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Football players and Cheerleaders (Danika)

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#1 Doug Russo

Doug Russo

Posted 20 October 2015 - 04:15 PM

Football season had been going fairly well for Doug; not only had the team been doing well and his mother’s had stopped nagging him about coming home for Thanksgiving (he had other plans which included getting drunk while he watched hot women in bikini’s) but there had been enough Freshmen girls on the cheerleading squad to make his nights not be lonely.

Doug loved Freshman they thought they weren’t nearly as naïve as they were and minus the few that might have older siblings that knew about him; they tended to succumb to his charms easily. Then there had been a rich girl or two that he more has his eye on but any would do for a night or two.

Right now he had other things on his mind; mostly talking to the girl who had been unknowing enough to talk to him on the bleachers of the football stadium. A rare day off from practice in the middle of the season but the coaches decided to let the players have a break considering they had clobbered the other team 54-0 during homecoming. It did look like the playoffs were actually a possibly this year.

The talk with the girl didn’t last long before an older classman came over and said a few words to her. She gave Doug a glance and walked away with the older man who yelled after Doug to stay away from his sister. What was it with siblings attending the same college, anyway?

He sat there for a few moments before getting ready to leave and that was when he saw someone familiar enter the stadium.

#2 Danika Winfred

Danika Winfred

Posted 24 October 2015 - 04:50 AM

A finger twirled a piece of dark as the figure of a girl marched along the campus grounds. It's been a while since Danika had really be around, do to family business that had to be taken care of. But never less she was glad to finally stretch her legs. Her outfit consisted of a white sweater, a light pink skirt, white tights and some beige boots. The beta always had a thing for fashion and looks but she rarely used them to get what she wants.

Quickly she stopped her tracks as her finger touched her chin delicately. First off, where was she going? Was what popped in her mind as her feet began to move again. Suddenly with a thought she made her way to the stadium just for old time sake. It has been a while since the last time she had been here, since the last football season.

As she entered inside a slimmer of a figure caught her eye and she turned to the stadium seats with curiousity. When Danika had finally reached the seats at which the figure was at, she gave a smile as her eyes recognized it. "Well, well, well look who it is." She approached the male in her normal manner of calmness but a little bit flirty. She down next to him and crossed her legs gently. "So, why are you here by yourself, did no one wanted to come flirt with you today?" Dani said with a fake pout but then but a smirk along her face.
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#3 Doug Russo

Doug Russo

Posted 30 October 2015 - 04:21 PM

A smile crossed Doug’s lips upon seeing the woman. It was a bit of a flirtatious smile as that was how Doug smiled at the opposite sex. It was actually nice to see someone who already knew him and might know all of his moves; it didn’t still hurt to flirt with her. Besides, she looked really good in that outfit.

”Well, hello. I’ve not seen you around in a while. Been hiding?” He said with a light manner. ”And you just missed the flirting.” With the same joking tone.

He glanced around the freshman and her brother were long gone which might have actually been a good thing at the moment. ”So, what brings you out here?” He asked with actually curiosity.

#4 Danika Winfred

Danika Winfred

Posted 31 October 2015 - 04:59 AM

"Me hiding?, not at all I was just taking a small break." She smirked. Danika knew that he was flirting with her, she might as well play along with his little charade. Tossing a few strands of her hair over her shoulder and uncrossed her legs.

"Rats, and I bet it was some great flirting too." She folded her arms and pretended to frown before giggling quietly. Danika raised an eyebrow as the boy asked a simple question," To see the stadium again, of course. It's been awhile since I've stepped foot in this place."

Her eyes flicked from the green field, to the boy next to her."And may I ask why are you even out here?" She asked gently. She placed her hands smoothly on top of her knees, and rested them.
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#5 Doug Russo

Doug Russo

Posted 13 November 2015 - 06:07 PM

He nodded to her answer but he really hadn’t seen her in a while and any good looking girl that he knows it’s hard to not notice when they’re suddenly away for a while. ”Ah. Well, I hope it was a good break.” He eyed her movements, going from her hair to her uncrossing her leg. The problem was he was, kind of certain, she was probably just playing with him.

Still , a little smile, a little look, a little flirting on his own didn’t hurt anything. ”Oh, it was….I was at my best.” He grinned a little at her. ”Well, it’s good to see you again.” He could be a jerk but at the moment it was actually the truth.

”Sure. I wasn’t lying…I had been talking to one of the freshman cheerleaders. Kind of told her that it would be quieter out here…to talk but her brother found us.” He could have lied but what would have been the point, unlike some people, Danika already knew him and what he was like. Maybe, the idea hadn’t been to actually talk to the freshman but isn’t that how it starts out. ”So, what are you doing out here?”

#6 Danika Winfred

Danika Winfred

Posted 25 November 2015 - 02:17 AM

"Thanks." Danika said with a cheerful smile. It was good for her to take one since it was family business, but also time for her to decompress. "Oh I see..." She said with a nod of her head. She brown scanned field as she sat in silence for a moment before shaking herself out of daze. She turned back to Doug. "I just came out her to see the stadium and the field." She said, "you know since its been awhile and I haven't been down here." A smirked formed on to her face as She smoothed out fee skirt," Well I have to admit It's nice see you again too." She soon cuffed her hands together and placed them to her mouth as she blowed onto them to warm them up, she should have really though about bringing gloves.
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#7 Doug Russo

Doug Russo

Posted 08 December 2015 - 05:35 PM

"Thanks." He gave her a sightly flirty smile as he spoke regarding her telling him it was good to see him again. He noticed that her hands were cold. "You look cold. Here." Very unlike himself, unless, he was trying to win a girl over he was actually nice and handed her his gloves. "You can use my gloves if you like."

"So, are you coming back to cheerleading?" His eyes couldn't help but wander a little towards her legs as he spoke. what could he say, she looked really good in the cheerleading outfit.

#8 Danika Winfred

Danika Winfred

Posted 28 December 2015 - 04:23 AM

She looked and smile as she grabbed the gloves and put them on. "Thank you Doug, that was very kind." Dani licked her lips as she faced forward and smiled. She nodded quickly with our a doubt, "Oh course I'm coming back. It something that I was dying to pick back up. Especially hear about things that happened while I was away." She sigh with a small shrug of her shoulders. She looked up a smirked. "But I can also see why you would ask." Danika gave a little giggle before composing herself again." Don't worry, I noticed how you looked at me at times, and it's actually kind of nice."
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#9 Doug Russo

Doug Russo

Posted 29 December 2015 - 07:16 AM

He just nodded and kind of waved off her thank you. ”No problem.” It really wasn’t. Doug might have been being nice at the moment but he wasn’t selfless enough to share his gloves if he needed them. He was glad to hear that she was coming back to cheerleading. Most of the cheerleaders, well the older ones who knew his reputation really wanted to little to do with him. They would get offended by the way he looked at them or flirted with them. Danika didn’t seem to be offended by him, it was nice for a change. Even if he really didn’t care if some couldn’t take the flirting.

Some of the football team and especially his Frat brothers wanted to be like him, they liked that he could get women to sleep with him or that he had the reputation that he had but women were different about it. He smiled when she mentioned liking the way he looked at her. He looked at other cheerleaders like that as well but some weren’t as flattered. ”Well, then I’ll have to keep it up.” After all, it was nice scenery in his opinion. ”You know you and I should go on a date sometime, just think, we could upset the entire cheerleading community.” Oh, he would take her to bed in a moment but he doubted she would let him but in this case it would be fun to see the look on the other cheerleaders face if they even ended up on a date together.

#10 Danika Winfred

Danika Winfred

Posted 01 February 2016 - 03:41 AM

"Hmm well then I guess I better keep watching." Her smile spreaded across her face as she sat up straighter and flipped back her curls with both hands and sigh. Danika always had her ways when it came to talking to boys, it's an easy task especially if you the oopmh to go with it.

Her brown eyes twilight as she gave a seductive giggle. She knew what Doug was doing and she knew how to handle it. Why not have a little fun, since she got back from her little trip her reputation had gone downhill and she was aching to get it back. As the president of the Betas she was the one guys drooled over and the one to be in front. She gently grabbed Doug's cheek and leaned in so that she was close to his face and whispered," I like the way that sounds." She gently pulled back and removed her hand from his chin. Dani always Had liked to tease the boys, it was her in making sure the would follow her.
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#11 Doug Russo

Doug Russo

Posted 03 February 2016 - 08:18 PM

Doug smiled at her answer. He did like how much of a flirt she was; it made it easier on him and did push his ego up a notch or two.

A grin crossed his face; oh the trouble he thought the two of them could get into together. Thoughts crossed his mind but were quickly replaced by Danika’s move. So, close…. God! She’s hot! The football player couldn’t help but thing. It didn’t hurt that she was President of the Beta’s, after all he was close to being the President of the Omega’s. He didn’t really want to be President but enough of his brother’s looked up to him and how he could get women into his bed that his name had been mentioned for the position. [b}”Well, then ….how about tomorrow night. I can pick you up…we can go to dinner and see where the night takes us.”[/b] He wondered if she would really take him up on the offer and how far he could get with her.

#12 Danika Winfred

Danika Winfred

Posted 13 February 2016 - 02:08 PM

" sure that sounds like a plan." She smiled lightly before tossing a piece of hair over her shoulder. It wasn't that hard of a thing for Danika to do, especially when it came to boosting people's egos and other parts. She gently took off the gloves that covered her hands and laided them beside Doug before getting up. "Pick me up by 8." Soon she turned around and walked away to go down the steps and exit the stadium.
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