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Tamera Asciutto

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#1 Tamera Asciutto

Tamera Asciutto

Posted 06 November 2015 - 11:48 PM


Tamera Asciutto

Tammy. Nineteen. Sophomore. Ariana Grande.


> may nineteenth

major of study

> biology


> new york city, ma, united states


> drama club, cheerleading (flyer), tennis

Academic excellence and a cut-throat attitude to match were the two perfect descriptions of Tamera Asciutto from the exterior and she prided herself on living up to both of them to impeccable standards. Everyone from her old school in New York would remember her as the nerdy girl in the library, glasses almost falling off her nose as she delved deep into a book, her left hand furiously scribbling research notes down. It wasn’t something she ever particularly had control over, it’s just that whenever she learnt about a topic in lesson it was only natural to her that she should spend her entire night studying everything in and surrounding it until she could practically teach the lesson herself. Some people found their comfort in alcohol or dramatic social lives whilst Tammy simply used her thirst for knowledge as her outlet. The problem lay when the kids began bullying her for it. They realised that she was unusual and frankly: geeky. Everything from her baggy, ill-fitting clothes and the large glasses framing her eyes to the fact you could count on her to stick her hand up when no-one else would in lesson screamed different and for whatever reason, was enough to make her a target. And back then, Tamera truly was the perfect target; she didn’t understand the others’ cruelty towards her and that fact continued to upset her even more. Luckily, she was finally in senior year and over the Summer, she knew things had to be different.

At this point, the girl had gotten older and with that, wiser. Tamera began to comprehend exactly why she had been bullied and the break she got during their move only provided more clarity. There needed to be a change and a big one too. It started out drastically with her throwing out every single item in her wardrobe and demanding her father’s credit card to go out and buy more. She’d been looking at popular trends and with the new fitness regime she’d began, all of it was bound to look great on her. Due to the fact her family were strictly Catholic, it was hard to explain the crop tops and mini skirts that were slowly replacing the floral shin-length dresses and oversized jumpers of only a week or two ago. However, Tammy knew exactly how to work her parents and after a crying session with her mom about how this was important for people to like her it was soon solved. The next changes came easier; rather than being reserved and making notes all the time, she would socialise and actually pretend to enjoy it. She’d seen enough movies to know that the people who were really liked were those who were in charge and brutal. Considering how much Tamera judged people and was constantly pissed off with them, this part wasn’t a challenge and practising in the mirror definitely helped. By the time the first week of university came around all that was left was to replace her glasses with contact lenses and she was set to go.


It didn’t take long at all for Tammy to make friends and within the couple of days, her reputation had sky-rocketed. People knew her as the ‘hot nerd girl’ though she knew that they feared her. She wasn’t cruel all the time, but there was an air of power around her; she was a queen and just one look could send you to your knees. Her entire goal was to get an education and get out as soon as possible and now she was well into her Freshman year, things were looking up a little. Most of the time, Tamera was left alone to her studies and if anyone approached her, a quirk of her eyebrow was enough to send them away. However, when invites to parties were offered around, her friends practically forced her to go, thinking they were some good, necessary fun. The only good thing about parties was that she hated almost everyone in them and she had the opportunity to judge them all at once rather than having to do it separately. It’s not like she could refuse forever but being away from her usual comfort of studying made her anxious and Tamera couldn’t help but wonder how long she could keep up this inane balancing act.


Diagnosed with ASD at age five, there was no doubt that Tamera had trouble reading situations and with anxiety when she was younger, but eventually it wasn’t hard to gauge social cues and such. Though, most of the time she chooses to ignore it. She’s not such a cruel bitch most of the time, just highly opinionated and honest which often lands her with the former label anyway. Tam doesn’t want to be known as that little girl who can be pushed around anymore and she’s doing everything to stop it. Blessed with good skin and eyelashes born to flutter, she usually ends up getting her way with just about whatever she wants and although most people wouldn’t say it to her face.



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