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CSU is a text-based, self-hosted roleplay site created in 2013. It's set in Colorado at a fictional university. Register with your character's first and last name with proper capitalization. Unfortunately due to the presence of bots we've had to turn on admin validation of all accounts, so please be patient with us or drop us a message in the cbox to remind us you're here! Once your account has been validated, feel free to apply with a profile and join in the fun!

Centennial State University, founded in 1891, is a prestigious public university located south of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Its remote location serves as a great higher education grounds, as there are little distractions yet many learning experiences. CSU offers a wide array of degrees, from wildlife conservation to video game design to dance, just to name a few. Our science and arts departments are among the nation's finest, and our intercollegiate athletics programs are rising up more and more every year. If you're interested in having both the experience of a lifetime and the best education in the midwest, then apply today and call CSU home.

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Announcement 11/6

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#1 Melli


Posted 07 November 2015 - 05:34 AM

Announcement 2/27

Welcome back!

Hey guys! Things have gotten a bit quiet around here lately, so we're introducing a new event in hopes of injecting a bit of life back into this place. Following the event is another short announcement that you should all read through, but we'll keep this one short and sweet!


Perhaps, so soon after Halloween, many universities would already be preparing for Christmas. The rest of corporate America gives into the craze, after all; why hold back? CSU has different plans for this year, however. Instead of ushering in a Christmas event far too early, they're holding a Fallfest that celebrates the beauties of fall while it's still here. Set up in the campus courtyard with few decorations aside from the beautiful changing leaves and tables set up everywhere, it's a peaceful occasion, boasting cozy and calming outdoor activities that are a good fit for the season. Lunches Monday through Friday consist of cooking competitions, with chili, pies, casseroles, soup, and burgers on each day respectively. Hot chocolate and cider are available for free on campus from four to eight each night, just in time for the best part of the event: movies on the lawn. A large screen is set up on campus, and each night a different movie (or multiple!) is shown. Bring a blanket and enjoy the movies you choose (starting at 6pm), listed as follows:
Monday: Ghostbusters
Tuesday: Back to the Future
Wednesday: Beauty and the Beast
Thursday: Jurassic Park films
Saturday: Star Wars original trilogy
Notice that Friday is missing from the list: this is because all day and all night Friday there will be live music taking place on the courtyard. People are encouraged to socialize and enjoy music of all genres as they explore the craft fair set up for the entire festival. This craft fair boasts all types of items, perfect for doing a little early Christmas shopping. A few local restaurants have stands set up for food if you would rather skip out on the cooking competitions, as well. Overall it's a nice peaceful environment, perfect for making new friends or hanging out with old ones. Enjoy. (This event will be taking place in-game from November 9-14, but we'll keep the forum up for much longer so you can finish your threads.)


With that out of the way comes the boring same old stuff. Instead of having people announce their intentions to come back, we're waiting on archiving characters for a month. If you so wish to come back, simply post; if any account as no active posts by mid-December, we'll archive the account and character. In other words, just jump back in! No need for an activity check for now.


We'll be adding in some new development prompts, so keep your eye out on that! Don't forget to ask us for a subforum for that area if you'd like one. Hope to see you guys working on that!


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