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Andy Wolfe Ginger Lemond

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#1 Andy Wolfe

Andy Wolfe

Posted 17 June 2016 - 12:04 AM

Andy was swallowed up with thoughts of Ginger when he least expected it. In the middle of class, while he was trying to study, going to bed at night-- he worried, stressed, wondered what she was up to. If she was alright or if she was high-- scarily high, near overdose-- and needless to say, he wasn't used to this sort of anxiety or worry. Typically he was optimistic, kept his head held up high despite his strange tendency to self-deprecate, but in this case he genuinely cared. He genuinely wanted her to be alright.


So perhaps it came as no surprise that he found himself looking for her in a crowd when he ventured around campus, though it wasn't exactly as if he went searching, per se. He just hoped that she'd be in the same place as him again, like they'd bumped into each other into the courtyard that time. Days passed and nothing-- not in the cafeteria, not in the hallways (he might have taken the long way through and around the nursing building a few times, if only to make sure), not in the courtyard.


Out of habit, then, he checked his surroundings as he entered the student center. A coffee would do him some good in a studying session, he'd figured, but if he found his friend it would be a plus. He found the stairs easily to the second floor, stepping onto the second step so he could have a slight vantage point over every head in the student center.


And then he caught sight of her. Before he could stop himself, he called out. "Ginger!" He said, a little too desperate. "Wait up!" He weaved his way through the crowd and placed a hand on her shoulder, completely relieved to have found her.


"Can I buy you a coffee?"

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#2 Ginger Lemond

Ginger Lemond

Posted 19 June 2016 - 02:22 AM

To say that Ginger hadn't thought of Andy since the last time she saw him would be a lie. Often, whenever she wasn't being riddled with thoughts about when and how she was going to get her next fix, she wondered what he was up to. Was he being clumsy somewhere else on campus? Was he white knighting his way into some other girl's life in an attempt to save her from herself? Ginger hoped not. Regardless of how annoying his worrisome tendencies with her had become the night of the frat party, Ginger didn't want to see Andy get hurt over a girl. Somewhere in the mess that she had become, Ginger still had empathy.


She was surprised when he hadn't come calling on her in the days that followed the last time they saw each other. For some reason, he had struck her as the type that had become attached easily, which was a dangerous sort of person for her to be around, but yet - the only knuckles that rapt on her door belonged to her RA and the only numbers that lit up the screen of her cell phone belonged to her dealer and her mother. Maybe he had got too much of a glance behind the curtain. Maybe there was hope for the meek little guy after all. 


Yet, then he surprised her again. Ginger had already chalked him up for having headed for the hills, marking her as too much to deal with and wiping his hands of the situation, when he popped back into her life. She was leaning against a pillar in the middle of the second floor, unable to find an empty seat that wasn't directly next to someone much to peppy and friendly for her to deal with at the moment. She was trying her best to study before she had to get to class later in the day and her hands were shaking as they paged through the sparse notes she had taken earlier that week. Fuck. She needed to stop getting high before class. If she flunked out of this semester.....


His voice snapped her out of the self-depreciating lecture she was giving herself in her thoughts and she found herself heavily ignoring the increase in her heart rate the moment her eyes caught sight of his red hair. "Andy." She said coolly, snapping her notebook shut as she hoped that he hadn't seen the sorry state of her notes. "Coffee? Do you know how addictive caffeine can be?" Ginger cocked an eyebrow up at him and turned to press her back against the pillar she had been leaning against. She gave him a once over, pretending to be uninterested when in fact she was everything but. What had he been up to? Where had he been? "Actually, you know what, coffee sounds fucking amazing right now.

#3 Andy Wolfe

Andy Wolfe

Posted 21 June 2016 - 03:27 AM

Oh. She'd been studying.


For some reason Andy hadn't expected that. It was unfair of him to assume that she was a bad student, but considering how messy her life was, it was surprising to find her doing something so normal and simple as studying. Part of him wished he hadn't said anything at all; it would've been interesting in its own right to watch her study, just to get a taste of what she was when she wasn't screwed up on drugs. When she wasn't looking for her next fix.


Yet her voice erased those regrets nonetheless and he smiled nervously over at her, feeling his stomach twist in a way he was starting to grow used to. He knew it was bad news for him to develop a crush on someone like her, but it was simultaneously too late; he'd never been the sort of person that could reason himself out of his feelings.


He laughed at her comment on caffeine, shrugging his shoulders and rubbing the back of his head. As she agreed, however, his smile brightened and his cheeks flushed a shade of red. "Yeah?" He asked, somewhat surprised that she accepted his little invitation. (He was still so used to rejection that he couldn't even see that she was interested. She was hiding it quite well.) He coughed once, attempting to kick himself into shape, as he nodded towards the coffee bar.


"Alright, then." Fortunately there wasn't much of a line; he led her there happily, a little extra bounce in his step than usual. With that he ordered what he wanted and allowed her to do the same, immediately paying for them both because... well, he was Andy. He did weird shit like that.


"What have you been up to?" He asked as they waited for their coffees, his eyes searching her face. I missed you, he almost said, but he kept it reined in for now.

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#4 Ginger Lemond

Ginger Lemond

Posted 22 June 2016 - 05:44 PM

She could already feel the stares on them, though she wasn't ever really sure if they were actually stares. Her habits had made her paranoid throughout the years, always wishing to avoid unwanted gazes from people - the type of attention that was never welcome and always caused more problems for her than she needed. 


Not all attention was bad though. The attention from Andy was a surprisingly good type, directed at her in such a way that she felt interesting for the first time in her life - she felt more than just an addiction. The attention from everyone else though, that was where it got tricky for her. She could see the judgement in the faces that she passed every day. Most people could put together that she had a problem, though they never seemed to be able to realize just to what extent. No one really understood. Hell, Andy didn't even understand, but the difference was that Andy didn't seem to look down on her for it. 


Ginger shoved her notebook into her already overstuffed bag. She was the forgetful type and the only way she found to remedy that for her classes was to just carry around all of her supplies and books with her to every class. It was tedious - and tiring - but it gave her an excuse to skip out on any immediate plans that she was invited to. Her backpack was the perfect excuse for any unwanted company, and she would no doubt use it against Andy one day considering her track record at split second mood changes. 


"Classes. Trouble. Typical shit." she responded before leaning against the counter for the coffee bar and struggling to decide what to order. Truth be told, Ginger didn't drink much coffee. It was too bitter for her to even pretend to enjoy but she had to wonder exactly why it was so popular with everyone else. The thought made her chuckle out loud at its irony. They couldn't understand her enjoyment of drugs and she couldn't understand their enjoyment of coffee. To each their own. 


Eventually, Ginger settled on getting a milkshake with a few shots of expression mixed in, their bitterness masked by the sweet notes of the shake. "And what about you, Wolfe? Run into any more girls on campus? I'd imagine you'd have gotten a few numbers at this point."

#5 Andy Wolfe

Andy Wolfe

Posted 23 June 2016 - 11:30 PM

Andy never liked the sound of "trouble," but he left it well enough alone regardless. Certainly he wanted her to be consistently safe and as far away from trouble as possible, but he supposed he didn't know her well enough to bring that up. All he could do was make sure he was safe when he did see her, and it was immensely relieving to see that she wasn't a mess at the moment. 


He was starting to learn that she was multi-faceted, a complicated sort of personality rather than one he could figure out easily. Unfortunately Andy had a tendency to place people in one-dimensional boxes, rarely understanding behavior for what it truly was. He wasn't terribly intuitive or observant, and as such had a tendency to assume people were one sort of personality and rarely deviated. Not that he only thought of Ginger as a junkie originally-- no, he saw hints of someone else underneath-- but he couldn't have expected her to have an alright day like this one.


Perhaps he wasn't giving her enough credit. He realized he still had a lot more to learn about her, which he'd always been eager to do. Assuming she'd let his innocent ass hang around, anyway. "Girls?" He echoed, taken aback. Was she making fun of him? Teasing perhaps was the better word for it, he realized.


"Ah, yes. Plenty. It's my game, you know? Run into girls on campus, get numbers, that sort of thing." He smiled sheepishly at her in spite of his words, trying not to blush but not having much success. "It's a little overwhelming, really. So many girls." His voice took a sarcastic tone then, though he didn't seem to be too hurt. In fact he seemed quite happy to be around Ginger. Too bad the flirty little exterior he was putting off was completely and totally undermined by the delicate way he blew on his coffee, so as not to scald his tongue.

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#6 Ginger Lemond

Ginger Lemond

Posted 13 July 2016 - 09:19 PM

Ginger's mouth quirked up into a smile, an actual smile, as Andy spoke. He was joking back to her with a humor that she wasn't even sure he knew how to possess. Sure, it was just basic sarcasm, something that she was extremely well versed in using, but she had sold herself short when it came to understanding Andy. He had surprised her (that wasn't something that people did often) and that alone was enough to make her smile.


"Oh I'm sure." Ginger grabbed a straw from the counter and stabbed it against her thigh, her usual way of popping it out of the paper wrapper that it came in. She took a moment to take a few sips of it, watching as Andy blew against the mouth of his own. "It's not going to fucking bite you, Andrew." she laughed, grabbing her straw and mixing it around her milkshake for a few seconds, untrusting of the barista's abilities in that moment. 

#7 Andy Wolfe

Andy Wolfe

Posted 14 July 2016 - 02:25 AM

Andy peeked up at her from his coffee, blushing slightly at her words. Of course it wasn't going to bite him, but it could scald his tongue, something he'd have to nurse for days. He hated pain. It was slightly emasculating at times, but something about her laugh made some of his shame fall by the wayside. She didn't seem to mind him all that much, he was learning, despite her seemingly abrasive nature at first. It was addictive, feeling as though someone wanted him around.


"I've had far too many coffee burn experiences," he told her, quirking an eyebrow as he shook his head. "Working on some of those projects late at night-- only thing I can do is keep drinking coffee. Better to drink it cold than too hot, I think." He took a sip of it-- still too hot but a decent temperature at the very least-- before blowing on it a little more. 

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