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Hazel Abernathy

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#1 Hazel Abernathy

Hazel Abernathy

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Posted 16 November 2015 - 09:15 PM


Hazel Abernathy

Haze. Twenty-Eight. Biology Professor. Caitlin Stasey.


> November Eighteenth

faculty position

> biology professor


> laurel, montana


> none

[rape tw]

Hazel had never been the type to complain for the fact she never had that much. Their family had always been fairly simple people anyway, choosing to ignore the material in favour of the spiritual and emotional blessings anyway. Admittedly, this is perhaps why she was such a free spirit today as it was simply the way she was raised. Her parents were in blue-collar jobs and constantly in and out of work, for some reason nothing stuck and now Hazel would put it down to the anti-capitalist mindset the close-knit family shared. It never bothered the girl though if perhaps there wasn’t always food on the table for dinner every night because it was most nights and even at the young age she knew they were doing everything they could. No matter how much the pair wished they could just travel the world, busking for all the money they needed as they had done in their teens, they had a responsibility now and they were determined for her to be well raised.

Luckily, the girl had never found all that much difficulty elsewhere in life. Hazel was easily popular at school throughout her years as she was so extroverted and genuinely nice. Although naivety was bound to come with her parents inflicted teachings, there was also a wisdom beyond her years that Hazel retained that made other children flock to her. She could perform well in class but where she shone was always when allowed to go outside. It was as if she were a teacher in her own right, showing the other children all the different types of flowers and catching bugs which, at the time, was a rather enviable talent. It carried on all the way to high school where Hazel was nominated 'most friendly’ by her peers at senior prom. She was a free spirit with strong opinions but a sweet enough attitude to make anyone adore her with only a few interactions and even managed to keep in contact with most of her friends from high school even now.

During the final Summer break of high school, Hazel and her friends decided to take a trip to California before they all disappeared off to college, a goodbye of sorts. They had an amazing time for the most part but during a party they’d stumbled into one night, the girl found herself being dragged into a room with a stranger and stumbling out sobbing half an hour later. Hazel has never discussed the event with anyone and it took her the entirety of freshman year to realise that she perhaps needed therapy to cope with what happened and now visited the university’s on-site counsellor weekly for a year before she was finally able to move on as best she could. Since that point, Hazel has never been able to sleep with another male but hopes that at some point in the near future she’ll be ready to open herself up to the possibility once again. She loathes how this one incident controlled her entire emotions and to recognise the breaking away from her pain suffered from the event, the tattoo on the back of her neck was inspired.

Nowadays, Hazel is fully getting back to being herself again and feels more alive than ever. She found that her true passion in life as well as travelling was helping people understand the fascination of Biology as she understood it; teaching people had always come quite naturally to her and especially those of a college age as Hazel hadn't truly grown up yet herself. Overall, as long as you take away the flurry of feminist rants that are relieved from her lips every five minutes or so, the woman is completely content with her life as it is so far.


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