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Melanie Sirius Scott Emerson Teagan Altair

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#1 Melanie Sirius

Melanie Sirius

Posted 13 July 2016 - 05:01 PM

She hadn't stayed the night at the bed and breakfast if only because she was concerned for her best friend. The girl had been upset enough to leave without warning, and while it was tempting to burst into her room to find out what was going on, she knew sometimes Teagan needed her privacy to process what was happening. Certainly Melanie was pissed at Scott for everything. How could she not be? Melanie had seen Teagan upset before, but never to this degree-- never heartbroken. It was damn near all she could think about as she left the bed and breakfast and settled back into her apartment.


She heard sounds coming from her best friend's room, however, so she had comfort in the fact that she was home at the very least. Any texts she sent her went unanswered, so she supposed she needed room; it wasn't as if Teagan hesitated to seek her out when she was upset, after all. Yet the longer time stretched on, the more Melanie felt concerned. Soon enough the sun had set and it was well into nighttime. She sat in the living room, waiting patiently for her friend to open up to her, fortunately unaware of the horror that was happening just in the next room.


Eventually she was tired, however. Eventually she passed out right there on the couch, still waiting up for Teagan if she so desired to talk. She'd sent her a text telling her just that, too-- that she'd be waiting in the living room-- but if she got a text back she hadn't seen it. There she was, sprawled out across the couch, comfy as she could be as she snoozed, when she heard a sound that woke her up. 


Had she been a little less delirious, she might have realized it was just ice falling into a cup, hardly a sound that warranted her panic. As it was she shot up to see a tall silhouette in the dark wandering about the kitchen, most decidedly not her roommate. She rose quietly, creeping across the kitchen, heart pounding in her chest as she prepared herself for attack. Without warning she hit him in all the places she'd learned, his body doubling over as she shrieked: "Who the hell are you and what are you doing in my kitchen?!"


#2 Scott Emerson

Scott Emerson

Posted 13 July 2016 - 05:23 PM

What time even was it?


Things blurred together when he was with Teagan, he was learning; he couldn't decide if time flowed faster or slower or ceased to exist at all, though he could at least discern loosely where they were in the day based on the sun's glow through her curtains. He spent his every moment worshipping her like the goddess she was to him, with his words or his lips or more, dwelling on a blissful plane that he hadn't even known existed until now. Eventually the sun set and the lights were flicked off in some effort to get a little sleep, though even then he merely dozed, always awed by the fact that she was there when he awoke throughout the night.


He couldn't decide what was the most beautiful thing about her. Her eyes spoke every emotion that her words didn't, a spectrum of colors that he couldn't put into words. (The shade of her irises had quickly become his favorite color.) Her smile held a radiance that was beyond his understanding, her full lips perfectly curved and upturned at the corners, spilling words only for him in the darkness, her melodic voice whispering in his ear. Maybe it was her soft hair as it brushed against his skin, sending shivers down his spine. As he awoke again he realized it could be the expanse of her back; he traced every line with the feather-light touch of his fingertips, memorizing the shape of her shoulder blades and the constellations of her freckles, recognizing beauty in every part of her. She consumed him more and more by the moment, even as she slept.


But he was absolutely parched; he licked his dry lips, nearly chapped from kissing, and realized quickly that she'd been right-- as much as he didn't want to leave this space, they did have needs for sustenance other than each other. (Love isn't all you need, dumbass Beatles.) He reluctantly rose from his spot in bed, at least having the decency to toss on some boxers before he headed out into the dark living room.


He didn't bother to flick on a light, even if he was mostly unfamiliar with the place. Instead he stumbled around, relying on the vague glow of moonlight through the kitchen window to give him an image of where he was. A full minute of rummaging through cabinets produced two glasses, which he then filled with ice. And had he the opportunity, he would've filled them with cold water, as well, but-- soon enough he was being outright attacked, the force of unfamiliar fists colliding his face and chest and knees.


He nearly fell to the ground. Instead he doubled over the counter as the light flicked on in the kitchen, his eyes adjusting to the light as he cursed under his breath. "Fucking jesus-- it's just me, it's just me." He squinted at Melanie, hissing in pain. Was his nose bleeding? Between his bruised knuckles and this, he'd look like he'd been in an outright bar fight tomorrow. "I was getting a glass of water. Is that alright?"


Melanie just stared at him, entirely stunned, before quickly averting her eyes as she realized his state of dress. "What are you doing in my kitchen?" She asked, even if she had her suspicions. 

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#3 Teagan Altair

Teagan Altair

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Posted 14 July 2016 - 01:10 AM

She could have spent every waking moment the same way she had the night before, reveling in the mere existence of him, in the strength of his shoulders, in the dark of his stare. She spent a good chunk of time memorizing him, every inch of him, locking it away in the brilliance of her mind for later, for whenever they would inevitably have to part. Even a second without feeling his touch or hearing the rasp of his voice seemed unbearable even now, even as connected to him as she was. 


Because she was completely and totally consumed by him, in love with every part of him, wholly and ridiculous devoted to him in a way that almost spared no room for anything else. Every touch was a physical picture of him, her fingers memorizing the way his bones lined the space beneath his skin. His scars, his freckles, the dimples on his cheeks. There was a burning need to have him seared into her memory so much that he was always there within closed eyes, always waiting for her in her dreams, and she fought to accomplish that with kisses and touches, with her hands in his hair and her lips on his neck, his jaw, his shoulder and chest. 


She needed him, and she had never needed anyone before. It should have been horrifying, too, the sudden desperation that came from just wanting him around, let alone as close as they had been, but it wasn't. Nothing about this was no matter how bizarre the situation itself seemed, no matter how quickly things had escalated. Only earlier in the day they were heartbroken; she had been almost mad, though more hurt than anything, and now here they were intertwined, connected, sleeping off the after-effects of both love and lust, her entire body small as it curled up against his and situated perfectly against the curve of his chest.


Until, of course, he moved. She had always been a deep sleeper but she stirred at his movement instantly, a sleepy whine escaping her throat as she reached and missed for his hand, still partially asleep as she watched him leave with a hazy gaze. She might not have moved, either, might have just waited for him to come back (because she knew he would, had no doubt about it at all) until she heard the commotion, the shrieking and the outright physical sounds that followed. Already she was scrambling to gather up whatever clothes she could - his shirt, which was more like a dress on her - before darting out into the main room, her eyes taking in the kitchen scene with such haste that it almost left her dizzy.


And poor Melanie, the first thing Teagan noticed wasn't her cousin's upset but instead the bloody nose that came alongside it.


"Are you okay? Oh my god!" The level of severity that came with her dash towards him was almost uncharacteristic to her, but she made it there almost instantly regardless, a rag in hand as she held it up to his nose and wiped the blood from his face. "Here, lean forward and it should stop, okay?" Concern consumed her features, twisted her expression all too worried, though eventually her attention shifted towards Melanie as she attempted to figure out what, exactly, had happened.


And that realization? It wasn't gentle. It was a veritable 'oh shit' moment if she had ever had one. She wasn't ashamed or even remotely sheepish about it, though, instead a little guilty for having forgotten about Melanie at all. A text letting her know that things were fine might have been a good idea. Oops. "...I probably should have told you but, uh, Scott's here..."

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#4 Melanie Sirius

Melanie Sirius

Posted 14 July 2016 - 02:40 AM

Maybe Melanie was inexperienced-- a little naive, even-- but she wasn't entirely stupid. His state of dress combined with his location made things more and more apparent, especially considering his nearly nonchalant response about getting water. No apologies for scaring her, no real explanation-- he sounded appalled that she'd even be scared of his presence there. How else was she supposed to react to a ten foot tall douchebag standing in her kitchen in the middle of the night, especially when she had no prior warning?


There was the tiniest bit of guilt as she watched blood run down from his nose, though she at least wasn't looking at him too much given the fact that he was hardly dressed. Again, she'd put two and two together by now, though she was half hoping that maybe, just maybe, Scott had merely stayed the night and insisted on sleeping in his underwear. Maybe he was even sleeping separately from Teagan, though she couldn't imagine why he wouldn't just go back to his own place.


What had even happened since she last checked in? How many hours had it even been? As Teagan rounded the corner in his shirt, her worst suspicions and horrors were confirmed. Those sounds she'd heard from her room suddenly had context-- that wasn't tossing and turning in her sleep or crying-- and she nearly gagged as she turned away from them. It didn't help that she was fussing over Scott, hands all over him, nursing him as if he was just a little baby. He was grumbling and cursing under his breath, dotting the blood away with the rag she'd provided.


"Yeah," was Melanie's short reply. "Next time maybe let me know if you're having a uh-- guest--" She eyed her cousin for a moment, not sure what to think about this situation. There was, of course, a lot of concern underneath her horror; Teagan had never struck her as the type to take this sort of thing all willy nilly. Guys staying over? Casually wandering out in his shirt? What the hell was going on? Had she lost her mind? Was she being safe? Was he manipulating her or something? 


As if to make her more uncomfortable, Scott was finally processing how Teagan was dressed, the grin of the cheshire cat slowly spreading across his face as he looked her up and down in approval. Melanie closed her eyes and pressed her fingers to the bridge of her nose for a few moments, trying to sort this whole mess out.


"Can I talk to you, Teagan?" She asked, unsure if she should talk now or wait for the morning.


#5 Teagan Altair

Teagan Altair

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Posted 14 July 2016 - 02:51 AM

That whole 'your pain is my pain' thing was serious, she realized suddenly, her heart twisting and her stomach dropping as she felt every curse and mutter bite through her like fangs. She was trying so desperately to pay attention to her cousin, to sort this whole mess out herself but it was admittedly very difficult at the moment. Not only was Scott hurt, bleeding even, but he was only half dressed and that was a little distracting in its own right, her eyes wandering for a second to his chest before shifting away quite suddenly, her mind fighting tooth and nail to remain focused on the situation at hand.


Because she really did feel bad for Melanie. The last they'd talked, Teagan had been devastated, depressed, outright despondent, and she had been so in the presence of the very person that made her feel that way to start with. Then she disappeared and stayed gone for hours without even a single text to let her cousin know that she was even alive. Teagan would have been just as worried and just as upset as Melanie surely was right now. She understood.


But focusing with Scott around wasn't a talent she had mastered yet. She still couldn't stop dropping little touches along his arms and hands, her fingers treading ground against the pulse of his wrist as she blinked at Melanie's question, her attention shifting back to her cousin as she tried to prepare herself for what she assumed was inevitable.


Because this was a lot to take in. Teagan wasn't oblivious to the fact, even if she'd had absolutely no problem processing it herself. At first she nodded in response, shifting her eyes back to Scott and frowning again at the blood that had already dried on his lips. "Yeah, yeah, of course, always." Unfortunately that response was just a tiny bit unfocused, her hand lifting intently to scrape away the remnants of his injury, her eyebrows raised up at him as if silently asking if he was okay. 


If she wanted this talk to actually set in or make a dent at all, she'd probably have to ask Scott to leave herself. Whether out of obliviousness or sheer stubbornness, Teagan wasn't about to do it herself, nor was she really getting the hint that maybe this should have been a private talk.

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#6 Melanie Sirius

Melanie Sirius

Posted 14 July 2016 - 04:40 AM

Had they been fully clothed, Melanie might have found this situation at least a little cute. Worrisome, sure, all things considered, but cute nonetheless. Their state of dress just made it incredibly awkward, especially as Scott continued to grin up at Teagan, a mischievous glint in his eye that she could see even in the darkness. Ugh, he was checking her out-- ugh, his arm was snaking around her waist, pulling her closer--


Yeah, no. Chatting wasn't going to happen as long as he was around. He was acting as though Melanie wasn't even there, and Teagan was clearly distracted, practically cooing as she fussed over Scott, who clearly wasn't hurt all that bad if he could be so gross right there in the middle of their kitchen. Suddenly Melanie was starting to wish she'd punched him a little harder, even if the slightest bit of guilt lingered in the back of her mind.


"Uh--" Melanie started, realizing that Scott was the sort of person who would interject if he didn't agree with what she had to say. This needed to be a private conversation with Teagan, one to make sure she wasn't getting in over her head. Then again, it appeared as though she already had. Her worry was already starting to overpower her other reactions to the situation, and she shook her head a few times.


"It can wait until morning," she said with a defeated sigh. "It's the middle of night--" She started, but Scott was already leaning in to place kisses to Teagan's neck, as if she wasn't even standing there. Melanie gave a frustrated sigh and shook her head, throwing her hands up in the air. "'Night, Teagan."


With that she retreated back to her room, clearly irritated with all of it, but completely sure she had to speak to her eventually.


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