This evening, very soon actually, Adrian would be here. Here to see some of her art work, to talk some more, to help her plan out her trip. She swallowed; it wouldn’t be like her to act this nervous around him so she would have to calm down. Still, it was one of the few times she had spent any real time with a man; except her brother, of course.

Snacks, put them out or wait until he gets her and ask. She went with ask. With everything done there was nothing left but to wait? She turned on some music, went about sketching and waited for the knock on the door.





#2 Adrian Morrison

Adrian Morrison

Posted 01 September 2015 - 09:20 PM

Adrian was looking forward to this!  Yes, it was for his project.  But he really liked Rose!  Even though she had to have been nervous, she had invited him back to take a look at her artwork.  He was excited to see it!  He couldn’t really relate, but he knew she was a pretty awesome artist.  He would be able to see if first-hand, and get a better insight into her life, or so he hoped.


He had brought a few fruit tarts as a thank-you gift for inviting him over.  Wearing a casual pair of dark blue jeans, and an open-collared light grey polo, he found the door in question and rapped sharply on it with his free hand.  He didn’t want to drop the box of treats!  He wasn’t even sure if she liked fruit tarts, but it was a much safer bet than pie or cake.  They were small with a custard cream filling under all the fruit, with a delicious flaky pastry crust.  He wished he could say that he had made them, but they had been bought.


“Rose?  It’s Adrian!” he called out with a smile on his face.  He’d brought his backpack with him, his notebook and a couple of drinks inside.  He didn’t want to be too presumptuous and assume that she would feed him or provide him with drinks.  Some people didn’t have the money to spare, and though he knew she came from money he didn’t want to be rude.

#3 Rose Newhall

Rose Newhall

Posted 02 September 2015 - 04:34 PM

Rose’s dorm room had a couch in the living area with some chairs that matched the light blue color and two side tables and a coffee table in the center but the future wasn’t elaborate. The walls had a few art posters, some of horses. There was a pen and ink drawing she had done of a old woman sitting on a bench feeding pigeons. A painting of, her black Arabian stallion, Midnight graced her walls; it had taken a while to do that painting but it was also one from art therapy that had gotten her though some rough times.

A picture of her with her brother sat one of the end tables and another photograph of riding Midnight and a close-up of a robin on a tree, which was done exceptionally well, was on the other end table. The room looked very much like Rose had decorated it all herself, which made sense but it did have some people ask about her non-existent roommate.

She heard the door and Adrian’s voice and rose, and then opened the door. She smiled before noticing the bakery box, which was rare for her. She really enjoyed sweets, of almost any type. ”Hi. Please come in.” The young woman opened the door wider and let him step inside before closing it behind him. She had noticed the box now but just taking it from him would be rude. ”Feel free to put down your things. I can take those, if you want.” Nodding towards the bakery items.





#4 Adrian Morrison

Adrian Morrison

Posted 14 September 2015 - 09:26 PM

Smiling warmly as the door was opened and Rose was in front of him.  “Hey!  Thanks.  How are you?” he asked as he was invited inside.  Stepping in, he looked around curiously as the door was closed behind him.  It was a really nice place!  His own apartment was obviously bigger, as this was a dorm room, but this was definitely a beautiful place!  “Did you do any of those?” he asked curiously, pointing to various pieces of art around the area.


He hadn’t seen any of her artwork yet, so he wasn’t sure if she was displaying her own, or some more famous pieces.  Unfortunately, Adrian wasn’t as well versed with the art world as he should have been.  Toeing out of his shoes, he smiled as he walked a little further in and passed off the box of tarts.  “I brought those for you.  I wasn’t sure what you liked, so I just got some fruit tarts.  I think there’s some strawberry, kiwi, melon…stuff like that.” he said in a friendly tone.


Pulling his bag from his shoulder, he opened it up and pulled out his notebook with the pen tucked into the coils.  “I’ll have a few more questions for you, and then hopefully the art will speak for itself and we can just relax and hang out for a bit?  Does that sound ok?  We don’t have to dive right in though, if you’d rather ease into it.  I’m in no rush.”

#5 Rose Newhall

Rose Newhall

Posted 23 September 2015 - 05:01 PM

”I’m fine.” Normally this is when she would ask if he had found the place alright but being on campus made that question kind of silly. ” I did the one over there of Midnight.” Pointing to the art work with the horse on it. ”And I did that one, of the old woman feeding the pigeons.” There was a story behind that drawing but she would wait and see if he asked about it. ”The photos of me riding Midnight and the Robin were done by my brother.” Her brother would have made a wonderful photographer but circumstances never seemed for him pursuing that beyond a hobby. ”The two on that wall,” Pointing to the wall furthest from them. Are lithographs. The one of the red headed woman is a Renoir; the other is from an artist from SOHO. I just liked his work.” The other lithograph was on a woman casting ships out to sea. The colors were swirled together to make it look full of movement. ”I do have more pieces of my own work here though. I don’t have a dormmate so I turned one of the other bedrooms into an art studio.” Just if he wanted to see any more of her work.

She smiled and gently took the box of pastries from him. ”Oh, you’re always safe bringing me sweets.” Speaking with a light tone. She put the box down on the table; got some plates and napkins and put them next to the pastries. [b}”Did you want anything to drink? I’ve got soda, milk, juice or I could make some tea or coffee.”[/b]

Nodding to words, she was ready for more questions. ”Yes, that sounds good. Feel free to go ahead and start when you’re ready. I can show you more art work if that’s needed, as well.”





#6 Adrian Morrison

Adrian Morrison

Posted 28 September 2015 - 08:49 PM

As he asked about the artwork on her walls, he looked to the ones she pointed out, smiling warmly.  “Those are amazing, Rose!  Are they done by memory?  Or…drawn out while you’re watching them?  Or…?”  Adrian really didn’t have an overly artistic mind.  The fact that people could draw or paint like this was amazing to him!  It just proved how different people could be in terms of skills and interests.  It was pretty incredible.  Adrian was a great keeper in soccer, but put a pencil in his hand and…his stick figures were ugly and misshapen.  It just didn’t click with his mind.


Turning to the photo of her on the horse, he smiled in front of it and nodded.  “It’s a very nice picture.  They both are.”  More so the picture of her, though.  Rose continued though, and he was pulled away as she explained about a couple of other pieces of artwork on the walls, and he nodded in understanding.  “More…inspiration pieces, then?  Or is it just that you like them?” he asked curiously.  Did she use others’ artwork as inspiration?  Or was it all just Rose’s own take on everything?  Adrian was surprised to hear that she didn’t have a roommate, and he laughed softly before nodding.  “Well that’s convenient!  Can I see?”  More room was always a plus, in his books!  Especially when you had a hobby such as this when you needed space on the walls and things!


Adrian was pleased that his choice of pastry had been a good one, and he beamed at her.  “Well I figured, you’re opening up your home to me.  The least I could do was provide a nice treat!” he said fondly.  As she offered him something to drink, he thought for a moment.  He was really craving a coffee, but she would have to make that and he didn’t want to put her out too much.  “Sure, I’ll take a soda.  Thanks!”  The caffeine or sugar in there would do the trick…he hoped.


It was time to get down to business though, and Rose readily agreed.  “Ok.  Well, I guess my first question would be…if art is your first go-to activity to deal with your grief?  I mean, this is really personal and I won’t put anything you don’t want in, but some people think of alcohol first.  Some people run or go to the gym.  What do you do…if you’re feeling a little on the low side?”

#7 Rose Newhall

Rose Newhall

Posted 30 September 2015 - 04:18 PM

“Thank you. The one of the lady feeding the pigeons; I did, the first few sketches, mostly from watching her. That was in Rome, she would sit there every morning and feed them; I could see her from the balcony where I ate breakfast. “ Rose paused for a moment. “The one of Midnight in the hospital and mostly from memory.” The process worked for her both ways; she could have it in her memory, being looking at the subject or even just think of something and draw or paint it from her mind.

She could really only nod when he said they were nice pictures; saying thank you felt like it would be somehow taking credit for her brother’s work. ”The Renoir is inspirational. I really like doing portrait work and he was a master at it. The one from SoHo, I just really like the artist’s work. “ It was a little more modern than she usually painted herself.

”Feel free to make yourself at home.” So, he could take a seat if he wanted to, a thought which she was surprised didn’t cross her mind until now. ”I’ll get the sodas. Did you want Coke, Root Beer or Orange? Or I have Diet Coke?” The diet soda was kind of an afterthought as she didn’t drink it, just had it in case a visitor wanted it. Once he told her what he wanted she went to the kitchen, brought back the cold cans and put his in front of him. It was a dorm room so she didn’t really keep glasses here.

She took a seat and heard his question; the answer didn’t require much thought on her part. ”Art would be it. It’s really always been my release. I though also use riding as a release; think being with Midnight helps a great deal with stress. “ She paused. ”When I first woke up from the Coma, however, I couldn’t draw; my mind couldn’t focus enough to work on anything. In that instance, I listened to music, which helped a lot.” It would have gone without her telling him that she couldn’t have ridden at that point.





#8 Adrian Morrison

Adrian Morrison

Posted 12 October 2015 - 06:10 PM

It was amazing, seeing what kind of work she was able to provide!  He was in awe as he stared at her artwork, a slow smile creeping onto his lips.  “Seriously, these are incredible!” he stated, turning his smile towards her.  “I don’t have any sort of artistic skill whatsoever, so this is all kind of new to me.  It’s…I don’t think there’s a word to explain how awestruck I am that I know the woman that produced those particular pieces.” he finished with a laugh.


Rose offered him to relax, to make himself at home, and as she listed the sodas she had available he beamed at her.  “Coke, please!”  He loved coke!  Root beer would have run a close second.  There was no way he would touch the diet soda.  He couldn’t stand the taste.  Thankfully there was more to choose from, and he thanked her as she brought him the drink.


It was time to get down to business though.  Asking about her escape from her grief, he nodded in understanding and started to take notes once more.  Adrian wanted the majority of their…interview…to be more like a conversation.  This question though, it had to be asked like an interview question.  There was really no other way around it.  “A lot of people have said they turned to music.  There’s always something that speaks to them.  It’s good that once you were healed up you had Midnight, though.  Animals are great!  They have this…sixth sense when people are upset or whatever.  They’re amazing.”


Adrian’s writing was point form, getting as much down as he could.  “So what kind of things do you like to draw?  Anything in particular, or just…whatever strikes your fancy at the time?”

#9 Rose Newhall

Rose Newhall

Posted 21 October 2015 - 04:40 PM

Rose returned his smile, feeling a slight warmth creep up among her cheeks as he complimented her again. She hoped she wasn’t actually blushing; that would be unusual for her and a little embarrassing. “Thank you.” She came up with again, wishing she could find something else to say when he complimented her. “Well, if you ever want to learn more about art, let me know. I could probably talk your ears off about it though so consider that a warning.” She joked.

She handed him his Coke that also being her drink of choice. She never drank diet either but felt there should always been some on hand.

Rose nodded as she listened to Adrian talk about music helping people, then about the animals. “Yes, I think that’s true about music. It takes no talent in it to just listen to it and it’s so varied, it’s always easy to find something for that moment in life. I really think that Midnight has a connection with me; I’m not really sure what I would have done without him.” Not really sure why that last part came out.

“Mostly, I like to do portraits and animals. I tend to show my portraits more though. I’ve tried other things, such as, modern or drawing landscapes but they never had the same appeal to me.”





#10 Adrian Morrison

Adrian Morrison

Posted 28 October 2015 - 09:18 PM

Adrian really was floored!  He knew there was a reason she was an art student but seeing it first-hand was pretty incredible.  Way better than anything he could do!  Admitting that fact didn’t bother him in the slightest, and he laughed softly as Rose mentioned that she could talk his ear off about art.  “Hey, if you wanna talk, I’ll listen.” he said with a wink, before turning back to the paintings.  “I just don’t think I would be able to contribute much to it.  Now if we were going to talk soccer…”  A slow smile spread across his lips as he shook his head.  That was his passion.


Asking for a coke, he thanked her softly before taking a sip.  It was a pretty good time to move onto the actual subject at hand though, and he opened up the floor for her opinion and thoughts on different ways to deal with grief.  It was such a difficult topic, but she was weathering it well.  “Yeah you just gotta find the right mix for your state of mind, and you can deal with a lot of things.”  Music was easily a go-to topic for grief.  Same with animals, really.  They just seemed to know.  “Well, I’m glad you had him.  He’s obviously had a pretty profound impact on you.” Adrian said genuinely, making a few notes as he spoke.


Asking what kind of art she preferred, he nodded along as she answered.  “I still can’t believe you’ve done this, yourself.  Pretty amazing, Rose.”  She had a real talent!  “What about other artwork?  Have you ever been interested in sculpting, or anything like that?”  Adrian was trying to think of other art forms, but surprisingly was coming up blank!  She obviously sketched and painted but…what else was there?  Giving an embarrassed little chuckle, he shook his head.  “Man, I don’t think I’ve blanked this hard in a while.  I’ll just leave the art speak to you.”

#11 Rose Newhall

Rose Newhall

Posted 03 November 2015 - 05:31 PM

She smiled at his answer; it was nice that he was willing to listen but she wouldn’t put him through that , at least for the moment. ”Well, I’ll have to remember that. Maybe, I’ll talk your ear off later.” When he mentioned Soccer she nodded. ”Well, I think you probably know more about that than me but I know somethings about soccer.” She was into sports enough to not be lost in a conversation about that sport.

Rose was dealing with the grief better now but wondered what Adrian would think of her if he knew about what had happened over Christmas break but she would just leave that in the past. ”True. I like to vary the music I listen to for it.” As for Midnight, she nodded. ”He has.”

She smiled at his compliment and nodded as a thank you. ” I mostly stick to drawing and painting and that’s one of my majors but I’m also majoring in graphic arts. Along with those though I’ve done sculpting, computer animation, photography and some ceramic work.”{/b] Really, there were more that’s she’s dabbled in but didn’t feel a mention all of them. [b]”It’s alright most people can only think of a few types of artwork. I couldn’t tell you more than the name of a few soccer teams so, in a way, we’re even.” She smiled at him.





#12 Adrian Morrison

Adrian Morrison

Posted 22 November 2015 - 05:27 PM

Adrian chuckled softly, nodding in agreement.  “Well, I’ll be prepared and be sure to make sure my ears are fixed firmly to my head.” he teased.  “We’ll figure everything out, between art and soccer.” he said fondly.  He didn’t mind if she got a little enthusiastic about it.  He’d rather that than her get upset, though he knew that was a very real possibility, too.


“What’s your favourite kind of music?  Any particular band that sticks out in your mind?  I know it varies but you’ve got to have a favourite, right?” he asked with a smile, starting to take notes as they talked ‘work’.  “I suppose it depends on your mood, what you’d listen to.”  Just like him.  Adrian listened to just about anything.


Animals were another topic, though the answer was rather simple as she indicated that Midnight had been her knight in shining armour.  Oh well, they had kind of exhausted that subject last time.  Instead he asked about what kind of art she did.  He was surprised to hear all of the different types, and he smiled as she mentioned graphic arts.  “That’s pretty sweet!  Sounds like you’ve got a lot on your plate.  I’m glad you have time for me.”


Letting out a soft sigh, Adrian shook his head.  He didn’t want to work.  He just wanted to spend time with Rose.  “Sorry Rose, my questions are all lame.  I don’t really know what’s going on.  My head’s just not in it.  Which is dumb.”  That was the whole reason of his being here.  “Um…oh!  Hey…my sisters and I are gonna have a party in a few days.  Nothing huge, just a couple people over.  Did you want to come?”

#13 Rose Newhall

Rose Newhall

Posted 24 November 2015 - 05:21 PM

She laughed slightly with a smile to his response. ”I’m sure we could find some middle ground .” She had a feeling that they might have something in common that they hadn’t come across, yet.

“Really, I like almost anything. I’m not too fond of gangster rap and I have to admit my opera is limited but other than that it really varies greatly. I guess right now I like Adele, Sia, Coldplay…I seem to be listening to them a lot. Then again some days I go much older and listen to the Beatles.” She paused. “Do you have a favorite group or artist?”Just curious really.

The truth was she would have made the time to spend more of it with him but Rose was certainly not going to say that. It really isn’t a problem. I try to not overextend myself too much.” Sometimes it did happen but she had learned to slow down, if just a little.

”It’s fine. Actually, we can take our time with this , unless, you’re in a hurry to get it done. Hearing his invitation she smiled. ”That sounds like fun. I’ll be there.” Her stomach more than her eyes glancing at the clock made her realize it could be a good time for an early dinner. ”Would you like to get some dinner someplace?” It would give them a chance to maybe get to know each other better without the project being involved.





#14 Adrian Morrison

Adrian Morrison

Posted 28 November 2015 - 11:12 PM

Adrian laughed along with Rose as she commented that they could find some middle ground.  “You’re absolutely right.  People can always find something in common!” he said enthusiastically.  Continuing to scratch notes out about her interests in music, he nodded in understanding.  “So the popular stuff, mostly, for the moment.”  He wasn’t judging, it was just an observation.  Chuckling again as she said other times she moved back in time to the Beatles, he nodded in agreement.  “You can’t go wrong with old school.  I…don’t think I have a favourite.  I like classic rock, though, if that helps at all?”


But Adrian was faltering.  He should be asking so many better questions, but he was blanking.  Instead, he decided to just go for a relaxing period and invite her to the party they were having.  Beaming as she agreed to come, she then counter-offered as her stomach rumbled with hunger.  “Dinner sounds great!  I’m actually pretty hungry.  I’ll drive, you can lead the way.  Dealer’s choice.” he said, snapping his book shut and grinning openly at her.




Dinner seemed to be going swimmingly.  Adrian was really enjoying himself, and though he wasn’t really any different in terms of personality whether he was interviewing her or just spending time with her.  But they were really getting down to it and learning about each other.  Give and take.  It was the start of a beautiful relationship, no matter which way that relationship went.

#15 Rose Newhall

Rose Newhall

Posted 08 December 2015 - 05:22 PM

Dinner was going really well; she found it actually easier to talk to him outside of the project. It was just different to Rose to just be able to talk with him. She didn't really know the last time she felt that comfortable with someone she hadn't known for a long time. Sasha was her best friend and she was probably the only person who Rose felt maybe even more comfortable.

Valerie and Melissa had decided to have some sisterly bonding time while Adrian was doing his project for class. It seemed like forever since the two had just spent time together but it seemed like the more time they spent together the bond came back really quickly and before long they were back to finishing each other’s sentences and giving comments to each other about outfits which they had picked out.

Shopping wasn’t something that the two spent a great amount of time doing; though Valerie could spend hours in a bookstore and Melissa the same with a music store. However, this was the perfect time to not only buy some new clothes for the winter but also do a little holiday shopping. They wandered around a great deal; trying to find the perfect presents for their friends, mom and dad and their older brother though they both tended to pick up things only to put them back down; both wanting just the perfect gift for everyone that they were buying for.

Valerie’s stomach had been acting a little off the night before but the next morning she felt fine, at least, at first. Doing, what she had a tendency to do, ignoring it , not wanting to worry Melissa. The blonde woman let nothing show but then came lunch time and it started to bother her even more
She picked at her food and her younger sister noticed, also noticing that she suddenly looked a little pail. Valerie waved her off and excused herself to head to the bathroom but when she stood up she bent suddenly over in pain. ”That’s it…we’re going to the hospital.” Melissa taking charge in a way that surprised both of them.

They arrived at the hospital, got Valerie admitted and the woman was taken off to a room; Melissa told that she would know when the doctor was done with her sister. At which point Melissa took out her cell and called her older brother, letting him know that something had happened with Valerie and he needed to come to the hospital.





#16 Adrian Morrison

Adrian Morrison

Posted 17 December 2015 - 09:26 PM

Adrian was really enjoying his time with Rose.  It was as though they had been friends forever, and not simply the first meal they’d really shared.  “I’m glad we were able to do this, Rose.  It’s so much better to share a meal with someone than to eat alone!”  Besides, he had developed a bit of a crush on the young woman across from him.  Adrian was the type of person to act pretty normally even if he felt more for her than simple friendship.


Things had been going well, until his cellphone rang.  “Oh, it’s Mel.  Just give me a sec, ok?”  Slightly turning in his seat as he answered the phone, the expression on his face changed as he heard Melissa’s voice.  “What do you mean?  What happened?” he asked seriously, glancing over to Rose.  Once Melissa explained, he nodded.  “Ok stay with her.  I’m on my way.”


An apologetic look crossed his face.  “I’m so sorry, Rose.  My sister’s in the hospital.  I uh…I can call you a cab?  Or…I have to go, but I’m so sorry.  I was having a lot of fun tonight.  I just can’t leave her…”  This was the least sure Rose would have heard Adrian sound.  Most women just got annoyed and took the money for a cab, not wanting to spend more time with him.  “I’ll pay for dinner, too…”  Gesturing for their server to come over, he asked for the bill to be brought quickly as an emergency had come up.


“I promise you though, this isn’t one of those…’I’m having a bad time so an emergency has to crop up’.  I don’t do stuff like that…”

#17 Rose Newhall

Rose Newhall

Posted 19 December 2015 - 06:49 AM

Rose smiled at Adrian after hearing what he said. ”I’m glad to. It has been fun to spend more time with you.” She had a crush on him but, her bringing up, that even subconsciously she knew to not let it show. However, the blonde couldn’t say that she had really had a crush, exactly, like this. She should be nervous or something isn’t that the way these things go, but she couldn’t help but be at ease with him.

Knowing that Mel was his sister calling; Rose thought nothing of him answering it, actually she would have been shocked if he hadn’t. However, when his expression changed she put down her glass of water and held her hand up to stop the waiter that was about to head over to ask, if they wanted more coffee or dessert, or so Rose assumed.

As Adrian explained about his sister, Rose’s face went to a concerned look as well. She was concerned for his sister but him as well; and when he offered to get her a cab, the last thing she wanted to do was leave him. It might have seemed like an odd concern but Rose kept thinking if Adrian was trying to calm one sister while waiting to find out about another; who would help him if he needed it. ”No…I mean…I’d rather come with you…if that’s okay. “ She had no idea if that had come out right, as she hadn’t really explained her reasoning.





#18 Adrian Morrison

Adrian Morrison

Posted 21 December 2015 - 03:33 AM

“It’s been a lot of fun!  We should do this more often.  It shouldn’t all be work.” he said with a fond chuckle.  Dinner had been great, and he was looking forward to dessert!  Maybe Rose would want to split something.  Or they could each get their own.  Adrian wasn’t picky.  But the phone call that interrupted their evening completely erased what appetite he had left.  If it was serious enough for Val to be in the hospital…


Apologizing to Rose for the evening being cut short, he knew it was probably going to end whatever they had going on.  They never lasted after he cut dates short.  Nobody understood the relationship between him and his sisters.  Therefore, he was surprised when she asked to come with him, instead.  “To the hospital?” he asked, dumbfounded for a moment.  “Thank you.  I’ll uh…I’ll get the bill taken care of and then we’ll go.” 


Paying quickly, they headed out to the car and Adrian, though worried, was still driving fairly cautiously.  Perhaps a little quicker than he should have been, but nowhere near the speed he wanted to drive.  “I’m not quite sure what’s up.  But…Val is in the hospital.  She’s the sister that’s my age.  I guess she was having stomach pains or something.  Man, maybe I should have gone into medical school instead.  Maybe I could have seen this coming…”  Not likely.  Val kept to herself, mostly.  If she was in any discomfort, he wasn’t so sure he would have heard about it.  But maybe he would have seen the signs.


“I’m sorry.  I know this isn’t how either of us wanted this to end…” he apologized again, glancing over at her and giving a weak smile.  He was worried sick, but trying his best not to show it.  Heading to the hospital, he hurried inside after parking and sought out Melissa.  “Mel!  Any news?” he asked, racing to her side and not even hesitating a beat before pulling her into his arms.  “Are you ok?”

#19 Rose Newhall

Rose Newhall

Posted 27 December 2015 - 07:57 AM

For a moment, Rose really thought that Adrian might say no that he would rather call her a cab and either way she didn’t want this to be their last meeting but she really wanted to go with him, to be there for him. It was actually, a little relief to her when he said yes. It might have seemed odd to him; actually Rose was almost certain it did and while her relationship with her brother had been slightly different and not under the same circumstances as Adrian with his sisters, she did feel like she could understand, at least enough.

As they drove Rose listened to him; after all that was why she was there was to be there for him, even if she couldn’t tell him that. She felt like squeezing his hand to reassure him but even if he hadn’t been driving she didn’t really feel like she could do that. She knew what the worry was like; after all her brother had had his appendix out when she was 12. She also knew what it was like to be one to hold back letting people know when something was wrong but she couldn’t understand what it was like to be an older brother or completely from Adrian perspective,

”It’s alright. I understand. Your sister’s health is more important than dinner . And we can always do it another time.” The thing about Rose saying that was that she actually meant it. When they arrived at the hospital Rose just followed him inside, she stood off to the side to give them some privacy.

Everything felt like it was taking so long but every time Melissa looked at her phone or the clock on the wall; so, little time had actually passed. She had gotten a soda a while ago and had looked through but paid no attention to the outdated magazines in the waiting area. Unable to really concentrate on anything but the lack of news about her sister. Soon enough though she saw her brother coming towards her. ”No, nothing yet. “ She just took his embrace. ”I’m fine…just worried. She tried to say it was nothing but I knew there was something wrong….I made her come here.” She wasn’t really second guessing that but it was still surprising to her that she had managed that.

Melissa then noticed someone else standing there and looked up to see, a blonde girl, who she had seen around but was trying to place her name and figured this must have been who her brother had been with when she called but it was surprising to see her there.

Rose noticed Melissa noticing her and wasn’t really certain what to do at this point but the other woman looked tired and stressed. So, she spoke up. ”I’m Rose. You know the cafeteria here has some decent coffee if you’d both like some.”

Melissa looked the other woman over, she seemed nice. ”I’m Melissa. And I’d love some coffee, two sugars…and light. If it’s not any trouble.”

”None at all. “ Rose waited for a moment to see if Adrian wanted anything before heading off to get the coffee.

Melissa watched Rose go and then looked at her brother but said nothing before the doctor came out. ”Are you both here for Valerie Morrison?”





#20 Adrian Morrison

Adrian Morrison

Posted 02 January 2016 - 09:47 PM

Adrian had been surprised when Rose offered to come with him, but he didn’t really want to question it.  He did apologize though, for their dinner being cut short and for essentially bolting as fast as he could when they were having such a good time.  She didn’t seem to mind though, and even mentioned that they could do another date later.  “What, really?  You’d really want to go again?” he asked in shock.  Nobody else had been interested after he bailed on a date…


“Thanks, Rose.  You have no idea what that means to me.” he said softly, turning his eyes back to the road.  “I’d like to try again…another night.” he admitted.  Rose definitely had a good head on her shoulders, if she was so willing to accept this, and still wanting plans for the future.  Plans outside of their project of his.


Making a beeline for Mel as soon as he saw her, he wrapped her in a tight hug.  “Of course she tried to brush it off.  She didn’t want to worry you.”  And wouldn’t want to admit she was struggling with something.  Rubbing Mel’s back for a moment, he shook his head.  “You did the right thing.  Better to be safe than sorry, right?  Even if it is nothing, it’s better to know for sure.”  It would cost a bit for the hospital visit, but they weren’t hurting for money.


Glancing back as Rose offered to get them some coffee, Adrian smiled at her gratefully.  “That would be awesome.  Thanks Rose.  Just black for me.”  She was so thoughtful.  After she left, he sighed softly and glanced back to Melissa.  “I told you about Rose, right?  That she was helping me with my project?  That’s her.  Just wished you could have met under better circumstances.  I’m sure Val will be fine, though.”  The doctors here would take care of her.


His head snapped up as the doctor called for him, and his arm went around Melissa’s back.  “We are.  What’s wrong with her, doctor?  Is she ok?”

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