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Bagrov, Zinnia A.


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#1 sirenmika


Posted 09 November 2015 - 09:22 PM

zinnia akuba bagrov
Plot points
> Is from a very large, very cultured, very loving family in Boston
> Named after a flower, like the rest of her siblings
> Doesn't believe in true love/spiritual things
> Smokes weed with her parents and older siblings, Rose and Rowan
> Is part of a small dance team specializing in Hip Hop and Modern Dance styles
> Is going to school for Nursing
> Extremely sweethearted and flirty but is known to break lots of hearts and be a tease

Zinnia was born into a big, very cultured family. She was the third oldest of six, russian on her fathers side and a great mix of french, trini, african, and chinese on her mothers side, and was named after a flower. In fact, all of the kids had been named after foilage (due to their parents meeting in a flower shop that her mother had worked at and her father had frequently visited). There were the two oldest, twins, by the name of Rose and Rowan. Then came Zinnia. After her was Yarrow, Dahlia, and Lily.

Growing up in such a house is always considered crazy to people with a normal sized family. It always seems like there would be too much noise, too many conflicting personalities, too much negativity during the teen years to handle sanely. Yet, the Bagrovs never had internal conflicts that would be considering out of ordinary. Sure, there was sibling rivalries and fighting that went on throughout the years. Sure, there wasn't much of an option to get some alone time in their house (though it was big enough to house such a family, thanks to their father owning one of Boston's finest nightclubs). The Bagrovs just seemed to get lucky with a perfect, loving family. Everyone contributed to the family and everyone received the support they needed when the time came. Maybe it had to do with just how loving and selfless and giving their parents were at their absolute core, but Zinnia would argue that she and her siblings had been raised to perfection and nothing less.

In Boston, Zinnia tended to gravitate towards the musical scene more so than her siblings did. Of course, her brother Rowan and sister Dahlia were in band so they were musical in their own sense. But never in the way that Zinnia was. Zinnia was the sibling that was always out late, sneaking into pubs and bars that had live bands playing. In her last year of high school, there were nights that Zinnia didn't even come home, instead staying in a hotel with whatever grungy band dude who she had caught the eye of. It wasn't an act of rebellion. It was more of a challenge for her. Could she steal the look of the guy that every other girl in the small, packed bar was trying to get the attention of? It wasn't spurred from any insecurities she had, it wasn't a desperate grab at trying to repair some broken sense of self-confidence. It was just simply a source of entertainment for Zinnia. Fun.

Of course, this had also led her to break many hearts in her short few years of adulthood. Guys who have just gotten too infatuated by the sway of her hips and the soft but seductive curl of her smile underneath the colored flashing lights reflecting off the stage. Most would call her a Vixen. A seductress that thrived off of broken hearts. Zinnia liked to call herself an opportunist. She didn't believe on true love. Didn't believe in soul mates. She simply believed in the moments and experiences that happened now and was determined to just go from there.


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