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bradley cooden

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#1 Bradley Cooden

Bradley Cooden

Posted 09 November 2015 - 08:16 AM

There was a part of Brad that at least tried to understand why Trevor had kept this piece of information from him. As he stared up at the house, a bed and breakfast as the sign out front said, he tried to trust the side of him that was doing it's best to convince him that Trevor hadn't hidden this. This wasn't a secret. They would eventually have to live in completely separate places (yes, further apart than just a floor in the dormitories.

His fingers tugged at the hand full of tickets he had in his hands, twisting the thick paper until it looked like it would almost rip. Being Captain of the Soccer Team had it's perks, including being able to grab comp tickets for an entire house of people in an attempt to smooth at least one of the many wrinkles that seemed to be creasing his relationship with his brother these days. Maybe this would be the week that Trevor decided to show up on the sidelines to watch him play. Maybe, if Brad extended the offer to Trevor's friends (his house mates had to be his friends, right), Trevor would want to show up.

The tickets found themselves stuffed deep in Brad's pocket by the time he made his way up to the door. It was still early in the day, just before noon, and he could hear the faint sounds of hammering coming from within the house. His fist mimicked the sound against the door frame, though in a more soft manner, and Brad took a step back, expression just as hopeful as he felt.
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#2 Cricket Arcturus

Cricket Arcturus

Posted 10 November 2015 - 01:20 AM

This used to be one of her comfort zones.

Not only did this house carry memories upon memories in its creaky wooden floors, but in recent years it was typically devoid of life, aside from her brother. If you could consider his silent presence life of course. She very much did, as she was similar to him in just about every way. Sitting in silence with him-- relating to his quiet nature-- was one of her very favorite activities. And prior to him taking in roommates, this was a safe haven for her when she had a particularly stressful day.

But now there were people living here. Strangers. Wes encouraged her to meet them, knowing fully well that she would come around less if she was too anxious about it, but she had trouble convincing herself to do so. How would she even go about it? Sit in the living room and wait for someone to ask who the hell she was? The very thought made her stomach hurt, so she avoided it consistently, unable to convince herself even if she knew Wes missed her. But eventually she began to miss her brother, too. Eventually it got to be too much. Eventually it was enough to bring her to the house, even if her stomach was twisted in knots all the while.

She'd encountered a few of the tenants so far. Fortunately one had been her own cousin, who was quite happy to see her, so she had a few reasons to wind down. Yet many of them were on their way soon enough and she was left to sit and wait for her brother, wringing her hands in her lap in hopes that he would be the next one to come to the door.

But fate rarely worked in her favor. The knock at the door caught her by surprise, had her heart beating rapidly despite how irrational she knew it was, and she waited for a moment. A few more moments. No one was coming to do the door. It was just her here, it seemed like. And she couldn't exactly not answer; for all she knew it was a tenant who'd been locked out. With a heavy sigh she stood, made her way to the door, and opened it after a moment of hesitation.

She blinked at the unfamiliar guy behind it (she still hadn't met his twin), though otherwise opened the door wide enough for him to step inside. "Hello," she said dully; it was never her intention to be unwelcoming, but unfortunately she came across that way very often. "Can I help you?"


#3 Bradley Cooden

Bradley Cooden

Posted 10 November 2015 - 06:09 AM

Maybe coming out to see Trevor had been a mistake, especially when he didn't even call or text him to let him know. Of course, it wasn't as though a call or a text would have made all the difference as his brother seemed to let all calls go to voicemail these days and texting didn't seem to be his strong suit. Still, if Trevor had wanted him to know that he had moved, wouldn't he have told him himself? Wouldn't he have given Brad a heads up that, for the first time, they weren't living in the same building or even in the same few square miles?

Trevor had been distancing himself ever since they both began to develop separate interests and personalities. Brad had developed a small affinity for sports and Trevor had developed a huge interest in all things science and biology. Their parents had latched onto Brad's love much more than they had for Trevor's. It must have just been more interesting to watch one of their children kick and throw a ball than watch the other crouch down close to the pavement and watch an ant crawl and carry things for hours. It wasn't exactly fair, for Brad and especially Trevor, to have what seemed like favoritism cast upon them in such a way and so early in life; Brad, in fact, didn't actually like the spotlight but felt obligated to uphold it, even in the face of crippling anxiety. Yet, maybe that was the reason that Brad patiently let every one of his calls go to voicemail without a complaint. Maybe that's why he let Trevor close every door he opened in an attempt to build a bridge between them and regain some of the closeness they once had. Because he hadn't done much anything to change the tide growing up and now they were all but concreted into their positions in the family. Brad as the all-star defensive soccer player and Trevor as the nerdy, quiet scientist.

After what seemed liek ages, the door finally opened. Yet instead of the pre-planned and enthusiastic hello he had planned for his twin, all Brad could think the moment the door opened was that his brother had been holding out on him. His brother had been freakin' holding out. He wasn't sure why he hadn't expected someone else to open the door. His mother had mentioned that Trevor had moved into a house with several other students. That meant that, of course, he wasn't going to only see his brother here. But he also hadn't been expecting a pretty girl to answer the door either.

"Uh wow hi." he spoke, the usual hidden anxiety doing it's best to fight against his faux-confidence that he carried with a smile. "My brother lives here." Brad's eyebrows were already turning down though. If this girl knew her brother, she would have mistaken him for Trevor already. Sure, Trevor was a bit more mousey, a little more hunched over and evasive than Brad, but at first glance, people tended to just chalk it up to different lighting or a mood change until they got to know the pair. "Or at least I thought he did. Maybe I'm at the wrong house?" He turned to the side, eyes catching the sign out front again. No, his mother had definitely mentioned a Bed and Breakfast. So, why didn't she seem to recognize him?

"Do you live here? With Trevor?"
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#4 Cricket Arcturus

Cricket Arcturus

Posted 10 November 2015 - 07:23 AM

Cricket had a tendency to beat herself up over the smallest of things. This was no exception; already she was second-guessing her greeting, wondering if "can I help you" was a terribly awkward thing to say to someone who actually lived here. "Why yes," she imagined the guy saying, "could you just let me by into my own home?" What an idiotic thing to say, she supposed; she tended to be her own worst critic, tearing herself down more than any other person had the chance to.

She also wasn't one to smile in a welcoming way. As much as she would've liked to be as polite as possible-- being so nonconfrontational, being pleasant was preferable to being rude-- she just had trouble smiling at strangers. As such she just sort of stared at him blankly, her expression lacking any form of interest nor irritation. Underneath she was absolutely brewing with anxiety, of course, though she couldn't doubt that there was an element of curiosity. There always was with Cricket. As much as she was terrified of people, she always wanted to know more about them.

He did look familiar, however. She could've sworn she'd just seen this same guy leave earlier.

"Oh," she replied belatedly, realizing how she recognized him. Siblings. Maybe even twins; she hadn't paid enough attention to the first guy to know the difference, really. She stepped back to allow him inside, though she was silent for a few more moments before finally offering a proper welcome: "You can come inside if you want. No idea who he is or which is his room, sorry."

Oftentimes Cricket could come across as dull, disinterested, or even snotty. She never meant to, mind you; she just was so anxious around others that her personality came out as flat. Now was no exception. She eyed him, still standing near the doorway sort of awkwardly, not sure what to do with her hands. Mostly she just let them hang at her side, shuffling in place. This was why she preferred the company of cats. Jesus.

"I'm assuming you're at the right house. People live here... and stuff." Internally she smacked herself again. "I don't live here. My brother owns the place. I just came to find him, but he's not here either."


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