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#1 Grant Booker

Grant Booker

Posted 27 December 2015 - 07:48 PM

Holy shit this was the coolest setup in the world.


Judging from the exterior of the home, he had to admit, his hopes hadn't been too high. The place looked like it was falling apart, more of a haunted house than a space many people paid to occupy, and he found himself already wanting to go back into the car and leave. Raj was a weird guy, after all. There was no telling if this was some kind of strange reality documentary he was filming about a serial killer. Scott was already bitching and moaning about it before they even knocked on the door, and Booker had to internally agree even if he vocalized only his positivity-- this place gave him the creeps.


But Raj's smiling face was there at the door, and it was clear just from peering inside that it was under heavy repair. While he'd never pay to live here, he supposed it wasn't so bad upon entering. Sure, there were a couple of buckets here or there used to collect leaks when a storm happened by, but otherwise it seemed to be in pretty decent shape. Naturally sirens started to go off in his head again when they were led to the basement, but in spite of Scott's snide comments, he discovered it was better than he expected.


Sure, the recliners looked like they'd been obtained from Craigslist (though cleaned thoroughly, fortunately), and the projection screen on the wall had a few scratches on it, but otherwise it looked like a perfect at-home theater. Scott and Blaise were even allowed to smoke their weed here. And there were snacks, it seemed like; he spotted a couple of trays of homemade finger foods on a table near the front row of recliners, waiting to be devoured whole.


"Hell yes," he said, turning around to look at his friends for their approval. "Too bad the twins had to miss out. They'd probably love this--" He started, unaware that one of their faces was already peering around one of the front seat recliners to take a long look at them.

#2 Evan Cordova

Evan Cordova

Posted 27 December 2015 - 08:15 PM

Raj had been extending the invitation to them for what seemed like months, though Evan knew it was only just a couple of times. Of course, he had always been meaning to go, an at-home movie theater is something that everyone needs to experience at some point in their lives, but Evan was always using his free time to head down to the airport and snag any extra flying hours he could whenever they were available 


The place was worse than Raj had been it sound, looking as though it had been abandoned half way through being built in some places and renovated in others, yet Evan found a certain charm to the building. It was cozy. It felt like home, maybe not his home but the home of someone and that was really all that it took to make a place feel comfortable. 


The moment they arrived in the basement where the theater had been created, Blaise seemed more than content when informed that, yes, they were allowed to smoke in the room. Of course, with the state of the place, Evan couldn't see why it would matter. Smoke damage seemed to be the least of anyone's concerns but then again, he had friends with weirder house rules.


"Are you kidding? It's probably too loud for them in here." Evan joked back at Booker, not bothering to lower his voice, because well, he assumed that no one in here had a connection to the twins that lived beneath them at home. He pointed towards the front, towards four seemingly open seats in the middle of the first row of recliners, and began to suggest to his roommate that those seats were perfect and they should get them before anyone else does but yet- no. 


His eyes connected with the two pairs that were seated in the front row already. Two identical pairs. Two gorgeous pairs. The twins. The Castor Twins. They were... already here? Evan's jaw hung open as he nudged Booker hard in the arm. "Fuck. Dude they're here." he whispered, turning away from the twins as quickly as he could to hide his expression. Just as he was about to ask his roommates what their plan was, the tapping of a cane followed by a charismatic voice began to come down the stairs. 


"I know, I know." it began. "You're probably all asking 'why is the blind guy attending movie night?'" Evan tried to remember his name, sure that Raj had mentioned having a blind house mate before, but came up short. He watched as the guy carefully weaved around any obstacles that his cane came up with before him. "And I'll have you all know that it's only because I like hearing pretty girls laugh - Isn't that right, ladies?" And then with what Evan considered relative ease, he watched as the blind man plopped down in a bean bag chair positioned right next to the twins, their twins. 


"Oh, I am so confused." was all he could continue with as everyone began to settle in. 

#3 Scott Emerson

Scott Emerson

Posted 27 December 2015 - 09:07 PM

It was never his intention to agree to this... thing. Event. Whatever it was.


In fact he felt as though he'd been bamboozled in some way. Agreeing to be Evan's wingman was a bit of a pride thing-- he liked to be owed something-- but he hadn't accounted for a full on movie night at someone else's house to be factored into the whole thing. Neither was he the sort of person that backed out of his commitments, though, so he begrudgingly dressed himself and got into the car when it was time to go. Mind you, he'd smoked enough weed to guarantee that almost any of his experiences would be fun at this point, though he still had more in his pocket. He didn't even want to go to this thing; whoever was hosting would just have to deal with his intake.


(Besides, the shit was legal in Colorado anyway. He liked to smash down the stigma whenever he could.) 


So it was with red, glazed eyes and a surly disposition that he moved into this dilapidated, terrifying house. He didn't view it with as much optimism as his friends; instead he was sure this was all some sort of hazard, even if there were obvious attempts at repairing it. In his mind it'd be easier to tear the whole thing down and start from scratch, but neither was anyone asking for his opinion. (Not that he wasn't stating it under his breath everywhere they went.)


But the basement wasn't so bad. Scott wasn't much of a movie buff, no, but he didn't mind occupying his high time tripping out in front of a television screen. Suddenly the evening wasn't sounding so bad, though he was hoping it would only be the four of them in attendance. The fact that the twins couldn't come was actually quite amusing at this point, though the moment he spotted one of their faces, he couldn't decide if he felt disappointed or intrigued.


"Well, there ya go," he muttered to Evan and Booker, eyebrows raising. "Better get up there before Blaise does."


And then the cane tapping started and the blind guy entered, and Scott just watched as it all unfolded. Malia in particular seemed quite charmed by the blind guy as opposed to any of the four that just entered unexpectedly (in fact she seemed extremely annoyed with them until Luca came around), in which case Scott couldn't help but laugh. A little too loudly, a little too exuberantly. 


He clapped a hand on Evan's shoulder and shook his head, still chuckling under his breath. "I guess Blaise isn't the issue." With that he moved past, plopped down in one of the recliners rather easily, and lazed back. "So what's the movie choice today? Are we taking a vote?"


"No--" Malia retorted quickly, though for some reason she wouldn't maintain eye contact with Scott. "This is mine and Cait's tradition and we always alternate movies. Tonight it's Cait's pick, right?" She asked her twin, nudging her pointedly. Always about control, that one.

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#4 Caitlyn Castor

Caitlyn Castor

Posted 27 December 2015 - 10:09 PM

Movie nights were by far Caitlyn's favorite night of the week. It had become a staple within the family, or at least the family that was in the immediately area in Colorado, to gather at their grandparent's place and to just enjoy a few hours together watching reruns of their favorite movies and cracking jokes throughout. Somewhere down the line, the movie nights started to stop being strictly family and more about socializing with some of the best people their friend group's had to offer. Luckily, the group of people that had moved into the Bed and Breakfast weren't an unmanageable group. In fact most of them had qualities that Caitlyn had grown to love over the few weeks that they had started during the summer just before the new semester started.


The days always started out the same. Malia being up and ready to leave well before they planned to arrive and Caitlyn not separating from her bed until the absolute last possible moment. It was always like this with them, not just for movie nights but for everything. Malia was the organized one who arrived on time. Caitlyn was the one that would just glue herself to the nearest flat, comfortable surface and ignore the world in exchange for cozy fits of sleep. It was just how they functioned.


By the time they had gotten to the house and settled into their recliners, the ones in front corner of the room, the house already smelled of several different delicious finger foods that Celia was no doubt excitedly making in the kitchen. Everyone began to file in around the same time, no doubt due to Raj's ability to get everyone excited for such an event.


While they still didn't know the occupants of the house well enough to constitute more than small talk, Caitlyn was confident in their names. She watched as the bird boy of the house, Zak, bounced down the stairs with the usual company of a bird on each shoulder. "I've been training them to be quieter all week so we don't have a repeat of last week, guys!" the boy said excitedly, just as one of his birds chirped out a loud "hush!" that was no doubt an impersonation of it's owner.


Caitlyn rolled her eyes playfully and stretched her feet out across her twins lap, over the arm of their recliners. "Will you pass the mozzarella sticks? I have to lay my claim on them before any of these losers get to them." she said, reaching her hands out towards the plate of mozzarella sticks that were just on the other side of Malia. Movement of a group of people coming down the stairs caught her eye and for a moment, she glanced up out of curiosity.


She didn't speak until she had a mozzarella stick halfway into her mouth, bouncing her leg's in her sister's lap to get her attention. "Hey, not to be a downer but look what the cat dragged in Mal." She watched, in amusement, as her twins face registered the situation but before she could watch it unfold any longer, Luca quickly drew their attention away. 


Luca had quickly become one of her favorites in the house. Initially, she had been put off by his presence, always afraid that he was going to fatally injure himself just by living, yet it took but a mere ten minutes for her to realize that he had a humor that was infectious and a charm that wasn't threatening and merely disarming. Luca was both the source and the resolution of so many arguments in the house and Caitlyn had to respect that about him.


Yet, the adventurous side of Caitlyn was itching to stir the pot in the room and she found herself glancing back at her upstairs neighbors as they made their way closer, closer, and then finally sat down right near the girls. Caitlyn watched as her sister responded to one of them, the tall awkward looking one who looked like he was halfway too the moon at this point. As she studied the situation, she noticed the two that were always the cause of such strife in her sister's life, Booker and Evan, were attempting to relocate two bean bag chairs as close as they possibly could to the front corner of the room where she sat. Hopeless, she thought as she tried to not outwardly laugh at their efforts. "I'm kind of stuck between two choices. Of course, this one isn't sticking with our theme and all, but since it's Christmas, I think that we could probably see Gremlins? But if we wanted to stick with the theme, I'd say let's do one of the original Star Wars movies."

#5 Malia Castor

Malia Castor

Posted 27 December 2015 - 10:43 PM

No, no no no. They were not intruding on her Monday movie night. This was not happening. The little trolls from downstairs had a talent in making her angry, and she couldn't help but wonder how in the hell they managed to show up here. Who invited them? What had she done to warrant such torture from the universe? Was she a bad person in a past life? That could be the only explanation-- karma was finally catching up with her in the form of these two morons, wandering into the home theater like they thought it would just be the four of them or something. The rest of those who sometimes attended were starting to filter in, too, whose presence she'd grown used to and actually valued.


At first she wasn't sure what to think of the new people moving into the bed and breakfast. This place held so many memories that were specific to her family, her grandparents, and to see other people occupying the rooms bothered her, even if it'd been meant for guests exclusively to begin with. But when she most saw this place was when her own grandparents reserved some the rooms for a couple of weeks in the summer, taking in all of the grandkids and letting them share rooms. Big, festive meals spread across the table, enough snacks and sweets for a small army, movies and running amuck and playing outside. And then Christmases too, with gifts abound and smiles and warm, multicolored lights. It was her idea of home, sometimes more than the home she actually grew up in. So certainly seeing all of these people calling it their home, too, was a little disorienting at first.


But they were growing together like a family on their own. Traditions of their own were springing up, and Malia found herself envious; she hadn't been fully close with her cousins like this in a while. So slowly she began to move some of hers and Caitlyn's traditions to this house in order to feel some sense of camaraderie with them; they easily accepted her and took it a step further. In fact Raj took Monday movie night so damn seriously that he ended up spending a strange, inordinate amount of money on revamping the basement into a home theater.


(He and Wes had an arrangement. Wes wouldn't charge him rent until the amount owed was the amount the home theater actually cost. Not that it was that much to begin with; it was cheaply patched together but everyone was plenty happy with it.)


Still, seeing so many filtering into the recliners and sofas was an experience she never fully grew used to. Occasionally people would bring friends, but Malia never went out of her way to socialize with them; she was an introvert, plain and simple, and while people intrigued her, she typically preferred to stay within her comfort zone. People made her worrisome, anxious, and even a little irritated if they pressed the right buttons. Not that she wasn't endlessly compassionate, mind you, but she typically had to get to know a person first.


But the last folks she expected to see were the four boys that filtered in shortly after she and Caitlyn settled into their seats. A part of her had grown used to their presence, begrudgingly accepting that, for some strange reason, they were a part of her life now. Not exactly a welcome part, as she was still quite annoyed upon seeing them and immediately began to pout, her arms crossing over her chest as she indicated that Caitlyn pick.


Truthfully Malia had her heart set on an animated Disney film. The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast (her personal favorite), Lion King-- she was down for any of those and it was typically an easy decision. But with others around, typically other movies were picked. Hearing Star Wars had her internally groaning, but she agreed nonetheless, always happy to appease her sister. (And she was quite sure Cory would show up, summoned by the movie title alone.)


Not that she minded Star Wars. In fact she loved it, but she liked to pretend she didn't just because it maddened Cory. Yes, she had a tendency to get payback. She was just trickier about it.


Booker and Evan attempted to sit close to them, settling into their recliners, and while Malia would never admit that she was sort of flattered by their constant need for attention, she felt like they'd be harmless nonetheless. It was Scott's presence that made her the most nervous, in fact. For some reason or another she'd had a thing for him for a little while, only because he was a damn good cello player who took his music very seriously. Otherwise she knew he was a stoner douchebag, though she still couldn't make eye contact with him without feeling terribly intimidated or like she was looking into the sun.


But Booker was already chanting Star Wars and Raj was joining in, eager to be a part of something, and Malia knew she couldn't argue. It was all well and fine for her, she supposed. "Which one?" She groaned, though she'd lightened up considerably since Luca and his cute little jokes. (He charmed her. What a nice guy.)


Scott scoffed from the back. "Empire Strikes Back, obviously," he called out, and suddenly that was the last thing Malia wanted to watch. But judging from Booker's cheers and Raj and Nick's silent nods, that seemed to be the general consensus. "Fine," she muttered, crossing her arms even more tightly over her chest. Hopefully no one would try to chat with her too much.

#6 Caitlyn Castor

Caitlyn Castor

Posted 27 December 2015 - 11:13 PM

Up until this point, their pick of movies had all been animated. Classic Disney movies that have been in and out of the so-called vault so many times that Caitlyn was sure no one was has a correct count anymore. But, with the holiday season and the recent release of one of the new Star Wars movies, Caitlyn was eager to watch something a little less cartoonish and with way more fantasy than normal. She could tell her suggestion annoyed her sister more than just a little bit but reveled in the moment that she could see the loss of fight in Malia's eyes. 


"Dude! Yes! Empire Strikes Back is the best!" she said, stretching out a hand towards Scott for a high five. Hilariously, she watched as Evan, the dude from upstairs sunk lower into his bean bag chair at this movement, obviously trying to find something to say as well. 


It became clear then that since she was the one that suggested it, she would have to be the one that popped the movie in and got it started. Of course, she didn't have to be the one to do that. Putting on her kindest smile, she leaned over the edge of her chair. "Would one of you boys mind getting the movie and putting it in? I'm already settled in and everything." she said, addressing the four new comers, though one of them, Blaise, looked like he was a permanent part of his chair at this point, eyes glazed over and a wide grin stuck on his face under hooded eyes. She leaned back, muttering to her sister. "On the bright side, I'm sure we could ask them for anything, you know."


As Caitlyn settled back into her chair, chuckling to herself and fluffing up the pillow that she had snagged from one of the couches and moving around until she was finally comfortable cozy, Luca made busy with folding up his cane and leaning back against the small little nook between the girl's recliners, right in the middle of them. Of course, he was in a position that was far too close to the screen for comfort, but he was also the only one in the room that that didn't matter for. "You both are asking for trouble." he contributed with a smirk on his face, no doubt already picking up clues about what he couldn't see from what he could hear.

#7 Grant Booker

Grant Booker

Posted 28 December 2015 - 01:24 AM

Booker thought this couldn't have been set up any better. To the point that he wondered if Raj's move was intentional-- if he knew they were interested in the girls and wanted to make it easier for both of them, in which case he was quite grateful. In fact he was moments away from giving the guy a grin and thumbs up when Luca strolled in, immediately commanding their attention and annoyed expressions. He noticed the way they seemed pleased by his presence, and he felt fairly... well, not jealous, considering he had no right to at all, but certainly lesser. Intimidated, even.


He settled next to his best friend, as close to the girls as they could possibly get. If he had his choice, they'd be sitting right next to them, but he supposed he knew where they sometimes hung out now. He could just drop by here, right? See if they were around, sort of thing, though he supposed he knew where they lived, too, and that hadn't been successful thus far. Damn. Still, he wasn't a terribly negative or self-conscious type, so he instead focused on trying to make an impression even from back where he was.


Still, Scott's teasing was kind of annoying. He shot Evan a look over the guy's shoulder, obviously slightly irritated. But as soon as Star Wars was mentioned most worries flew out the window; instead he was eager to watch Empire Strikes Back, his personal favorite. And on a big home theater screen no less! Sounded perfect to him, so he made his enthusiasm apparent in the form of chanting, cheering, and overall agreeing. As soon as Caitlyn mentioned someone putting in the disc, he leapt up before his best friend had the chance, dodging over to the blu ray player and popping it in.


The menu started up. He located the remote next to the blu ray player and handed it to Caitlyn with one of his (hopefully) winning smiles, hoping she might catch on.


But Malia was replying to something Luca had said (which he hadn't heard). "I didn't ask for anything. Much less trouble." Soon Booker realized he was grinning a little too goofily at Cait for a little too long, in which case he squeezed past and back into his recliner.


"I think she likes me, dude," he whispered at his best friend. "I mean, surely." Hmmm.

#8 Evan Cordova

Evan Cordova

Posted 28 December 2015 - 01:56 AM

Evan was too busy mulling over something clever to say when Caitlyn had suggested someone assist her in putting the movie in. Booker was already half way to the bluray player before Evan's brain caught up with the rest of the room. He cast a look at Scott for a moment, throwing his hands up in a 'what should I do' sort of movement before he looked back towards the girls again. Caitlyn, the one who spoke, was the one that Scott had told him was the lazy one. It was quite obvious to tell the differences between the two girls now that he was able to see them in other ways than just knocking on his door and angrily asking him and Booker to turn the music down. Malia, while relaxed, still looking composed. Caitlyn was sloppily draped over everything she could touch and was now reaching for Luca's cane, folding and unfolding it as though she just couldn't keep her hands still for more than a moment.


"One of them has to, buddy. And one of them has to like me, too. I mean, look at us, we're definitely the best catches in the room." he whispered back at Booker, not sure if he could believe his own words but hoping that there was an ounce of truth behind them.


Just as the opening credits began to roll, the nostalgic music blasting out triumphantly from the speakers and welcoming a chorus of excited yells from Booker and Raj and a few others around the room (included a mimicking chirp from the birds on Zak's shoulders), the basement door opened and shut quietly and a pair of footsteps came down. The lights had been dimmed considerably for the movie but they were still bright enough that everyone could see enough to get around and not lose their personal items. 


"Sorry I'm late, guys. I had to drop Sammy off at the sitters."  The man was met by a chorus of friendly hellos, enough for Evan to assume that the guy probably lived at the house with the rest of the crew.  He picked his way across the room to the only available seat open next to Scott and Blaise, quickly introducing themselves along the way. He waited, of course, to see if this guy would turn out to be another Luca. Another charming guy who hung around the twins and seemed to make he and Booker's advances even harder, but it became clear that that wasn't the case and that, at least, gave Evan a bit of a well needed confidence boost.


It wasn't until the scrolling text had past off the screen and the movie had finally started that Evan realized this was his moment to be impressive. He leaned as far towards the girls as he could, tapping Malia on the shoulder with a smile. "You know, in a few years, I'll be the one up in the stars. I'm going to train at NASA after I get my degree. Cool, right?"


Behind them, Blaise chimed in. "It's true. Dude's totally gonna be an astronaut." he said, letting out a lungful of smoke as he spoke. Evan only then noticed that he had been quietly packing his bowl unnoticed and was now passing the bowl to Scott. Thankful for Blaise's comment, only because it just painted him to look cooler, Evan looked back at the twins, only to see that Caitlyn wasn't even looking in his direction and was instead peeking over the top of her chair at Scott and Blaise. "You guys have weed?" she asked, completely bypassing Evan's showboating.

#9 Scott Emerson

Scott Emerson

Posted 28 December 2015 - 02:57 AM

These guys were desperate. Did they even realize it? Despite having little experience with relationships (aside from that one heartbreaking relationship in high school that he denied ever existed at all), he had experience in wooing women well enough to sleep with them. This wasn't even good for his drunken standards. They were flailing around, looking ridiculous at every turn, and suddenly Scott wanted to see if he could score. It was the competition in him, after all, but upon glancing at the twins again, he decided it wasn't really worth it.


He'd blame it on them not being his type, of course. But in reality it was more about the fact that he didn't want to upset Evan or Booker. Ridiculous. It made him a little angry with himself that such a thing could get in the way. "Friendship." Still, it was kind of funny to see Booker's eager ass book it (heh) to the front to put in the bluray, and he was quite thankful for the distraction as the movie started up. 


Scott laughed so hard he started coughing as poor Evan tried to impress Malia. It was clear by her expression-- mildly intrigued but not entirely impressed-- that she didn't quite believe him. It was hard to believe that such a dork could be an astronaut, after all, though Malia didn't have a snide remark back for him. Nice of her, he supposed. He still chuckled to himself anyway afterwards, taking the bowl from Blaise and taking a huge puff. 


"Yes! We have it!" Booker told Caitlyn, though Malia nudged her sister's arm shortly thereafter, as if to scold her out of doing it. Scott let out his breath in a cough, obviously taken aback. "We?!" He asked, simultaneously incredulous and laughing from how desperate they were. "I think you mean--" Then Booker caught his eye and gave him a pitiful look, and he relented.


"Fine," he groaned, passing the bowl to Booker now. "Take it if you want it." Malia turned to glare at him over this, and he found sharing the bowl not so bad after all. It was worth it to piss her the fuck off; he smirked back at her, raising his eyebrows. Maybe he was starting to get why they were so obsessed with pissing her off.

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#10 Erik Hall

Erik Hall

Posted 28 December 2015 - 03:50 AM

As Blaise passed the bowl to Scott, he could only think one thing. Subtlety was non-existant to his friends. Half of the room was already invested in watching the song and dance (a very unrehearsed one of course) going between his two roommates and the two twins that lived underneath them rather than the movie that was on the screen ahead of all of them. It was amusing, of course, but Blaise barely had the concentration gathered to pay attention to it for more than a few fleeting moments before his eyes drifted back to the bright lights on the screen. "I feel like everyone needs some weed right now," he laughed. "Everyone is so tense."


His eyes followed the weed though and he watched as Booker and Evan both took a few hits from it, smiling at the twins like they were doing something impressively cool. Blaise exchanged a look with Scott, trying to not laugh at the failed and blind attempts that were happening before their eyes. Had Evan not seen the pissed look on Malia's face? And now he was going to pass the bowl to them? Blaise was sure even the blind guy could have taken the verbal cue with ease. 


"Calm down, Mom. It's the college experience." Caitlyn said as she reached over her sister and took the bowl. Blaise, cozy in his little chair, watched as she took what he had to consider a half of a hit and then passed the bowl back to him. He was an active believer in sharing and caring, so he reached out across Scott with it towards the new guy. "Yo. Bro. Hey. Weed?"


He was met with a laugh and shake of the head. "Thanks dude, but I have to pick up my kid later. I'm Jackson by the way." the guy, Jackson, spoke in a hushed whisper in a polite attempt to not interrupt the movie like everyone else and held out his hand to both Blaise and Scott. Blaise, of course, in the mindset that everything that ran through his mind was hilarious, began to quietly sing the chorus to 'Sorry Mrs. Jackson' by The OutKast. "I'm Blaise. This tall guy is Scott.


Luckily though, the short serenade didn't come off as weird because Jackson laughed. "I'm guessing you know those two? And you know the Castor girls?" he asked the both of them. Blaise could only shrug. 


"That's a question for Scott, I guess. He has class with one of them." Of course, the conversation wasn't exactly the quietest because Blaise could see Caitlyn peeking through the small window between the recliners she and her sister were sitting in at them.

#11 Malia Castor

Malia Castor

Posted 28 December 2015 - 04:08 AM

No way. Not only were these two turds here, but they had the nerve to smoke up in her grandparents' basement? Technically it wasn't her grandparents house anymore and Raj had cleared it with Wes ahead of time, but-- still. There was still something about this whole thing that felt like it was intruding on all of her memories. She just stared, mouth gaping, as someone passed the bowl over to Caitlyn and she took a small hit. She was getting high too? What was next? She found herself thankful that Cory wasn't here; she'd worry about him incessantly if he got high.


"College experience," she muttered under her breath. "The college experience is going to class and getting your work done like you're supposed to. Making good grades and preparing for the rest of your life. Not smoking marijuana." She stared at the smoke and coughed to make a point, even though she'd inhaled none at all. Suddenly she was nervous, tense, shifting in place.


"Can you get a contact high?" She worried, mind suddenly thinking through worst case scenario. What if she was drug-tested? What if the music department performed a random one? Could they even do that? What about the library she worked for? Could this go terribly awry? She waved the smoke well out of her face, making a face. "It stinks! Why does everyone have to smoke in here? Can't you do it outside?" She asked, though it was clear by her expression that she preferred it if no one smoked to begin with.


Not that anyone was paying attention. In fact everyone was chatting amongst themselves or watching the television at this point. She sighed, pouting in her chair, holding her breath intermittently as if to minimize her weed inhalation. She didn't hear Scott chattering behind her, fortunately, or she might've gotten even more pissed.


"Booker, Evan," Scott said, waving to his friends respectively. "And yeah. Malia's in a few of my ensembles. I'm a cellist and she plays violin, y'know. But she's always so damn uptight. Is she that way around here?" His gaze drifted to the front, and he found himself making eye contact with Caitlyn as she peered through the gap. He smirked, chuckling under his breath. "Don't know much about that one," he admitted.

#12 Caitlyn Castor

Caitlyn Castor

Posted 28 December 2015 - 04:39 AM

Caitlyn kicked her legs just a little bit, wiggling them in her sister's lap. "Malia, come on, be cool for a minute." she whispered, leaning in to her sister and putting her head on her shoulder. "You can't get a contact high. Weed isn't gonna kill you. Scott literally looks like he lives off of weed and you both are in the same music class. You're fine." 


This was how it always was with them. Malia was more of the one that followed the rules while Caitlyn was more inclined (and even sought out) to break them. She loved to cause trouble and Malia was always the one that liked to avoid it. Maybe this was why Caitlyn wasn't outwardly ignoring the boys advances like Malia was. Maybe it's why she kept turning around to look at the pair of roommates that weren't making completely fools of themselves and jumping over hurdles for her and her sister. 


While she curled up against her sister for a moment, waiting for her to calm down, she kept her eyes on the screen and her ears on the conversations around her. Was this how Luca felt? When you really concentrated on one sense and forgot the rest, it was easier to it. She could just pick out the whispers from Evan and Booker talking and for a moment, wished she could personally give them pointers for her and her sister before they made even bigger fools of himself.


She turned her head just a little, peeking between the seats again at Scott and Blaise and Jackson, watching them talk. For a moment, she was curious as to how he would describe them; this situation. But she found herself narrowing her eyes the moment he called her sister uptight. Sure, Malia wasn't the most loose person in the room, but uptight was such a negative word. And then his eyes met hers and she found herself turning around fast, pretending that she wasn't eavesdropping on the trio. "Why haven't you ever talked about Scott before?" she whispered much more successfully than those around her. Luca nudged Malia from the floor. "Yeah, Malia." he joined. 


Behind her, she heard Jackson respond to Scott. "No, they're actually really fun, a total riot when they're not being chased after like fresh meat, I guess." and found herself smiling. Of course Jackson would be a little defensive of them, he's basically a dad at this point. "Cellist, huh? I played guitar in a shitty garage band back in the day. Is Cello all you play?" 


Hearing the conversation take a turn, Caitlyn turned her attention back to her sister, who still was quietly trying her best to enjoy the movie playing on the screen. 

#13 Malia Castor

Malia Castor

Posted 28 December 2015 - 05:01 AM

Scott. Malia tried not to flinch upon hearing her sister say the name, but it was clear by the way her eyes were suddenly focused on the screen that she wasn't sure how to answer that one. Even Luca seemed to pick up on it. "I dunno," she tried to answer as casually as she could. "Just didn't seem like something worth mentioning."


And how could she bring it up? It wasn't an outright crush on the guy, had never really been, just some kind of weird "oh wow he's tall and his voice is deep and wow he plays a mean cello." Yet anytime he spoke about something other than music, she found herself wanting to punch him, so her "thing" for him was physical attraction alone. "He has a weird face, doesn't he?" She whispered to her twin against her better judgment. "I mean in like a weirdly nice way." If she couldn't share that with her twin, then who could she share it with?


Scott fortunately didn't hear any of that, as he wouldn't have known whether he needed to feel egotistical or wounded by that statement. Not that he cared much what Malia thought of him, or Caitlyn either for that matter. None of it mattered. He had his pals, and now he was chatting with this dadguy who seemed friendly enough. "Riot," Scott laughed as he blew out another puff of smoke. "Maybe one of 'em."


He raised an eyebrow, always intrigued by music conversation, as he looked over to the guy. "I play some guitar. Really I play any kind of stringed instrument I can get in my hands. Not well-- guitar and cello are my best. But I do enjoy trying out other stuff." Suddenly the guy he was sitting next to looked oddly familiar, and he cocked his head at him curiously.


"Garage band, huh? I used to listen to some relatively unknown indie stuff. If the CDs were sitting on a counter at a video rental shop, it was almost guaranteed it'd become a favorite." He smirked, nodding to him. "What was the name?"


Booker spun around and shushed him. He laughed.

#14 Jackson Murray

Jackson Murray

Posted 28 December 2015 - 05:18 AM

He hadn't been expecting so many new faces and had somehow found himself right in the middle of all of them. The two on his left, Booker and Evan as Scott and Blaise had introduced them as, seemed rambunctious even as they sat with heads bowed together and hushed laughter making it's way above the movie. Blaise and Scott though, seemed much less on at the current moment. It could have something to do with the weed but Jackson liked to believe they were just a couple of chill guys. 


In front of them, unbeknownst to any of them, Malia and Cait were quietly discussing that Yes, Scott's face is weirdly attractive with Caitlyn being the more outwardly enthusiastic one about it. Luca had a permanent smirk stuck on his face, shaking his head with every time that Malia would try to drop the subject and Cait would continue on about it. Sometimes, it blew him away him many cues people missed in normal conversation.


"Uh, yeah. We thought we were going to be huge but then we all had like- I had a kid and our singer got hit with a bunch of debt and our drummer broke one of his arms and so we just sort of put it down and never went back." Jackson recollected the memories fondly. It truly was a good period of his life, playing grungy punk music in some of the smallest venues he has ever even seen with barely any elbow room to strum his guitar much less keep a stage presence. "We called ourselves No Cigars and we all had jackets with patches on them with like, the no smoking sign even though we all smoked throughout the show. It was a case of new-age irony if I can be honest."


Jackson held up an apologetic hand to the one named Booker, who had just shushed them, and lowered his voice just a little bit but found himself laughing with Scott as he did so. 

#15 Scott Emerson

Scott Emerson

Posted 28 December 2015 - 06:03 AM

No Cigars? No fucking way.


Scott's jaw dropped and he stared at the guy, shaking his head. "Dude, I thought I recognized you." His voice was far louder than before, and people were turning to look at him, clearly a bit annoyed that he'd interrupt the movie he suggested by talking loudly over it. "Fucking No Cigars, man. That fucking sucks that you guys never got back together. I think you coulda made it big time-- not that that really matters, because honestly so many sell out when they get popular. I was a pretty big fuckin' fan without all that."


It was weird to see this guy dismiss it as some thing he used to do before his kid was born. Like it was ancient history. There was a time in Scott's life where he listened to No Cigars all the damn time. Yeah, nobody else fucking knew who it was, but he was pretentious even then, slamming his doors and carrying on like the little shit he was. "That's fuckin' awesome, man. Do you play anymore? Like solo or anything? We could get together and jam sometime."


Goals, man. He kinda wanted to be this guy. Aside from the kid thing, of course. Kids made Scott feel like he was going to throw up for some reason or another. 

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