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With Spring Comes... (Adrian)

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#41 Rose Newhall

Rose Newhall

Posted 13 December 2016 - 04:11 PM

Rose was also disappointed that they had been found but she had already figured they couldn’t have had long to be alone together, maybe later , but not now.  She was glad that Mikael and Adrian got to meet and Mikael’s date seemed nice.
Rose smiled at Adrian’s answer and nodded.  She had a feeling that Adrian wouldn’t have added the part about being glad he came, unless, he meant it.  Or so, she hoped.  Liking her was one thing , liking this was another.
So, if was off to the ballroom going right by her mother to the dance floor.  She heard Adrian’s words Rose didn’t say anything.  She knew that winning her mother over had nothing to do with  Adrian or how he acted.  Rose knew that she needed to explain to him how things worked in her family; it had nothing to do with who made her happy, it all had to do with what her mother wanted.  Still, she wasn’t going to let that ruin the here and now.
Being pressed up against him, as they danced, made her feel warm and there was a certain comfort to it.  She could have stayed like that for the rest of the night but eventually the slow song turned into a faster one and after a few dances, Rose had enough.  ”I think I’m ready to go.” Once Adrian was ready, she would go with him to Thomas and Jane, they said their goodbyes and hugged.  Mikael was busy with some guest but he nodded at them and then moved his head to indicate where Jackson was standing, his arms crossed, looking a little like a spoiled child who hadn’t gotten what he wanted for Christmas.  His date was dancing with her father and Rose wondered if they had enough of Jackson as well.   Then it was her parents turn, she took Adrian first to her father, who took a moment to even recognize their existence as he was talking to one of the many men here who were a business associate of his. . 
”We wanted to say good bye , Father.”  Her father had ignored her, almost all night but he was a little easier to deal with than her mother.  
Her father gave a nod towards his daughter, shook Adrian’s hand and then dismissed the couple. 
Next, however came the hard part.  Making her way with Adrian to her mother, who was also talking to someone but her mother excused herself and ushered her daughter and her date to the hallway.  This wasn’t looking good.  
”I assume you are leaving?”  Her mother said , with those glaring eyes, that she had most of the night.
”Yes, Mother.”  Rose answered.
”Well, I would hope so, after you’ve made a spectacle of yourself. “
With that the woman gave Adrian a glance.  ”I hope you enjoyed yourself,  Adrian.”  Though the Adrian was emphasis as to not include Rose, she had upset her mother’s plan, whatever that was , for the night and it was apparent that her mother was only being polite to Adrian.    
 Rose just squeezed Adrian’s hand lightly and didn’t say anything but let Adrian say whatever he wanted to her mother.
Once her mother was satisfied that all was said that would be she turned on her heel and left to go back to the ballroom.  





#42 Adrian Morrison

Adrian Morrison

Posted 15 December 2016 - 07:40 AM

Adrian was thoroughly enjoying the feeling of her pressed up against him as they danced, but he was behaving himself.  They were in public, after all.  He did happen to give Jackson a warm smile as he turned Rose on the dance floor.  Was it a dick move?  Maybe.  But he really wished that the guy would just move on, already.  Rose was here…with him.  He was ignoring his date, and even if they were just friends, they were here at this party together.  At least the woman hadn’t seemed to mind.  That was good.  She seemed to be a nice young lady.


They got a few more dances out, and when Rose said he was ready to go Adrian smiled fondly at her before nodding.  “Sounds good to me.  Let’s go make the rounds and get outta here.”  He knew they couldn’t just leave – not from a party like this.  Rose would have to say goodbye, and he wanted to say goodbye to Thomas and Jane, at the very least.  They were good people, and meant a lot to Rose.  He gave Mikael a nod of his head in farewell, before following where the party planner had indicated.  Smothering a laugh, Adrian’s eyes went around Rose’ waist.  “Alright, bye to mom and dad, and then upstairs?” he confirmed, before they moved to go find Rose’s father first.


Glancing between the two family members, Adrian couldn’t fathom how disinterested the man seemed.  At least he was acknowledging her, though.  “It was nice to meet you, sir.” he said as he hand was shaken, and his smile didn’t waver even as the man was clearly eager to be elsewhere.  Well, Adrian had been nice, and he would continue to do so.  Just because he didn’t understand the family dynamic here, didn’t mean he had the right to cause a scene over it.  He could talk with Rose about it later.


But then…it was time to deal with the mama bear.  Even though she hadn’t said anything untoward to either himself or Rose, there was a definite chill when they were both led outside of the ballroom.  How could this family be so cold?  Rose was fine, obviously.  But her parents…they were the stereotypical snobby rich folks.  He just didn’t understand how they could be so different from Rose.  His own family had money – maybe not quite this much, but they were pretty well-off.  And his family acted very differently from Rose’s parents.


Blinking as the elder woman took a verbal shot at her daughter, his expression was a little more neutral as she turned her attention towards him.  “We did.  It was a wonderful party.  I look forward to the next one.”  Adrian’s tone was incredibly respectful, and he even shot her a smile that wasn’t intended to be sarcastic in any way.  But he was determined to accompany Rose to more of these things.  She might not enjoy them, but maybe if she had an extra person on her side, it would be bearable.  He had a lot of questions for Rose, after all of this.  He didn't want to cause more of a disturbance between them - at least not for the moment.

#43 Rose Newhall

Rose Newhall

Posted 15 December 2016 - 03:22 PM

Rose had never seen Jackson quite so rude but then again she usually ended up at events like this with him.  Her brother had never liked him and Rose hadn’t cared too much for the man but this was more blatant than even she thought he would be.  


If it wasn’t for Thomas and Jane, Rose wished she could have just left but she knew that would only one more thing for her mother to be critical of.  So, they made their rounds and then left to head back to their rooms.  As for her mother and father’s reaction to her; well, she wasn’t sure she knew how to explain it to Adrian; it was just the way things were.   Once her brother had passed away, after she was out of the hospital and such, things had become worse but it wasn’t even worse in a surprising way. 


They headed back to their rooms, which were adjoining but not the same room.  ”I really want to get changed, so, why don’t I come to your room when I’m done.” Which was true, she also needed a moment to compose herself.  It took her a few minutes to get changed into more normal clothes.  Every party guest got a basket full of fruit and muffins and there was a mini bar in the room which her parents had paid enough for that to be completely but anything else would have to be ordered.  About ten minutes went by before, once last check to make sure she was together and then knocked on Adrian’s door.  





#44 Adrian Morrison

Adrian Morrison

Posted 18 December 2016 - 04:07 AM

As they separated from Rose’s mother, Adrian kept his arm firmly around his girlfriend’s back, keeping her close.  She spoke up, wanting to get changed, and he nodded in agreement.  “Yeah, that sounds good.  I’ll unlock the door between our rooms on my side, so just come on in when you’re ready.” he said, bending down to press his lips to her temple.  She was hiding it well – perfectly, in fact – but he had a feeling that she had been incredibly bothered by the events of tonight.  Whether it was her mother, or Jackson, or just the evening in general…she had to be hurting.


Stroking her hair before they separated, he unlocked his door and entered his room.  Immediately loosening his tie, he pulled it over his head and tossed it onto the large bed in the middle of the room.  Shrugging out of his tux jacket, he was careful to hang it up, along with his pants.  The shirt was tossed carelessly onto the bed, next to his tie.  Heading for the drawers where he had unpacked his clothing, he pulled out a pair of forest green pajama pants and a plain grey tee.  It fit him in all the right places, showing off his muscles from intense, competitive soccer playing for years.


Snagging a muffin from the basket, he started to chomp on it before he heard the knock at his door.  Chuckling softly to himself, Adrian moved to open the door with the muffin still in his hand.  “I told you that you could just come in.” he teased as he stepped aside to allow her in.  “So…that was a big fancy, schmancy party that the rich folks throw, huh?” he asked with a smile, pulling her into a hug.  “How you doin’?” he asked in her ear, his lips brushing against the outside of her ear as he did so.  Was she holding up ok?

#45 Rose Newhall

Rose Newhall

Posted 26 December 2016 - 07:34 AM

Rose knew how to hide things, well.  She had been well trained in such areas but it was much hardier around Adrian, for reasons which she still didn’t understand, she found it easier to let down her guard more with him, than almost anyone.  Still, it didn’t mean that she felt like she could express how she felt about tonight right then, she needed time to figure out how she felt.


The cut of his outfit wasn’t lost on her; he looked amazing in it or more like it showed his body perfectly.  She was in a blue shirt which seemed to bring out her eyes and some comfortable pants; despite that she looked good in such things, there was this odd concern that her mother would pay them a visit tonight and complain about what she was wearing though it was probable just the night wearing on her.


She smiled as his comment.  ”Habit, I guess.” Enough etiquette classes will do that to you.  ”Yup, that’s it.  Well, the food is always good.” Which was true and about what she could say about those kind of events.  She accepted the hug without hesitation and could feel the slight tingle from his lips on her ears.   ” I don’t know.  I should have suspected the night might turn out the way iit did with my parents but I guess I was hoping for something different. “ She took his hand.  ”I feel like I should have given you some warning but I don’t really know how to explain my parents to people that haven’t met them.”  Though she had never told anyone that before; mostly because she had never been in this position before.  





#46 Adrian Morrison

Adrian Morrison

Posted 04 January 2017 - 03:42 AM

Teasing Rose about knocking on his door, he shrugged his shoulders with a smile.  “Yeah, I guess that makes sense.  For the record, you don’t ever have to knock on my door.” he finished with a wink.  He didn’t care if she walked in on him while he was changing or something.  Worst case scenario, he could just lock the door.  But he wouldn’t do that – not with Rose.

Taking a lighter tone as he spoke of the party, he chuckled as she answered rather shortly.  Not in tone, but in volume.  “I’m always a fan of good food.  Mikael really did a great job on that front.  It wasn’t all that weird shit that you see in movies.” he said with a smile.  It had been a bit of a concern whether he would actually like any of the food served, but it had quickly been laid to rest as they entered the fray.

Pulling her into a hug, he couldn’t help but ask about her well-being.  Rubbing her back gently as she commented on wishing it had turned out a bit better in terms of her parents, he pulled back with a soft smile before nodding in understanding.  “Yeah…they were…somethin’ else.” he said, his smile widening a bit before he felt her take his hand.  Rose said that she should have given him a heads up, and he shook his head with a shrug.

“Well…even if you had warned me about them…I wouldn’t have understood the full extent of it until I met them, anyway.  Right?"  Squeezing her hand, he walked backwards and tugged her along with him to sit on his bed.  He was half tempted to pull her into his lap, but it might have been too soon for that.  Instead he had her sit next to him and wrapped his arm around her shoulders.  “Your parents were…unexpected.  But that’s not on you.  They choose to act like that.  The fact that you’ve turned out so good despite them?  That’s an incredible feat, and one you should be proud of.” he said gently.

“Why don’t you stay here tonight?  We can rent a movie or something…and just relax?  Have a good time together?”

#47 Rose Newhall

Rose Newhall

Posted 12 January 2017 - 03:28 PM

“I’ll try to remember that.” Her lips hinting at a smile. She really wasn’t used to people being as open as Adrian tended to be; her world wasn’t like that because most people were worried that anything could be used against them.


”He always says that if he won’t eat it he wouldn’t serve it to his guests.” And while it had been her mother’s party, considering everything Mikael did for the parties he had the right to call them his guests, as far as Rose was concerned.   ”I’ll warn you through if I try to drag you to a party where I know the food is going to just be strange.”


His arms felt good around her, comforting and just nice.  She really still didn’t know what to say about her parents so the words that came just came.


Nodding to his words; that was probably true.  She hadn’t met all of his family but she did know his sisters and they just seemed far removed from her family.  She sat down next to him and listened to his words.  ”Thank you but part of the credit would have to go to my brother.  He had more to do with raising me then they did.  They weren’t around a lot when I was growing up.”  Which might have been to her benefit, in all honesty. 


Stay here, in this room with him all night?  It sounded wonderful, actually but she did have a slight if passing thought of what if he wanted to go further than they already had.   She wasn’t really sure how far she was ready to go with him just yet but she had a good feeling that maybe he wasn’t really expecting anything.  ”I’d like that.” If more came than just a movie and maybe some popcorn, she would take that one step at a time. 





#48 Adrian Morrison

Adrian Morrison

Posted 21 January 2017 - 09:35 AM

Smiling in understanding as Rose brought up the fact that Mikael would only serve what he, himself, would eat…Adrian nodded to her.  “Yeah, that makes sense.  He really seems like a good guy.”  He wished he’d gotten to talk to him a little more, but he was more concerned with making sure Rose had survived the evening with as few awful feelings as possible.  That had been his primary concern, and he honestly had no idea how well he’d succeeded in that endeavor.


Lifting an eyebrow at Rose’s next comment, he smirked at her.  “Oh…so there’s going to be a next party?” he asked, before pulling her into a tight hug.  “Thank you for the pre-warning.” he said softly into her ear.  Feeling her return the embrace was reassuring, and he smiled as he rested his cheek on her head for a moment.


As they talked about her parents, though, he smiled as she commented that her own well-being likely had more to do with her brother than anything.  “Well, I’m grateful to him, then.” he said simply.  “But I think you can take some of that credit, too.”  Rose defied all expectations when it came to surpassing her parents and their insanity.  Maybe that was too strong of a word, but they had not impressed Adrian tonight.


Offering for Rose to spend the night, he was worried that she would read too much into it.  He had a feeling she wasn’t ready to be intimate just yet, and he was more than willing to wait until she was ready.  Granted…if he got the feeling that she was ready for something a little more…well they would have to play it by ear.  He just wanted to spend more time with her…and this was a safe place for her.  Or at least…he hoped she felt safe here.  Rose agreed to stay, and he beamed at her.  “Come on…let’s get settled and we can see what’s on pay-per-view.  Maybe a nice rom-com or something.”  Something a little lighter, but still something nice to watch with his girlfriend.


Climbing onto one side of the bed, he held an arm out for her to join him as his other hand lifted the remote to turn on the tv.  Flipping through the various movie titles, he glanced over to see what her opinion was.  

#49 Rose Newhall

Rose Newhall

Posted 01 February 2017 - 03:21 PM

”He is.  He’s just so busy that it’s hard to really spend any time with him.”  When Rose was a child Mikael would make sure that the kids didn’t get to bored at those kind of events or at least try to.  Rose thought that Adrian had made a wonderful buffer and the people whose opinions mattered more to her than her parents had liked him or that was her impression, anyway.


She gave a small smile.  ”Hopefully.  At least if this one didn’t scare you away.”  There was a ring of truth in that joke because Rose had feared taken him here would do just that; scare him off. Feeling a tingle as he whispered into her ear; she just stayed in his arms for those brief moments.


She didn’t know what to say to the compliment; in her mind, the way she was had always been more because of her brother than herself.   As for her parents, Rose might agree with the word insanity but she also knew there were worse parents out there.    Kind of always cross in the middle of hating the way they acted and feeling loyal to them because they were her parents.  


She joined him on the bed, found a romantic comedy that she had wanted to see and layed in his arms.  A few other things might have happened that night other than snuggling but it didn’t go much beyond kissing and necking.  Rose figured she would have to eventually let him know she was still a virgin but wasn’t even sure he would be that surprised by it and it was a topic for another time.  Second movie in, she would fall asleep in his arms and not awake till morning.





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