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With Spring Comes... (Adrian)

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#1 Rose Newhall

Rose Newhall

Posted 24 March 2016 - 11:34 PM

The football stands, in spring, were quiet, right now anyway.  Track was usually here but apparently the track team was at some away meet.  Rose knew because she checked; she liked to know when the stands would be quiet and she could come out here and think.    Having a dorm room to herself meant that she could always be alone there but dorms were rarely quiet, except late at night, and even then not always.


No, this was perfect, and a nice day.  The first real spring like day that they had had in a while.  March was an odd month in Colorado; one moment it could be 70, the next you could start to feel flurries falling on you.  The next day you could be under a blizzard watch.  However, the closer it got to April the more it felt like winter was finally letting spring in. 



Normally, out here the woman would be drawing or writing in her journal, something she had taken to lately.  She might be trying to capture the moments with the birds and other natural elements on film but as it stood right now, she was talking to her mother on the phone.  Her cell had rung to interrupt her quiet.   Her journal sat closed, with a pen marking where she had left off and her drawing pad lay underneath.  Her backpack that went most places with her lay unopened on the other side of her.  Rose in the middle of her things but they didn’t make her feel trapped; no that distinction lay with the woman on the other end of the phone.



”No, Mother.”  A pause.  ”Yes, Mother.”  Another break.  ”I already said I would… you don’t have to….  Yes…Good bye.”  If anyone had heard the exchange; it might have sounded like a business deal than a call between mother and her daughter.  Rose’s voice sounding more defeated than upset.  It was just another day in her life, after all, a life she felt very little control over, at times.  As she clicked off her phone; a sign left her lips before she gazed out upon the field. 







#2 Adrian Morrison

Adrian Morrison

Posted 08 April 2016 - 11:05 PM

Adrian was excited!  Tryouts were starting for the outdoor season, and even though he had just come from a tryout, he was ready to play a little more.  Wearing a pair of track pants and a long-sleeved tee, he headed out to the football field with a soccer ball tucked under his arm, and a water bottle in his other hand.  It was the perfect temperature outside – a little cool but not cold.  He wasn’t going to be doing much, just juggling with the soccer ball to get used to having the ball on his foot again.  He was a keeper, so he didn’t need to have outrageous foot skills, but he liked to be better than average.  He’d always taken pride on his ability to move a ball. 


Jogging from the school to the field, he dropped his water bottle onto the ground before tossing the ball up into the air.  Catching it on his foot, he eased it to the ground so it landed without even the smallest of bounces.  The whole motion was smooth and graceful – an odd trait for Adrian to have.  But when the ball was on his foot, it just felt like an extension of him!  Taking a haphazard look around, he paused when he saw a very familiar form sitting in the stands, talking on her phone.  Grinning to himself, he jogged back over to the bleachers and started to climb.  Things had been so hectic lately, and he hadn’t gotten to see as much of Rose as he would have liked.


Catching the tail end of the conversation, and hearing the sigh that accompanied it, his smile softened a bit as he approached.  “Hey, Rose.  Uh…is everything ok?” he asked gently, breathing a little heavier since he had just run up the steps to reach her.  He was by no means out of breath, though.  “How have you been?”  And what had happened on the phone to make her sound so…defeated?  Adrian wasn’t so sure she would appreciate him asking flat-out, but maybe she would tell him since he had inquired after her well-being…

#3 Rose Newhall

Rose Newhall

Posted 03 May 2016 - 06:54 PM

If it hadn’t been her mother on the phone or maybe the call had come a few minutes later, Rose would have definitely noticed that Adrian had come into the stadium and probably would have avoided the call; just calling her mother back later.  She hadn’t really intended on bringing Adrian into that part of her life, until later…if at all.  She had hoped to keep her parents to herself from most of the people here, with the expectation of Sasha who already knew about them.


But here he was, he didn’t seem to be trying to pry, more concerned but the blonde young woman assumed Adrian had heard, at least, part of the conversation.   How could she possibly answer him?  She had already told him a lot about her life; about her brother and the accident but Rose had never once mentioned her parents to him, for good reason.  It’s hard to explain them and her relationship with them (or lack thereof) without sounding like the poor little rich girl.  At least that was a concern of Rose’s, she didn’t want to be seen that way but her relationship with her parents was what it was.


”Hi.” The return of his smile was there, even if hers was soft and a little on the small sign.  Still, even with the timing possibly not being the best she really did like seeing him again.  ”How’s Valerie?”  She hadn’t been sure if stopping by to visit would have been welcomed by his sister but she had sent over some chicken soup.  Homemade but, fortunately, for anyone eating it not by her. 


”I’m alright.” How convincing did that sound?  Maybe, more the question was that how could he possibly buy that?  Maybe, she could tell him just enough because she really didn’t know how to tell him everything.  ”I’m guessing though that you heard at least some of that conversation?” It wasn’t anything accusatory towards him; it was really just a question to allow him the opening to ask more if he wanted.  She really wanted him to be in her life more and it might be a good idea to find out if any of her life might just scare him off.  





#4 Adrian Morrison

Adrian Morrison

Posted 14 May 2016 - 07:11 AM

Adrian’s smile remained fixed as Rose asked about Valerie, and he gave a little shrug.  “She seems to be doing well.  She’s mostly recovered, I think, but I’m still trying to keep an eye on her to make sure she doesn’t push herself so hard again.  Hopefully it’s not backfiring and causing her more stress, but I think she’s ok.  She at least seems to be tolerating it.” he said with a little laugh.  He hadn’t hovered like a worried mother hen, but he had certainly kept a closer eye on her as of late.  “She appreciated the soup.  Said it was really good.  She ate all of it, so she must have been telling the truth.” he finished with that warm smile still in place.


Tilting his head as she brushed off his question, if he hadn’t been thinking about it his smile likely would have slipped a bit.  Was she trying to convince herself, or him?  Waiting patiently, he didn’t have to wait too long before she gave in and commented on him hearing her conversation on the phone.  Shrugging his shoulders again, he nodded.  “Yeah.  Kind of hard not to, at least at the end.” he said.  He wasn’t about to apologize.  It wasn’t necessary, and she didn’t seem to be upset – at least not with him.  “Do you want to talk about it?  Or not really?  I don’t want to pry if it was personal…”  But she had certainly sounded upset by the end of the conversation…


Lowering himself down to the bench beside her, he leaned forward so his elbows were resting on his knees.  “I just came out here after tryouts.  I was going to kick a ball around and get back into the soccer zone, y’know?” he offered, trying to lighten the pressure on Rose a bit.  If he was expecting her to open up, he may as well start to talk, too.  “You aren’t cold?  I can go grab my jacket, if you are.  It’s just in my gym locker.”  It might be nice to see her in his jacket!

#5 Rose Newhall

Rose Newhall

Posted 18 May 2016 - 06:47 PM

Rose gave a nod to Adrian’s words about his sister.  It was good to hear that Valerie was doing better and she knew the other woman was lucky to have a brother, like Adrian, to look after her.   ”I’m glad she liked it.  I’ll pass the compliment on to the chef.”  Not on to take credit for something she didn’t make.


Maybe it was more convincing herself but she did that a great deal of the time.  Just take a breath,  pretend like everything’s fine and get lost in her art or writing in her journal, it didn’t change the relationship with her parents or make anything better but , at least, she could forget about them for a while.  However, talking about them was reserved for very few people.  It used to only be her brother, because, she knew he understood.  Now, …there was Sasha but Sasha was her best friend and they had known each other forever ..and Sasha understood.   However, there was  this fear that Adrian wouldn’t or that he might just think her too much trouble to deal with.  Rose didn’t want that.


While her thoughts were still coming together and before she could really answer him; he started talking about why he had come out here.  She though liked to listen to him talk; especially, about soccer…it was special to him and it was nice to see that connection with something.  ”When does soccer season start?”  Was she cold?  Looking down, she suddenly realized she had started rubbing her arms without realizing it.  Habit?  Maybe, she tended to close her body up more after talking to her mother.  A light breeze came over and then she realized.  ”Actually, I am a little.  If you don’t mind…” Not wanting him to go out of his way too much but she thought she might like wearing his jacket. Before he went off in search of the jacket, she did say…”I’ll talk about it...when you get back.” That let him know that his effort to get her to talk worked and, hopefully, enough time to figure out how to put it into words.  





#6 Adrian Morrison

Adrian Morrison

Posted 22 May 2016 - 01:36 AM

Adrian was surprised to hear that Rose hadn’t made the soup, but it didn’t change anything about her in his eyes.  “Much appreciated.  Thanks!” he said with a little laugh.  What else could he say to that?  But as he asked about her phone call, he knew it was clearly a difficult topic.  Rose didn’t seem to want to talk about it, and he wasn’t going to force it.  All he could do was be there if she did want to talk about it.


Instead of pressuring her to talk, he eased up on it and started to talk about his tryouts, and what he had intended to do out here before he had seen her.  Rose seemed interested in it, and even asked about it without being prompted.  “Two weeks.  So not a whole lot of time to see if we mesh well together but…I’m pretty confident based on what I saw today.”  They had seemed to work decently enough.  With a bit of training, he was sure they would be able to gel.


Smiling as Rose seemed startled at his question about if she had been cold, he nodded as she agreed to borrow his jacket.  “I don’t mind at all.  I’ll be right back, ok?”  Getting to his feet, he stretched his arms over his head and turned to make his way down the stands, but paused as she spoke up once more.  “Alright.  I won’t be long.”  Giving her a wave, he jogged back down the steps and back into the locker room to retrieve his jacket.  Bringing it back outside, he still had a smile on his face as he ascended the stairs and wrapped his track-jacket around her shoulders.  “There ya go.  It’s not a whole lot of protection from the cold, but every little bit helps, right?”


Lowering himself back down to sit next to her, he propped his feet up on the bench in front of him as he made himself comfortable.  After all, she had said she would explain, and something told him it wouldn’t be a short story.

#7 Rose Newhall

Rose Newhall

Posted 24 May 2016 - 06:47 PM

It was nice listening to him talk about soccer.  ”I’ll have to come to a game as soon as the gymnastics tournaments are over for the season.” One thing about competition in an indoor sport was it sometimes could overlap into some of the other seasons.  She would try to come to the opener and as many games as she could to route him on but between gymnastics and classes her time was limited until the end of tournament season.


Maybe, Rose should have planned better as there was no telling when a cold breeze might come up in Colorado but she honestly hadn’t been thinking besides she liked the idea of borrowing his coat.  She gave him a nod as he went off and then proceeded to turn off her phone, lest they be interrupted by another call from her mother, something she was wanting to avoid.  It wasn’t long before Adrian was back and placing the jacket around her arms.  ”Thanks.  I’m sure it’ll be fine.”


The woman waited for Adrian to be settled back down before she began to speak, actually, it took her a few more seconds only because she knew, or at least thought, that this might sound like no problem at all but there was , of course, more to the story that was she was starting with.  ”Okay.  That was my mother on the phone.  My parents are hosting a party at the Keller Resort about an hour from here.” If he had heard of the Keller Resort, he would already know it was a Resort only for the rich and/or famous of society.  Rose found it to be pretentious but she had no say in such matters.  ”If you don’t let it get out; I’ll tell you a secret…..I’m really an introvert.  I don’t like going to the kind of parties my parents throw, they tend to wear me out.  There is always a number of people there that spend there time talking about other people and my parents have ….certain rules, as to how I’m supposed to act. “ Before continuing on and getting to far into her relationship with her parents, she stopped and then said.  ”My mother said that I had to attend the party with a date.  Actually, she said that either I find a date or she would find one for me.”  She really wasn’t trying to worm a date out of him but , the thought did cross her mind , that going with him would be so much better. 


There was more to this story, though, maybe obvious by what she had already said or more like how she had said it.  Pauses in certain places or words said just the right way.  She wasn’t sure how to even get into the rest of it.   ”I don’t really have the best relationship with my parents, so, it makes going to these thing …..harder.”   She stopped at this point , knowing he might have questions  or he might take this opportunity to back out of …well, really there were just friends at the moment but still…she didn’t want to scare him off.





#8 Adrian Morrison

Adrian Morrison

Posted 04 June 2016 - 06:46 AM

Adrian beamed as Rose offered to come to a game.  “Sure!  That’d be awesome!  When does gymnastics end?  Maybe if there aren’t any conflicting days, I can come watch one of those, too.”  He didn’t know the first thing about gymnastics, but that wouldn’t stop him from going and cheering for Rose!  It seemed like a good idea to him, assuming their schedules matched up.


It didn’t take him too long to get the jacket for Rose, and thankfully it didn’t smell awful or he would have been embarrassed to give it to her.  His main concern was whether she would be warm enough with it, but it had to be better than nothing, right?  Draping it over her shoulders, allowing her to put it on properly if she wanted to, he made himself comfortable while he waited for Rose to start to explain what had bothered her so much earlier.  He wasn’t going to push.


Hearing Rose start to speak, he glanced over at her with a gentle expression on his face.  Something told him, based on her reaction earlier, that this wouldn’t be an easy conversation.  He wanted to be as supportive as he could and not cause further problems for her.  His eyebrows lifted, though, as she explained that it had been her mother on the phone.  In all of their conversations, her parents had rather tactfully been admitted aside from the occasional vague reference.  Adrian stayed quiet, though, letting her get it all out.


Tilting his head curiously as she seemed determined to tell him a secret, he grinned as she commented on being an introvert.  “Nooooo…” he said in mock disbelief, but that was all he said on the matter.  He could have told her that.  Adrian did understand the idea about them having expectations that Rose couldn’t (or wouldn’t) meet.  Nodding in agreement, he still remained quiet so as to not interrupt her, now that she was in the zone.  As she mentioned the threat of her mother finding a date for her though, he made a face.  “Ooooh…that would suck.” he said sympathetically.  From the sounds of things, he would probably be some pompous douche.


Adrian had guessed that she didn’t have the greatest relationship with her parents, but hearing her say it out loud only confirmed it.  “Well…it sounds like there’s really only one solution to your problem.” he said conversationally, offering her a smile.  “You need a buffer, right?  I happen to be pretty good with parents.  I don’t come from money or anything, but I’ve got manners.  I can be respectful and polite, and maybe having someone you know there would make it a little more tolerable?  And it might even pass the time a little quicker.”  The offer didn’t bother him in the slightest.  It might be fun to attend a ritzy party with Rose!  The idea of asking more questions didn’t even occur to him.  She had a problem…he had a solution!


“I mean…if you don’t want to go with me, I won’t take offense.  But…it would get your mom off your back, right?  And we could go on a legit date…that wouldn’t end in a trip to the hospital, ideally?”

#9 Rose Newhall

Rose Newhall

Posted 06 June 2016 - 06:41 PM

She smiled back at him.  ”It ends in about a month.  We have one completion here in about two weeks.   It would be great if you could come to that as it’s the final one before State.  I can send you the schedule.”  Which would be the easiest thing to try to coordinate their schedules around.


She put on the sweater, thanking him for it.  It was warm enough; as it wasn’t freezing out, it was really just the breeze making it a little chiller than when Rose had first come out here.  Rose wasn’t one to discuss her family; well, her parents but now they were the only family she had left.  Things were just so much easier when her brother was alive, he had been an excellent buffer between them.


Adrian’s “Noooo….”  Got a breath of a laugh from the blonde.  She figured he might have been surprised to know how many people didn’t see her as she really was.  When the man mentioned that would suck; she didn’t know what to say, it seemed like he understood, at least as much as he could.  That made her talking to him easier, in a way.


However, despite how understanding he was being and how much they had gotten to know each other; it still surprised Rose when Adrian offered to take her.  She had to wonder if he really knew what he was getting himself into but then again; her parents certainly wouldn’t be rude at the party, though the young woman knew she would hear about bringing someone who didn’t meet her parents’ qualifications later from her mother; she really did want to go with him.


”Actually, I’d really like to go with you.” Speaking after his comment about the date not ending up in a trip to the hospital.  ”Thank  you for doing this. “ She left it at that, all, they needed to do was discuss specifics.





#10 Adrian Morrison

Adrian Morrison

Posted 09 June 2016 - 02:15 AM

Adrian beamed at Rose.  “That’ll be right when our season is in full swing, but I should be able to make at least one of them!  I guess it’ll depend on when our games and practices are, which we won’t know until the start of the actual season.  But I’d really like to come watch.  Might learn a thing or two, you never know.” he said with a confident wink.  Not likely, but one could hope.


Once she was all bundled up in his clothing, though, he was incredibly patient as she explained her situation with her parents – or at least her mother, in particular.  He wasn’t sure if her dad was part of the problem, too.  He was glad he could have added a bit of levity to the situation, but he wasn’t trying to overshadow her concerns.  Hopefully she understood that, but she didn’t seem to be bothered by his gentle teasing.  But he was pleased that she was opening up to him about it.


It was a simple solution, in his eyes.  Rose was struggling with her family situation.  She was dreading attending an event, so why not have a friendly buffer around?  Picking up on the surprise on her face, he smiled warmly at her as she agreed.  “Of course!  I can clean up pretty nicely, and I can usually make polite conversation, even with scary parentals.” he said teasingly, but he was also being serious.  “I’m sure I won’t be up to par with mom’s approval, but I’m also not trash from the street, either.  I was raised right, I’ve got manners, it’ll be alright.  We can just stick to each other like glue, and if you need to use me as an excuse to duck out…we can do that.  We’ll come up with a signal or something.  Maybe I can mysteriously get food poisoning.”  Now he wasn’t being serious, but they could easily figure out a way to leave.


Reaching out with his foot, he gently nudged her own foot.  “So will I need to wear a suit?  I assume it’ll be over a weekend if you’re expected to go.  They can’t want you to miss school, right?”  Adrian wouldn’t fuss over the details, no matter what they were.  But he did need to know them.  “We could drive up together.  I don’t mind driving.”

#11 Rose Newhall

Rose Newhall

Posted 18 June 2016 - 08:53 PM

The problem with gymnastics as a sport was that it tended to run right into other sports; it was indoors , after all .  However, if they hadn’t made it past regionals she would be done now with all of  her competitions.  ”I know our next on, that’s here, is on a Friday night.” She went about sending  him the schedule, so, he could decide if he could come.  ”I’ll get the soccer schedule when it’s out but I’m certain I can make a few games.”


Rose certainly wasn’t bothered by the light teasing, as she knew it was a friendly kind of thing.  As for her father, she didn’t really want to get started on that subject, on top of what she had already told Adrian.  Besides, she didn’t know how much there really was to tell about her father, he just ignored her; right now she was actually missing the days when her mother, kind of did that as well.


The blonde was certain that the man sitting beside her could clean up really nicely; it would be nice to see him all dressed up.  ”Well, my parents will be nothing but polite to you.  They put on a very good social act.  So, I think it’ll be alright.”At least for the night though he was right about not meeting her mother’s approval.  ”Don’t joke, we might really need that signal before the nights over.” Though it was said with a light tone; she couldn’t imagine wanting to stay at the party the entire time; even if spending time with him seemed appealing.


”Actually.” Pausing a little with a slight breath, as if she didn’t want to say this next part but he did need to know.  It was just that he had offered so much all ready.  ”It’s black tie.  Would you mind getting a tux?” She hated putting more on him, even if it renting a tux probably wasn’t too much to ask.  ”It’s on a Saturday.  My mother will have two rooms reserved for us, to get ready.  So, we can get there any time on Saturday but if you drove that would be great.” She had kind of dreaded the drive up there, by herself but this certainly made that better.  ”Thank you for doing this.” She couldn’t leave that unsaid but was certain she would thank him again before the party was over.


(Feel free to move ahead to the party.  You can have him getting her from their rooms at the hotel or wherever you want to start.  Feel free to God a little with my character is necessary.  She would have given him the date, time, address, etc.)





#12 Adrian Morrison

Adrian Morrison

Posted 25 June 2016 - 02:05 AM

Adrian grinned at Rose as she mentioned the next meet being on a Friday night.  “This Friday?  Or just…a Friday?”  Upcoming, obviously.  Pulling out his phone, he ook a quick look at the schedule before nodding.  “I’m sure I can make at least one of these.  Hopefully more.”  It’d be nice to see her perform!  Was that the right word?  It wasn’t really ‘playing’, like soccer was.  Yeah, he’d go with ‘perform’.  “As soon as the schedule’s out, I’ll send it to you.” 


Chuckling softly as Rose assured him that her family would be nice to him, he shrugged his shoulders.  “Well, even if they aren’t, for some strange reason, I’ve got a pretty thick skin.  But I can play the social game, too.”  Adrian was fairly confident in his abilities.  He had been kidding about the signal to duck out early, but he shrugged again.  “Well, we can come up with something, then.  Something that’ll sound legit.”


He shouldn’t have been surprised to hear that it was a black tie event, but he had expected a suit to be fine.  “Uh…yeah.  I could rent a tux.”  Hell, he was sure his parents would buy him a tux, if he asked.  But he could afford to rent one.  If it was only for the weekend.  “It’ll be fine, Rose.  I’ll stick to your side, and we’ll get through it in one piece.  Don’t you worry.”




Standing in the middle of what seemed to be…a ballroom of sorts?  Adrian had a warm smile on his face as he looked around.  Rose was on his arm, as he promised, and he wasn’t intending to leave her side.  “We’ll be just fine, Rose.  Why don’t we go say hi to your folks…get the tough part out of the way?” he asked softly.  Nodding at a couple walking past, that open smile still on his face, he squeezed Rose’s arm gently.  “It will be ok, Rose.”

#13 Rose Newhall

Rose Newhall

Posted 28 June 2016 - 11:29 PM

Rose gave Adrian a smile to his joke; then sent him the schedule.  Nodding when he said he could make at least one, she hoped it would be more as well.  ”Alright. “ She was certain she could be at a number of his game. 


Rose knew her parents would be polite; it wasn’t in their nature to call her out for bringing him right at the party.  No, they would wait and then in a few days, after her mother had gotten whatever information she could about her date and his family,  the woman would call Rose and then let her have an earful.  Really, it didn’t have to be anything more than that he didn’t have as much money as them but Rose didn’t care, she would actually be at the party with someone she wanted to be there with; a nice guy, Adrian who the blonde had developed quite the crush over, The rest she would deal with when it happened.  She would ask Sasha to be her excuse except she couldn’t be certain if one of Sasha’s parents might also be at the party.  ”Well, faking a phone call usually works.  I could say that I have a friend who needs a ride from somewhere.”  No one would really care who that was or bother checking on it.  Whatever they went with though; they could come up with something.


”Sorry, it’s just my parents are kind of specific about these things.” Though he did agree he seemed reluctant or was that surprise.  Then again some men didn’t like wearing such things.  It was a relief to know that he was going with her but all she could do was nod to his next comment.


Mountain View Room; it was aptly named for the view of the mountains from all the windows but especially from the patio connected to the room.   When they arrived in the room; the doors to the patio were closed but Rose knew not locked; it was evening after all.  It was for all purposes a ballroom; similar to the kind of place pricey weddings are held at. 


The room was decorated with pink, purple and white flowers, a selection of them like mini roses, lavender, and hyanciths in the cascading centerpieces accented the silk linens that were on the tables.   There were floating candles in a pool of coy feed to by a water fall which went to the outside patio area.  There was an ice sculpture of a rose just opening.


The tables were there for the meal they were about to be served;  knowing her mother the woman had probably hired the best chefs she could, maybe even flying them in for the occasion.  The meal was a tasting menu however which means that it was a great deal of money spent for a variety of dishes but not a lot of one thing.  However, Rose had heard this was all the rage now among the elite of society,  especially for event like this because people could eat ant then dance and then go back to eating without really missing any of the food. 


Opposite the tables was the dance floor, complete with the crystal chandelier and stage for the band that was softly playing as currently cocktail hour was in progress.   Rose instantly spotted her parents as  she and Adrian walked into the room; her mother hadn’t been happy she had managed to secure a date on her own but the woman had given her a choice so really what could she say about it.  


Hearing Adrian’s words, she knew that he meant greeting her parents, who were in the process of greeting others.  She smiled , to show the façade but also took a quiet breath.   ”Alright. I’m ready.”  With Adrian and her arm in arm it was easy to gently lead him to where her mother and father stood.


 They didn’t have to wait long before she was looking at her parents; she didn’t waste an instant , after all Rose had been taught what to do from a young age.  ”Mother, Father this is Adrian Morrison.  Adrian this is my mother and father.”


Her father stuck out his hand first to greet Adrian with a handshake, gave Rose a glance but said nothing, at first.  ”I hope you two enjoy your evening.” Was said as if he was greeting any other couple here.  He then glanced down as his phone went off.  ”Its business, my apologies but I really must take this.”  His exit making Rose think her father might have figured out his own exit strategy for talking with her.


”It’s nice to meet you Mr. Morrison.” Rose’s mother being far too polite to call him by his first name unless told it was alright.  ”Are you any relation to Cape Cod Morrisions…they have a son but  I believe he is older than you?” Rose could practically hear the shovels from her mother are digging.   ”Rose, you should show this young man around.  I believe some of your class from boarding school is here.   Oh, you remember Joyce Langston, right?  Word has it she’s engaged to a Prince; I believe his line is from Mordova. And Harrington Wells, well, his mother told me that he is going to wed in the summer to Collette Franklinton.” Her mother nodding in the direction of such people and went on about two more people that Rose could care less about before finally saying.  ”Well, I shouldn’t keep you two.  I’m sure I’ll see you again before the nights over. “ Nodding towards Adrian.  ”It was nice to meet you .” The woman walked away from where they were standing to link back up with Rose’s father.


”Well, that went…about as I expected.” Rose shook her head.  Her father couldn’t wait to get away from her and her mother had done a not so subtle Why can’t you be engaged and getting married to Prince or some  other wealthy man that I approve of, already. ”I’m sorry, I hope that wasn’t too awkward for you.”  




(Rose is wearing https://www.pinteres...63982354275221/ )





#14 Adrian Morrison

Adrian Morrison

Posted 01 July 2016 - 02:06 AM

The setting was incredibly beautiful.  Adrian hadn’t expected anything less, but seeing it first-hand was vastly different from any expectation he may have held.  It was breath-taking.  He knew Rose came from money, and knew that it would be lavish.  He had to admit, he was looking forward to trying the food.  “You look beautiful, by the way.  I know I said it upstairs, but you really do…” he breathed into her ear.  He knew she was nervous about this whole thing, but they would get through it.  They would get through it and then they could head back and forget about the whole thing.  At least until the next event, anyway.  “Let’s do this.” he said when Rose agreed to get the greeting of her parents out of the way.


Heading over, Adrian smiled and bowed his head respectfully as he was introduced by Rose.  “It’s nice to meet you both.” he said with a smile, and took her father’s outstretched hand in a firm handshake.  He wasn’t intimidated.  “Thanks.  Everything looks really nice.” he said politely as they were bade a good time.  In no time at all, though, the older man’s phone rang and he excused himself from the group.  Adrian nodded before being addressed by Rose’s mother.  “Mr. Morrison is my father.  Please, call me Adrian.” he said with his smile still present.


As she asked if he was related to a Morrison family in Cape Cod, Adrian thought for a moment before shaking his head.  “Not that I’m aware of.  It’s possible that there’s a distant relation but…not very likely.  We have a pretty small family.” he said with a chuckle.  He could tell that she was prodding him to find out more about his pedigree, or maybe his own monetary situation.  He had watched enough drama shows to know how this worked, plus he was a psychology major.  If he couldn’t figure that out…he should drop out of school.


Tightening his arm around Rose’s waist as her mother pointedly commented on her classmates that were doing ‘better’ than she was in terms of their love lives, he nodded again as Mrs. Newhall dismissed herself.  “I look forward to it, Mrs. Newhall.  Thank you again for inviting me.”  Even if it had been Rose that had invited him.  He hadn’t been lying earlier, though.  He was a polite man, especially with parents.  They were left on their own again, and Adrian smiled down at Rose as she apologized.


“Don’t worry about it, Rose.  It wasn’t that bad.  We both knew I wasn’t going to be up to par.” he said with a chuckle.  Ironically, he was reminded of Gilmore Girls.  He would blame his sisters for his watching of the show, until the day he died.  Truthfully, he had thoroughly enjoyed it.  The dialogue, the drama, the hot girls…


Yes…he was still a guy.  He could appreciate beauty.  And wit, on top of it.


“We can wander around, saying hi to people and introductions and stuff…play the part.  And find a way to get out of here when you’re ready.  I’ll stay as long as you want, ok?”

#15 Rose Newhall

Rose Newhall

Posted 09 July 2016 - 06:12 AM

Rose had to admit that her mother had wonderful taste; the woman h ad been raised to be a socialite and throw parties such as these but Rose often thought that there was a certain amount of natural ability that went into it as well.   Her mother had help; of course, a staff and Mikael the party planner, whom Rose was certain was around here some place but her mother never needed much help in the initial ideas or color schemes.    She had complimented Adrian when they were upstairs; he looked so handsome in that outfit, that she had a moment of not believing he was actually here with her.   Rose had thanked him upstairs for the first compliment, but with the second compliment she was just hoping she didn’t blush before seeing her parents.  She squeezed his arm lightly as an unspoken thank you though it was, this time, not only for the compliment but for him being here with her. 


Richard Newhall, Rose’s father, was about 6’2” with a decent build, blonde hair, and blue eyes, dressed in a black tux.  The power he held didn’t come from his size though it came from his presence; he was the type of man to command a room just by walking into it.  Despite there not being much of a relationship between father and daughter, he also had never done anything to her to make her fear him, still he intimated Rose just by being there, something which was normally well hidden, it took someone who knew her well to pick up on it.   


Florence Newhall, Rose’s mother, stood about 5’7”, with a look of a woman that obviously spent a great deal of time on her appearance.   Whatever it took to stay looking as young as possible without going so far overboard it looked fake.   Her mother worked out, beauty treatments twice a week, at least, all of those kinds of things, on a regular basis.  Rose wasn’t like her mother but she did understand a little of why the woman thought appearance was so important.   While still an attractive woman; it had been told that when she was younger she was considered a catch, not just from a wealthy family on her own but also a beauty; it was something that held her in the graces of many and had eventually won Rose’s father, an attractive man in his own right.  Rose thought that her mother still loved being part of the couple that everyone turned to see as they walked into a room; for some reason it was important to the woman, even if Rose never really understood why.


”Thank you.” Mrs. Newhall responded to the compliment given by Adrian before her husband went off to take care of business.  ”Well, Adrian it is then.” She didn’t and wouldn’t extend the offer back to him to call her by her first name; that was reserved for only some people and Rose knew that her mother would have to know more about him before offering that if she did at all. 


Rose’s mother nodded to Adrian’s response, and really Rose was surprised that there wasn’t more prodding about Adrian’s life but her mother seemed to just go with that one answer.  That made Rose wonder if her mother would have Adrian and his family checked out, it was possible but Rose hoped that maybe her mother would just leave this alone, at least for a while. The tightening of his arm around her waist made her feel better and while there was nothing she could do about her mother’s words it did make them easier to deal with.


Rose was a little relieved when her mother left and was actually glad the meeting didn’t last longer.  Adrian’s comment, made her smile, he seemed fine with what had happened and she would just leave it at that. 


To his next comment she nodded.  ”Alright.  If you’re ready then, I’ll start introducing you around.” She kept her arms in his and led him towards more people in the room.


It didn’t take long before they were tracked down by a girl with long auburn hair, about Rose’s age, wearing a dark green long gown.  ”Rose, dear.  It’s soooo good to see you, again.  Where have you been hiding yourself and  ...”  Glancing a look towards Adrian.  ”Who is this handsome man standing beside you?”  All that was missing from this whole scene was the air kisses.


”Hello, Charlene.  It’s nice to see you as well.  I’ve been in college, in Colorado.” Noticing the look, Rose internally breathed deeply.  ”This is Adrian Morrison.  Adrian this is Charlene.  Charlene and I were on the Equestrian team in boarding school together.” Pausing for a moment.  ”How are you, Charlene?  How’s Chestnut?”  


”Oh, I’m fine.  I’m attending NYU.  I gave Chestnut to Adele, my younger sister.  I didn’t really have time for him any longer.   It takes a lot of time to keep a horse.” Saying it as if the two people she was talking to wouldn’t know that.  ”So, how did you two meet?” She asked, looking directly at Adrian, obviously wanting to talk to him and Rose was certain that the flirting Charlene was directing at Adrian was for the soul benefit of getting more information about the man.  





#16 Adrian Morrison

Adrian Morrison

Posted 13 July 2016 - 04:37 AM

Feeling the gentle squeeze on his arm, he smiled down at Rose before the interrogation began.  Or at least…he had thought that it would be an interrogation, but he’d gotten nothing.  It was a greeting, that was pretty much it.  They were both on their best behaviour, obviously, and Adrian smiled as Rose’s mother called him by his given name.  It always weirded him out when people called him ‘Mr. Morrison’.  “Thank you.” he said politely.  They were off to a decent start, at least.  Even if it was just an act, as long as they were civil, that was all that mattered.  Well, that and he didn’t want Rose to be given a hard time later.


As he set Rose at ease about the interaction with her mother, they were ready to head off into the wild.  Adrian was polite and as charming as he could be without coming off as smarmy, and he knew he would be lucky to remember even five of the names he’d been told by the end of the night.  Still, it was good to be introduced, at least.  As they were approached by an unfamiliar young woman, though, Adrian was instantly on alert when he heard her sickening saccharine greeting to Rose.  Chuckling softly at the compliment, he instantly kept her name at the forefront of his mind as he was introduced.  He wondered how long she would hang around.


Nodding at Charlene, he smiled charmingly at her.  “Nice to meet you, Charlene.” he said politely.  She was a rider, too?  All Adrian could assume was that Chestnut was Charlene’s horse, and it was confirmed as the woman in question answered Rose.  “I have no doubt.  It must be hard work to be in school and continue to care for a horse.” he said warmly, smiling down at Rose.  Was it a bit of a shot?  Yes.  Rose managed just fine.


It seemed to have caught her attention again, though, and Adrian’s eyes returned to Charlene as he was directly questioned.  “Well, Rose and I go to the same college.  This might sound a little stalker-ish, but I saw her one day and decided I wanted to get to know her a little better.  So I tracked her down and bought her a coffee.  It’s just sort of evolved from there, right?” he asked Rose.  He wasn’t going to tell this stranger that he had tracked her down for a school project…not when it dealt with sensitive information.  The story was true, just with that one little omission. 


Turning his smile back to Charlene, he looked around curiously.  “Are you here by yourself, Charlene?”  As he asked, his hold tightened around Rose’s waist once more.  Another tiny shot, but he’d asked so innocently that it could easily be taken as genuine curiosity.

#17 Rose Newhall

Rose Newhall

Posted 16 July 2016 - 08:33 PM

Rose was certain her mother had been on her best behavior because it was a party, more importantly, her party, she wouldn’t anything ruin it.  Rose was, though, certain she would hear about her choice of date later, someplace less public.  


Rose could have thought of at least a half dozen people she would have preferred come up to them that weren’t Charlene.  However, Rose was polite, as she would be with everyone here.  It wasn’t really in her nature to be rude and while she was hoping Charlene would cut the conversation short; she wasn’t going to be short with the woman. 


Adrian was polite; charming even, though Rose could say she tended to see the man as such. ”It’s nice to meet you as well.” Came from Charlene who was obviously sizing up Adrian.  Rose caught the shot at Charlene though she wasn’t certain if Charlene caught it, after all she didn’t once ask Rose about Midnight..


Rose wasn’t surprised but was, at the same time, relieved to hear Adrian answer to the question of how they met.  ”Yes, that’s pretty much the whole story.” She gave a slight smile with the answer.  It didn’t really matter to Rose what Charlene thought.

Was the auburn woman here by herself , that was a question that Rose would like the answer to herself.  ”No, I’m here with Matt Holmes.” With a nod towards a dark haired man, about 6 feet tall, closer to Adrian’s age than Rose’s who was speaking with another dark haired man who looked to be in his 50’s. ”You remember Matt, Rose?”


Right at that moment, Matt walked over to the trio and said his hellos. Rose introduced Adrian and him and Matt said that he needed to “whisk away his companion for the evening” before the two of them left to head back over to the older man. 

”That older man is Matt’s father.” Rose shook her head slightly.  ”They’re not exactly on a date; Charlene and Matt are cousins.”  Rose didn’t want to gossip, what that was more of a heads up for Adrian if case Charlene came around again.

Rose took Adrian around to a few more people and couples, introducing him.  A few tried to get some information though nothing to prying and then a soft but noticeable chime was rung, it actually made a soft and pretty few notes. 


”That’s the cue for dinner.”  She lead Adrian to the area where the tables were and quickly towards the front of the room; there was no head table, just all round ones on the floor that sat six to a table.  However, it was obvious that Rose knew exactly where she would be seated.   Glancing around, the table next to theirs was a slightly more elaborately decorated and in the center , where the table she was standing at was slightly towards the side and decorated like the rest.  She went directly to two chairs that would be facing the room and picked up the place cards,  “Rose Newhall “ on the one and “Adrian Morrison” on the other.   ”Our seats.” She smiled at him. ”It’s sometimes good to have a fairly predictable mother.”





#18 Adrian Morrison

Adrian Morrison

Posted 07 August 2016 - 11:57 PM

Charlene seemed like one of those spoiled little rich girls that had everything handed to them on a silver platter, at worst.  She was the stereotypical rich girl, and he was glad that Rose wasn’t like that.  He was still polite, and although he made a few digs at her, it was done in a way that wasn’t glaringly obvious.  She hadn’t seemed to notice.


Thankfully, though, her date was brought over and Adrian had a polite ‘how do you do’ with him.  It didn’t last long, as the pair then moved off to continue interacting with others, and Adrian’s warm smile had never faltered once.  Leaning down to listen to Rose’s explanation, he nodded in understanding.  It looked like a rather intimate conversation, even if it was just gossip.  “Interesting.” he said with a little chuckle.


After meeting quite a few new faces and trying to keep everything straight in his mind, he had to admit he was a little relieved to hear the chime.  He was hungry!  And he was never going to be able to keep everybody in his mind.  “Awesome, I’m starved!” he said with a little chuckle.


Taking Rose’s hand as she led him towards the tables, he glanced around in confusion.  How the hell were they going to figure out where their seats were?  But Rose was confident as she led him through the room, and Adrian laughed softly as she pointed out their place cards.  “Well, I guess that’s a good thing, then!”  Moving around Rose, he smiled and gallantly pulled her chair out for her.  “Ladies first.”


Once she was seated, he moved to take his own seat.  “So, I assume it’s a plated, waitered event, right?  Not like a buffet or anything.” he said softly, barely loud enough to be heard by Rose.  He just didn’t want to be overheard by anyone else.  He was partially teasing, but also confirming.


“Where do your parents sit?  Over there?”  Gesturing with his chin to the elevated table, he locked eyes with Rose as his hand sought hers again under the table.

#19 Rose Newhall

Rose Newhall

Posted 19 August 2016 - 08:49 PM

Rose wasn’t surprised that Adrian seemed to handle himself well, she actually found it even more of a relief that he seemed to understand exactly what Charlene was like.  She figured he could handle just about anyone here; well, her parents always concerned her to a point but it wasn’t because she thought they would really do or say anything to him, at least not tonight.


Smiling at him, when he said that he was starved, actually she was getting hungry herself.  Dinner timing was usually good at these affairs, which was a good thing.  She showed him to the table and he pulled out her chair.  ”Thank you..


”It’s plated.” Rose responded, only loud enough that Adrian and no one else could overhear.  She did understand that he wasn’t used to going to these type of events and even if he was, one could really never been too certain though she didn’t know what was on the menu, having not stopped at the table with the person who was telling everyone else where they were seated was at.   Though it was the assistant to the party planner who had worked for her mother for years, so, all the man did was turn around and look to see Rose and Adrian sitting there and they turned back towards his book to check them off.


”Yes,.” Taking his hand under the table.  ”Along with them, at that table, should be Mikael, the party planner my mother always works with, and whoever his date is this evening and, probably, the parents of whoever my mother wanted to set me up with.” She sounded like this was common and in her life it was.   ”Now seated at our table….I’m guessing…will be whomever my mother wanted to set me up with, his date and hmmm….not certain who will be the other couple.” She got quite for a moment, it just dawning on her how strange it was to come to one of these without her brother.


She looked towards the table as Mikael brought up his date, Mikael was in his 40’s , his date, a rather nice looking man, seems closer to the mid 20 age range.  Rose couldn’t help but smile just a little and nod towards the table.  ”That’s Mikael, I don’t know who his date is.” It wasn’t common that party planners got that kind of treatment but Mikael was a one in a million and sort after by the elite, so Rose’s mother felt the need to show him off.  The other couple then came , sitting basically opposite Mikael, It took Rose one second before she was scanning the room.  ”The couple that just sat down are Catelyn and Dennis Warren. “ She opted to skip their resume and was about to tell Adrian about the son of theirs when might be sitting with them, when she noticed the man coming toward the table, date in hand.


”Hello, Rose.  You know Grace, right.”


”Hello, Jackson, Grace.” She said nodding to them.  ”Adrian, this is Jackson and Grace.  Jackson and Grace, this is Adrian.” After an almost muffled hello from Grace, Jackson put out his hand to shake Adrian’s.  He then pulled out Grace’s chair, making it obvious that he was sitting on the other side of Rose from Adrian.  She unconsciously tightened her grip on Adrian’s hand, but not too tight, then realizing what she was doing loosened it a bit. 


Jackson was about 6’2”, a build that he obviously worked on, blonde hair, dark blue eyes which gave Rose a subtle but at the same time obvious flirtatious look.  Grace had light brunette hair, brown eyes, she stood about 5’5”, a fairly nice build on her, as well but Jackson didn’t seem to notice he had a date, at least not at the  moment.


”So, Rose, do you know who the other couple joining us is?”  Jackson asked.


”No. I didn’t check.” Though she was hoping whoever it was would come soon.


”I hear your in college, in Colorado…hear that’s how you two met.” Jackson went on.


”Yes.” This might have been the shortest answers that Rose had given anyone all night but she really wanted it over with.


”Studying art, I assume.   I had my portrait done by Mann’s…he’s the latest thing in SoHo.  I believe it was right before I bought my new Swiss Chalet. “ Jackson went on, the looked directly at Adrian.  ”So, Adrian…have you ever been to Switzerland, you really should go.   Did Rose tell you that we usually go to these things together, I think this would be ...what it it…time five? “ He then glanced back at Rose for a moment.  ”If we had gone together, that is.”


Rose could have crawled under the table right now, and dinner hadn’t even started, yet. 





#20 Adrian Morrison

Adrian Morrison

Posted 30 August 2016 - 04:15 AM

Adrian had leaned in a little more as Rose started to explain about who would be at the head table, followed by the likely candidates of who would be sharing their table with them.  “Man, how many of these things have you been to?  I can understand why you’d want a friendly face, here.  Everyone we’ve met so far is just…fake.” he whispered.  It looked like an intimate conversation between a couple, rather than him doing a little bit of gossiping about the other party-goers.  He felt the change come over Rose, though, and simply gave her hand a little squeeze.  What was going through her mind?  He knew her pretty well by now, but he was still by no means an expert.


Thankfully, her smile returned as she gestured back towards the head table.  “Aaaaah, Mr. Party Planner, himself.  Well…can’t deny that he’s got talent.”  It was a pretty fancy party.  Adrian actually didn’t mind it.  He just wished the people they had spoken to were a little more genuine.  Rose was quietly introducing the couple that had joined Mr. Party Planner, before a new face approached them.  The smile returned to Adrian’s face as they were introduced, and he reached out to clasp Jackson’s hand in a firm handshake.  “Nice to meet you both.” he said in a friendly manner, and after shaking Jackson’s hand he held it out for Grace, as well.  It was only polite, after all.  Grace seemed to be a little on the shy side, though.


Feeling Rose’s hand tighten around his own as he sat back down, he gave it a reassuring squeeze in return.  Was this Jackson guy the one she was supposed to be set up with?  If so, it was no wonder that she was anxious.  Studying Jackson for a moment, he fought an eye-roll as he saw the look he was giving Rose.  Honestly…he wasn’t her date for the evening.  He could at least keep his desire to himself.  Staying quiet as Jackson and Rose spoke for a few moments, catching up, he had to fight hard to keep from laughing at Rose’s responses to his questions.  She clearly didn’t want to talk to him.


Sure enough, it didn’t take long before Jackson started to brag, and Adrian had been expecting it.  Giving Rose’s hand another gentle squeeze under the table, he gave Jackson a surprised look that was only partially embellished.  “Oh…did you mean an actual chalet in Switzerland?  I thought you meant…you bought a restaurant.” he said with a laugh.  “Nah, I haven’t been to Switzerland before.  Always wanted to go, though.  Maybe Rose and I can take a trip out there sometime.”  Turning his smile towards Rose, his lips twitched at the not-so-subtle comment that Jackson had made in regards to his attendance in the past…with Rose.


“Well…I appreciate you keeping her company during these parties.  I’m sure I’ll see a lot more of you in the future.  I look forward to getting to know you and Grace.  How did you two meet, anyway?” he asked, hoping to get the attention off of Rose for the time being.  He could tell she was uncomfortable, and poor Grace was being ignored by her douche of a date.  “Have you been to very many of these parties?” he asked kindly.

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