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Try the Bass

Kappa Zeta Epsilon party thread

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#1 Toby Aldebaran

Toby Aldebaran

Posted 24 June 2016 - 05:33 AM

Kappa parties in the summer were the best sort of party.


Sure, it sucked that a lot of folks went home for summer break rather than staying in town, but to some extent that almost lent to the atmosphere of the party. They were still big parties but had less familiar faces; summer was always when Toby could count on meeting new people, whether they were incoming transfer students, freshmen, or mere visitors to other students on campus. These sort of parties were unpredictable, exciting. Not like every fall party they had to celebrate victories.


So he already had a pre-game buzz going as he propped open the front and back doors at the start time, absolutely ready for whatever the night had to bring. Kegs were set up throughout the house, a splurge on Kappa's part to guarantee some fun, as well as some good music set up near the large living area. Dim party lighting, red dixie cups, old chairs and couches spread throughout the room as well as a lame snack table that would inevitably disappear by the end of the hour. Already people were dancing in the free spaces, the party having started a full thirty minutes before he meant it to. Not that he minded; he was having fun even before the bulk of his visitors arrived, chatting with some of his brothers though mostly sitting off to the side on a couch.


He'd figure out some sort of trouble to get into before the night was over. He always did.


((This is open to anyone! Join in with your characters! Let's doooo diiiiis))


#2 Max Sirius

Max Sirius

Posted 24 June 2016 - 05:49 AM

This would be... fun.


Max was new here. Incredibly new here. While his parents had expressed their wishes more than once that he stay at home rather than start school early, he was quick to do exactly the opposite. It was easy to convince them to agree, considering they'd let Melanie do the same thing a couple of years previous, though she had far more honest intentions than he did. He was fresh out of high school, due to start college in a couple of months, but he was here to have fun. To break free of the reputation he'd gained in school-- to start his life anew all at once, before the semester even had a chance to settle in.


Kappa was his easy first choice. He didn't want to go alone, though, so he invited some guy from one of his computer classes. (Max's parents insisted that he take classes over the summer, to at least maintain the facade that he was there for actual education.) Of course he masked it as being a good, clean, fun time, as Max wasn't quite known for his honesty when he wanted something. As such he might have felt the slightest bit bad as he wandered up to the party house with one of the biggest introverts he'd ever met.


"Let's fuckin' do this, man," he said, turning to Mick with a grin. "Have you ever been to a party like this before? They're awesome. I've been loads of times." Lie. He'd never been to a single one. This was his first "traditional" party, frat or otherwise. "This is gonna be the start of somethin' new, man. New faces, new bonds, everything. It's gonna be great."

#3 Teagan Altair

Teagan Altair

  • Sophomore

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Posted 24 June 2016 - 05:51 AM

Okay so it wasn't her best idea. That much was obvious. In fact, it was doubly so before she even stepped foot inside the house. The party had barely started (or hadn't started at all, she really couldn't tell) and already there were people stumbling outside, drunk out of their minds. To the left of the entrance were people smoking what smelled suspiciously like marijuana. To the right were a line of girls and a few guys with a waterhose. Ahead of her were double doors that had never before seemed so intimidating in her life that all but spelled out the word 'mistake' in her mind. She was starting to remember just how much she hated this scene. Or, well, what she knew of it, never having been to an actual party in all pf her life.

Still, there was inescapable determination that wouldn't let her just turn-heel and go back home. For one, she had already convinced Melanie to come and had all but dragged her here. While she knew her cousin wouldn't mind leaving, she imagined that being dragged out at all before being told they had to leave would be a little irritating. Secondly, she had plans. Scott, for whatever reason, would be here.

And that meant that she would be too. She had to be. She had already made too big a deal of it to back out now.

So she pushed into the house a bit reluctantly, already met with an irritating crowd only three steps in. It smelled sweaty and gross and she could most certainly tell that no one but guys lived inside. The urge to clean excessively was almost overwhelming, as was the sudden desire to just puke at the stench.

"I have to say that... This is almost worse than I expected." She was making a classic Teagan Face of Disgust at Melanie as she lead her cousin to a quieter corner, hoping somehow to find some inkling of peace.

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#4 Melanie Sirius

Melanie Sirius

Posted 24 June 2016 - 05:59 AM

Yeah, this was a dumb idea.


Never in her life had she ever desired to attend a Kappa party. The only reason she was here now was because of her cousin, and even now she wasn't entirely convinced that she made the right choice. The bodies dancing in the house made her uncomfortable, especially when paired with the darkness and party lighting flashing all over her face. The music was so loud that it was already making her ears hurt, and while she knew she could step into the kitchen for a bit of light and break from the music, that didn't sound entirely appealing, either. There was a couple making out against the keg in there. How rude!


She smoothed her skirt over her legs, tugging down her cardigan, feeling somewhat embarrassed of her more conservative attire in comparison to the other girls. They were all cute and dressed for the occasion, while Melanie looked as though she could walk straight into a classroom and start teaching. She bit her lip, buttoning the top button of her cardigan for good measure (some of these guys looked creepy), before turning to Teagan and giving her an attempt at a reassuring nod.


"Oh, it's fine I'm sure! Where's your um-- your friend? The guy you agreed to come with?" Or Scott? She scanned the crowd for his familiar tall form, ready for these two to just start fighting already. Maybe she could go home after a bit of bickering. But he was nowhere to be seen, leaving the two of them in a dark corner to yell over the music instead.


#5 Mickey Laslow

Mickey Laslow

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Posted 24 June 2016 - 06:00 AM

Oh, he was worried. If there was anything Mickey Laslow was good at outside of video games, it was worrying. He wasn't even sure how he had ended up here. How had he let Max convince him to go anywhere, let alonr a party? Even if it was a supposedly tame party (did those exist? Was there such a thing), it was still a party which meant people which were his number one weakness in the world. Even approaching the house was enough to give him metaphorical hives. He didn't even have asthma but he suddenly wished he had an inhaler or maybe even a plastic bag. Air was becoming a luxury that he was feeling dangerously deprived of.

How long had it been that he had been out in a social type setting? Class didn't count but even then he hadn't exactly wanted to be there either. He had made it a point to take exclusively online courses which was all fine and dandy except for one single class that was only offered in a classroom.

And that was how he met Max. Subsequently, he figured that was how his obituary would start off because he was almost certain this would kill him.

"Uh, no, I... - oh, excuse me - I haven't, uh, well... Ever. Oh, sorry - I actually am... Not a partier, I mean, I uh - my bad, dude - there are so many people here, it's just... I keep almost running into them."

That was five almost encounters in one sentence. That was five too many! And had he said new faces? New bonds? He didn't even want old bonds!

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#6 Max Sirius

Max Sirius

Posted 24 June 2016 - 06:06 AM

Max wasn't an idiot. Alright, he could be oblivious, but he sure as hell wasn't an outright idiot. He knew this wasn't Mick's sort of scene, and while he might have felt the slightest bit of guilt for dragging him here nearly against his will, he was relieved not to be alone. What would he be doing at the moment if not hanging out with his new friend? Milling about the house awkwardly, thank you very much. It was way cooler to have someone to talk to.


And truthfully, he wasn't only using the guy. They had a lot in common, considering their mutual taste for all things video games. For once he'd met his match in gaming, and that was incredibly fun in its own right. Maybe not Kappa style fun, he was realizing in retrospect, but they could make it through the night. Everything would be great. Everything would be fine.


"Ah, people run into each other at places like these. Unavoidable. Pretty sure this place is already exceeding maximum occupancy for a fire." He was joking (mostly), as he glanced back at his friend with a smirk on his features. "Kidding. I hope. I think there's a keg over there." He didn't bother to ask whether or not he wanted a drink-- instead he made a beeline for it, hoping his friend would follow. It was a tad uncomfortable that people were making out next to it, but he did his best to ignore it regardless.

#7 Teagan Altair

Teagan Altair

  • Sophomore

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Posted 24 June 2016 - 06:08 AM

There were peoplr grinding. There were people actively making out! There was a couple that she honestly just wasn't sure about at all in the darker corner of the room they had just left. It was entirely too much. She really had underestimated just how bad this would be, could be, and a sense of rising dread followed the realization that it wasn't even night yet. The party had barely even started.

She found a little comfort in the darker corner of the room, at least, but her height paired with the average heights of the crowd in the house made it a little hard to see anyone besides the few people crowded in the room adjacent.

Everything was entirely too loud, too. The bass thumped so hard that she could actually feel it rattling in her chest. Her expression reflected her disgusted irritation, too, eyes narrowed as she looked back at Melanie.

"Who knows! I'm kind of hoping I don't run into him. I mean, I really only accepted because..." She stopped herself from revealing too much. What an oopsie that almost was. "I'm really not interested in the other guy at all, so I'm hoping maybe he'll be too busy elsewhere, you know?"

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#8 Melanie Sirius

Melanie Sirius

Posted 24 June 2016 - 06:16 AM

Melanie was trying hard not to be obvious, trying her very best not to smirk and piss the girl off too early in the night. She found it fortunate that she hadn't had a drink yet (and she wasn't even sure if she would to start with), as she would have had a lot of difficulty keeping that smug knowing look pinned in. Instead she just nodded, doing her best to keep her expression even as she said, "I get it. You just want to see Scott."


Oops. She hadn't been too effective in covering that up. "I mean to piss him off, of course." She hesitated for a moment, considering that. "I wonder if he's even here..."


#9 Mickey Laslow

Mickey Laslow

  • Junior

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Posted 24 June 2016 - 06:18 AM

No, no, no, it wasn't acceptable, it was both unnerving and disturbing and he could already see that he would be spending the majority of his night apologizing to people for running into him. Even if never moved. That was a tragic Shakespearean drama if he had ever heard one.

"That's, uh, haha, you know, you're joking but, uh - oh, sorry again - fire hazards are very real and there's a lot of alcohol here and I'm just uh, just throwing this out there but going down in uh, in a blazing inferno is something I really save for raid nights."

Ahahaha, he had made a joke back, right, that was a totally funny and completely sincere joke and he wasn't at all serious and no he most certainly wasn't already looking for potential fire exits and nearby fire extinguishers oh god.

He did at least follow Max though, mostly because the thought of being alone at all in this house was a nightmare in and of itself. He also tried to, you know, make his way around the couple making out (with several apologies peppered in for gppd measure) before he grabbed a cup and dropped it just as quickly. And with that solidly embarrassing incident under his belt, he was just fine being a corner house plant for the rest of the night.

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#10 Grant Booker

Grant Booker

Posted 24 June 2016 - 06:21 AM

Of course Booker knew about the upcoming Kappa party. Maybe he wasn't personally Kappa material himself, as he wasn't really into the fraternity scene, but he didn't mind their parties. Even he knew they had crazy shenanigans at their place on any given weekend during the summer, so it was easy to engineer all of his plans around it when he caught word of it. What he hadn't expected was Scott's sudden determination to go (they hadn't been able to convince him a single time in the past), but he didn't argue. 


In fact he was perfectly content with his best friend, Evan, as he wandered up the front yard. Already there were crazy things happening outside and the evening's festivities had hardly begun. He glanced at Evan, eyebrows raised as he held up his hand for a lame high five. (Yes, he still did those. Fuck haters.) "Let's do this. Charm the ladies."


Scott gave a moody scoff behind him, already breaking out a blunt to light up.

#11 Gavin Stills

Gavin Stills

Posted 24 June 2016 - 06:22 AM

College was turning out to be a breeze for Gavin. He was already so far into his freshman year, already a pledge to the Kappa house and loving it, and his OCD hadn't reared it's head too much. Sure, he was spending most of the party fleeting around the house, making sure cups found their way into the trash and then the proper doors were locked upstairs at all times of the night, but it wasn't a stressful task for him. It was a bit comforting, in fact. If he could balance the social aspect with making sure nothing went too out of hand, it would end up being the perfect night. 


Gavin cast a glance around the kitchen, content in the fact that the only cups in the room were either in hands or being used as props in several drinking games scattered throughout the house. Time to be social. 


After filled up two cups with whatever cheap beer kegs they had gotten for the party, Gavin sought out his mentor. "Toby! Look at this! My first Kappa party and it's already the best party I've ever been to. You know how to throw these things." 

#12 Teagan Altair

Teagan Altair

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  • 124 posts

Posted 24 June 2016 - 06:22 AM

Melanie was lucky, so damn lucky that Teagan was otherwise preoccupied or else that comment would have been fuel for a tantrum far too early in the night. Thankfully Teagan was too busy scanning the crowd (or what little of it she could see) for he who would not be named.

"If he doesn't show up that totally means I won, right?

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#13 Max Sirius

Max Sirius

Posted 24 June 2016 - 06:29 AM

Wow, this guy was a nerd. That was fine and dandy with him, he supposed, he just suddenly wasn't sure how well this Kappa situation would work out. Max was feeling increasingly guilty for having brought him at all, but not enough to suggest turning around and going home-- not enough to stick with him for the majority of the night just to make sure he was gonna be fine. They were both adults, weren't they? They were fully capable of taking care of themselves, and that keg was calling for him. He had to drink. This was his first party.


So as his friend shrunk into a corner, he poured a cup of lukewarm beer into a cup and drained it as quickly as he could, despite the urge to cough against the bitter, gross taste of it. Beer was supposed to be good. He was still trying to teach himself that one.


So he waved awkwardly at whoever passed, not even sure how to interact with anyone. He wasn't much better off than his friend over in the corner, but he was at least attempting to be social. It was only a matter of time before he joined Mick, truthfully. He was better suited for gaming, not for partying.

#14 Evan Cordova

Evan Cordova

Posted 24 June 2016 - 06:30 AM

"Alright, alright, alright, Fellas!" Evan said as he strutted up into the yard, comically popping the collar on his shirt. He held his hands up towards the house in a showy sort of gesture. He had always been the type to be overly excited for events, his imagination drawing up almost every extremely cool scenario he could put himself into. It was either going to turn out to be his downfall or his best quality. At this point, there wasn't an entirely sure answer as to which it was, but maybe tonight could change that. 


Evan clasped his hands in front of him, grin eating away at the features on his face until it was basically the only thing visible. "Tonight, we become men. And by we, I mean Liam and Scott, because well - Booker and I have already perfected our party games." Evan returned the high five that his best friend had started just as a couple of girls surpassed them on their way into the party. Immediately, Evan turned to his friends and did what can only be described as the most stereotypically lame eyebrow movement he could muster. "Just watch and learn, boys. Maybe I'll leave you a few." 


As Evan popped his collar once more and continued his aforementioned strut towards the house, Liam rolled his eyes and elbowed Scott. "How much do you want to bet he gets slapped within the first hour?"

#15 Toby Aldebaran

Toby Aldebaran

Posted 24 June 2016 - 06:42 AM

Toby nodded towards Gavin as he approached, already pleasantly drunk and still drinking more. It was never his intention to get too drunk at one of these parties, but it inevitably happened each time, and it would undoubtedly happen again tonight. He grinned lazily at his new friend's words, shrugging his shoulders. "You oughta fuckin' go to one of the homecoming parties later in the year. Like September or October or some shit, I never fuckin' know." His words slurred together, but he was still in control, thank you very much.


"Right now it's great and shit cause there's people I don't really know here, but goddamn. Later in the year this place is fucking crazy with folks. Parties at every greek house on the goddamn block, like bar hopping but house parties." He laughed, holding his drink out for a quick toast. "We're just now gettin' started."


#16 Melanie Sirius

Melanie Sirius

Posted 24 June 2016 - 06:44 AM

"Totally. It means you won, no worries." She gave a quick nod, despite not believing that at all. Likely the guy would be here. It was just a matter of time before they spotted him. "Have you thought about what you're gonna say if you see him? You just gonna try the ignoring-him technique again?"


#17 Caitlyn Castor

Caitlyn Castor

Posted 24 June 2016 - 06:47 AM

Caitlyn had learned quickly that to truly enjoy a Kappa house party, you had to show up early. It went against every party rule that you're taught in high school. Always show up late. Never be the first to arrive. Arrive in a group. Those rules just did NOT apply to college parties, she had found. You wanted to show up early because the good booze always disappeared within the first hour. If she arrived first, she could stake out the house and find places to stash the cans of good beer to retrieve after everyone had rushed through it. If she arrived alone, she could do all of this without having to share. Caitlyn had the party scene down to an absolute science and she had no intention of letting anyone else in on her secrets. 


Except, somehow her stashes were slowly being found by curious drunk people. The Stellas that she hide in the decorative vase in the foyer were already found and being pounded in a game of beer pong in the next room. The Tequila she had stuck in the umbrella holder by the door was being poured directly into the mouths of the girls from the sister sorority next door. Caitlyn was out of options but she wasn't giving up yet. 


"Freakin' scavengers!" she hissed as she opened cabinets and doors in the kitchen for any sort of hope in the form of alcohol that cost more than a few doors. "This is just bad news bears."

#18 Noah Maddison

Noah Maddison

Posted 24 June 2016 - 06:48 AM

Noah was pleasantly drunk. Okay so he had been wasted since noon fuckin sue him. He was young and free and not enrolled in any goddamn summer courses so who the fuck cared, honestly? Not Noah fucking Maddison, that's who. It helped that he had a pretty decent recovery time, too, and an almost amazing aversion to hangovers. By sometime later in the evening he would be sobering up enough to properly appreciate the finer points of partying. Like, you know, weed. And girls. Or both. Both was also good.

Either way, the game plan as of right now was to find Toby, which was settled within about two seconds of crowd searching. The plan after that was... Uh... Well... Oh right.

"Listen I am preened and ready to bestow the gift of my giant noodle onto some lucky girl... Girls? Tonight man. Someone's gonna get -- wait, who's the kid? This shit ain't too rated R for you, is it Jr.?"

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#19 Scott Emerson

Scott Emerson

Posted 24 June 2016 - 06:51 AM

The reason Scott was here was not something he cared to disclose. In fact for once he was embarrassed for his reasoning, somewhat humiliated that he was stepping foot on this property at all. What kind of game of chicken was this, anyway? And why did it fucking matter? Needless to say he was already moody and internally raging before he even got to the house, and it only amplified as he was wandering up the lawn. This was dumb, dumb dumb dumb.


Something about Evan's attitude was infectious, however. As ridiculously dramatic as Scott could be, even he had to give an eyeroll and humorous scoff at his words. Perhaps it was a good idea to come with friends; he only hoped she hadn't come with just... that guy. The thought made his skin crawl.


"I dunno about a slap to the face, but I'd be willing to bet twenty on getting a drink thrown on him." He smirked, glancing over to the others. "Hope you didn't wear anything too nice."

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#20 Gabriel French

Gabriel French

Posted 24 June 2016 - 06:58 AM

Bad news bears. He heard the phrase above most of the party commotion, despite being entirely absorbed in the event. He was only mildly buzzed, more stoned than anything, having toked up with a few bros outside of the house before things got started. The blunt was still tucked securely in his pocket, and his lack of judgment nearly caused him to offer that to the girl instead. That shit was legal around here but... still, you had to be careful. It wasn't cool on campus.


"Havin' trouble finding something to drink? There's a keg that way," he told her with one of his welcoming, kind smiles. "Otherwise there might be something underneath the loose floorboard in the hallway. Maybe." He winked at her, raising his eyebrows in interest.

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