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With Spring Comes... (Adrian)

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#21 Rose Newhall

Rose Newhall

Posted 01 September 2016 - 03:19 PM

”I lost count.” Her voice kept to only where he could hear her. ”I went to my first society party, thrown by my mother, when I was nine.  She, usually, held three a year and I was expected to be at all of them.” Minus the themes; not much had changed at the parties, over the years, except she was older and more was expected of her.  Nodding to his comment about the people here being fake.  ”It’s a little strange; how fake they became.  I’ve known some of these people since preschool or  my first year of boarding school and most of them grew into the way they our now.” Maybe, that was the reason she never really felt like she fit in at one of these events; she didn’t care to associate much with fake people.


”You’ll probably be introduced to him before the night is over.  He’s actually really nice but it’s hard to get a moment with him at one of these parties.” Which was understandable giving it was his job.  There was really only one person that might be here that she wanted Adrian to meet and Rose hadn’t spotted him or his fiancé yet but she was really hoping he had come.  However, Jackson was certainly not that person.


Rose had no interest in Jackson besides she was here with who she really wanted to be here with though part of her did wonder if Adrian would ever want to come to one of these again once the night was over.  She couldn’t believe how rude Jackson was being to really everyo0ne at the table but especially Grace. 


Rose smiled at Adrian’s comment about the chalet; looking over at the other woman at the table even Grace’s lips seemed to twitch a little.  However, Jackson did not look amused and even less so when Adrian went on to talk about possible future plans with Rose. 


It was as if a small hole had been poked into Jackson’s ego; he wasn’t deflating quickly but there was a little bit with every word that Adrian spoke.  Jackson had no claims on Rose but it was as if a contract had been broken by Rose coming with someone else, not just to him but to her parents as well and Rose was aware that was why Jackson had been seated here, to let her know, to remind her that she was obligated to come with him.  Rose, however, was tired of obligations and had certainly not wanted to come with Jackson no matter what anyone thought. ”That sounds like a great idea, we should look into that.” Rose could play along with Adrian’s talk of future trips.


If Jackson didn’t like the fact that Rose and Adrian were here together; then he liked even less Adrian talking to his date.  It didn’t matter that Jackson had pretty much ignored Grace since they had come to the table.  Jackson said nothing though and Grace responded.  ”Oh, our families have known each other for years.  We even played together when we small children.  We just figured we would go to this party together.”


Rose had known Grace and Jackson for years and she could never understand why Grace was friends with him.  Jackson was now glancing around, looking for an out, the man was the jealous type and even for a date between friends he didn’t want someone else paying attention to the date he was ignoring.  Odd but Jackson was like that.


”Jackson, Grace…” A friendly voice arrived at the table in the form of a man,  mid 20’s , dark black hair, about 6’1 or so with an athletic build.  ”Grace your parents were wondering if the two of you could be persuaded to join them at their table, they seem to be short a couple.”


Jackson took no time at all before he was standing and offering Grace his hand.  ”It was nice meeting you.” The words coming from Grace towards Adrian.  ”It was nice seeing you again, Rose.” Rose responded with similar words of nice seeing Grace again as well.  Jackson just nodded at Rose and Adrian and with that the two of them were gone from the table. 


Rose let out a breath, looked up at the man who was now grinning and holding out a hand to Adrian.  ”I’m Thomas and you must be Adrian.  It’s nice to meet you.” He paused and looked around.  ”If you don’t mind, I’m going to go fetch my fiancé and we can finish with the introductions then.”


Thomas wandered off and Rose turned to Adrian.  ”Thomas was my brother’s best friend.   His fiancée is Jane.” Thomas was real and nice and gave a good indication of how Rose’s brother had been.  ”I’m sorry I didn’t warn you about Jackson.  My mother keeps setting us up.  I was really hoping he wouldn’t be here but I should have known better.”





#22 Adrian Morrison

Adrian Morrison

Posted 07 September 2016 - 11:34 PM

Adrian couldn’t imagine what it was like to be born into this kind of lifestyle, but it sounded like Rose was accustomed to this kind of party.  “Well, I’m glad you managed to avoid turning into these…vultures.” he whispered back, offering her a knowing smile.  Rose was nothing like these people.  Adrian wasn’t so sure he would be interested in her if she was as fake as they were.  Adrian was listening closely as she gave a few more quiet introductions, and he nodded as Rose said that they would likely get to meet the planner a little later on.  “Yeah, he’s got a lot of stuff to manage, I’d assume…with a party like this.”


But it didn’t take long before they were joined at the table by Jackson and Grace.  Jackson didn’t impress Adrian at all, and he couldn’t help but make a couple of pointed comments towards the other man.  Jackson seemed to be attempting to make it very clear that he and Rose had a long history, even if it wasn’t a romantic one.  He wasn’t even paying attention to his own date!  Adrian knew he was being a smartass, but he didn’t appreciate Jackson making a move on Rose while he was sitting right there.  It was clear that they were together, even if it was only for this one night, and he couldn’t help but ‘stake his claim’, so to speak.  He hoped it wasn’t just for this one night, though.  Adrian and Rose had a real relationship developing between them.


Adrian was tired of seeing Grace ignored, though, and it was easy enough to be pleasant to her.  She hadn’t been a jerk.  “Aww well that was nice of you to come together.  I’d imagine it’s not fun at all to come to these things alone.  Probably frowned upon, too?”  Glancing over to Rose for confirmation, they were interrupted from any further conversation by another man who was innocently inviting Jackson and Grace to sit with Grace’s parents.  “It was nice meeting you, too.” Adrian said warmly to Grace.  Jackson didn’t bother saying anything, only nodding a farewell at them.  Adrian gave him a wave and a smile, and as the pair walked away he couldn’t help but chuckle softly.  That had been…oddly fun.


The man who had inadvertently saved them from further time with Jackson had stayed and held out a hand in greeting.  Adrian didn’t hesitate to take it, and couldn’t help but notice that this man’s smile seemed more genuine than anybody else’s here.  “You got it.  Nice to meet you, too, Thomas.”  Nodding as Thomas excused himself, Adrian turned back to listen to Rose.  “Nah, don’t worry about Jacky-boy.  Aw man, I should have called him that.  Oh well…probably would have just caused more problems for you.  He’s gone now, though, and Thomas seems to be a pretty good guy.  You’ve known him for a while then, I take it?”  If he was her brother’s best friend, and she and her brother were quite close, it made sense that she would know Thomas pretty well.  “Think they’re the other pair at our table?”  That would be great!  It would probably set Rose at ease, too.

#23 Rose Newhall

Rose Newhall

Posted 09 September 2016 - 02:36 PM

It was just a part of her life and Rose couldn’t recall the first etiquette lesson she had to prepare her for this world.  Smiling at Adrian’s words.  Rose could thank her brother for that but she never wanted to be like these people.   The party planner might come over during dinner but it depended on how things went; Rose was though hoping to make the introduction.  If she was lucky maybe Adrian would come to more of these with her and it would be good if the two men knew each other.


Jackson was as Rose expected him to be, which was why she had hoped he wouldn’t come.  She felt sorry for Grace; even though Grace knew how Jackson was she might have been told to come to this party with him.   Rose was really glad that Adrian seemed to know just what to say back to Jackson;.


Rose gave a nod to Adrian’s words; it was true that it was frowned upon to not have a date as these things but more so for the women that went.  Then it again it always seemed to Rose that the men she grew up with could get away with more.  Along came Thomas, whether he had made up the story of Grace’s parents or not, Rose figured she’d never know but neither Thomas nor her brother ever cared for Jackson and so getting him away from Rose and her date might have been important to him. Hearing Adrian use the name “Jacky-boy” made Rose laugh.  ”My brother and Thomas met their first year of boarding school, they were both eight at the time.  My brother brought Thomas home the first long weekend that they had to meet me, I was three.  I don’t really recall it so it seems like he’s just always been around.”  Rose didn’t really know who the other couple was supposed to be but she glanced over and noticed Thomas talking to the man who was telling people where they were supposed to sit.  ”I have a feeling that even if they aren’t , they’re about to be.”


Soon enough the question was answered as Thomas came over with a woman with short strawberry blond hair, dressed in an almost olive green dress.  She had a nice build; looking like she must work out.   The two made an attractive couple.  {b]”Well, apparently we are seated here.”[/b] Thomas said with a smile, while Rose could practically feel her mother’s eyes burning though the back of her skull.   ”Jane, this is Adrian.”  Thomas continued.


”It’s nice to meet you.” Jane said holding out a hand to Adrian, then smiled.  ”So, why don’t we do this the easy way.  I can tell what we’ve heard and you can correct all the parts, of which there are many I’m sure, that are wrong.”

Unlike the other people they had met, there was a certain air of being concerned for Rose but it was mostly because Thomas and Jane didn’t know Adrian.  Jane was just as nice as Thomas but neither tended to come to these type of events a great deal and Rose had to wonder if them being here had anything to do with her.





#24 Adrian Morrison

Adrian Morrison

Posted 20 September 2016 - 02:06 AM

Part of Adrian felt a little guilty for the way he’d played Jackson, but the much larger part acknowledged that he kind of deserved it.  Trying to undermine his and Rose’s relationship right in front of him, and completely ignoring his own date (regardless of their relationship) was not cool.  They were saved by an unknown face, though, and it gave Rose and Adrian time to recuperate and talk quietly amongst themselves.


Listening as Rose explained who Thomas was, he smiled in understanding.  “So he’s as good as family, then.  He seems like a good guy, first impressions and all that.” he replied softly.  If they were the others that were joining them at their table, that would be pretty good to Adrian.  “At least it’ll be friendly conversation, right?”


As Thomas returned with a rather attractive woman at his side, Adrian respectfully rose to his feet.  “That’s great!  It’s very nice to meet you, Jane.” he said, reaching out to accept her hand.  As the introductions got out of the way, he chuckled as he took his seat again beside Rose.  “That sounds great.  I can only imagine the rumours flying around right now.  After all, I imagine it’s mostly the same faces at events like these.”  Adrian was certainly not a familiar face.


Taking Rose’s hand again under the table, he turned and smiled towards her.  “Much better than our last tablemates, not gonna lie.” he said with a little chuckle.  “Alright…let’s hear how awful of a human being I am.  Or Rose is, for bringing the savage Adrian.” he said with a theatrical sigh, squeezing Rose’s hand to ensure that she knew he was joking.

#25 Rose Newhall

Rose Newhall

Posted 28 September 2016 - 03:07 PM

It was a good thing that Adrian knew how to handle Jackson, as Rose wasn’t very good at it.  In the past Jackson had tried to put moves on her and despite Rose not having much experience in that department, she knew that was what he was doing.  Though it had always been her brother to ward off the wolves; if Adrian hadn’t come with her she had been scared she would have ended up here alone.


Turns out though Thomas and Jane had shown up.  Still, Rose was glad that she was here with Adrian, she really hoped that he meant it about coming to more of these things with her.  He had made the night so much better. 


”Yes.” Not that Rose really thought about Thomas being as good as family, until now, he was just always around.  He and Jane showing up here said a lot, though.   ”I’m pretty sure the conversation will be much better than our last table guest.”  Smiling a little, as it wasn’t hard to get better than Jackson but this was certainly a marked improvement.


As Rose, Thomas and Jane all smiled and gave a slight laugh at Adrian’s comment, Jane responded.  ”Well, glad to know that we rank higher than Jackson.” It was said with a bit of humor.  ”Well, let’s see.  You two met in college that much seems to not change though half say you met in a class and the other think you met in the Cafeteria.  At least, two people said you met at some wild party but we know Rose well enough to think that probably wasn’t true.”


Rose shook her head to the party part; it wasn’t true and she needed to let Thomas and Jane know she hadn’t suddenly become a partier.  Rose figured Adrian wouldn’t know what to really say, or more how much so took this answer.  ”Adrian, I hope you don’t mind if I just tell them.  Adrian approached me for help with a project, in the cafeteria. I agreed.  Sorry, nothing as exciting as any wild parties.” Rose joked.


Jane and Thomas nodded and Jane continued.  ”So, I guess the rumors floating around that you’re a spy for one of the other big fashion companies is highly inaccurate.”  She smiled at Adrian, paused and then added. ”What’s your major because I’ve heard everything from art, to computers to pre-med, frankly I’m not sure any of those are accurate.”


Rose found it funny that people were speculating on Adrian’s major being that she didn’t recall them mentioning anything about it.                         

Jane waited for an answer from Adrian before continuing.  ”Where are you from?  Much easier than asking if you’re one of the Morrison’s from such and such a place.” Those Rose knew two things by the way Jane had worded the question, apparently his last name hadn’t been altered in the rumor mill but she had already guessed he wasn’t from one of the society Morrison families.   It didn’t surprise her, Adrian seemed too nice and down to earth to be a regular to society, there were expectations but, in Rose’s experience, they were mostly sitting at the table.  Of course, there was her best friend but she wasn’t here.                                                                                                                                 





#26 Adrian Morrison

Adrian Morrison

Posted 01 October 2016 - 07:00 AM

Adrian chuckled softly as Rose commented that Thomas and Jane would be much better than Jackson.  “Considering I already like the guy better, I’m sure it’ll be great.” he said with a smile.  It was nice to see Rose smiling, and he was fairly certain it was a genuine smile.  He was confident in his ability to determine what kind of smile she was using. 


He couldn’t help but gently tease the new pair as they approached the table, and he was pleased to hear that Jane took it as such.  “Definitely.  You make a much better looking pair than that man, too.” he said with a wink.  He wasn’t flirting…just joking around.  He couldn’t help but wonder exactly what rumours were flying around about him, though, and he sat back comfortably in his chair as Jane started to list things off.


Catching movement out of the corner of his eye, he couldn’t help but laugh at the various theories that were flying around, simply about the way they met!  One of them was correct, though.  He had approached her in the cafeteria.  “No, no!  By all means, go ahead.” he said with a wave of his free hand as Rose asked if she could explain how they had met.  Laughing again as she confirmed that there had been no ‘wild parties’, he nodded in agreement.  “Partying’s not really my scene, either.  I mean, I don’t mind the occasional house-party, but I’m a pretty boring guy.  I like my parties tame – good company, good conversation, less drunken shenanigans.”  Although…sometimes some drunken shenanigans were fun.


Another bark of laughter escaped him as more theories were thrown his way, this time about what he did for a living.  “Please…I don’t know the first thing about fashion.  I had to have my sisters help me pick out this damn tux.  And tuxes are easy!” he said with a grin.  “I’m a psych major, actually.  My goal is to become a clinical psychologist, specializing in cognitive behavioural therapy.” he said with a shrug.  “I mean…it’s a BSc…but nowhere near anything like pre-med.  I’m not training to be a psychiatrist.  No MD for me.  Possibly a PhD…but technically I only need a Master’s.”


It didn’t bother him to be asked all of these questions.  It was much better to ask than further the rumour mill, in his opinion.  But these two were important to Rose – he needed to make a good impression on them.  It was fairly easy to talk to them, though.  Jane might have been doing most of the talking for the moment, but he got enough from Thomas earlier to figure out that he was a good guy, too.  “I was born and raised in Seattle.  As far as I know, no high society family out there, though I’ll admit my family does have money.  New money, though.  Not the old money that generally populates these parties.”  Giving Rose a slightly apologetic look, he hoped she wouldn’t be offended by the term.


Deciding to offer up something more of himself, he smiled at the pair as he gave another squeeze of Rose’s hand.  “I’ve got two adopted sisters, but the fact that we don’t share biological parents has never made me think anything less of them.  They’re my family.  They’re fully related to each other, and the three of us have an apartment back near school.  Val’s my age and Mel’s a little younger, but we all go to the same university so it makes it easy.  I’m also the keeper for our soccer team.  Hoping to coax Rose out to a game or two this season.”  In reality, she had already agreed, but he shot her a smile anyway.  He wasn’t quite sure how detailed Jane and Thomas wanted the information about him.  He figured they would ask if they wanted more, though.

#27 Rose Newhall

Rose Newhall

Posted 04 October 2016 - 03:27 PM

The comment from Adrian about the pair being better looking didn’t seem like flirting to either Rose or Thomas.  Rose figured that Thomas already agreed to Jane figuring out what was true or not as it was likely that she had heard more of the rumors than him.


The conversation was going rather well, actually, Rose was pleasantly surprised that Adrian was willing to not just answer the questions but add more information.  Thomas and Jane did mean a lot to her and had made a point of being there for her; when she needed it, after the accident.  She hadn’t been to willing, at first, to listen to them but they gave her time. 


In all this time that Rose had known Adrian they had never really discussed money.   It didn’t mean that much to Rose if Adrian’s family had money or not.  Rose’s family was in the society pages, a great deal, and the accident had made the news so she figured he had known she had money and it never seemed to matter much to him. 


A waiter interrupted them for a moment to pour water, with another to pour wine and take drink orders and then announce that dinner would be start being served shortly. 


Rose could spot Thomas and Jane nodding, to Adrian’s comment about his sisters.   Being that Rose certainly knew brothers and sisters that weren’t close, she always found it endearing that he had just accepted his sisters.


Another interruption, this time, her father managed to get everyone’s attention,  basically, thanked everyone for coming, Rose’s mother for putting everything together and hoping everyone has a good time.  It was the same thing that her father said at the beginning of all the parties, only modified slightly, if the event was for charity.  This wasn’t but those were coming as well.


Once Rose’s father was done talking, Jane spoke up again.  ”Well, I think we’re done grilling you.” Said as a joke but it was also that, as far as Thomas and Jane went, that was enough to put Adrian on the list of people they liked.


Jane then cemented it by saying.  ”Oh, Rose , we’ve set a date for the wedding.  December 20,  In Manhattan.  You’ll get an official invite but we’re keeping it small, just family and close friends.   However, we are allowing plus ones.”  Which she wouldn’t have mentioned if they weren’t hoping that Rose might bring Adrian with her.


Thomas spoke up at this point. ”My parents and Jane’s wanted me to say hello from them.”

”Oh, well say hello back from me.   Where are your parents, now?” Rose responded.

”Both sets, are now in Africa.  They’re setting up schools there.”  Thomas said.


Rose turned to Adrian.  ”Both Thomas and Jane’s parents do a lot of humanitarian work.”

At this point the food started arriving; It would come out, a little at a time.  So, everyone could taste everything on the menu.  







#28 Adrian Morrison

Adrian Morrison

Posted 10 October 2016 - 07:52 AM

Adrian was generally a pretty friendly and outgoing guy, so talking to new people never bothered him.  He knew that they were essentially checking him out to ensure that he was good enough for Rose.  He was pleased to see that she had people looking out for her well-being, even if that meant he got questioned a lot.  He was more than willing to do that and more to prove himself.  He didn’t think that the knowledge that he did have money would change things between himself and Rose.  She came from money, after all, and he had never treated her any differently for it.  He was a very firm believer in not treating someone differently for material things.  It was about who they were, as a person.


Glancing up as their waiter offered some wine, Adrian nodded gratefully.  Normally, he wasn’t a huge wine drinker.  But this was kind of a special occasion, and it might not hurt to have something in his system.  He wouldn’t get drunk – certainly not at this kind of a social gathering.  With a glass of water and a glass of white wine in front of him, he continued to explain about his family.  He didn’t get too far before Rose’s father stood to make a toast or two, and he respectfully fell silent as he listened to what was being said.  At least he had been raised with manners!


Turning his attention back to Jane as she spoke up, he laughed softly.  “Ah, I don’t mind.  I expected it, to be honest.  At least you’re up front about it and willing to get the actual truth, rather than speculating and circling rumours around.” he said with a smile.  “Besides, I know you guys are important to Rose.  So if it means sitting here and getting grilled for a few minutes, I really don’t mind.”  Squeezing her hand once more under the table, he turned his smile towards her.  Adrian didn’t quite pick up on the unspoken approval as Jane hinted that he could be invited to the wedding, but he did allow the others to speak a little more as he took a sip of his wine.


“In Africa?  Wow, that’s pretty cool!  I’ve always wanted to go on a safari or something, though that’s decidedly different from humanitarian work.” he said with a wide smile.  “I admit, it’d be pretty cool to give back, though.  Something huge, like a school or habitat for humanity or something.”  The thought had crossed his mind in the past, though he hadn’t really gotten into doing much research on the subject.  His family took priority, and there always seemed to be something on the go…


The food was really good, and Adrian was trying to be careful with how quickly he was eating.  He didn’t want to seem greedy.  “Well, as promised, the food speaks for itself.” Adrian said fondly, once he had finished his dinner.  “How are you holding up?” he asked in a much quieter voice, not wanting to draw attention to their conversation.  He knew Rose had been dreading coming to this, but he also knew that she was pretty good at hiding her discomfort.  “Just so you know…I’m in no rush…but we can go whenever you like…even if I’m your scapegoat.” he whispered.  He actually wouldn’t mind sticking around a little longer, but he didn’t want Rose to feel uncomfortable.

#29 Rose Newhall

Rose Newhall

Posted 11 October 2016 - 04:08 AM

Rose couldn’t be outgoing, she could be friendly and social but the idea of talking to new people , normally, just put a knot in her stomach that she would  try her best to ignore.  Adrian had been a huge exception to this and she was glad that those hang ups never seem to come into play when she talked to him.   The fact he had money didn’t change anything one way or the other for her.


Rose sipped a little of the wine, after it was poured.  The waiter did ask for other drink orders but Rose declined the wine and water being enough for now and knowing that waiters would be around though out the meal to get whatever was needed. 


Rose smiled at Adrian’s response as did Jane and Thomas; it was good to know he didn’t mind.  ”Well,  the fact that your being up front and are willing to answer me, ranks you way above most of the people here.” Though that almost wasn’t the fault of the people so much as how they were raised; Rose knew what it was like to be constantly told to keep things to yourself , anything that gets out could be fodder for the rumor mill.  Rose wouldn’t mention about the hint, she figured it was too early to make such plans and she was weary of rushing things. 


Thomas nodded to Adrian’s comment.  ”If you ever decide to go.  Let me know, I can get in touch with the best safari company. “ He paused.  ”There is a great deal of work to be done down there.  It seems like when things start getting better there something happens to put the people in the disadvantaged nations more behind.   But there is also plenty of work to do in our own country, so, it really doesn’t take a trip to Africa to do work.   Jane and I worked ,most recently, in the Appalachian Mountains, recently setting up a doctors clinic in a very rural area.”


Thomas and Jane were both raised to give to others.  Rose knew it was their passion and they could both talk about it for a great deal of time but she understood that.  She had often thought of doing something similar but circumstances got in her way but now, well, it was more of a possibility depending on a number of things. 


Rose enjoyed her meal and the conversation, nodding at what Adrian said about the food.   ”I wonder who my mother had come in as the head chef.” She knew her mother must have flown in someone , probably, from New York but beyond that she couldn’t really know anything.   ”I’m alright but , after dessert, I’d like to get some air.” Her mother had been glancing in their direction all night and Rose had done her best to ignore it but she needed a breather. 


Dessert was just as amazing as dinner and a general conversation occurred during it.   Soon enough that was over to, people started getting up from their tables, as the band started got onto the small stage and began to play music.  





#30 Adrian Morrison

Adrian Morrison

Posted 13 October 2016 - 06:40 AM

Adrian couldn’t help but laugh as Jane’s comment about him being willing to answer her questions.  “Well, I know I run the risk of saying the wrong thing.  But at least you’re getting the truth straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.” he said with a nonchalant shrug.  “I’ve got nothing to hide.  All I can do is be me.” he finished with another smile.  It was potentially a dangerous game to be playing, to be so open about things, but it was really all he could do in order to stay true to himself.


He was surprised to hear that Thomas could work some magic to get him on that safari he’d always dreamed of, and he gave the older man a shocked look.  “Whoa, really?  Thanks!  I’ll keep that in mind!”  Listening as Thomas mentioned all of the humanitarian work available, Adrian nodded in understanding as he mentioned that there was a lot of work to be done here at home, too.  “You’re right about that.  You get mad respect, though, for doing stuff like that.  Seriously…you two are amazing people to give back like that.” he said, and his tone was genuine.


He wasn’t just putting on a show to get brownie points, he really did respect what they did.  Anybody that gave back to the community deserved his respect.  But it was time to eat next, and Adrian had to admit that he was pretty impressed with the spread her family, or mother, had put together.  Subtly asking Rose how she was holding up, his hand slid over her thigh supportively as she mentioned wanting to get some air after dessert.  “We can do that.  I wouldn’t mind a dance with you tonight at some point, though…if you’re up for it.  But we can grab some air first.  That actually sounds like a good idea.”  It was a good thing Adrian had a thick skin.  Nobody had been mean to him or anything, but he could almost feel all of the judging eyes bore into him from various sides of the room.


Once the plates had been cleared, he polished off the wine that was left in his glass before smiling at her two friends.  “I hope you two don’t mind if I snag her away for a couple of minutes?  I think we’re gonna grab some air before we get pounced on some more by interested parties…or parental units.” he said by way of excusing himself and Rose, and he glanced over at her as he took her hand.  He was sure they could find somewhere quiet for a few moments and just relax without worrying about the party.

#31 Rose Newhall

Rose Newhall

Posted 17 October 2016 - 02:26 PM

“Well, you’ve done fine so far.”  Jane responded.  Rose had a feeling that Thomas and Jane would like Adrian but she had her own biased in that depart and couldn’t be completely certain.  Adrian telling the truth or more like not hiding anything would be far more dangerous if they were having this conversation with her parents or some of the other people in the room. 


”Not a problem.  I know the owner of the Safari company, he’s an old friend of the family”  With Thomas and his family going to Africa a lot it didn’t surprise Rose that he knew someone like that. ”Thanks. “ Obviously being from both Thomas and Jane.  ”Though really it doesn’t feel like work , so much, when you find some way to give back that your passionate about.”


Rose nodded to the dance comment; she could easily dance with him.   People were looking at them, at him but her mother was what was really bothering her; she would do this look like she was just waiting for Rose to mess up, though, it was hard to tell that’s what was going on if you didn’t know about their relationship.  Still, she was glad that Adrian seemed to be holding up well.


An understanding nod came from both Thomas and Jane.  ”We understand.  Besides, I think we might take to the dance floor, soon, ourselves.” Thomas looked towards Jane who gave him a nod.   Rose took his hand and stood up.  ”I think I know where we can go.”  Glancing towards her parents. Her mother was now in conversation with the party planner, Rose’s father hadn’t really looked her way the entire meal.


She hadn’t planned on this but she had glanced into one of the rooms that weren’t being used down the hall.   Leading Adrian down the hall and through one of the double doors, led them to a smaller room, then out to an alcove from which a rather spectacular view of the mountains , lit up could be seen.  And despite it being nighttime, it was warm enough to not need a jacket.    ”Glad I was right.  This room like it might have a beautiful view of the mountains.” Also, they could actually be alone here and Rose needed a breather from everyone, except Adrian. 





#32 Adrian Morrison

Adrian Morrison

Posted 19 October 2016 - 05:07 AM

Adrian was pleased when Rose agreed to dance with him later, and he nodded back at her.  He was a decent dancer – he didn’t trip over his own feet, at least.  He had decent rhythm.  He, too, noticed the looks they were receiving, and figured it was more in regards to him, rather than Rose.  He was alright with that.  Adrian wasn’t shy about being the center of attention.  He simply didn’t want to embarrass Rose in front of everyone she knew.


After excusing himself and Rose, and receiving understanding from their table-mates, Adrian smiled and bowed his head.  “Thanks.  I’m sure we’ll bump into each other again before the evening is done but if not…it was very nice to meet you both.  I can see why Rose thinks so highly of you.” he said in a friendly manner.  Giving them a little wave, he took Rose’s hand and easily followed her lead out of the ballroom.


Adrian’s mouth dropped open as he saw the view from the new room, and he let out a low whistle.  “Wow…you got that right.” he muttered, agreeing with her assessment of the view.  Turning to smile down at her, he squeezed her hand.  “How are you holding up?  I know it’s been a stressful evening for you, but hopefully it hasn’t been too difficult for you.”  Adrian felt like he had been a sufficient distraction for the majority of the time.  He didn’t mind being the focal point.


Turning fully towards her, he stroked her cheek affectionately.  “I’m glad I came with you.” he whispered, and acted on impulse as he leaned down and pressed his lips to hers in a tender kiss.  It was the first time he had kissed her, and hoped that she wouldn’t be upset by it.  He really was glad to have joined her, though.  Glad she had trusted him enough to invite him…and take this trip with him.

#33 Rose Newhall

Rose Newhall

Posted 24 October 2016 - 03:52 PM

Rose had no way of knowing how Adrian was as a dancer but she wouldn’t have really cared if he was awful.   For her part, she had been made to take dance lessons in boarding school, ball room.   But also her gymnastics had taught her some dance.   She was , actually, assuming as a soccer player that Adrian might be a decent dancer.


Thomas stood as they left, Rose was also sure they would see them again, she would make sure to say goodbye to them before she left.


Rose continued to take in the view for another moment before hearing Adrian’s question.   ”I’m fine.” Giving him a light smile.  ”The company has made it better.  Thank you for putting up with , all of this or maybe I should say most of them.”   Nodding in the general direction of the ballroom that they had just left.   He really had amazed her, not just by coming but by staying.


Touch on her cheek, made her feel warm but it was the kiss that let that warmth increase down her body.   It was sweet and tender and almost didn’t seem long enough.  Once it broke, she could only stand there for a moment, not really believing this was happening.    ”I’m glad you came with me, as well.” It was said softly and with another kiss, this one shorter and lighter  but it did cement the idea that she hadn’t wanted the kiss to happen as well. 





#34 Adrian Morrison

Adrian Morrison

Posted 30 October 2016 - 03:44 AM

It really was a beautiful room that Rose had brought him to.  The view really was spectacular, not only the view from the window but of Rose, as well.  He did hope that this little (massive) party wasn’t too hard on her, though.  “Well, I’m glad you’re handling it well.  You seem to be doing perfectly.” he said with a laugh.  “I’m glad you asked me.  Or…however it happened.  Hinted…asked…potato…” he said with a smirk.


He really didn’t mind doing something like this for her.  He was actually enjoying himself.  Granted, it was a novelty for him.  It wasn’t an expectation for him to be there, like it was for Rose.  “I’ll be your buffer as long as you need.  I’m a pretty good distraction, if I do say so myself!” he said, puffing his chest out a little more before allowing a small laugh to escape. 


Now that he was facing her, though, and stroking her cheek…and seeing first-hand just how beautiful she looked that night, he couldn’t help but bend down and give her a gentle kiss.  Smiling as she said that she was glad he’d come, too, he leaned his forehead against hers as he nodded.  Surprisingly, it was rose to initiate another kiss, one that he quickly responded to.


“Maybe we can do more stuff like this.  Or…not necessarily like this…I know this is stressful for you.  But just…go out…and spend more time together.” he said softly.  Time that was not linked to his project.  It had just been implied that they spend time together…going to a soccer game or one of her recitals wasn’t really a date…and he probably wasn’t being as clear as he should.  But hopefully his point was coming across.

#35 Rose Newhall

Rose Newhall

Posted 03 November 2016 - 02:01 PM

Even if she wasn’t doing perfectly, she would have faked it, at least in the ballroom.  It was hard to fake things in front of Adrian; she just really wanted to let her guard down when they were alone.  A breath of a laugh came from his potato comment.   It was there official first date, no matter how it came about though, and the thought to that was a nice one

She did wonder what this must all seem like from his point of view, nothing about this was new for her and Rose did kind of wish, sometimes, that the novelty of it all hadn’t been worn off a long time ago.   There was a small thought of how long it might be before Adrian also needed a buffer.   Smiling at his comment.  ”Well, I think you’ve worked really well as a buffer.  “


The second kiss surprised even Rose but it all felt so right, in the moment.  She wasn’t one to initiate such things but then again being saddled, in the past, with men like Lucas made her not want to kiss them.  This whole night was so different than what she had experienced before, at one of these parties.  The only thing, in her mind, that could have made this better would be if her brother had been here , to meet Adrian.  She was certain the two would have gotten along. 


”I’d like that.” Was an easy response because she really would like to spend more time with him, go on more dates, maybe do more casual things that were just the two of them.  





#36 Adrian Morrison

Adrian Morrison

Posted 08 November 2016 - 02:39 AM

Smiling down at her as she laughed at his comical comment about including a potato in the possibilities of how they had gotten to this point, he rubbed her arm affectionately.  He wanted her to be able to relax, even if it was only in this small room, with just the two of them.  It was a little odd that their first date was not only with her parents, but with a whole group of people that would constantly be judging him as her date.  “I make a damn good buffer, actually.” he said with a laugh as she complimented his abilities.


It pleased him when Rose moved in for a second kiss.  Adrian hadn’t wanted to overstep his bounds, but it was clear that she wanted this, too.  It laid to rest any doubts he might have had about pushing her to do something she wasn’t comfortable with.  His hand came up to cradle the side of her face before sliding to the back of her head and entangling in her hair a little bit.  Not enough to mess it up, but to show that he wanted her.


Offering to spend more time together, go on more dates, he smiled again as she agreed rather readily.  “Well, I’m glad we’re in agreement, then.” he said with a light chuckle, leaning his forehead against hers for a moment.  “How long d’you figure we’ve got before you’re missed?”  Adrian figured it wouldn’t take too long before her mother came looking for her, based on what little he knew about the woman.  If he could keep her relaxed a little longer, all they would really need to do when they went back in was have their dance, and then they could disappear to their rooms.


Bringing her closer to the window to appreciate the view a little more, his arm was firmly wrapped around her waist, holding her close.  “I know it’s been stressful, but I’m glad I came with you, Rose.”  He’d already said that, but it bore repeating.

#37 Rose Newhall

Rose Newhall

Posted 14 November 2016 - 03:18 PM

Nights like this were always stressful for Rose but Adrian helped and she was far more relaxed in this room, alone with him.  It was an odd first date but she was glad that he had come and the only thing she could do now was hope he was willing to come to more of these with her.  They were just a part of her life, even if Rose would have preferred them to not be.


It felt to Rose like she had wanted the kiss from him for a long time; despite them not knowing each other , over all, for that long.   This was where feeling so comfortable, with him, had led them and she didn’t feel pushed at all.   Feeling his hand in her hair, made her look into his eyes, part of her still had this fear that this wasn’t real or that he was going to decide it was too much to deal with but his kiss, the way that he touched her hair made those doubts seem to subside.


Smiling at his words about being in agreement; she was ready to spend more time with just them, no project, no parents, just the two of them.   ”Not long.  I’m a little surprised no one has come looking for us already.” Which was true, it might not be her mother but she would likely send someone to look for them.


As Rose was admiring the view and letting Adrian’s arms wrap around her, right after Adrian had commented about being glad he came with her, she heard the door to the room open.  ”Oh…damn I found you.” Said in a light, almost joking way. Rose turned around to see Mikael, the party planner and his date.   ”I told your mother you were a big girl but well…you know.”  He paused and smiled at the couple in front of him.  He was holding his dates hand and the two came closer to Rose and Adrian. 


”Adrian, this is Mikael.  Mikael, Adrian.”  Rose did the introductions as Mikael put out his perfectly manicured hand for a handshake.   


”It’s nice to meet you.’ Mikael responded, and then he gestured towards his date.  ”This is William.  Will this is Rose and Adrian.”  Will put out his own hand for handshakes from both of them and then said it was nice to meet them which Rose responded in kind before Mikael spoke up again.  ”I kept your mother busy for a good ten minutes before she noticed you two had left, then she sent myself  and ….” He paused , gave a roll of the eye before saying J ”Jackson.  To find you.”  The man shook his head.  ”That woman….well, I can maybe stall another five minutes or so.”


Rose shook her head.  ”I’m glad you found us instead of Jackson.  You’ll never hear the end of it if she finds out you found us and didn’t bring us back with you but thanks for trying “ She paused.  ”Great job on the party, by the way.”


The compliment made Mikael smile.  ”I’m glad you liked it.  You see..maybe I should add Party Planner Extraordinaire to the end of my title.”  He joked. 


Rose looked at Adrian.  ”Are you ready to go back?”  She really wasn’t but it was either that or hear it from her mother for days.  





#38 Adrian Morrison

Adrian Morrison

Posted 25 November 2016 - 04:33 AM

The kiss was really a long time coming, but now that it was happening, Adrian felt like he was floating.  It was probably the most feminine thing he had thought in a while, but it was true, nonetheless.  He was completely comfortable with Rose, and felt like she understood him far better than any of his other girlfriends.  It probably helped that he already knew about how much his sisters relied on him.


Everything just…melted away when he was with Rose.  Commenting on how long they’d had alone, though, he couldn’t help but chuckle as Rose replied by saying that she was also surprised.  “Well, we’ll just make the most of it while we can, hmm?” he said fondly, before moving into position behind her to hold her close.


Like clockwork, their private time was interrupted, and he let out another breath of laughter as a voice cut through the comfortable silence.  Turning with Rose as he released her, he didn’t move far from her side as he found the party planner and another man.  It seemed like he would get a proper introduction now, at least.  He seemed nice!


Smiling as Mikael joked with them about her mother, he nodded as the proper introduction was made and he reached for Mikael’s hand with a firm shake of his own.  “Nice to meet you, too.”  Next he was introduced to William, and Adrian shook his hand with a smile, as well.  “Nice to meet you both.  This is a hell of a party, Mikael.  Rose told me you were an excellent planner but this…it’s beyond anything I could have dreamed up.” he complimented.


Falling silent as Mikael and Rose conversed, he couldn’t help but let out a bark of laughter as he heard that Jackson had also been sent to find them.  “Oh, maybe we should let him find us, Rose.” Adrian teased, looking down at his date with a warm, but slightly mischievous smile.  Jackson had really riled him up earlier, even if he hadn’t shown it.  It was why he took a few shots at the man. 


But Rose rightly said that they should head back, lest the risk Mikael getting into trouble for trying to protect them.  “Yeah, I suppose you’re right.” he said with a slightly theatrical sigh.  “Alright, let’s go face the music.” he teased again, and his arm stayed around Rose in support as they headed from the room.

#39 Rose Newhall

Rose Newhall

Posted 06 December 2016 - 03:22 PM

Rose wasn’t used to dates feeling this right and all those months ago, when she first met Adrian, there was no way that she would have guessed it would have led to this, no matter when her crush on him developed.   If asked back then the blonde woman would have expected to be at this party with one of the men her mother would set her up with.  This was so much better than that as was obvious by the kis they shared.


Rose couldn’t say that she had ever had anything like this, she certainly wouldn’t have dated anyone like Jackson and that was who she tended to be stuck with.  She had always just resumed her fate to that’s the way things were but it she had dreaded parties, partially, because of that.  Everything with Adrian felt right, especially, the kiss.


However, being in this place with just Adrian couldn’t last and Rose wished that they hadn’t been found but they were.   She let the men introduce each other, glad that Adrian finally got to meet Mikael.  Mikael had been planning her mother’s parties for as long as Rose could remember, he was considered one of the top party planners for New York, especially, among the wealthy of Long Island.  Whatever someone wanted for a party; chances were Mikael could make it happen.   However, he wasn’t from a wealthy family and, in moments when he could be talked to away from the party, he came across just like that.   He loved his job, as he had told Rose, in the past but he also had no illusions, if his quality went down or he was no longer planning parties he would never be invited to such events.  Rose wasn’t sure if that was true as he had managed to create his own niche among these people and party without Mikael would just seem strange to her, especially one her mother was throwing.


”Thank you.  I’m glad you’ve been enjoying yourself.” A sly grin quickly crossed Mikael’s lips as he spoke and Rose knew he wasn’t, necessarily, talking about the party. 


Rose laughed at Adrian’s comment.  ”Well, that’s tempting but I think him seeing us dance together will annoy him enough.” 


Mikael shook his head a little.  ”I want to apologize about him being at your table but…”


”But my mother insisted.” Rose’s words made Mikael nod.  ”It’s not your fault.”  Rose knew how her mother could meddle, when it suited the woman’s purpose.  She was certain that her mother was probably upset that it hadn’t given her the results that she wanted.


Rose stayed in Adrian’s arm on the way back to the party, following behind Mikael and his date, who quickly moved towards the dance floor once they got back.   Rose’s mother gave the couple a look, shot Rose a look that seemed like daggers coming from her eyes but didn’t bother coming over to them. Rose knew she would certainly hear about this in the next few days; she had a bad feeling about this but for the moment ignored it. Speaking to Adrian as the bad finished the song, only to start another one, a slow song.  ”I believe I owe you a dance.” She didn’t want her time with Adrian to end but suddenly she wanted to do a few dances and get out of there.  





#40 Adrian Morrison

Adrian Morrison

Posted 08 December 2016 - 03:52 AM

Adrian was mildly disappointed that they had been found out, but he knew that it would have happened at some point or another.  At least this way he had gotten to officially meet Mikael, and outside of view of prying eyes where they could just be themselves.  Mikael had given off the impression of being just like those that were inside the party, but now that they were alone…it was clear that he was just a normal guy.  A guy that had mad party planning skills!


Adrian couldn’t help but laugh as Mikael commented on Rose enjoying herself, and his arm tightened around her waist fondly.  “We’re definitely enjoying ourselves.” he said, glancing down at Rose.  “I’m glad I got the opportunity to come.”  This really was an incredible chance for him, and though he knew it was way out of his league, he wondered if he would get invited to another in the future.  It all depended on how his relationship with Rose progressed.


Chuckling again as Rose pointed out that seeing them dance together would likely destroy Jackson.  “That’s true.  We’ll have to make sure it’s a nice slow dance, maybe followed by a more upbeat one so he can see how happy we are together.”  Yes, that was two dances, but hopefully it wasn’t asking too much.  He would be happy with just those two, unless Rose wanted more.  He wouldn’t say no to that!


As Mikael apologized for putting him at their table though, he shook his head in agreement with Rose.  “Don’t worry about it.  Even if he had stayed, it probably would have been more entertaining than anything.  Dude hates me already.  The sadistic part of me is enjoying it a little, too.” he said with a little laugh.  He didn’t like people like Jackson. 


As they re-entered the ballroom, he shot Rose’s mother a warm smile, even as he saw the anger directed towards Rose.  “Well, at least we know how she feels about me, now.” he said jokingly.  “We’ll be sure to say bye before we go, though.  No sense in being rude.  Besides…maybe she’ll change her mind!  Not tonight, most likely.  But give me time and I’ll win her over.  Maybe.” he said with a wink towards Rose.


As Rose mentioned owing him a dance, he gave her a little bow before leading her out to the dance floor.  It was perfect!  A nice slow song was playing, and his arm went around her back to hold her flush against his chest.  “Just let me know when you’re ready to go, ok?  We’ll get through the rounds after a dance or two, or however many you like, we’ll talk to Thomas and Jane, say goodbye to your parents.  And go back to our rooms.  You can come back to my room if you like.  We can have a bit more wine, just wind down…”  Adrian held no expectations about what may or may not happen, but he wanted to give Rose a safe space.  And he wanted to be that safe space, or at least a contributing factor.

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