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Centennial State University, founded in 1891, is a prestigious public university located just south of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Its remote location serves as a great higher education grounds, as there are little distractions yet many learning experiences. CSU offers a wide array of degrees, from wildlife conservation to video game design to dance, just to name a few. Our science and arts departments are among the nation's finest, and our intercollegiate athletics programs are rising up more and more every year. If you're interested in having both the experience of a lifetime and the best education in the midwest, then apply today and call CSU home.

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#1 Liam McCallister

Liam McCallister

Posted 20 January 2016 - 08:45 AM



TAG // liam + melli character NOTES // running, running, running
Liam loved Colorado.

Okay, to be less vague; Liam loved being able to smoke weed in public. He, of course as any man with trouble walking, hated snow. Which was a problem because Colorado was absolutely known for it's snow and it's blizzards. He also hated the changes in elevation that the campus seemed to take. It was as if it were jealous of the Flat Iron mountains near Denver. This was also a problem because Colorado was known for it's mountain ranges and elevation changes.

But - Liam loved his weed.

He wasn't the type that smoked out in the open, packing his bowl under a tree in a park. No, that still didn't feel entirely comfortable for him at all. He was still aware that it would attract uneasy stares from a majority of students and teachers if he were to do that, no matter how pot friendly they claimed to be. No, he was the type that would tuck himself away in the farside of the bleachers on a day where the field was being used only by a handful of students wanting to get so exercise in. They paid him absolutely no mind up there as he toked away and dig his nose into the wrinkled pages of his handed down textbook and notes for hours at a time.

Sometimes he'd put everything down to text Scott, one of his closest friends and someone who enjoyed weed as much as if not more than he did. Other times he would just pack up his belongings, tuck his bag under his foot, and lean back against the fencing lining the stands behind him and take a nap. He had become such a staple in that little corner of the bleachers that people would actively make sure that it wasn't taken whenever he slowly made his way towards the field, red head shining like a beacon against the snowy ground and trees around him.

Today wasn't really any different. He was already pretty toasted, warm on both the inside and out thanks to a late birthday present from Blaise and also a jacket that his mother had shipped him after their last phone call (he had mentioned off hand that it was cold and two days later a huge box had shown up at his dorm to the disdain of his RA). Luckily, there had been quite a lag in his usual studies. It seemed like the holidays had treated his teachers kindly because they had come back from their short breaks with a refreshed mindset on the curriculum and in turn had taken a step back on assignments and homework. He knew that it put a few students on edge, the ones that felt like if they weren't actively learning and busting their ass on school work, they were wasting valuable time and money at a university. For Liam, it was more about the experience of school than the actual knowledge learned. He just enjoyed be a part of a small, functioning society that was the school campus. It was like a tiny petri dish with it's own little colonies. Students lived on campus, studied on campus, partied on campus, and most of them ended up working on campus. It was like a tiny world simulator, getting them ready for the rest of their lives much better than any grade school teacher or summer camp ever could. Liam would claim that the past three years had been his first real taste at living and that was more than enough for him to defend college with every breathe in his body.

His eyes were lazily attached to watching a group of freshman kick a ball around the field below, no doubt doing their best to train each other for the soccer tryouts happening in the spring. There was a certain interest he had in the way athletes were able to move so precisely - so smoothly - without falling on their face or bumping into every obstacle in a certain radius around them like he did. It had been a long time since he actually felt raw jealous for their graceful talents but it would be a lie if he claimed to never have days where he questioned his disability. His mind was so lost in the movements of the people below him that he wasn't aware at first of the person that had approached him, feet clanging against the metal of the bleachers beneath them.

#2 Olivia Park

Olivia Park

Posted 21 January 2016 - 01:57 AM



for liam / ### words
where the sky hangs
She hated to study.

It didn't make any fucking sense to her. She was here for theatre, plain and simple; already she was talented, too, so she almost thought college itself was pointless. But her parents insisted and oddly she cared about their opinion, so she found herself with a book in hand, pen tapping idly against the cover as she tried to power through the words on the page.

Every time she thought about dropping out, the necklace she wore felt heavier. Perhaps it wasn't only her parents' persuasion that had her staying. People thought Liv incapable of guilt or feeling, but she had her moments.

Her eyes scanned the same sentence repeatedly, though she never absorbed its meaning. History was boring, pointless, a rehash of the shit she already vaguely learned in school. It was too specific for her. It was irrelevant, in her mind, to what she needed to succeed in her future career. Why should she take these courses? Frustration built with every passing moment; her repetitive tapping became more and more aggressive until the thing sprung right out of her hand, tumbling down the bleachers until it rested in front of some guy.

To her knowledge, she hadn't seen him before. Then again, she wasn't terribly observant until someone was relevant to her. People just weren't that interesting. As such, she half considered letting the pen go to waste, sure there was another in her dormitory that would be a fine replacement. But a few beats passed and she realized that putting on one of her classic personas might be a decent relief from her boring study session, and she found herself rising and wandering his way.

She paused before him, expression blank as she chose what person to be. Her hair was braided on the sides and pulled into a ponytail in the back, and while it was cold outside, she wore a cute dress and a long trench coat that flowed down to her warm boots, keeping her quite warm. Her cheeks were cold and red despite the floral scarf around her neck, though her hands were fortunately gloved, the same black color as her coat.

"Helloooo!" She called in a sing-song voice. Idiotic, naive girl. That's what she'd go for. The stupider she acted, the more fun this would be. "I think I dropped my pen here," she told him, her voice forming a question at the end, as if she was unsure of herself, though her purple pen was clearly just in front of him. "It's purple and-- I mean, you know, it's a pen." Her laugh was pretty, like a chime, but only she knew how insincere it was.

#3 Liam McCallister

Liam McCallister

Posted 21 January 2016 - 10:29 PM



TAG // liam + melli character NOTES // running, running, running
On this particular day, Liam had his bad leg propped up in front of him, cushioned by his bag that sat on the row of seats there. He was bundled up more than normal, hateful of the cold because of the ache that ran through his joints. Because of this, he was able to nap easier than you would think despite the chill that settled in the air.

His eyes were closed, head leaning slightly forward so that his chin could rest on his chest while his shoulders supported his weight onto the bench behind him. It was quite an impressive slouch and surely looked extremely uncomfortable to anyone that glanced his way. But Liam was the type that could honestly fall asleep anywhere at any time. In fact, this was such a well known phenomena to the people around him that the sparse amount of tagged pictures on his Facebook documented this.

This is why he didn't notice the pen that tumbled down and rested near the foot on his good leg. Even without his headphones on and the loudest sounds being the muffled and far away talk between the soccer players on the far side of the field, Liam didn't even hear the footsteps that approached him until there was a voice attached to them.

With his arms still crossed from his napping stance, Liam blinked the initial fuzziness out of his vision. Before him stood a girl - a very pretty, very out of his league girl - and she was looking at him expectantly, cheerful expression on her face. Out of habit, Liam ran through the typical reasons for this. Girls that looked like her didn't really seek out guys that looked like him for just any reason. She either A ) wanted something from him or B ) wanted him to stop doing something. Most of the A type situations were asking him for help on schoolwork or if he had some school material that someone 'forgot' and, to Liam, that had to be the best guess as to why she was hovering over him with such a friendly smile on her face. Unless she had some type of reservation over seeing someone sleeping in public, it was the only logical thing to assume.

"Hmm?" he asked, heart-rate elevating as his eyes glanced around, looking anywhere and everywhere but at her own. "I, uhm - hah..." he mumbled, trailing off as his eyes finally attached themselves to the pen beneath his feet. He was sure that it hadn't been there earlier and it definitely wasn't one of his. Taking a quick glance around, he noticed the small pile of things several rows above him. It has to be the pen. was his only thought as he nodded in her direction.

"Sorry, yeah, uh - I didn't even notice. Sorry." he said, clearing his throat in an effort to distract from the obvious lack of tact that he carried in conversations. With a groan, Liam sat up and reached down to grab the pen from beside his foot before holding it out to her, doing his best to at least look her in the eyes as he did so.

#4 Olivia Park

Olivia Park

Posted 25 January 2016 - 01:29 AM

for liam / ### words
where the sky hangs
How adorable. He'd been sleeping.

Even now he was stuttering, clearing his throat, hesitant to look at her-- it was almost maddening how adorable he was at the moment, and she noticed not necessarily out of finding him attractive (though he was, there was no denying that), but out of some strange jealousy. When people were interesting, she actually felt bested. Before she'd wandered over to him she'd attempted to put on her own best adorable face, only to immediately find... this. Sincere adorableness. Round one, lost.

But she was all about attention, so she wasted little time with this defeat. She was also aware, of course, that she was considerably attractive compared to some girls on campus. Assuming he was into girls like her, she figured garnering attention could be as easy as a sweet smile or a compliment. (And he was a ginger, too. God knew how adorable gingers were when they blushed, though she'd never admit that aloud.)

"Oh hun, I didn't mean to wake you," she said with a smile, a thick southern accent drawling out of her before she had the chance to stop it. Too sweet-- dial it back. Though she supposed it'd be fun to play the southern belle for once. Maybe she could make it believable. She took the pen from him, though otherwise she hardly spared it a glance; by this time she was in the mode, her studying far from her mind.

"Thank you. You sure you're feelin' alright?" She settled next to him, a little too closely, as she pressed the back of her hand to his forehead. "Fallin' asleep out here like this-- can't be a good sign for your health. You need to go to the nurse or anythin'?"

#5 Liam McCallister

Liam McCallister

Posted 25 January 2016 - 02:46 AM



TAG // liam + melli character NOTES // running, running, running
This was too much.

Of course, Liam could only mean that in the best way possible. Maybe it was due to him still trying to gather his bearings after being woken up from such a deep sleep, or maybe it was just that he had never even imagined to be in such a situation with a girl.

Liam was the type that would always just go through all types of scenarios in his head in his vast amounts of downtime. They were all scenarios that he found possible of happening. Holding the door open for someone. Grabbing books off of the top shelves in the library for others. Letting a classmate borrow his notes or use his phone to dial someone. He used most of his free time going through how he would respond or how he would react because it would help him when or if the actual situation happened. Liam would have gone over it so many times in his head that he would actually know what to saw. It prepared him, in a way, to fight his nervous stutter.

Of course, this practice was only good for the situations that had actually ever thought about. It was more or less a social crutch in some ways, as he relied too heavily on it for a vast amount of time. Take this, for example. Never would Liam had thought even this would be possible. Having to return a pen to a pretty girl in the middle of a nap was bizarre enough and it showed. But - having that same pretty girl sit down, check his forehead for a fever, and show genuine concern for his wellbeing? It was too bizarre.

"I'm - okay. Yeah, I'm okay, uh - Are you... Is this a dream?" he asked, quietly. His eyes were already nearly the size of saucers, cheeks threatening to give the color of his hair a run for it's money. Of course, there was always the possibility that he was being subjected to the new fad of internet pranks. College campuses had become a popular setting for those types of videos so it wasn't entirely out of the question. Yet, in order to save just a shred of dignity, he decided to not glance around and try to spot any people turning their phones or cameras towards them. "Sorry, I - Do you need anything else?" Damn his nervousness.

#6 Olivia Park

Olivia Park

Posted 28 January 2016 - 01:00 AM

for liam / ### words
where the sky hangs
One of these days, the lies would catch up with her.

In the back of her mind, she knew this. There was, then, a hint of guilt; not for the way she treated others, no, but certainly a worry that she'd ultimately end up alone if she pursued this route all the way to the end. This boy seemed kind and cute. She could be genuine for once, sit next to him and get to know him, treat him like an actual person rather than an outlet for entertainment, but she wouldn't even know how to approach such a thing. Years of being insincere made it habit by this point; people were playthings, pieces in a larger game. She wasn't exactly malicious in her treatment of others, no-- it was never her intention to benefit long term, so much as cure her boredom. Still, she knew it was a fast route to doing just that. Despite repressing most serious emotions, she was quite aware of this fact, even if she always kept it at a distance.

Knowing this didn't help, though. Instead it made her charade worse, a defense mechanism of sorts. Her adopted mannerisms became more exaggerated. "A dream? Darlin', you must be really sick," she said, frowning at him as she looked over him, searching for any sign of medical distress. Of course she didn't know the first thing about that sort of thing, but perhaps she could adopt a "nurse major" identity for the time being. Yeah... that could work. Unless he was in that department. That'd be a nightmare.

"Anythin' else? Well, originally all I needed was my pen back but now I'm concerned about you. Do you need somethin'? You sure look like you don't feel so good."

She was making it up, of course. Internally she knew he thought she was cute, in which case she felt her ego swelling. Of course she'd make him even more flustered, hang about until her ego was so large that it could hardly be contained, before returning to her studies. But another part of her was deeply jealous of him, of the way he naturally reacted to others.

She wondered how many genuine friends he had. Surely it was many. Surely they all loved him deeply. She couldn't imagine anything else. It made her stomach turn.

#7 Liam McCallister

Liam McCallister

Posted 29 January 2016 - 12:24 AM



TAG // liam + melli character NOTES // running, running, running
His head was already filling up with thoughts too fast to decipher.

She was disarming him. Of course, there wasn't much of him that usually needed disarming. He was an absolutely open book most days, in most conversations, but she was making it impossible for him to even filter his thoughts, his stupid flustered thoughts before they verbalized themselves and became real for more than just one person. "N-no, not sick. In awe, crap - sorry, I..." am making a fool of myself.

This was always the problem, it seemed. He was always aware of the things he did. It was never a situation where he said or did things, got home and thought about them, and was hit by the embarrassment after the fact. No, Liam went through it all in the moment. The flustered feelings caused him to blurt out thoughts that wouldn't even finish themselves before another one stumbled out of his lips and then in turn the embarrassment from just hearing his stutter out loud caused it to get so much worse. For a moment, he thought about how lucky he was to at least have a best friend in Scott, who didn't mind his obvious social blocks.

Maybe it was a case of temporary hypochondria (an over-reaction to the butterflies that seemed to be attempting to break free from his insides), or maybe he actually did look as sick as this girl was claiming he did. He didn't even consider the possibility that this could be his body's way of hamming up the situation; of prolonging the time he would have with the attention of this pretty girl directly on him. "I could use some, uh, some water?

#8 Olivia Park

Olivia Park

Posted 02 February 2016 - 01:41 AM

for liam / ### words
where the sky hangs
In awe?

If it weren't for his mannerisms, she'd think he was trying to play her at the moment. Her expression went slightly blank then as she studied him, as if trying to decipher exactly what sort of person he was. Her eyes narrowed the slightest bit in this moment, but she recovered magnificently, that moment of uncertainty hardly noticeable. Yet he continued all the same and she smirked internally, reveling in her small victory. He was hamming it up the slightest bit. This she understood.

"Water! Of course, sweetheart!" She chirped, and suddenly she was jumping up and jogging up the steps of the bleachers, over to her backpack. She dug through it urgently until she located an unopened bottle of water and held it up victoriously in case he was looking. "Thought I had one of these sittin' around! Good thing, huh?" She asked as she zipped the backpack back up and bounded back down the steps.

"Here you go. Y'know people don't really think about dehydration when it's cold outside but it still happens. Skin gets all dry thanks to the cold winter air." She was making that shit up as she went. "Nursing major"-- here was hoping he wouldn't ask or quiz her over that. She most certainly was not educated in that realm. Either way, she handed it off to him with a smile, settling in exactly where she'd been before.

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